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The Amazing Race 10

by Chana Shwadlenak

September 17, 2006: "Real Fast! Quack, Quack!"

For all the hubbub surrounding Survivor's big twist, it's Season 10 of our beloved Amazing Race that's really bringing the diversity. I mean, we've got cheerleaders and Miss America contestants. Seriously, though, it looks like the folks in casting went the extra mile this go-round: artificial leg and artificial-leg maker in love! Muslim best friends! Big boobs and her fauxhawk boyfriend! Appalachian parents! Asian-American brothers who lift weights! Gay daughter and disapproving dad! Indian American husband and wife! Recovering-drug-addict male models! Single moms who may or may not bowl! Gay men so adorably tiny you could fit 'em right in your pocket! We're not even to the opening credits and I'm already exhausted. Hey, wait a second ? no grandparents this year? Somewhere, Don and Mary Jean are shaking their AARP cards at the TV in disgust.

So we've got our 12 teams in place atop a lush green hilltop in rainy Seattle.... Where are they off to? Beijing! Or they will be, once they can actually figure out how to get to the airport, and more importantly, where to park their cars once they've arrived. It's your basic scramble to the check-in counter as everyone vies for the flight that gets in one hour earlier, nothing out of the ordinary... until the Cho brothers, Godwin and Erwin, decide that the terminal is a perfect place for some lighthearted fun with water pistols. Yep, these boneheads are waving around toy guns in an airport. They're lucky they only had to face a gentle reprimand from security ? in this day and age, you're every bit as likely to find yourself wrestled to the ground with a billy club against your larynx. Let's use our heads, boys. The other interesting thing of note at Sea-Tac: Sarah apparently isn't above using her artificial leg to her advantage, taking the opportunity to preboard the flight. I don't see how this gets her ahead necessarily, but it certainly aggravates the other teams right out of the gate. In fact, the single moms are so irritated that they invoke the "Y" word not 25 minutes into the premiere episode. Is that a new record? (You know, the "Y" word: yield. C'mon, keep up. Phil said there would be surprises this season, so we gotta be on our toes.)

China! It's roadblock time, with a delightful sampling of local cuisine. Mmm, fish eyes ? just like Mom used to make. The teams get through this gastronomic hurdle relatively easily (no one threw up, at any rate) and they make their way to the Forbidden City... where the last team gets Philiminated! Bilal and Sa'eed, we hardly knew ye. But why do I feel like we haven't seen the last of these guys? Maybe I'm just paranoid after Vincent and Angela's return last week on Project Runway, but if "surprises" are the name of the game, I'd wager nobody's gone for good.

The next morning a WWII motorcycle ride takes the teams to the detour, a choice between "labor" (bricklaying) and "leisure" (tai chi). The male models crack the brick pattern code ahead of everyone else and jump out to a substantial lead ? meanwhile, Tom and Terry put the smackdown on the cheerleaders over on the tai chi court, prompting either Jamie or Kellie (I don't know which is which yet) to exclaim in abject horror, "The gay guys beat us!" Ladies, you know I have to say it: you just got served. And somewhere, Vipul and Arti are woefully lost on their motorcycle. I fear Arti may have angered the Famous Last Words gods with her "I guess this is when the map would have come in handy." We shall see.

Have I mentioned that the knee joint in Sarah's artificial leg is leaking hydraulic fluid? I don't know the first thing about mechanics, but that can't be good. I know my knee almost never does that. She does say it's not causing her any pain, just making it more difficult to run ? and then she plays the "I'm having an emergency" card to get a taxi. Shades of Charla, no? I know it's a game and you do whatever you can to get ahead, but there's just something unsavory about it.

The final task before the pit stop? Scaling the Great Wall of China. Dude, the Race isn't messing around! I have to say, I'm really impressed that everyone made it up the wall ? I kept waiting for someone to give up and take some sort of time penalty, but every last team dug deep and triumphed over a structure visible from space. Makes me feel sheepish about never taking the stairs. The male models come in first, scoring a bonus of $20,000; and it's poor lost-in-traffic Vipul and Arti who bring up the rear, falling victim to the evening's second Philimination. If you're keeping score, that's the Muslim Americans and the Indian Americans, both out. Or, in other words, Race 2, diversity 0.

Posted by Chana Shwadlenak 09/18/06 2:50 AM

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here is a somewhat correct bootlist



10-8:tom/terry, duke/lauren, kellie/jamie (it may not be in that order) its rumored that 10 place is duke/lauren 9th is kellie/jamie and 8th is tom/terry.

6-7:david/mary, peter/sarah (it may not be in that order) its rumored that peter and sarah get 7th and david mary get 6th.


4th:lyn/karlyn or dustin/kandice, rumored to be dustin/kandice

f3: rob/kim, james/tyler(surprise surprise) and dustin/kandace or lynn/karlyn. rumored to be lyn/karlyn in f3, however imho i think that lyn/karlyn were on there way to the finish line when somebody saw them on the plane. just my opinion though.

so the speculated bootlist, i put this in spoilers because theres a possibility its true is










f3:rob/kim, lynn/karlyn, tyler/james.

credit goes the posters at survivor sucks amazing race message board.

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yep this is the first time I have looked here. LOL

The funny thing is I had to know every spoiler with Big Brother. With TAR, Survivor and DWTS I have never looked at a spoiler.

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