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America's Got Talent Season 14-Finale performances


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It all comes down to this! One of the top 10 acts will deliver a performance that will be worth one million dollars. Simon says this is the most open competition they’ve ever had and tonight these acts have to persuade the audience at home that winning this will change their lives. Terry shows a recap of the entire season.


We kick the show off with V. Unbeatable. They talk about the V stands for one of the co-founders of the group, Vikas. He got injured during a performance and they say it’s because of him they are here on AGT. Even though he isn’t there with them, he is blessing their performance. They take the stage for their performance. They get an ovation from everyone and the judges are still on their feet.


Howie says he’s never seen anything like this. It’s the most exciting, dangerous, thrilling act in AGT. The V for his name also stands for the V for victory. Gabrielle says her adrenaline is out of this world. That was unfreakingbelievable. They killed that performance. Her husband made an amazing choice. Julianne says her mind is exploding. Everything they do is precision, excellent, and everything a dance crew has to be. Unbelievable. Simon says he thinks their film put everything into perspective concerning the danger level. Simon says they are not a dance group, they are a movement.


The next act is Terry’s golden buzzer, the Detroit Youth Choir. They talk about how the choir has taught them strength, love, and friendship. Together they are an unstoppable force and every time they perform they find something in themselves they didn’t know was there before. They take the stage and perform a slower version of Can’t Hold Us by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, but then it picks up as they hit the first verse. They also get an ovation.


Gabrielle says they represented the culture and the excellence in so many people that get overlooked. They shined so bright tonight. Julianne says there really is no ceiling for them and she thanks Mr. White for giving each of them a chance to shine and have moments. Simon says he doesn’t see a choir. He sees a group on individuals who’ve done everything they could with friendship, enthusiasm, and talent to entertain them. Howie says there are no words. What they do is amazing.


Emanne Beasha is ready to perform and she says this is a dream come true to make it this far. She got the golden buzzer during judge cuts from Jay Leno and she says that was epic. Her 11th birthday will be during the finale of AGT and tonight is the biggest performance of her life. She takes the stage for her performance. She gets an ovation from all four judges.


Julianne says Emanne just took them to another planet. That was other worldly and she’s an angel. Simon says this is like when he used to watch the Olympics and he thinks that talent is extraordinary. He has the most incredible voice and she deserves to be here tonight. Howie says there is no denying that is amazing and that song is one he works out to and he heard she was a BTS fan and she spans the entire gambit for talent. Gabrielle says her voice is literal perfection and she is an actual angel on this earth.


Next we have Ryan Niemiller, the comedian. We see him having dinner with is family and his sister says Ryan hasn’t paid her for tying his shoes. They reminisce about some of their antics as children. His mother says he always made everyone laugh when he was little. His mother is really, really proud of him and she knows he is where he wants to be and that means more to her than anything. He takes the stage for his set. He gets an ovation from everyone.


Simon says there are so many comedies being made every month and every year and there has to be someone watching tonight and he’d like them to consider Ryan because he’s done enough to show he’s box office talented. Please give him the break he deserves. Howie says he loves Ryan and he would love a comedian to win. Not only is he funny and talented, he has an amazing heart and he wants him to be a star. Gabrielle says she wants him to be a star in one of her movies because he is a star. He is everything.  Julianne says he is a star, she loves him, and it’s been an honor to watch his journey and this is where he’s meant to be.


Voices of Service is our next act and they read a few letters they got from fellow veterans and families of veterans and they talk about their struggles with PTSD and they talk about how Voices of Service has been a light in the darkness. They take the stage and perform Footprints in the Sand by Leona Lewis. They get an ovation before they finish.


Howie says Voices of Service is changing lives and they are so inspiring. Gabrielle says performance perfection and they recognize the heroes who walk among us and they are instruments of healing. Julianne says people ask what is life about and they have an opportunity as artists who perform to bring people joy and hope and that is what they do. Julianne thanks them for using their talent as an outlet for people to feel seen. Simon thinks they had two incredible weeks and they define the words sincerity, decency, and talent. Simon thinks they’ve given themselves a chance of winning the whole competition.


