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Wednesday, September 18, 2019 Big Brother 21 Live Feed Updates

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12:00 AM BBT

Nicole and Michie are playing chess in the treehouse. Cliff is watching.  (Orwell is standing guard)

Nicole- no way Jose....I'm not giving that up.

She makes a move

Nicole- noooooo, not my bunny....here, take a mushroom

Michie is completely silent during the game, but Nicole thinks out loud

Nicole- Oh, I'm up Shit Creek without a paddle

She begins singing and the feeds cut for a warning from production


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12:30 AM BBT

Cliff and Orwell head to bed, but Cliff talks to the cameras for over an hour...all the same spiel

Cliff- my vote will go to the honorable person  [so, NOT Michie  -MamaLong] I want Michie to know that if he sends me out, he will likely not win the half million dollars, Holly will. I may end up losing a friend, but I have to try. I can't not use everything I have available to try and stay in this house. [If Michie faults you for that, Cliff, then he is more screwed up in the head than I thought. After all, Michie used everything he had with that lie about Tommy. If he can do it, so can you...and you aren't lying  -MamaLong  (sure wish Cliff could actually hear me)]



1:20 AM BBT

Holly tells Jackson she admires that he has such a big heart. "Strong man, Big heart."



1:45 AM BBT

All of the lights are off and the FInal 4 are sleeping.


8:30 AM BBT

The houseguests are still sleeping

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11:35 AM BBT

We actually have life in the BB house. Cliff is in the kitchen. He says good morning to the cameras then begins making some breakfast.



Michie will be faced with an important decision today.



11:55 AM BBT

Cliff is using his engineering degree to craft some spectacular BB pancakes. :-)




11:59 AM BBT

Cliff- Alright Big Brother, I don't know if you can see it, but let's finish off this season with some BB 21 pancakes. 

He says he wanted to do something fun because there is not much fun in the house right now.


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12:15 PM BBT

Cliff is eating his breakfast in the boat room. He tells us that he plans to talk with Michie tonight and" lay down some hard points." He is concerned that Michie could get angry. He says he wants to know Michie and what he is like outside the house. He worries that Michie might actually be a villain outside of the house.

[The feeds cut in and out with obvious filtering while Cliff speculates about Michie's secrets  -MamaLong]

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12:44 PM BBT

Nicole joins Cliff in the kitchen to make some oatmeal. She tells him she was up late talking with Michie, trying to make him feel guilty over his choice to not honor the F3 deal. "I think I got to him, but I don't know." She also says that Michie whispered something to her that she couldn't hear, but then he got in trouble. She has no idea what it was about. Cliff tells Nicole that he appreciates her efforts and that he plans to talk with Michie tonight.


12:53 PM BBT

Holly and Michie are still sound asleep




1:05 PM BBT

Cliff- I will not vote for him and I will sway the jury. 

Nicole- I feel like he stays up all night and works through his whole process and then she is like, okay

Cliff- I know

1:17 PM BBT

Cliff tells Nicole that if he gets evicted he plans to hide Orwell along with a few cards from the card deck and all the dice for backgammon then tell them if they want to play they have to find Orwell. Cliff says he will tell Nicole where he hides Orwell before he leaves.

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1:33PM BBT WED Jackson and Holly continue to sleep. Cliff and Nicole talk about a cafeteria his family went to.They are talking about food they have eaten that they didn't care for but were trying to be polite.


1:44PM BBT WED Nicole and Cliff talk about Christmas time and taking the kids to see Santa and adopting families during the holidays.


1:57PM BBT WED Cliff and Nicole continue to chat about home and playing cards. Jackson and Holly continue to sleep.

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2:15PM BBT Jackson and Holly finally get out of bed. In the WCA, Jackson tells Holly that Cliff and Nicole haven't event touched the dirty dishes and they should have done them since they have been up but instead they are sitting there playing cards.


2:25PM BBT Jackson is cleaning the dishes. He is slamming things around. Jackson is complaining about food pans left from three days ago. He complains the pancake mix from 3 days ago on the stove (they were made this morning). Holly stands around and agrees.



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#BB21 WED 3:34PM BBT - Nicole is in the SR ironing a piece of clothing, She says "there is a stain on it" and says opps i did it again. Holly comes in and says there is enough for her in the pan if she wants one. Nicole tells her yeah i would like one. Nicole then shares she is happy the argument is over. Holly tells her no she is not done with the argument. Nicole tells her it day 92 get it right. They both laugh and Holly leaves the storage room.

#BB21 WED 6:41PM BBT - Holly is at the kitchen table eating something. Nicole is in the RV room getting ready. No game chat general chit chat.

#BB21 WED 6:51PM BBT - Nicole tells Holly, Jackson, Cliff they should do holidays, since they already have done Easter. Holly agrees it a good idea. Nicole then says they should do Halloween and dress up and trick or treat from room to room. She then realizes that they all be the same. Jackson is making a omlet and Holly is doing the dishes. BB then calls Nicole to downstairs DR. Jackson then jokes with her and tells her see you in a hour or so. Holly asks before she goes in if she could have fruit snacks and Nicole tells her yes.

