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America's Got Talent Season 14 Finale Show


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The competition is over, America has voted. Tonight America's winner is revealed. Live from Hollywood it's AGT Finale. But right now featuring Detroit Youth Choir and Ndlovu Youth Choir here is Kydo. Both choirs are singing together. Tonight we find out who has won. We see clips from last nights show. Welcome your AGT judges, Howie, Gabrielle, Julianne and Simon. Simon says being the winner will be a huge huge deal. One act will win 1 million dollars.



Let's take a look at what happened in the Dunkin Lounge after the show last night. Give it up for Light Balance Kids, Tyler Butler-Figueroa and Brian King-Joseph. One of the Light Balance Kids takes their hat off and it's Paula Abdul. Simon asks How did you get up there? She just smiles.


There have been a lot of jaw dropping moments this season one by an opera singer. Please welcome Lang Lang and Emanne Beasha. Our finalist are performing with thier hero's tonight but Ryan Niemillers hero is not a comedian. It's Chris Jericho the wrestler. We see Chris working with Ryan aka Cripple Threat ring side.


Howie takes the mic, sits Terry down in his chair and shows clips of Terry this season. Terry gets the mic back. Right now welcome Benicio Bryand and Ozuna. Give it up for Kodi Lee and Fiona Lewis. We see a parody of Simon and Cher comparing opinions on, cell phones, planking, pong, chocolate, cake, a curlywurly bar. Performing the world premiere if her new single is Julianne Hough with V. Unbeatable. We see the 5 least good auditions of the season.


In just a few minutes we will find out who the Top 5 finalists are. But first here is Voices of Service with Billy Ray Cyrus. Simon tells us about his America's Dream. (aww he loves America) She is one of the biggest icons ever...make some noise for Cher.

Some times an act comes along that creates  a great buzz, Please welcome Kodi Lee and Leona Lewis. Pretty soon we will get ourselves a winner. Terry sits down with every act and has a chat. America give it up for your top ten finalist. After the break will find out the top 5.
This season winner will receive 1 million dollars and a headliner at Paris Casino Las Vegas. Ten acts fought to win last night. In no particular order lets find out who is in the top 5. Voices of Service and Benicio Bryant please step forward. The first act into the Top 5 is Voices of Service. Emanne Beasha and Ryan Niemiller please step forward. The second act into the Top 5 is Ryan Niemiller. V. Unbeatable and Ndlovu Youth Choir please step forward. The third act into the Top 5 is  V. Unbeatable. Kodi Lee and Light Balance Kids please step forward. The fourth act into the Top 5 is Kodi Lee. Tyler Butler-Figueroa and Detroit Youth Choir please step forward. The last act into the Top 5 is Detroit Youth Choir. 
The five acts in the Top 5 in no particular order are Voices of Service, Ryan Niemiller, V. Unbeatable, Kodi Lee and Detroit Youth Choir. Lets find out who finished in 5th place  and leaving the competition is Voices of Service. They say they are very grateful. Howie says they won, they won the hearts of all of us. This is just the beginning. 
The act in fourth place and leaving the competition is V. Unbeatable. They say it was a dream for them and they will fight for their dream. Julianne says its shocking but the impact they have had on that stage has been incredible. Your Top 3 are Ryan Niemiller, Kodi Lee and Detroit Youth Choir. Lets find out who is finishing in third place and leaving the competition is Ryan Niemiller. Ryan says this has been everything, third place aint bad. Gabrielle says tell me when you are available cuz you are my next star. I am excited for the next chapter. Your Top 2 finalists are Kodi Lee and Detroit Youth Choir. 
We are down to the wire now. Week after week the acts have performed and you have voted. From the moment Terry announces their names their lives will be changed forever. Check out their journey's. Its time, America has voted, the winner of AGT14 is Kodi Lee. Kodi says that is so amazing. 
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