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The Voice Season 17-Blind Auditions Premiere


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Welcome to the new season of The Voice! This season’s coaches are Gwen Stefani, Blake Shelton, John Legend, and Kelly Clarkson. Gwen tells Carson at the beginning of the show that she is going to take Blake down.


The first artist to the stage is hidden from everyone in the studio and to us at home. Katie Kadan is singing Baby, I Love You by . Blake blocks Kelly and Kelly seemd devastated. John and Gwen also turn and Katie is a 4-chair turn.


Kelly walks up and hugs Katie. Kelly turns around and says who did it then points to Blake and says it was you cowboy. John tells her that she has the rock n roll passion and that she is perfect for the show. Kelly says the industry needs a revamp of old talent. John calls Blake Block-Shelton yet again. Blake says that she rocks and she has made the show better. Gwen says that she has a god given gift. She picks…John!


Next we have Jake HaldenVang and he takes the stage to perform Wish I Knew You by The Revivalists. Blake, Gwen, and John all turn. Jake selects Gwen to be his coach.


Jay Miah takes the stage and performs never Enough from The Greatest Showman, but he doesn’t get any chair turns.


Our next artist will be singing a country version of You are My Sunshine. Her name is Brennan Lassiter and all four coaches have turned pretty quickly. She is a four chair turn and the audience is on their feet when she finishes.


Kelly begs Brennan to give them a chance. Kelly says she won the show with Chevelle who is a female country artist. Gwen says she feels sorry for herself, Kelly, and John because Blake is the best country singer in the world. But she has a lot to offer a young girl. Kelly says she’s going to pick Blake. Gwen says if you get her, you get Blake because he’s her best friend.


John says they were all moved because Brennan had power and beauty in her voice. Blake says John is one of the few people on earth that has an egret (he means EGOT), Gwen Stefani’s Tragic Kingdom album has probably sold more than all of them, Kelly Clarkson is America’s Sweetheart. But these people know as much about country music as he does about getting a pap smear. Country music is what he lives and breathes. Brennan says she’s never done music outside of church and she wants to soak up everything she can. Kelly says she’s just asking for a chance because Brennan is fantastic. Gwen goes to Blake and says she really wants her, can she help her out.


It’s time for Brennan to pick a coach and she chooses…Kelly!


Rose Short is our next artist and she was a corrections officer for eight years. She takes the stage and sings Preach by John Legend. The coaches are all listening intently. Kelly hits her button as she hits the chorus. Gwen turns shortly before Rose finishes. Rose was a 2-chair turn.


Gwen says Rose’s voice is ridiculous and she started low and controlled and she thought she really connected to the lyrics. Gwen says she’d probably learn a lot from Rose. Kelly says she loves Rose’s family. She can’t see a world where people don’t turn for her singing. Kelly says she should be in the finale, she could be in the finale, she could win. John says when he hears other people sing his song he overthinks it, but she did slay his song. Blake says he didn’t hit his button because his confidence is low right now. Gwen says she doesn’t need help with her vocals, but she can help her find her personality. Kelly says she has experience navigating a competition.


It’s time for Rose to pick her coach and her family is shouting at her. Rose says she’s been rocking with this lady and she didn’t even know it…and we go to commercial.


We’re back and Rose is selecting her coach and she says she’s been rocking with this lady from the beginning and she didn’t even know it…Gwen Stefani!


Next we have Will Breman and he has Asperger’s and he loves music. He’s going to perform Say You’ll Be There by The Spice Girls. He hopes to make it into something the coaches haven’t heard yet. John is dancing in his seat and Gwen is bobbing her head. The coaches are all listening. John hits his button with Gwen right behind. Will is a 2-chair turn.


Gwen says she turned because Will has a crazy voice and character as well. She’d love to be his coach. Kelly says as soon as he started singing she thought he should be on Gwen’s team. John says thanks Kelly and Blake says I have your back John. Blake says Will should be on Team Gwen. John says he performed a version that they’ve never heard and he did great. Kelly asks who his influences are and he says John Legend and John asks him to sing Ordinary People with him.


Will also said he listened to No Doubt too. Gwen runs up as John and Will finished and says now they need to do a song and then she says just kidding. It’s time for Will to pick a coach. Will says man…it’s got to be John Legend man.


We have another blind audition where we don’t see the performer. He sings Love and Happiness by Al Green. We finally see he’s Alex Guthrie. The coaches are all dancing and listening. Gwen and Kelly are whispering back and forth. Kelly finally hits her button towards the end and Gwen hits at the last moment. Alex is a 2-chair turn.


