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Monday, September 16, 2019 Big Brother 21 Live Feed Updates

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To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB21-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)
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Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Target Bedroom (TBR)
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Boat Room Lounge (BRL)
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11:43AM BBT Cliff is alone in the backyard talking to the cameras.  He tells Sharon he needs to see her a soon as possible.  He says the first thing he wants to do is just be with her.  He says if she can't afford to get a plane ticket and somehow come to the show, then it's ok because he's always trusted her judgement.  He thinks surely if she comes out, they won't just make her have to sit in her own hotel room without being able to be at finale.

Cliff says he's tried so hard to remember every detail of all the house guests' picture in case he needed to know for a competition but easily remembers every detail of his wife's face.  He says he's tired of the personalities in the house. He says Nicole is a great young woman.  he says holly is great and nice.  he says he doesn't have anything bad to say about anyone left in the house besides he's opinionated, abrasive and can talk very condescending to people and is self-centered but he's also 24 years old, just got out of college but he's a nice guy and has a good character.  He just has a little growing up and some wisdom to gain.

11:48AM BBT Cliff says Jackson's hinted that he's worried about-

we get fish.

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1:00AM-1:30AM BBT MON Holly and Jackson are asleep in their BR. Cliff is asleep in the HOH BR. Nicole comes out of the DR. Jackson gets up and heads to the KT. Nicole heads to the HOH BR to talk to Cliff.


1:30AM - 2:30 AM BBT MON  Nicole and Cliff talk about Jackson going back on his work. Cliff said he should have told them before the Veto. Nicole says she is going to try and get Jackson to keep Cliff.She wants to suggest to Jackson that the jury will not vote for him next to Holly and that Holly going to jury is a vote for him. Nicole says she has nothing left to lose now if she says anything to Jackson.  Their new plan is guilt.They say good night and Nicole heads downstairs and gets ready for bed. Lights out for everyone.

10:37AM BBT MON Nicole sitting in bed practicing what she wants to say to Jackson. She wants to talk to him about his word saying he wanted to go against people who played hard. Cliff played hard for them in the Veto to keep his word even injuring his knees.


11:00AM BBT MON All HG quietly dozing.


11:25AM BBT MON Cliff gets a bowl of cereal and heads to the BY. He says this may be his last morning in the BB BY because he made a mistake. He says to SKD he is sorry that they won't make it to the finale because of his mistake. Cliff says they anticipated more memory comps and that was probably his downfall.


12:30PM BBT MON Nicole moving around the house. Cliff back up in the HOH. Holly and Jackson are still sleeping.


12:41PM BBT MON Cliff and Nicole announce that BB said the Veto meeting will not be today.


1:15PM BBT Nicole is moving around the house. Jackson and Holly still asleep.



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1:38PM BBT MON Nicole takes her cereal outside to the BY. She does a shout out to her family. She says that she is ok but getting tired. She says that no matter what happens she is going to be ok. Even if that means she won't be 1st or 2nd.


1:43PM BBT MON Cliff comes out to talk to Nicole. He says that he is okay with going but would like to stay. He says he feels bad for his family missing out most of all.


1:52PM BBT MON Cliff and Nicole talk about the jury house. Nicole says it's going to be awkward with her and Jackson/Holly in the house until the end.


1:56PM BBT MON Cliff and Nicole talk about the memories in the house. Cliff says he has to look at it as the experience it has been. As much as the money would have been nice, he has his family back home and they are his perfect world.





1:59PM BBT MON Nicole tells Cliff that Holly is guaranteed the F2. She says if she walks out then Jackson won it and if Jackson walks out, she won it. She still hopes Jackson will change his mind. Cliff says he doubts it. Cliff says the only thing that Jackson may be concerned with is votes.


2:07PM BBT MON Nicole tells Cliff if he wants to make one more deal with Jackson and offer him guaranteed F2, she would understand. Cliff says he will talk to him but not for the F2. Says he will talk to him about Jackson but about his saying that he wanted to be against people who played hard. Cliff says it's difficult to say anything to Jackson when his other person is his girlfriend.


2:15PM BBT MON Jackson comes to Holly in the bed. Holly whining that she has been awake all night and can not fall asleep. She has been up since they went to bed last night. She says her heart is pounding. She is upset. Jackson says they will talk to BB and see if there is anything they can do.


2:18PM BBT MON Holly complaining about the hard bed and how much it hurts her spine and affects her scoliosis. Jackson says the HOH bed is so much more comfortable. They get out of bed.Holly says that the KT is so clean. Jackson says a dirty KT is his pet peeve.

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2:45 PM BBT

Nicole and Cliff are enjoying the backyard couches, just chatting about past seasons and contestants. A flying insect (dragonfly, perhaps) goes over Nicole's head and she begins to get freaked out.

