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The Amazing Race 10 spotted in Kuwait


The Amazing Race 10 spotted in Kuwait

For its 10th season, The Amazing Race is apparently returning to the middle East, specifically to Kuwait, the small country that borders Iraq and Saudi Arabia.

Blogger K The Kuwaiti noticed pairs of people and camera crews at the Kuwait airport, and writes that he

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Wow-Thanks for sharing the photos!! I absolutely cannot wait til they release the names and photos of the contestants so we can determine, by your pics, who makes it at least to Kuwait! :D

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The Amazing Race Promobile Tour


Beginning June 30, CBS steers its promotional machine into unchartered territory when the Network advertises on a motor home commandeered by a Peoria, Illinois man who is traveling the country this summer along with his wife and four teenage sons. The family devised the innovative concept to sell advertising space on their motor home by posting information about their summer vacation plans on EBay.

"I saw this posting on the web and immediately thought a traveling motor home would be the perfect vehicle to reach 'Amazing Race' viewers this summer," commented George Schweitzer, President of the CBS Marketing Group. "What better way to reach our core audience than by visiting them on the road and on their vacations at tourist sites across the country."

Beginning June 30, the Amazing Race Promobile will begin its journey from Peoria and will travel to various cities across the United States, visiting national landmarks including Yellowstone National Park and the Rocky Mountains, baseball games, campgrounds and annual summer events. During these visits, the family will canvas the city, disseminating promotional material for THE AMAZING RACE and spreading the word about the upcoming season and its new Sunday night time period. With cameras rolling, the family will interview people they meet along the way and will catch up with former Amazing Racers when they visit their hometowns.

The interviews will appear as a webcast that will be streamed online on the CBS.com broadband channel, "Innertube." The Amazing Race RV tour stops include: Des Moines, Iowa; Lincoln, Neb.; Denver; Salt Lake City; Yellowstone National Park; Billings, Mont.; Bismarck, N.D.; Minneapolis; Madison, Wisc., Milwaukee; Chicago; Nashville, Tenn. among others. THE AMAZING RACE will air Sundays (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) beginning this fall on CBS.

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Wow! How cool would it be to be that family?! What a fun marketing ploy...I'm jealous <_< !

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If that is the Amazing Race contestants...I'll bet the security is tight!! Can't say that I like their choice of country right now though. Kuwait is just TOO close to Iraq and didn't they think Bin Laden was hiding in Kuwait at one time?? :blink:

I'd bet that some of those people are scared to death!! :unsure:

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TAR Spoiler

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Thanks for the update, Dade! :) Am I wrong or does it look like, according to this info, that there is only one "by" week?

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CBS at TCA: CSI Under Attack

How worried is CBS about Grey's Anatomy taking on the network's top-rated CSI on Thursdays?

For one thing, the network has scheduled a rare press conference for the show Sunday afternoon to conclude CBS's two-day portion of the Television Critics Association press tour. (When a show becomes as phenomenally popular as CSI, we rarely get a special audience with the cast and crew -- all but William Peterson are expected -- unless something truly enormous is at stake.)

And when CBS Entertainment president Nina Tassler opened CBS's press tour Saturday morning with a Q&A, she instantly lowered expectations for CSI's performance in the fall by asking, "Who'd have thought that CSI would be the underdog?" She said several times, "We expect to be dinged a little bit by Grey's. It's going to be very competitive." She wouldn't predict by how large a margin CSI will fall. "I can't qualify loss. ... It's going to be a fight." This way, if CBS holds its own or even wins in the time period, it will look like a triumph.

What's likely to happen is that neither CSI nor Grey's (which hosts a set visit for critics later this week) will hit the ratings heights either would achieve without such stiff competition. But there is precedent, as Tassler reminded reporters, for two big hit shows to co-exist in a time period (just looking at Thursdays, for instance, think back to Survivor going up against Friends). "We are going to be very aggressive in terms of strategizing with [CSI]this year," she said, hinting at "interesting casting ideas."

Certainly the CSI topic that weighs most heavily with fans, especially since the last scene of the season finale, is the relationship of Grissom (Peterson) and Sara (Jorja Fox), which Tassler says is going to continue. "We'll definitely see that relationship evolve," a development that was teased throughout last season and which she said got "tremendous response from the audience."

No lie. But not all of the response was positive, as my mailbag regularly attests to.

The other hottest topic Tassler addressed was the new season's trend of serialized dramas, not usually a CBS specialty, but which applies to such risky dramas as the apocalyptic Jericho and the dark crime-caper Smith. Having canceled the serialized sci-fi thriller Threshold last season with no resolution, Tassler knows there's an issue of trust with audiences who've been burned often by seeing shows pulled before getting to the end of their story. "No programmer wants to piss off their audience."