Alex introduces himself and he does voice over work, song writing, and jingles for commercials. Jennifer Hudson told him to audition. Gwen says her and Kelly have similarities. Gwen says she knows how to work with him and she can help him organize it more. Kelly says you want to build on this show and he has a cool, soulful vibe. Kelly and Gwen show off their team jackets.


Alex says fun fact, he got to open up for Kelly in Atlanta, but they didn’t get to meet. And unless the radio host was lying, Kelly said he had the voice of an angel. So he wants to be on her team.


The next artist is Kat Hammock and she likes to listen to all sorts of music. She’s the youngest of five kids. She’s an introvert, but she has a different persona on stage. She steps up and sings Vienna by Billy Joel and she plays the piano. Blake is listening closely. Blake hits his button and Gwen hits it right behind. Kat is a 2-chair turn.


Blake says shut down again. Gwen says she was just saying she wants a princess girl that sings beautiful. Kelly says she just said that. Blake says he just said that to John. Gwen says she has that skirt and John says Blake has that skirt as well. Kat likes the Beach Boys and the Beatles and Billy Joel. Gwen says that sounded like she wrote that lyric. She loves her. Blake asks her family if they watch the show? He’s done this for 17 seasons and he had 3 of 4 in the finale last season and he has no one on his team this year! What is going on around here?!? John says he’s cranky. Blake says he doesn’t have cool jackets, but he did brings these and he pulls out some waders that say Team Blake and he’s desperate for her to pick him as her coach. Please?!?


Blake puts the waders on the stage and says they might fit her dad. Gwen takes her jacket and puts it on stage too. John asks who she’s going to pick as her coach. Kat picks…Blake!


We’re going to meet two artists with strong family ties. We meet CJ Washington and Timmy Hood. CJ is a father of two and his wife is a huge support system. CJ is from Sacramento, CA. Timmy is from Lenox Township, MI. His brother is in the marines and we see him brought out to be there for the audition.


Timmy Hood is up first and he performs Make it Rain by Ed Sheeran. The audience is on their feet. Timmy does not get a chair turn. John says he just needs more experience and Gwen says he’s amazing. Gwen says he can come back he’s only 19.


CJ steps up next and he performs So Tired of Being Alone by Al Green. John is clapping along in his chair. John looks like he’s about to hit his button but he holds back. Blake is listening carefully. CJ does not get a chair turn. Gwen says she liked how he tried to get everyone into it, but it all needs to come together. John says he’s a very good singer, but it didn’t feel like he was connected to it and that’s fixable. Blake says when you spend too much time getting the crowd into it, it can lessen what the judges hear.


Next up is Marina Chello and The Voice is her American dream. She’s originally from Uzbekistan and she says things were so much better when they moved here. She’s from New York. She got signed to Bad Boy Records, but it ended up not working out. Marina sings Walk Me Home by P!nk. Blake is looking down at the other judges. Gwen says pretty. Blake and Kelly hits their buttons together. Marina is a 2-chair turn.


Gwen says she didn’t turn because it was such a Kelly lane. Blake starts coughing and Gwen says Blake is an amazing coach, but she heard Kelly’s style of singing. Blake says he was drawn to how powerful Marina’s voice was and he thinks America will connect with her. Kelly says she loves Marina’s voice and she loves that she picked something pop and rock. Kelly likes that she did lower runs and she’d love to work with her.


John asks who Marina would like to pick as her coach. Marina says this is so hard…she loves Kelly, but she goes with her gut and chooses Blake.


Our final artist of the night is Kyndal Inskeep. She’s a nanny and she loves kids. She’s from Nashville. She sings Never Been to Spain by Elvis Presley. Gwen hits her button quickly and she has blocked Blake. Blake hits his button and he’s discovered he’s been blocked. Kelly turns at the last moment. Kyndal was a 3-chair turn with Blake being blocked.


Blake says it’s never good when your girlfriend blocks you. This brings it to a whole new level. He thought she sounded incredible. He’s happy for Gwen if she gets her, he doesn’t care about Kelly as much. Gwen says her favorite thing about Kyndal’s voice is her vibrato and she’s very distinctive. Kelly asks what she digs and Kyndal says she grew up on Bonnie Raitt and Stevie Nicks. Gwen can’t believe she got Blake away and now she has to deal with Kelly. Gwen says she’s so inspired and she’s ready to go and Kelly has a talk show and 100 kids. Gwen says she relates to the style in her voice.


John says Gwen is an assassin, she took Blake out and then threw Kelly under the bus. Blake says Gwen put their relationship on the line. John says Kyndal, who do you pick as your coach. Kyndal says…she’s going to go with Gwen.

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