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Tuesday, September 17, 2019 Big Brother 21 Live Feed Updates

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2:30 AM BBT

Nicole decides to take a journey around the BY and try every seat just in case she missed out on an "experience" ...Michie decides to join her.  

Michie- weren't there 4 songs played today?

Nicole- no there were 3....I'm drinking battery acid (soda)

Michie- look at us both up at 3 AM

Nicole- you are burning calories and I am consuming calories















4:54 AM BBT

Michie and NIcole are awake. Nicole is in the kitchen and Michie sitting in the living room.

Nicole- are you going to bed soon?

Michie- yeah, I'm gonna finish this game of solitaire

Nicole then tells Michie there is a spider in the bathroom

Michie- I hate spiders...I'll go look for it. Leave it to me.

Nicole- good night 

Michie- good night; I love you

Nicole- I love you more

Michie- not possible

Nicole goes to bed in the RV room  [Looks like she is allowing Cliff to sleep in HOH Room  -MamaLong]


5:00 AM BBT

Everyone is now in bed

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10:05 AM BBT

We have fish on the screen with WBRB

Possible wake up call.


10:15 AM BBT

The feeds are back to show the lights on in the house. Michie/Holly are in bed in the Campsite Area and Nicole still in bed in the RV room.

There is no sign of Cliff yet.

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11:00 AM BBT

The houseguests are still in bed sleeping. Being final 4 comes with privileges.

Regarding Holly's claim that she has not gotten any sleep this week...well, that is just not true and we have the proof on the feeds..

11:24 AM BBT

The feeds cut to fish and WBRB, again. These HGs were up until 5:00 AM, so I imagine they will sleep all day.

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12:00 PM BBT

Cliff is awake and sitting up in bed. He puts on his mic.

Cliff is now delivering Cliff Notes in the HOHR. He isn't saying anything new. He blames himself for being too trusting of Michie.

Michie/Holly still crashed out in the campsite area. Nicole still asleep in the RV Room.

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2:38 PM BBT  Nicole tells Cliff about her conversation with Michie that she thinks got him thinking about the jury votes and final 2. Nicole said she can guarantee she would take him to final 2 if he were to save Cliff....and fight it out with the three people who really fought to be here.

Nicole- He said he wants to talk with us later because he really just wants to be sitting in one of those final 2 seats.

Nicole says she laid it on thick

Nicole- I said, 'If you want one of those final 2 chairs, it's yours' and he said 'a lot can happen'.

Nicole says that he asked about keeping Tommy and if it was to get rid of Michie. Nicole says she told him that she thought they needed to break the showmance up and they thought Tommy could help them do that, but it wasn't so she or Cliff could target him.

Cliff is ready to push that he would have a guaranteed vote from Holly.



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#BB21 TUE 3:00PM BBT - Cliff mentions it is cold he is going to put something warmer on looks to be a blanket. Holly says yeah she that it would be warmer too and goes and put her jacket on. Jackson said he is so relieved there was no Jury Battle Back. Cliff said he is happy because he knows Jack would have come for him. Jackson said yeah he would have but then he wonder what comp it would have been because they made

it seem like it would be a huge comp. Cliff Holly and Jackson then name off who could have possibly win. They then mention kaitlyn from last season and then BB calls Jackson to DR.

#BB21 TUE 3:07PM BBT - Holly asks Jackson to ask Nicole if she can use the shower after Nicole. Jackson goes upstairs and ask Nicole and she says absolutely. Jackson then comes out and tell Holly absolutely she can use the shower next. Holly and Cliff discuss the first few that were gone, (David, Ovi, Kemi, Sam,). Cliff and Holly both feel it weird they are all watching them. Holly then said who knows maybe Ovi is engaged to Hannah Clare (Ovi's girlfriend).

#BB21 TUE 3:12PM BBT- Holly then bring up how her company she works for was supposed to move to Hawaii before coming on to BB. But her partner couldn't make up her mind about it so she left came on the show. Holly then mentions that her sister is taking over the ranch while she is away. We get WBRB for a second then feed come back on .


#BB21 TUE 3:23PM BBT - Michie tells cliff that he has never been so exhausted in his life physically he says. Cliff then tells Michie he knows, he woke up and saw no one else was up and he went back to sleep, all he did was talk to the camera.Holly then goes up to shower. Holly then said she want to try Nicole new nail polish

#BB21 3:30PM BBT - Holly get in the shower and all is quiet Nicole shaving her pants with a razer, and says theses pants are so thin. Just general Chit chat no game talk.