#BB21 WED 4:00PM BBT - Jackson whispers to Holly that he would rather take her to a mental/physical comp. Holly tells him she knows. Jackson then tells do you smell how this smells. Holly then says she going to marinate the chicken. Jackson tells her no your not.




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5:56 PM BBT

The houseguests are just hanging out. Holly and Nicole were dancing earlier, and it was pretty cute to watch.


6:25 PM BBT

Cliff is talking with Michie in the HOHR

Cliff tells Michie that the only time he ever turned his back on Michie was when his back was against the wall. But, he confessed about it and offered himself up

Michie- I know....I have the burden of what feels like the world on my shoulders


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Michie tells Cliff that he knows he has had him in his corner

Cliff- always

Michie- and Holly has had me in her corner, too. If you had won HOH and I was on the block, Nicole was safe and Holly won veto. It's then Nicole and you're HOH. Holly and I tell you no funny business and the Holly starts murmuring to me that it's best to evict Nicole. It's best for my game to keep Nicole but I'm going to keep Holly ...

Cliff- so essentially you are saying that Holly is your #1

Michie- she is my number 1 in the sense that she has always had my back and I've had hers. I wish we could go back to that HOH week because everything changed when there was a decision to keep Tommy

Cliff- but ultimately, we did not keep Tommy. If she was your #1 why did we have so many conversations about it being me and you and Nicole.

Michie- I just wanted us to duke it out. But that happened and now Holly and I are all we got. Up to that point about wanting to be there with fighters, I wanted the three to be people that have scrapped. But when it came down to it, it became clear that it was now me and Holly


Cliff- you had said so many times that you wanted Nicole and me in final three. I know that you could be concerned about how it would look sending Holly home. But, at the end of the day, if she's #1 and I'm #2 then it is what it is

Michie- I know you have been in my corner, but that week made a shift. 

Michie brings up how Nicole made the comment that she meant her word when she said it. Nicole going back on that after what we had planned for three weeks. You know you have to adapt. Holly is all I've got, and I have to protect her. 

Cliff- I have always had your back. SHe is not the only one. Holly is not the only one

Michie- it breaks my heart that this is potentially taking something away from you, and it isn't right and it isn't fair...but it wouldn't be fair to Holly....it breaks my heart

Cliff-  so you think it's the right decision to go back on your word with me for Holly

Michie- I don't know but I have to follow my gut and make a decision that I don't want to have to make

Cliff- if Holly stays there are no agreements. Maybe you get to F2. But, with us, you would get to final 2.

Michie- I know

Cliff- at this point I just want to get to that three and get the family out here. If you would trust me and do it...from a game point it seems like that would be the guarantee to get you there

Michie- Cliff, this is all game aside, I am really struggling here. Because I am taking someone's chance away...someone's opportunity to change someone's life away.

Cliff- but I know you have to do what's best for your game

Michie- it's not that easy. We have become family. As much as I want to strictly make a game decision, it's hard. This is hands down the hardest decision someone has had to make in the game. I'm having to pick one...and it is miserable

Cliff- so you are leaning to Holly

Michie- yeah

Cliff- but our agreement was just man to man. For it to then not be broken only after we had reached that point. There are some things that I could have been good at. I feel like once the veto competition took place, that locked it in. If I had won the veto, you would have expected me to honor it.

Michie- I'm not saying two wrongs make a right, but my perception was that for the past 4 weeks we were together and then in the bathroom I discovered that it really was just me and Holly. That's where it became in my mind that I had to agree with anyone

Cliff- You could have said so before. You said you had my back and then you break it ...it only happened after the veto. 

Michie- as much as it kills me Nicole is not on the block next to you

Cliff- I was pushing to honor the agreement...it happened only after the deal was made

Michie- I hope you can understand where my mind was at the time. I didn't know if I could trust..and even though it wasn't just you, it was you and Nicole. Up to that point I wouldn't have taken a deal that I wouldn't have honored

Cliff- it's the timing after the veto that is really troubling me. If you can live with it, then

Michie sighs really loudly- that the .....

Cliff- look we are cut from the same cloth. I may have been making more deals and I know this goes against your character

Michie- against every fiber

Cliff- I was pushing Nicole a lot; and it's funny but she told me that she doesn't get this idea of handshakes and such

Michie- yeah it's shoot or be shot in New York...I told Holly on paper they would backdoor you but I also told her they won't do it. But then it became cutthroat and I had to adapt. It's not the way I operate. I just had no choice.