Light Balance Kids are the next act and they say this is their biggest achievement and their biggest challenge. They talk about how hard it is once the lights are out and you have to move and if you’re out of position or if one person is missing it can mess up the entire act. AGT is lighting the way to their dreams. They take the stage and we have a diner themed act this time. They get an ovation for everyone.


Julianne says that was them being creative and innovative. That was amazing. Gabrielle says they are committed and focused. Simon says he hasn’t been really supportive through the entire show, but when it mattered, tonight, they pulled out their best performance. He felt like it was them and not people in the background coming up with the act. Howie says wow. This is the most immersive, fun act.  


Next we have Benicio Bryant and we see him Facetime with his dad. He talks about growing up with AGT and he remembers making a wish he would win it. He talks about various artists who were on the show when he was certain ages and he says he never really thought he would be here but he actually has a chance to win. He takes the stage and performs another original.


Julianne says wow. All she has to say is it takes a lot for one person to take the stage and hold it without bells and whistles. He is a star. Simon says Benicio has his absolute respect. All he did is brought himself and no gimmicks and he has gained his absolute respect. Howie says he loves Benicio and he thinks he took a big gamble, but it may pay off. Simon buzzes Howie.


Tyler Butler-Figueroa is up next and we see his mom tell him she’s so proud of him and she plays some videos from other kids who had cancer and they sent messages to Tyler about how proud they are of him and how they are representing kids like them and how inspiring he is. He takes the stage and performs Survivor by Destiny’s Child. He gets an ovation all around.


Simon says he is bursting with pride for Tyler. He wants to thank Beyonce personally cleared that song for Tyler to perform. Howie says he is so proud and inspired witnessing this. He is worthy of being here and worthy of winning. Gabrielle says that was the best performance. Tyler saved the best for last and he was so incredible. Gabrielle says he did it.


Next we have Gabrielle’s golden buzzer, Kodi Lee. He says this show was meant for him and he loves performing. He has music in his head and he wanted to show his talent to the world. He’s frustrated because he can’t communicate well, but music makes him feel better. He tells people he loves them through his songs and he can’t believe he’s in the finals. He’s not nervous, he’s a happy nervous and his family and his mom are always there for him. He thanks his mom for all the help and he says his dreams are coming true. He takes the stage for his performance and he sings Lost Without You by Freya Ridings. Kodi gets a standing ovation from everyone.


Gabrielle says Kodi has changed the world and he changes every room he enters. Howie says heck yeah! He thinks season 14 is the season of Kodi Lee and he predicts he will walk out with a million. Julianne says when he sings time stops and he impacts them in a way that they get to share this moment together. Simon says one of the most beautiful things he’s ever heard. Everything about that package, that song, and that lyric, it’s so easy to assume it’s a shoe in, but everyone needs to vote. Simon says after that, that was as good as he’s ever heard.


Our final act is the Ndluvo Youth Choir. Their director talks about these kids coming from a difficult background and their success is making a huge impact on their community and giving them hope for their future. They feel like a family and like they are putting Limpopo on the map. Their director is beyond proud. This might be their last performance on the AGT stage, but it’s not the end of their journey, it’s just beginning. They take the stage for their performance. They perform Africa by Toto. Julianne and Gabrielle are on their feet dancing along with the performance. They get an ovation from everyone and Simon shakes the director’s hand.


Simon says he prays this show will change people’s live and he thinks that performance may have done it. Simon says this was the best final he ever sat on in his life, by a clear mile. Amazing. Julianne says she is so blessed to watch them and the joy they bring to them, if they can dream it, then they can do it. Gabrielle is so proud that the audience was along for the ride with them. They have literally have changed their entire trajectory with one performance. Howie says they make them so proud to be part of this world and have them on this planet and this is the most talent filled final. What a finale! Vote!

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