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Saturday, September 21, 2019 Big Brother 21 Live Feed Updates

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12:00 pm


BBAD isn’t going to run tonight.  They just announced it would be run tomorrow night in the regular BBAD slot.  Holly WON. The 2nd part.


5 hours ago, Rmichaelsm said:

9:49PM BBT Still animals. Cute adoptable ones, not the ones in the BB House. 

Are you seeing live feeds for 9/22/19?

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10:30 PM BBT The feeds return and Holly and Michie are celebrating in the WA and Nicole is crying in the RV. 

2019-09-21-22.29.51-Cam 2.jpg


2019-09-21-22.31.03-Cam 4.jpg




11:08 PM BBT The feeds return once again. Michie and Holly are in the KT. Michie "We have a 50% chance of winning half a million dollars. We made it to the Final 2." Holly "We are the first showmance to do that. Ever." Michie "You had a job to do. You had a job to do and you crushed it." Holly says that Nicole would have know the clown day because that was her thing. But that was not a fair comp. Feeds cut to WBRB.


11:13 PM BBT The feeds return briefly to Holly and Michie in the KT again. She describes that the hour and a half wait was torture and the feeds cut to WBRB again. 


11:16 PM BBT The feeds again return to Holly and Michie in the KT. Holly "There were specific paths" WBRB.


11:18 PM BBT Michie "We are never going to have to campaign against each other." Holly "Just between 1 and 2." Michie "We are guaranteed 50 thousand dollars. Well, me 60." Holly "F***er". Michie "Girl, you brought it home. I have never been so proud of a girl in my whole life." Holly "I would like to think that was a good score regardless who I was up against" WBRB. 


11:20 PM BBT Michie and Holly are discussing how they have never actually said that they have a Final 2. Michie "Holly, we are going to final 2. We are going to be sitting in those chairs." Holly "You better not win and take her." Michie "Why do you, this reminds me of girls that accuse me of doing something that they are doing. Are you planning on taking her?" She assures him that she is not and that they are going to be standing on those scales together. 


11:24 PM BBT Michie hugs Holly in the KT and keep repeating that he is so proud of her and hugs her tightly. Holly talks about how she had hoped that they would have a rock climbing comp because it went with the theme of the show. Holly mentions a friend at home named Jessa so we get WBRB again. 


2019-09-21-23.24.06-Cam 2.jpg


11:29 PM BBT Michie and Holly continue to talk in the KT. Michie says that his biggest fear is that Cliff is going to say that Holly is the one that honored their deal and that Michie is the one that stabbed him in the back. Holly says that Cliff wouldn't do that. Cliff is essentially Michie, just 30 years later. 


11:31 PM BBT Holly "Everybody says don't get in a showmance, it will ruin your game." Michie says that it his showmance that got him this far. He was able to count on her when he wasn't safe and couldn't compete. He also says that she is the one that kept him sane in this house. They keep asking if this is real. Michie "Somebody pinch me. 99 days and I am walking out with my best friend in the house." 


11:36 PM BBT Holly tells Michie that game-wise, it makes more sense for her to take Nicole to Final 2. But she could never do that. Because he has never turned his back on her. She could never do that to him. Michie says that they are walking out Final 2 and he can't believe it. He says that he can believe that she won. He just can't believe that they are there. 

2019-09-21-23.40.30-Cam 1.jpg

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11:42 PM BBT All 4 feeds are on Michie and Holly in the KT. Nicole is in the DR. Michie says that half the country is probably ecstatic and the other is screaming f**k. Because we probably have just as many haters if not more.


11:45 PM BBT In the KT, Michie and Holly are discussing how they have no jobs left to do. The rest is completely out of their hands. 


11:49 PM BBT Michie and Holly are in the KT cooking steaks and fried corn on the cob. Michie keeps saying over and over that he can't believe it and that he is so proud of him. Holly finishes cooking the corn in the skillet and and Michie asks her to put it on the stove on high so he can cook the steaks. Instead, she washes the skillet. He says "I asked you to put the skillet and high. And now it is all cooled off." Holly "To be fair, I wasn't listening." 

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