After her press conference, Tassler elaborated to me, "We want to contractually find a way to get either the unseen episodes [of a canceled series] online or just get the information about the resolution of the story out to the audience." (Might I suggest a posthumous podcast?)

Using Jericho as an example of a risky show she wants "to work in the worst way," Tassler says, "We have adjusted a lot of our thinking about the way serialized stories roll out for our specific audience."

I'm not quite sold on Jericho, the grim and rather preachy fable of a small, remote Kansas town isolated from the rest of the world after an unexplained mushroom cloud on the horizon (among intimations of other nuclear detonations around the country and possibly the world). But I have no doubt this is exactly the sort of show that tends to attract a loyal, if small, following. I hope CBS sticks to its guns, and even if the show doesn't ultimately succeed, the network will find a way to satisfy the audience still looking for answers.

CBS also announced the cast of The Amazing Race 10, which moves to Sundays at 8/7c this season. The ever-eclectic, diverse field has been expanded to 12 teams this season, including Muslim best friends from Cleveland, the show's first Indian-American team (a married couple) and a female Iran Man competitor with a prosthetic leg, who's teamed with a clinical prothetist.

Casting aside, the producers say this is one of the most rigorous races yet run. "The race started harder," says executive producer Jonathan Littman, noting that the teams are plunged headfirst into Asia, where cultural, language and physical barriers throw them for a loop. Among the exotic locations: Kuwait, Mongolia, Beijing, Vietnam (where government officials insist on screening dailies of footage before the producers can leave the country) and Madagascar. Getting cooperation from "hardcore Communist countries" (according to exec producer Bertram von Munster) is easier than you'd think, because the show is so popular overseas (in some 85 countries).

The heat in several of these countries was so intense that host Phil Keoghan developed what he describes as a bit of a "sweat problem" in his on-camera stand-ups. His solution: sanitary pads under the armpits to, as it were, stop the flow.

And here's good news for Amazing Race fans: It appears "unlikely" (says Littman) that they'll ever do another misbegotten family edition, in part because the production was unable to leave the country on behalf of the minors on the teams. (This edition put a dent in the show's ratings and, worse, its reputation.) But they're still considering an "all-star" edition, though there are no definitive plans yet.

Posted by Matt Roush 07/15/2006 4:16 PM

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Courtesy of: ZAP2IT

Diverse Cast Embarks on 'Amazing Race'

Show's 10th edition includes Muslim team, amputee

July 15 2006


'Amazing Race' host Phil Keoghan

PASADENA, Calif. -- The 10th edition of "The Amazing Race" will kick off with one of the most diverse groups of teams the show has ever had.

The Emmy-winning series, which moves to Sundays in the fall, will feature 12 teams this time, up from the usual complement of 11. Racers include the show's first-ever Muslim team -- a pair of Browns-loving best friends from Cleveland -- along with an Indian-American couple, an amputee (Sarah Reinertsen) who competes in triathlons and a father and his lesbian daughter.

And, yes, there are a couple of models, as well as a pair of Miss USA contestants.

"The range in this cast is remarkable," host Phil Keoghan told reporters Saturday at the Television Critics Association press tour. "We've never had such a broad spectrum of people."

The 12 teams will be put to the test right away, executive producers Bertram Van Munster and Jonathan Littman say. Instead of "easing in" to the competition by sending the teams to Europe or South America first, the teams will first head to China after starting in Seattle.

The racers will also travel to Mongolia, Kuwait, Vietnam and Madagascar. In all, the race will cover some 40,000 miles in 30 days.

Here's who's competing:

Names: Vipul and Arti Patel

Ages: 29, 26

Occupations: Sales, nutritional educator

Hometown: Windermere, Fla.

Relationship: Married

Names: Lyn Turk and Karlyn Harris

Ages: both 32

Occupations: Teacher, program analyst

Hometown: Birmingham, Ala., Helena, Ala.

Relationship: Best friends

Names: David and Mary Conley

Ages: 32, 31

Occupations: Coal miner, homemaker

Hometown: Stone, Ky.

Relationship: Married parents

Names: Bilal Abdul-Mani and Sa'eed Rudolph

Ages: 37, 39

Occupations: Medical supply technician, power lineman

Hometown: Cleveland

Relationship: Best friends

Names: Peter Harsch and Sarah Reinertsen

Ages: 35, 31

Occupations: Clinical prosthetitist, motivational speaker

Hometown: Laguna Beach, Calif., Trabuco Canyon, Calif.

Relationship: Friends

Names: Rob Diaz and Kimberly Chabolla

Ages: 31, 28

Occupations: Bartender/real estate student, public relations

Hometown: Los Angeles

Relationship: Dating

Names: Tyler Denk and James Branaman

Ages: 29, 27

Occupations: both models

Hometown: Los Angeles

Relationship: Best friends

Names: Erwin and Godwin Cho

Ages: 32, 29

Occupations: Insurance company manager, financial analyst

Hometown: San Francisco

Relationship: Brothers

Names: Tom Rock and Terry Cosentino

Ages: 39, 45

Occupations: College admissions director, special events director

Hometown: New York City

Relationship: Dating

Names: Kellie Patterson and Jamie Hill

Ages: both 22

Occupations: Student, recent college graduate

Hometown: Columbia, S.C.