Cliff- It's the timing that bothers me; it got broken after you knew you were safe and that troubles me. I just wanted to point that out

Michie- my mind is still thinking about what to do. No matter the decision, it will be gut wrenching


Michie- it truly did stem from Nicole wanting to keep Tommy...my willingness to break a deal is not because of your action but because of Nicole's

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Michie- you and Nicole are very much together, so it goes in a circle

Cliff- but once it got down to it and we confirmed that we were still good you could have gone back, but you didn't

Michie- I didn't....everything changed for me six days ago. Agreements and handshakes I thought were locked in solid, but they were not

Cliff keeps repeating that the man-to-man handshake and timing is what bothers him. "I was still not breaking that bond. You would have gone to final 3 without hesitation."

Michie- I wish you could have given a vote

Cliff- but remember, I had already promised she would have my vote....we ended up with the four because primarily of me doing a lot of pushing

Michie- I know.... it just sucks

Cliff- I'm going to throw one more out and I don't want you to get pissed...have you thought about those final seats?...The jury votes in both directions. If I got sent home and it was you and Nicole, Nicole would get my vote. Holly honored her promise, you didn't and that's going to affect my decision in the way I vote. It's going to affect Nicole, too. I'm being careful about the way I say it because I consider you a friend, and I don't want to screw that up. If you and Holly are up there and word has been broken, you will need 5 members of that jury house. If Holly is over there, you would have that plus whoever (Cliff or Nicole) else ends up over there. I'm fighting to stay in this game Michie. I think it's an easier path. I think if it goes down this way, Nicole and myself, Nick as well......it would just be tough for your game. It would be a lot easier if Holly was over there...as opposed to me being there and getting to talk for a couple of days.  I'm a fighter Michie. I will do what I have to do. I know you want to be at the top of this one. It's going to be a lot easier if Holly was over there championing your cause. I'm just making the observation. With all that said, whichever way you go, I respect you. We are fighters. We don't quit. And now you can throw me over the balcony.

Michie- nah, I'm just thinking

Cliff- I want to enjoy my time. I wanted to wait until after dinner, but wIth Holly in the DR, I knew this was the time to talk

Michie- I'm gonna take a shower...do some thinking

Cliff- alright, love ya man

Michie- love you too...I really do

They hug and Cliff leaves

Michie- are you fucking kidding me? Fucking kidding me? By threatening me with jury votes. So by doing what's best for my game I'm going to lose jury votes. Sick! Thanks Cliff. You just made my job a lot easier.

[Michie is internally raging....scary time  -MamaLong]


7:15 PM BBT

Cliff goes to Nicole in the Washroom Area and fills her in on the talk

Cliff- so now just prepare for an awkward dinner

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7:53 PM BBT

Holly is out of DR and she passes through the bathroom where Nicole is laying on the "poop particle couch". Holly asks about the guys and Nicole said she isn't sure but she thinks Cliff is in the RV. SHe hasn't seen Michie. Nicole then goes in the kitchen and yells back to Holly, "Found one." It's Michie in the kitchen.

Michie takes Holly to the Have Not room and tells her about Cliff's campaign

Holly- I thought he might try that as a last-ditch effort....I still think he is going to vote for you, as a lover of this game

Michie- Well, we will find it.......he just made it fucking easy....threatens me with jury votes?

Holly- yeah, and you say that in your speech

Michie- oh yeah, I will

They leave and head to the kitchen to make dinner

Michie-I'm sorry, but I'm not hungry


8:00 PM BBT

Michie is privately raging in the living room with a deck of cards. Holly joins him

Holly- I'm sorry

Michie- inaudible mumbling...talking fast...very heated

Holly- so he tries strong-arming you and 

Michie- he wants to threaten someone that has had his ass...respect the game...respect the game... my actions show I deserve to be there...what have your actions done? Go fuck yourself. That's bullshit.....over my family?....that is insinuating....

Holly- I'm sorry

Michie is killing the deck of cards with his aggressive shuffling.





[And on this stewing hatred and attitude minus gratitude, I'm out for the night  -MamaLong]

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9:00 BBT. 
Nicole, Holly and Jackson are in the kitchen.

Jackson is ranting about Cliff’s offer and saying how he would never bring in things to ‘guilt’ Cliff about finances, family, and he ‘would never bring it up or threaten Cliff or strong arm him into a corner - he doesn’t appreciate it’.  Jackson is VERY angry and blaming Cliff for his pitch to keep him in the game.  The girls don’t say anything.

Holly - In awkward situations I cook.  She asks Nicole to go get some coconut mild from the SR.  

Nicole in the SR talking to the camera:  “Michie has done those things, he has strong armed people, he has threatened them, he has told people about his financial situation, he complained to ME about his financial situation in hopes that I  will take him to the F2.  He’s the biggest ‘disher outer but not taker.  He’s a big baby.”  Nicole shakes her head.  “He looks for excuses and reasons and justifications as to why he’s doing things so he looks like the martyr and he looks like the one that’s being bullied and he’s being backed into a corner.  I’m so over it - so over it...”

Back in the kitchen — 

Michie is cooking something on the stove.  Nicole shakes the coconut milk (while doing a little dance and laughing).  Holly says she reminds her of a cartoon - the minions.

Nicole is called to the downstairs DR.  