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5:40 PM BBT

Cliff is in the boat room giving a run down on his chat with Michie, which went nowhere. Michie is resigned to evicting Cliff and basically told Cliff that it's Nicole's fault. Cliff refers to Michie as "not honorable" and said he doesn't think he will go for it. Cliff says he doesn't think there is enough he could promise to make him move to keep him. Cliff isn't ready to give in yet, "I'll keep on trying." He says he may mention jury votes and how Michie will look to the public.


Cliff- If I push too hard that will be it. This is very delicate. If he comes to me and says I'm sorry I have to go with Holly, then I'll bring it up. Otherwise, we'll see.


5:53 PM BBT

Nicole has fallen asleep in the RV Room


5:55 PM BBT

Cliff shows us his scabby knees, "Okay Live feeders, this is what's left from the veto competition."


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#BB21 TUE 6:00PM BBT - Jackson whispers to Holly abut Cliff. Jackson says Cliff cashed his 401k because he had to quit his job, Cliff then said he would throw any comps he would need to keep him and Nicole there. Holly then ask Michie if she should tell cliff that she still has 20k left. Jackson says he dont like to talk to people about it to use it as leverage. Jackson said said Sharron cant afford to come out here and he just wants her out here. Jackson tells cliff he wasn't asking him, but tell Cliff he wanted a single vote. Jackson then goes on to say he wanted one single vote, but he showed that it wasn't, and tell cliff that since he showed it wasn't individual vote but more of a packaged deal, since Cliff is in a duo. Jackson said since one of you decided to break up the deal, it essentially the both of you. Jackson then tell him since your both not safe he is going to be taking the brunt of it and he hates it. He then tell her he never turned his back on holly she had his back why would he turn on her. Jackson says he is loyal and nothing will get between the 2 of them. He says if he stays good if not oh well. Holly tells Jackson she is very proud of Jackson and Jackson says the same about her. 

#BB21 TUE 6:07PM BBT - Holly sitting next to Jackson watching him play a game of solitaire. Jackson says finally i can make some moves. Holly says yup.

#BB21 TUE 6:10PM BBT Jackson cant make any more moves and starts a new game of solitaire. Holly then ask him does he just want steak or chicken tacos and Jackson tells him just steak she leaves to start dinner. She says she can make a clinatro salsa with the agava. Holly mentions her asthma and what she take to help with it. BB then calls Jackson to DR downstairs.

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6:41 PM BBT

Cliff is counting votes. He doesn't see Michie getting 5 votes. "He would have Jack's, Nick's, Mine or Nicole's. I think he could get Sis's...he may not have the votes." He says that he may tell Michie that he won't get the votes if he sends him to jury. But, Holly is a guaranteed vote.

Cliff- but that's the thing live feeders. If I'm gonna hang jury votes over his head, when do I do it. Tonight? Tomorrow? Tomorrow night? That's the option I've got left...a threat to the jury vote.

Cliff- I think Nicole and I could end up deciding which one wins a half million dollars.

Cliff begins talking about Saturday's veto competition being a really hard competition. He relates it to be at the lake and mowing the grass but pushing himself to finish even when he needs water. He said he knew if he didnt get it finished he could time out and not finish at all. He was competing on a hot day at 2:30 in the afternoon. It sapped every bit of energy he had. He was stubborn and pushed himself too far.

Cliff- I was very, very exhausted...hot, thirsty. But I finished the puzzle. My knees started bleeding today. I paid the price, but if that was the last competition, I don't regret it.


Cliff says if he is voted out on Thursday, he'd like to take one of the cards out of the deck. "Or would that be mean?"

[It would be mean, but pranks are right up your alley, Cliff  -MamaLong] 

He then says he doesn't think he can actually do that.


Cliff- I am ready to get back to Texas...end this adventure


[I'm out for the night  -MamaLong]

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6:39PM BBT TUES Cliff doing Cliffnotes. He talks about how he took a chance and it didn't work out and brought him down a notch. He says that if Jackson burns him on the promise, he will be giving his vote to Holly. He doesn't see that Jackson has 5 votes in the jury house.


6:43PM BBT TUES Cliff saying out loud that if Jackson does away with him, it's possible that Jackson is giving up the prize. He is counting who Jackson may have in the jury house. He is trying to figure out when he should mention it to Jackson. He says this is the only option he has left.