Nicole- oh no

Cliff- it flew behind the couch

Nicole- I don't like the buzzing

It starts flying right over her head

Nicole- why is it circling me...Cliff, if it lands on me...

Cliff- it's flying away....it's way over there

Nicole- nope, it's coming back



2:55 PM BBT

Michie is lounging on the hammock


3:00 PM BBT

Nicole  goes upstairs to get a soda. When she opens her HOH fridge she discovers a soda froze and blew up making a huge mess.

Nicole- Big Brother, we have had an explosion. I don't know what happened. Oh my god. Oh shizzit to bedizzit. Oh...the soda froze and exploded. I am such a hazard to this house. I didn't know frozen soda would explode but it makes sense. I promise I will clean it up later.

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4:09 PM BBT

Holly is hanging out on the couch outside

Nicole and Michie are talking about how this is the last time they will see this backyard because they will be locked in tomorrow until the finale

Michie to Nicole- If I am lucky enough to have kids. WIll you teach them?

Nicole- Aw.....a bunch of little Michie's. 

Nicole says she refuses to be bitter and unhappy with anyone in this game

*Nicole gets called to the DR downstairs

Nicole- okay.....bye bye





4:12 PM BBT

Holly and Michie are now talking smack about Nicole   [these two bring out the worst in each other  -MamaLong]

Holly-it's just *big sigh

Michie- it didn't have to be like this

Holly-well, I think I'll just keep it the rest of the time (mocking Nicole)

Michie- I know, I saw that look on your face

Holly- that sort of arrogance and selfishness ...complete entitlement. It makes me not feel bad about it at all.

Michie- If that was me I couldn't even be happy about that win

Holly- me  neither

Michie- knowing that someone who could have won it just blatantly threw it

Holly- BLATANTLY...handed it on a silver platter...and she's prancing around in that robe with her two letters and saying she's going to keep the robe from now until the end of the show and have it for two HoH terms. That sense of entitlement...I don't know. It's just very different from how I was raised so I'm trying really hard

Michie- everything comes full circle

Holly- I know, I'm trying really hard to put myself in...you know, my Daddy would whoop me if I acted like that. If I had that attitude I would get a reality check from my folks...real quick


[Sorry, but these two make me sick. They are a perfect example of being two-faced. It's shameful behavior  -MamaLong]



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4:41 PM BBT

Nicole and Cliff are now chatting on the hammock. (not talking negatively about anyone...just showing appreciation for this experience)

Cliff tells Nicole that he used his bible to help him remember comps and winners (details from the game). He folded certain pages over in a way to indicate the letter of that person


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5:43 PM BBT

Michie and Holly are sleeping in the Campsite Area


5:45 PM BBT

Nicole and Cliff are still chatting on the hammock. Their conversation includes people recognizing them when out in public (they have no idea how much they are loved by the BB fans) and Nicole's concerns over finale night and seeing her parents in the audience and how that will work (she knows it will be hard for her to not run off stage for them). Nicole tells Cliff that she was hoping it would be them  in the final 2. Cliff said they tried, but neither of them thought Michie and Holly would make it as long as they did. They discuss all of the HGs during the season...all good things. Cliff mentions that he sat with Michie during every single one of his punishments (alien autopsies) and supported him when others in the house weren't there for him. Nicole tells him he should bring that up, but Cliff said it is obvious now r decision was made up prior to that veto competition. [It's obvious that Cliff is disappointed in Michie because he has turned out to be different than he originally thought -MamaLong]



Cliff tells Nicole that he will honest...he is selfish and wants to be liked by the fans. 

Cliff says that he wants to say to Michie on finale nights that we each make decisions about how we play the game...I still love you man and still respect you even if you lie and cheat, break your word, or not." He says he would ask Holly, "If you had won that veto comp (the one she threw for Nicole) would you have taken me or sent Michie home?" Nicole says that it is interesting that if the roles were reversed, Michie/Holly would expect Nicole and Cliff to honor their deal completely [this would make for an ideal jury question  -MamaLong]


6:02 PM BBT

Nicole- call me old fashioned, but I would like to have all of the episodes taped on dvd discs because if you keep it on dvr...you, know...I would just really like them all recorded on discs. 

Cliff- me too

Nicole- That would be a great gift.

Nicole tells Cliff she had pictures of Paul, Victor and Frank in her house. "Three years ago I printed out those pictures and they are still on my refrigerator."

Nicole- I love Frank

She also says in high school she had to write a 6 word sentence for an assignment. "I wrote: Great show, Frank evicted, I'm mad."

Nicole- (regarding cast members) Michie is the first Michie. Holly is the first Holly. You are the first Cliff. Darn it! I have to start going by something else.

Cliff- I'm gonna tell Kelly and Daniel to try out next year

Nicole- oh my sisters. Oh my God

They begin discussing a duo season and how that would be cool.