Michie has his head in the refrigerator.  Nicole goes to the DR.  Cliff comes into the kitchen.

Cliff thinks dinner really smells good and Holly tells him all that was put in with the chicken.  Cliff is getting called back into the DR (had to change his clothes so it matches the day/time they are talking about).  Holly and Michie talk about what else to put in the skillet.

Michie:  “I’m sick to my stomach”.  Holly, “I know”.  (Michie is clenching his jaw back and forth).  Holly has him taste the food and he tells her to have it cook longer.

9:12 pm BBT
Michie, “Wow, Holly” - and shakes his head.  Holly continues cooking and Michie is putting dishes away and getting out others to use.  He tells her the food is ‘outrageous’.  As usual, he is eating a spoonful here and there.  Cliff comes back in the kitchen.  Holly asks if he wants a piece of chicken.


Cliff has to go get his microphone.



9:18 BBT
Cliff is in the WA area.  He is talking to the camera about hiding his life preserver for hide and go veto in the bathroom and wonders if he could hide Orwell in there as well.  Maybe in the drawer or behind the couch??  He thinks it too easy.  He thinks he could put Orwell in the shower stall on the cold side where people really don’t go to shower.  BUT, he doesn't want Orwell to get too wet [It seems Cliff is going to be talking about Orwell again tonight - Nana]

Kitchen - Holly is still cooking and Michie is washing some dishes.  Cliff goes upstairs to the Have Not room.  He begins talking about hiding Orwell and got off track last night so he’s not sure if he will be able to find a place tonight.  IF he goes home tomorrow, he says, he wants to play one last prank - it will be to hide the dice and some of the playing cards with Orwell and maybe they would take better care of Orwell when they find them.  Before eviction tomorrow night, he will hide them - Cliff says ‘not to be mean - even though he’s being treated badly by the guy out there’.

Cameras switch to the Kitchen

Jackson and Holly are talking about how bad Cliff is acting and what he’s saying.  Jackson seems to not be able to believe Cliff would try something like this.  “Are you f——- kidding me??”  He keeps going over what Cliff said about not voting for Jackson if he’s in the jury house and how angry he is at Cliff.  Holly doesn’t say much other than agreeing with what he is saying.

(Camera Switches back and forth between Cliff in the HNR and the kitchen)


Jackson tastes the food again and says it’s bland.  Holly tells him they are out of curry.  She says she will let people add some red chili if they want to on their own.

Cliff - keeps talking about finding a place to hide Orwell and “he will have the final revenge...well not the final as someone will walk out with the $500,000.”  Cliff says he will make life difficult for them even from the other side through hiding Orwell and the cards/dice.  He thinks it a reasonable trade off for the way they are treating him.  (Cliff plays with the fake Orwell by spinning its head around).  Cliff says again what a wonderful young women Nicole is and she has enjoyed working with her.  Cliff continues to look for a good hiding place.

9:29 BBT
Cliff thinks he can hide Orwell where they would never find him and really upset the others.  He’s happy he never had to sleep in the have not room as it’s cold.

(Kitchen Again)
Holly wonders if the cameras are on her cooking. Jackson is sitting at the table playing cards.  Cliff comes in with his cowboy hat on and just looks at Jackson playing cards.  Cliff picks up a card Jackson dropped, Jackson says “Thank you sir”, but for the most part Jackson is ignoring Cliff.

Holly and Jackson exchange looks.  Cliff goes back to the RV room and picks up Orwell.  He does a running dialogue to the camera on hiding Orwell.

Jackson is whispering to Nicole - (not understandable) ... thinks America sees Cliff is using the argument that him keeping Holly and how Jackson needs to think about how it will make him look on the outside.  Jackson says Cliff using the veto and the deal Cliff says he made with Jackson and is threatening him and his reputation (Holly just nods) -

Cameras cut back to the RV room.   Back to the kitchen — Holly has Jackson taste the food again and this time he thinks its OK.



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9:45 p.m.  Cliff is still talking to the camera - he’s now in the SR looking for a hiding place.  He talks about a ‘mystery door’ that no one knows where it leads and maybe no one would notice Orwell.  As he carries on his one sided conversation with the camera, he carries Orwell on his hip.


Cliff goes through some leftover clothes in the storeroom and wonders who they belong to.

(Cameras switch back to kitchen)

Jackson is whispering to Holly, she shrugs her shoulders.  Holly says to Jackson, “You did not come here to lose.  You did not come here to ‘be bullied’”.  Jackson walks away to check the skillet.  Holly stirs another pan and asks his opinion.  He says to ‘add a little wine’.  Jackson tells Holly every time he looks at the food he wants to take a piece.

(Camera back on Cliff in the SR) - Cliff is checking out the refrigerator to see what food no one has ever eaten.  Also says ‘Michie would take the chocolate chip cookie dough and hand it all out and so there was never any left and no one knew who was eating it.  Cliff:  “Kind of a jerky move...”. He continues to go through items.