6:49PM BBT TUES Holly and Jackson cuddle on the sofa and talk about how they can't wait to see their friends and pets. Jackson mentions past HG knowing who they are. Cams change.


7:06PM BBT TUES Cliff is wondering if everything is okay at home. He is worried that if something went wrong and he was in the house playing.. He says he would feel terrible. Says he is responsible and would feel bad. He wonders what is happening in the outside world.

7:14PM BBT TUES Cliff says that even if he gets voted out, he doesn't hate Jackson. He just lost some respect for him. Jackson and Holly are now on the LR couch laying down. Jackson is laying on top of Holly.


7:20PM BBT TUES Jackson and Holly continue to nap. Cliff has decided to listen to music and Nicole is folding clothes.



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10:16 a.m. BBT TUESDAY

Everyone is in and out of the kitchen making different things for dinner.  Nicole is wearing her unicorn hat.  Holly has on her red plaid flannel shirt again.  

Jackson gets the steaks ready to cook..  Jackson calls Holly ‘Mom’ when she tells everyone they need to come get things ready for dinner and eat.  |Freudian slip??? -  Nana]

Cliff continues to carry Orwell around in a pillowcase and wonders if anyone will notice.  I don’t think he  realizes he’s holding Orwell in the exact same way in the pillow case as outside of the pillow case.  Pretty obvious it’s Orwell inside.   He sits Orwell on a chair by the table.  


Holly continues to cook corn and other dishes and Jackson wants jalapeño peppers.  Cliff says he grows cilantro, cayenne, habanero and Jalapeño in his backyard.


10:24 pm BBT

They discuss finding Orwell and Cliff talks about his owl hunt late last night and feels someone kidnapped Orwell - probably Tommy.  Tonight he says Michie took Orwell to try and scare Nicole - who doesn’t like birds.


Holly and Jackson are trying to decide which color of onions to dice, yellow or white.  They will use both.  Holly wants to put them in the rice.


Cliff says maybe Orwell is getting ready to take a trip.  They talk about missing the backyard and Jackson says we will never see it again until we are free.  One of the cards given by BB to the houseguests has gotten wet.  Cliff shows another card fact.  Now Cliff is going to show them another card trick.

Jackson is cuttting up some type of vegetable  into very small pieces.  


10:29 a.m. BBT


Cliff hopes they don’t get his crotch when they film him (?).  Cliff takes Orwell upstairs while the rest of the HG are working on getting dinner ready.  Cliff thinks he can get Orwell out of the house.

Cliff talks to the cameras and says he will be like ‘have not’ this week since he is going home.  Unless something happens.  He also shares Orwell and he are finally reunited.  Orwell was mysteriously hidden under some pillows in the kitchen. However he misses his wife Sharon much more.  Cliff continues his  soliloquy on Orwell’s adventure of being missing/kidnapped/hidden.  He feels Michie did this - he used to be such an honorable guy.  “He was such a nice buy but maybe he’s cracked and has two sides.  Jeckyll and Hyde Jackson and Michie - maybe he’s cracked.  Are there only two personalities or are there may a third one??  He wonders if Holly or Nicole might want to hurt Orwell but then says ‘Nicole wouldn’t do it - maybe she was misled’.  


Cliff says again how scared of birds Nicole is and he feels Michie is using Orwell to frighten his friend Nicole. Not enough he turned on him but now he’s using Orwell against his best friend in the house.  Cliff feels the subplots in this house could be a soap opera!!  Cliff has noticed Nicole has been very worked up for the last few days and thought it was because of Cliff going home BUT what if Michie has been using his friend Orwell to target Nicole.  AND....where does Holly come into play in this.  Let’s face it Holly has been sleeping with the enemy and is she involved in using Orwell against Nicole??


Cliff says maybe Michie is a wonderful person in the real world, has the pressure just gotten to him or has the alter ego always existed and the pressure of the house caused it to be surface.   OR, has Michie always hated birds or did he just start hating Orwell because he knows Cliff and Orwell are tight.  Egos are difficult to deal with... Cliff continues ranting about Orwell and who will take care of him after Cliff leaves.

Most of Cliff’s running speech about Orwell seems to be ‘tongue’in’cheek.