Relationship: Best friends

Names: Dustin Konzelman and Kandice Pelletier

Ages: both 24

Occupations: Reigning Miss California USA/marketing director, reigning Miss New York USA/Rockette

Hometown: Riverside, Calif., New York City

Relationship: Best friends

Names: Duke and Lauren Marcoccio

Ages: 52, 26

Occupations: Tour company owner, speech and language pathologist

Hometown: Warwick, R.I.

Relationship: Father and daughter

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Thanks for the info, Dade! Do you know if there are any photos of the contestants out yet?

Looks like the usual pairings: male models, best friends, Miss USAs (I've never heard of a female with the name Dustin before!), lesbian/gays, dating couple, married couple, yada, yada. The only new pairings are the Muslim couple and friends, and the amputee (is it two amputees?)

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Amazing Race Promobile Owner Talks About His Amazing Adventure


In late June, Reality TV Magazine reported on the Amazing Race Promobile that is touring the country to promote the Amazing Race. George Schweitzer, President of the CBS Marketing Group, had seen an ebay auction by a family selling advertising space on the mobile home and thought it would be a great way to promote The Amazing Race. Reality TV Magazine caught up with Michael Aldrich, the owner of the Amazing Race Promobile, and got the scoop on his travels.

The first thing Michael wanted to clarify is that his ebay auction was not to raise money for a family vacation but to help raise funds to cover the cost of a kids TV show that he and his kids created. Michael and his wife have 3 sons and 1 daughter. During their trip, they are filming educational things to air on their TV program that airs locally in Peoria, Illinois. More information on the kids TV show can be found at www.ciktv.org. Michael also has a blog that chronicles his journey in the Amazing Race Promobile.

Reality TV Magazine: What was your reaction when you found out that CBS had won your auction?

Michael: CBS didn't bid on the auction they only saw the auction listing and contacted us.

Reality TV Magazine: Do you watch the Amazing Race regularly?

Michael: Yes.

Reality TV Magazine: Are you a fan of the show?

Michael: Yes.

Reality TV Magazine: What type of reaction have you been getting from people on the road in relation to the Amazing Race Promobile?

Michael: Everyone loves it..lots of honking, waving, picture taking, mad rushes every time we stop somewhere, tons of questions. Where

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'Race' heads off in new direction

By BILL BRIOUX -- Toronto Sun

A new night and timeslot

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Amazing Race 10 Teams Announced


CBS today announced the identities of the 12 Teams set to compete in THE AMAZING RACE 10 this fall. The three-time Emmy Award-winning reality adventure series is making its home on a new night and time this fall, moving to Sundays (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Starting in Seattle, WA, the 12 Teams will travel over 40,000 miles in under 30 days, spanning four continents and 13 countries. Teams will travel to such exotic locations as Kuwait, Mongolia, Beijing, Madagascar and Hanoi, Vietnam. The 12 teams will compete against one another in a race around the world for a $1 million prize.

For the complete article click here.

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Hmm...I guess they're not ready for us to see the contestants up close and personal. Seems like they want us to get out our magnifying glasses <_< .

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Hey, I just noticed Dade posted all the photos and bios!!!! YOU ROCK DADE!! :):)

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Amazing Race 10 Travels To Kuwait, Mongolia, Beijing, Madagascar and Hanoi, Vietnam

"Real Fast! Quack, Quack!" -- The four-time Emmy Award-winning reality adventure series returns for its 10th season this fall, when Teams will travel over 40,000 miles in under 30 days, spanning four continents and 13 countries. Teams will travel to such exotic locations as Kuwait, Mongolia, Beijing, Madagascar and Hanoi, Vietnam.

The 12 Teams, including the first Indian-American team, a coal miner and his wife, reigning beauty queens, an amputee and a high school teacher, will compete against one another in a race around the world for a $1 million prize. THE AMAZING RACE 10 will begin with a special 90-minute premiere, Sunday, Sept. 17 (8:30-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Starting Sunday, September 24, THE AMAZING RACE will move to its new home, Sundays (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT). Phil Keoghan is host of the series.

The race begins in Seattle, Wash. when Teams begin jockeying for available flights to the first destination, Beijing, China. Once there, Teams are faced with their first Roadblock, which requires them to feast on a Chinese delicacy. As the racers continue to navigate their way through the busy streets of Beijing, they are faced with the game's first twist. Meanwhile, the racer's physical prowess is put to the test when they must climb a portion of the Great Wall of China.

Posted by Joe Reality on September 11, 2006 at 12:01 AM

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