(Camera on in Kitchen Area)
Jackson is stirring sauce and turning the meat, saying these leftovers are going to be so good.  Holly agrees.

(Camera on Cliff and Nicole Outside the Trailer)
They joke about Orwell. Cliff asks if Jackson said anything.  Nicole tells him Jackson said “I’ll be d—— if I let somebody bully me, if I let someone strong arm me and that’s not the type of game I’m going to play I would never expect that from CLIFF - how dare he dangle $500,000 in front of my face like a carrot...”. Cliff says, “That’s right”.  Nicole smiles.

Nicole talks to Jackson about anger management being a part of this game and how Jackson said he’s made it personal, he’s made it PERSONAL, I never vowed to make it personal.

Cliff says “Whatever, whatever it takes to stay in the game, he lied to me - if I need to threaten him with a little jury vote in exchange so be it”.  Cliff doubts he will change his mind based on that but...   Nicole tells Cliff, “He’s holding it together because he wants to flip out on you, and it’s coming, it’s coming so be prepared.”

Cliff says “It’s all right, I’ll just smile and say ‘whatever Michie’.”  Cliff walks out of the room and tells the camera “Isn’t that interesting.  Apparently Michie is upset because I told him he would not be receiving my vote in jury if he lies, breaks a promise to me and boots me out of the house. Boo, hoo, hoo, whatever -what are you going to do,  you already booted me out of here, you ass and I’ll have 6 days to talk to the jury and let them know what I think about him and I’m not dangling $500,000 like a carrot, I’m holding it like a knife and using it as a threat.  Mutually assured destruction.  You want to boot me out of the house?  I’ll boot you out of the $500,000 prize.  We can both play the game Michie.  


You want to make it personal?  You lied to me. You made me a promise and then you broke it to send me out of the house so you can keep your showmance girlfriend.  Hey, if you don’t want to honor deals?  Why should I give you the money, so let’s see what happens tonight or in the morning.  I don’t know.  He thinks I’m bullying him?  I’m not bullying him I’m laying out the facts.  I’m letting him know there are repercussions to any action you take and breaking your promise leads to repurcussions and I’m going give them to him.”  Cliff walks back into the RV and talks with Nicole.

Cliff:  “That’s pretty funny, actually. What’s he gonna do, boot me out of the house?  He’s already planning to do it.”

Nicole:  “It’s such an act.  I can’t even ... like he’s good, he’s playing the martyr, playing the victim and he’s good at it man.”  


Holly walks in and tells them dinner is ready.  Nicole tells her she has to go back to the DR (wardrobe change).

Cliff tells Holly about when Orwell disappeared and he thinks he knows who might have taken Orwell.  Holly asks Nicole if she wants a bite of chicken before she goes back in the DR.

They all take a bite of chicken with the peanut dipping sauce.  Nicole says “wow, wow...”


10:14 p.m.  Nicole tells BB she is on the way to the DR, she promises.  The others continue to work on dinner but not much talk between them once Nicole leaves.

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10:17 p.m BBT
Cliff, Holly and Michie are still in the kitchen preparing dinner, setting the table and Holly says ‘Let’s eat’.  Cliff wanders around aimlessly the kitchen.  They all except Nicole who is in the DR, prepare their plates and sit down to eat.  They are all anxious to eat since it’s almost time to go to bed.

Jackson tells Holly, this chicken is outrageous.  Holly tells the camera/live feeders what she made for dinner.  She talks about her peanut sauce and the ingredients.  Then her curry sauce is described by her to the others.  Jackson keeps complimenting Holly on dinner.  Holly says she needed to add more spice.  Jackson reassures her it’s great.  Holly wishes she had more curry but she ran out.


Cliff thinks he will get some Thai food when he gets home. Holly says it’s her ‘go to food’.


[More small talk around the table...]


No one is really looking at each other, they continue to eat and talk about whether it’s spicy enough or not.  Jackson glances at Cliff — Cliff concentrates on eating.


Holly talks about Kat having asked for a puppy in her HOH basket, but she never was HOH.

Jackson says again, ‘this is the best meal I’ve had in almost 100 days’. Holly says why it’s not perfect and if she had only had more spices it would have been better.  


Jackson gets up to wash his dish to get a ‘jump start on it...’

(Cameras switch to Nicole changing her clothes)

Nicole tells herself, ‘...saying don’t do it, keep your cool, keep your cool and I have for about 80 something days.  Kinda lost it but I’ve been better.  We are on day 90 something.  Oh God, it’s gonna happen.”  She walks back out singing a short tune. 

Holly tells her she kept her some dinner and where her plate and fork is.  Nicole goes to get a sweater.  Cliff gets more milk and sits down with Nicole at the table.  Cliff leaves and Holly sits down and tells Nicole the food isn’t as flavorful as she wanted it to be.  Jackson is called to the DR and he asks if he needs to bring his hat.  BB says yes, so he goes to get his black hat.  Cliff comes back.