11:10 BBT


10:48 a.m. BBT. Cliff - “I need to fight much harder to stay in this house as it might mean the life of Orwell if he didn’t do enough to stay in the house.  That is a heavy burden and he would bear the burden for ‘owl’ time {pun intended}.

Cliff feels he’s aged 10 years since he’s been in the house.  He continues to look for a place to put Orwell and take him out with him.  Cliff has found a suitcase in the Have Not room and wonders if he could sneak him out by using the suitcase.  Cliff says this will not end until he figures out how to get Orwell out. (He’s worried they won’t treat Orwell right after he’s out of the house).  

Cliff feels Steve McQueen has nothing on the coming Great Escape of Orwell.

The HG go to feed the fish.  Michie climes up the ladder to get upstairs.  Cliff goes up the stairs with Orwell in the pillow case.

11:00 pm BBT TUESDAY - 

Michie and Nicole are throwing something off the balcony.  Nicole goes to wash her hands.

Holly wants to finish cooking and eat so she can go to bed.


Michie and Nicole set up the chess board.  Michie heads down to the kitchen and Cliff was waiting around the corner and scares Michie - they all get a good laugh.


Michie says ‘Mom’ is being super annoying telling them to come and eat as it’s 10:00 p.m.  Holly and Michie discuss how to cook the steak.  They talk about today being Day 91.  Michie is eating some of the steak as it’s cooking.

Nicole:  “Was anyone here when Nick and me had our conversation - Michie interrupts and says “Nick and I...”. Nicole laughs.  She talks about Nick thinking he could jump off the balcony and not break anything.  

10:08 pm. Cliff is talking about going into a cave and how hard it was to get through some of the passageways.  He says one of the guys got stuck and almost didnt’ get through and he worried about getting back.

Michie heavily seasons the steaks on both sides.  He puts them on to cook and adds more spices.

Cliff continues to talk about caves and having taken Sharon on one of their first dates to a ‘wild’ cave.  Sharon said she would never go into another cave.  Nicole asks Cliff how many years they’ve been married - 29 years on December 29th.  Nicole says she would like to get married one day during the week between Christmas and New Years.  

Holly is cutting the corn off the cob and then eats some leftover corn off the cob.  [I have to say dinner is looking pretty good - Nana]

Nicole wants someone to find the clip where she and Jess were outside talking about finding a man and Jess says the worst part of all is “and he’s a man...”. Everyone laughs.


Michie is playing a card game, Holly continues to fix food while Nicole is looking down from the balcony.


Nicole wants to take the fish home with her.


Michie returns to continue to cook the steak.

11:21 p.m BBT

Michie and Holly taste the food and says the flavor is really great.  Michie slices the steak and eats a piece ... or more.

Cliff and Nicole are upstairs in the Have Not room.  He lets Nicole know he found Orwell in the kitchen and he wonders if Michie had something to do with hiding Orwell.  He feels Michie is using Orwell to intimidate Nicole to fluster her for the upcoming comps.  Cliff shows her how he intends to hide Orwell in a pillowcase to get him out of the house.  They continue to spin possible ways of getting Orwell out of the house when Cliff leaves so Michie can’t use it against Nicole.  

11:30 pm BBT





Cliff is walking around with Orwell on his head.  Nicole is snacking.  Michie is working on cutting up more steak.  And eating more pieces of steak...

Holly is putting food on the table.

Cliff feels he could walk around with Orwell on his head and walk out the door and as long as he throws Michie a steak, Michie would never notice!  

Social Experiment #3 - Cliff puts on Nicole’s tutu and carries Orwell to test how much it would take to distract Michie from seeing Orwell.  As long as there is food around, Michie won’t notice Orwell.  He eats more steak (no one else has eaten any pieces of steak and are waiting for dinner.)

Holly puts on the tutu and does a dance.  Michie is cutting up some cilantro and is SO glad they finally got some.  He’s putting the steak in the oven under the broiler to dry out the steak a little bit.

11:36. Nicole hums to herself as she makes a salad.  Then does a little dance wearing her tutu.


They all fix their plates for their Taco Tuesday meal.  Cliff and Nicole are eating at the table.  Nicole continues to sing a few lines.


They like their ‘teeny tiny table’ and Nicole says a few words about being happy being in the game with each of them “Here’s to the family”.


Everyone is sitting down eating.  Nicole asks if everyone wants to share what happened to them today? Sharing with the family...