10:30 p.m. BBT

More talk about the food.  Nicole says she would like to chat with Holly and she says OK, when do you want to chat. Cliff tells them they can hang out, it’s OK.  

Nicole:  “I would just like to say as somebody who says what she means and means what she says, I’m a straight shooter and I want to very much say I don’t think I’ve ever given you enough credit in this game as a person as a game player and I respect you being straight forward and you making a deal and sticking to it.  I mean this and I really respect that you said you were going to do something and you did it.  There’s no reasonings, no justifications, no rants, no stomping around, no slamming things — it’s just, Holly.  And I admit I’ve not given you enough credit and I just wanted to say that.”  

Holly:  “Thanks.  That’s all I have, I have to practice what I preach and I was sure preaching in there and have I think to the best of my ability - it is hard here, walking in here especially saying I want to play an honest game, because that’s contradictory and it’s literally  impossible but as best as I possibly could I wanted to be straight forward”.

Nicole says that’s commendable and Cliff seconds it.  Cliff tells Holly you’ve always been straight with me even when we got off base, it always turned out to be some miscommunications and I thank you for that.  


Holly says “I tried so hard, from even like the very beginning when Ovi wanted to form an alliance but I knew I’d already joined Gr8atful and I didn’t want to be that person that was joining a bunch of alliances to try and cover themselves and since then I’ve tried and it was very hard to play as honestly as possible which is really difficult. At this point I just...”

Cliff:  “But Nicole is right, it is recognized and it’s important that you know that we recognize the kind of game you’ve played.”

Holly:  “Thanks.  It’s not - this game is not easy and the farther we get into it the more I realize how hard it is and how we are all thirsty for it, hungry for the same thing and there is no right way to get there and we are all simply doing the best we can.  The best is not always right, you know, right is an obsolete word, right is objective, or subjective - let me rephrase that - but yeah.”

Nicole:  “That was the argument I tried to somewhat deliver to Michie a couple of days ago and I wish I could deliver it to him again without him getting so pumped up right away.  But because it’s a game I respect it so much more if he were to like win the veto and “No - I’m taking Holly cause it’s a game and that’s what I’m doing.  I would be like wow, nice — it’s the preaching and the ...”



10:55 pm BBT

(conversation continues)

Nicole:  “This is what’s happening (talking about if Jackson would say), and this is my choice and end it.”  Holly agrees.

Cliff and Nicole tell Holly they have all been tight, the four of them and they don’t want it to get to be like a tunnel that is getting more narrow and they are all trying to squeeze through.  Nicole doesn’t want tomorrow to blow up and she feels if it were the three of them they would be able to do it and at times she feels like Michie is not.  


Holly agrees with Nicole.  Nicole says she understands that’s his strategy to be the loudest person in the room and if that’s your personality, that’s fine but she hopes they can ...

Cliff says he’s a calm individual and he doesn’t really respond to things.  He thinks they will be fine.

Nicole - She doesn’t see potential for anything to get heated just based on the individuals in the house - she knows last week it got very heated but it was a unique situation.  Nicole says she would like to say her piece to Michie but she knows it would lead to an argument.  Nicole assures Holly it’s nothing against her but she knows a deal was made and Cliff said many times he would honor the deal and take Michie and tells Holly Michie will see this when they get out of the house and it’s ‘not going to look good’.

Nicole tells Holly Michie keeps saying he’s disappointed he’s disappointed, but SHE is disappointed.  It’s a game (Holly keeps saying ‘yeah’ every few words) and we all get frustrated and disappointed, it’s “not just you Michie”.   Nicole says we could all start screaming at each other about how disappointed they are.

Holly says she keeps trying reel it back because everything they do in this game is based off of perception.  She says all their perceptions are different.  She says everything in this game is subjective and she’s been told that ‘everyone is doing the best they can and how they know to do things’.  She says she applies to this to everyone in her life - friends and enemies.  Holly knows personalities in the house are different and she’s tried to keep centered on ‘everyone is doing the best they can’.


Holly tells them everyone sees things differently and the guesses it will all make more sense when they get out of the house or maybe they will be more confused. [I’m not so sure I would agree with Holly - Nana]


Cliff hopes everyone can stay together and be friends and Holly agrees.  Holly’s strategy was to be real, be genuine even if you aren’t fond of someone.  They all agree it will be very interesting.

11:12 p.m. BBT


Holly says she intends to keep them as friends outside of the house and if she looks bad then she is sorry.  Nicole says again she hasn’t given Holly enough credit for her game play.


Nicole: “I just want to shake Michie sometimes - just say ‘Yup I want Holly in the F3 and be done, or I’m breaking my deal - it was a fake deal - I could respect that”.

They all agree it’s a game.  

They still have their lives at home and they are all ready to get back to their lives.  They talk about how Kat walked out of the house and didn’t hug anyone when leaving.  They did talk about when Cliff left and then came back.


Cliff gets up and washes his dishes and Nicole finishes her meal.  Everyone is very nice and civil - for now.  Michie is still in the DR.



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11:18 p.m. BBT


Holly says at least in the jury they will have TV and the outdoors, not like in the house where they don’t have anything.  They talk about how the jurors are feeling in the jury house.  Jack went out on day 51 and has been in the jury house ever since.  They discuss other HG and the days they went to the jury and how long they’ve been in the house.


Michie is back.  He doesn’t seem to be in a very good mood.  The girls are laughing at the table.  Cliff walks out of the kitchen.   Michie begins eating again because ‘he can’t stop eating this...’.   Holly washes her dishes.  The mood in the room has changed since Michie came back in.  He asks Holly what’s been happening and she whispers something - maybe ‘later’??


Nicole whistles and sings a toneless tune.  Jackson then whistles.  BB tells them to ‘stop’.  They then discuss whistling.


Michie sits down to play cards while the rest of them clean up after dinner.


Nicole says tomorrow is going to be a busy day.  It’s good they have leftovers so they won’t have to cook.  


Nicole is getting ready to go to the DR and Jackson checks her out.


11:22 pm BBT


Holly hugs Michie and they mouth some words to each other.  Not sure what they are saying.  [I’m guessing when they are alone Holly will repeat what Nicole said but in an entirely different ‘voice’ - Nana]

Camera on Cliff in the trailer.  He’s polishing his boots, getting ready for tomorrow.  He talks to himself - not sure where he has put Orwell.


Camera switches to kitchen.

Michie and Nicole are in the kitchen, Nicole is washing
 pots and pans.

Michie is scowling while playing solitaire.

[’Sounds of silence’....or ‘crickets’]

Nicole seems to be the only one who can hold it together and not lose it, but even she is feeling the tension.


Holly is outside the RV picking at her hair.


Nicole remembers they didn’t feed the fish.  She gets the food.


Michie asks what time they get them up on show days, Cliff says he thinks 9:00 a.m.  


Nicole is in the RV looking for her black pants and green socks, but decides she go feed the fish.  Nicole says she has ‘ofFISHily gone nuts, lol”.  They are all up to feed the fish and Nicole sings ‘we are all a happy family’.


All four of them are smiling while watching the fish fight for the food!


11:40 pm

They think the fish are so cute.  Nicole is going downstairs to brush her teeth.  Michie is brushing his teeth upstairs.

Nicole asks Holly if she is going to bed.  She wants to try Nicoles new tea.  Cliff is waiting to be called into the longer session of the DR.  


Cliff and Nicole are alone at the kitchen table.  Cliff is playing cards.  Holly goes to look for her glasses.  Michie is still upstairs.

Nicole:  We’ll be OK - it’s a game, we’re OK, we’re Ok.  
Cliff:  “It’s not the end of the world as long as we stay true to our character.”

Nicole:  “I’m going to miss you if you go out”

Cliff:  “I’ll miss you too.  But I’ll be cheering you on.  You know that.

Nicole:   “If somehow ‘Nicole’ pulls out the win, please put in a good word with the jury.  OH - you will be part of the jury roundtable where they talk about the three finalists.
Cliff:  I’ll talk about how you won and you fought your way back and how you were the underdog.
Nicole:  “I told her how I was a big part and about how I was a part of the big argument in the HOH room, but I never told a lie, I never manipulated, I never  puppeteered,  I told the truth to too many people.  I created the first fissures in that big colossal crack in that Big 8.

I was the cause of them to put the vote until after Nick and Bella, and I was the first fight of the season, first cursing of the season and I was the one who told Jess about that alliance as I knew you and me would be hung out to dry - just had a feeling we were being hung out to dry and I felt bad for Michie Holly and Jess.  I said it so  I could balance the scale so that the train of Christi, Nick, Tommy and Sis would be derailed and that our butts would be covered if in case someone went to Michie and Holly and said ‘Oh, by the way Nicole and Cliff wanted an alliance’, it would cover my tush so that we wouldn’t go down for it as we didn’t form it.  I wanted to talk with Jess about it more but Jess went rogue ...so things kind of went out of hand.  The other thing I will say about myself is with that whole thing with Jess there were people in the boat room saying ‘Nicole said this, Nicole said that’ and I never involved myself.  


And I never raised my voice and I never put myself in situations because I knew it wasn’t worth it and I think it was a testament to my social game that people never left rooms  to come and find me (Cliff laughs).

11:45 p.m.
No one never said “Where’s Nicole, get her to validate this or get her to explain that. No one thought me threatening enough to question me, they just questioned each other.  I was never the initial nominee, I was a replacement nominee once, luckily I survived.  Cliff tells her “That’s not bad!”

Holly come to sit down at the table.  Holly or Nicole sings out “Memories, Time for some Memories”.  BB tells them to stop.

Cliff is called to the DR, he tells them he has to go to the bathroom and he will be right there.

Holly is cutting her toenails at the table and Nicole says her fingernails still look nice and she might put on some more silver nail polish.