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11:50 p.m. BBT Tuesday
 Michie says 168 hours in a week - we wake up tomorrow and give it about 12 hours (180 hours).  They discuss if they would do this again if it lasted 6 months.  Nicole says she would do it.  Holly says she doesn’t know and MIchie feels the same.  Holly says she gets claustrophobia so doesn’t think she would do it for six months. Even if for a million dollars.


Nicole sings a little and then hums - BB tells her she’s ‘not allowed to sing...hum’.  She apologizes.


MICHIE says he loves Bella but he wouldn’t be surprised if she would up and quit.  They discuss all the HG they will see on finale night.  Michie says everyone will shake their hand and interview them and they won’t know their names or who the people are but they will know the HG names.


The HG feel they have been lab rats.  They discuss the audience on eviction night and being excited when the door opens.  They all loved Taco Tuesday and thanked Holly for the food.


Nicole is just wanting it all to be done so she can look back in hindsight —- They continue to discuss the stress in the house, worrying about comps, and boredom.  Nicole talks about who they wouldn’t want to have been with in the final 4 in the house during these last days - but tells them to not answer out loud.  They each think they know who each one would pick for the three they wouldn't’ want to be in the F4 with in the house.  


12:15 pm BBT

They are discussing HG no longer in the house and questions they wished they had asked them.  They think the finale will go quickly but they hope they will be interviewed and it isn’t just the finale and they go home.


Cliff is concerned about not getting at least one vote when he is evicted to the Jury House.

Holly talks about all of them in the F4 love and respect the game and love and respect each other.  [I’m not so sure about the last part - Nana]


They wonder what phrases they will be remembered for saying while in the house.  They go over the pictures on the memory wall and talk about the personalities and things each one said.  Holly and NIcole tell Michie he has two extreme sides.


12;35 a.m BBT
Michie and Nicole begin a chess game upstairs.

Cliff is back in the Have Not room talking to the cameras again about Orwell.  He plans on keeping Orwell close to him until he leaves the house and will find a way to take Orwell with him.  He says the down time is getting to him.  Cliff says he will continue tomorrow figuring out how to get Orwell out of the house.

Cliff says he might be the one at risk for tomorrow unless Michie kills him first if he starts talking about votes with Michie.  “You fight to the end, do everything possible and until the end the two of us are sticking together (Orwell)”.  Cliff doesn’t know where he will be sleeping tonight but Orwell will be with him, a poor substitute for his wife Sharon, but they will still be together in the house.   Cliff seems resigned he is leaving.

Cliff is still thinking he might stay but if he doesn’t he knows it will be Michie not keeping him.  He speaks about playing the game but people should be playing with integrity.  Cliff goes to watch them play chess.


12:45 a.m. BBT
Holly has now joined them as Michie and Nicole plays chess.

Nicole will sleep in the HOH room tonight and Cliff will go back downstairs.  (No offers for Holly and MIchie to have the HOH room) — 
Holly says goodnight and Michie tells her to not forget her allergy medicine so she can breathe.

{Goodnight all - maybe someone else can take over but not much game talk since they have been all together most of the evening.  Nana}


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7:30PM - 9:00PM BBT TUES  Cliff talking to the cameras about his travels and things back home. Holly complaining that she doesn't sleep in the house (after Jackson said he was going to go wake her) but she was out on the sofa earlier. Nicole gets tea. Jackson plays solitare while Holly watches.


9:00PM - 9:30 PM BBT TUESNicole and Cliff chat. Nicole says she is disgusted being the third person with a showmance left. Cliff tells her it's just a game.General chatting and joking around about food and gross words with Nicole, Jackson and Holly.


9:30 PM - 10:00 PM BBT TUES Holly preparing dinner. Jackson and Nicole go to feed the fish. Jackson marvels at how bit the Michie fish is. Nicole reminds him to wash his hands after he feeds the fish. Holly yells at Jackson to come down and cook the steaks.


#BB21 10:00 PM - 10:30 PM BBT TUES More chatter. Cliff talks about his family exploring caves. Cliff mentions his 30th wedding anniversary is coming up. Nicole mentions when she gets married, she would like to get married near the end of December.Cliff attempts to sneak Orwell past Jackson and Holly while they eat. No one notices. Cliff jokes that he can walk Orwell out on eviction night as long as Jackson has a steak in front of him.Jackson calls Holly "mom" when she says everything is ready for dinner.

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