Holly talks about needing to get some sleep it’s a LIVE show tomorrow .  But she still might have a DR session for 2 hours and Nicole agrees with her.

Nicole:  “I have no idea what’s happening tomorrow.  

Holly:  Me either.


Nicole.  During and or after the Live Show, I have NO idea.  WE are doing the veto ceremony which means replacement noms.  Which then means go into the vote and eviction - then go into the HOH??

Holly:  “Why don’t we know these things by now”.  Nicole:  “I don’t know”.  

Holly:  Is Michie still in the HOH?


Nicole:  I think so, why did he go up there - Holly - to brush his teeth.  Or maybe listen to the music in the shower?

Nicole again pitches to Holly if there is a way for her to be taken if they could just think about it she would greatly appreciate it.

Cliff comes back into the kitchen.

11:51 pm BBT
Nicole:  “Nothing is left out of consideration, know that.  Nicole: “OK, I’m fighting for my life out there”.

Holly:  “Amen girl, we all are.
Nicole:  “Easy for me to say but I hope you both look at the game play and think about who would like to be sitting next to you in the other chair.

Holly:  “ Regardless of Michie’s outlandish personality and big moves and everything, on a game level he’s dominated, he’s killed and I’m very aware of that.  And even like Jess, he was sending Jess out and she was up there saying I’ll have to vote for him.

Nicole:  “Several people have told me that.”  
Holly:  “A lot of people told him”.
Nicole:  “Jess, Nick, Christie, Tommy (Holly says Yep after each name), 
Holly”. So that is, Yea, I know it - it crosses my mind all the time.  Don’t think any decision will be made with haste over anything.”

Nicole:  “I appreciate that, just the consideration.

Holly: “Of course - and I ran obviously I love you guys both and on a personal relationship my relationship is on a different with him, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love the heck out of you too.”

Nicole:  “Cliff makes me laugh whenever I say something like that.  He says no don’t say that.  They don’t have a ‘showmance’ like Holly and Michie.”

The girls like the nail polish color a lot - perfect for a live show.

11:53 pm BBT

Michie comes in and rattles dishes around in the sink, slamming doors and making noise putting dishes away.


The girls like the polish BB gave them and are thinking about putting it on their toes as well.  Purple with gray sparkles maybe?  Nicole asks Michie if he wants his nails painted.  Holly said she would do his feet.  Michie said whatever they wanted to do.


(He’s still banging pans around so it’s difficult to hear what they are saying)....

They talk about Tommy having a foot fetish.  Nicole says different strokes for different folks, and laughs.


Michie sits by Holly and tells her how pretty her nails are.  Nicole said you didn’t tell me that and he laughs.


More talk about whose color of nail polish belongs to who in the house or jury.


Small talk continues...no fireworks until tomorrow~~. If there will be any.  [I’m guessing there will a blowup of some sort, if not then when Michie gives his speech on why he’s evicting Cliff - I see no way he will evict Holly - Nana]

Nicole answers Michie saying anger management is a big part of game play.


Holly wants to talk about who they hope will come to eviction or who might MC the comps.  They name some HG from previous years and who they would love to see.


Nicole tells Holly she has her bible.  Holly says she can keep it for life.   Nicole says it was the ‘Holly Bible’.  (Laughs)


Michie says he guesses anger management is a big part of it but at the same time I would never hold against someone for adapting to their environment.  This wasn’t the type of BB game he had wanted to play.  He hadn’t wanted to have to go back on his word or deals and asa much as I wish things were different, they aren’t and I had to do what I had to do. And it’s disheartening to think someone wouldn’t understand it and is going to hang it over my head as leverage and tell me I’m going to lose half a million but - if that’s what’s going to happen it is what is going to happen.  

But nothing that has happened has been because I’ve wanted it to.  I’ve said this last week I wanted to get to 4 but we are here and I’ve done whatever I could and adapted.  Like he said adaptation is the biggest thing in this game - and all I did is adapt. Opinions they are going to come. I still love you all the same.  If someone beat me then I’d tip my hat and say ‘good job’.  I wouldn’t hold anything over people or hang it over —-“

Nicole:  “One step at a time, it’s the game”.  

The girls begin talking again about their nail polish and their cold fingers.  Nicole says we should do a ‘twin day’ as she has a denim jacket and black pants.  Nicole says yes, and how earlier today she took out her purple bandana and said we need to wear these.  Michie says he has black pants and Holly says she has a man’s jeans jacket.

12:00 THURSDAY - 

[No major fireworks tonight but I’m guessing tomorrow will be very different.  Night all - NanaFan]. BTW, I somehow have mixed up the times - so please forgive me.  Lots of conversations to try and get down tonight ~~





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7 hours ago, NanaFan said:

12:00 THURSDAY - 

[No major fireworks tonight but I’m guessing tomorrow will be very different.  Night all - NanaFan]. BTW, I somehow have mixed up the times - so please forgive me.  Lots of conversations to try and get down tonight ~~



Although time stamps my be skewed, your coverage of the conversations is spot on!




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