Nicole- I could see my dad saying some things and ending up like an Evel Dick

Cliff- your dad could go on and my daughter could go on

Nicole- that would be funny

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6:17 PM BBT

Cliff- even if he wins, and I'm upset about it a little bit in here, I'd be okay with it. I don't want to be a bitter juror

6:20 PM BBT

Nicole encourages Cliff to make Michie aware in his campaign that he would take him to F2 and that Holly would be a definite vote for him in jury  [maybe the only vote for him  -MamaLong]

6:30 PM BBT

Cliff tells Nicole he is going inside to make something to eat

Cliff- maybe some mac and cheese

Nicole- I have those Totino's (pizza rolls)

Cliff- Oh, let's do that....well, they are yours, so only if you want to (she got them in her HOH basket)

Nicole- yeah, I'll tell Michie and Holly, too. We can make regular pizza, too  (she wants to share and doesn't want to be selfish)


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6:45 PM BBT

Cliff found a deck of cards in the SR and went up to the HOH 

Cliff- Nicole, do you want to see a trick

He does the trick with Nicole then Nicole realizes that they got cards

Cliff decides to go down and do the same thing to Michie

He tries it with Miche and Michie notices the cards right away, when it took Nicole some time to figure it out (Cliff was well into the card trick before she noticed)

Nicole- I'm an idiot....side by side comparison and it took me so long to notice

Michie says he requested cards, Monopoly, Scrabble and Dominoes

The HGs thank Big Brother for the cards


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#BB21 MON 3:05PM BBT - Nicole goes up stair to get her and Cliff a soda she open the fridge in the HOH room and see red everywhere one of her Mtn Dew code red exploded. She then apologizes to big brother an says she will clean it up later. She also said she is a hazard. She then goes and blows her nose. Cliff grabs the 2 sodas and heads back outside and shares a story about stores from where he is from and sodas they have in the stores.

#BB21 MON 3:11PM BBT - Jackson is out on the Hammock with his eyes closed from after being in the pool . Cliff and Nicole are talking on the Backyard patio talking about a Syfy book he has read. Nicole is talking about Of mice and men. Just general chit going on no game chat.
3 hrs · 

#BB21 MON 3:20PM BBT - Holly comes out from the house and joins michie on the hammock. He tells Holly "hey you" and gives her a kiss. The cameras then go back to Cliff and Nicole talking about books. Nicole says that she may be biased, but she think English is the best subject in school. Cliff said he never took a English class, but took a Technical writing class.

#BB21 MON 3:30PM BBT - Holly helps Jackson with his speech and what he should say. Jackson speech is at this point in this game i love everybody in the game and this is a hard decision. I've been clean fair to get us to the final four. From where im from and raised your word is a bond. His word in unbreakable to those that are loyal to him and his loyalty is unwavering to them. However the moment i see that the loyalty is not reciprocated, i will retract mine as well. He will not bend over backwards for those who will not do the same for him. And as much as this is a hard decision to make he want to be able to look them in the eyes and shake their hands. Cliff i solely vote to evict you. He then ask Holly what she thinks of it she said she like it.

#BB21 MON 3:34PM BBT - Jackson then asks what is holly going to say at the veto meeting. Jackson said she should say Jackson i care for etc, Holly then tell him that not what she is going to say. Jackson then ask what are you going to say she recites her speech to him. Jackson says he likes it he really like it and that it was better then what he though it would be. She wants to reiterate that she had a deal and she kept her end of the deal. Jackson then says that he is going to say the specifics. Holly said that this is not the underdog story. she said that Nicole plays as the victim she got power and turned into a big bully and restates it not the underdog story that not how it works. 

#BB21 MON 4:01PM BBT - Nicole tells herself that she shouldn't beat on herself and Cliff agrees she should and they share with each other why they chose to get rid of Tommy. Cliff said they got rid of Tommy because he was good with faces and good with memory. They also mention the relationship he has with Christie and the possible vote he would have had inside the jury house and they didn't want to take that chance. Nicole agrees.

#BB21 MON 4:05PM BBT - Nicole gets up and said she is going to check on the laundry. She then goes over to where over Jackson and Holly are and chats with them about her exploding soda. She tells them its a murder scene up there now. They then ask her how she is and she tells them she is alright and she asked how they are and they say the same. They then talk about the music they played this am for wake up she cant remember the first one but she loved it, the second one is where is the love by the black eyed peas and then wrecking ball by miliey Cyru


#BB21 MON 7:02PM BBT - Michie tells Holly to go watch his food while he lowers the visors outside he said he feels weird. Nicole is up in the HOH room cleaning up the exploded soda mess from earlier. Holly then comes back out and Michie tells her thank you.

#BB21 MON 7:08PM BBT- Holly goes in and get her pizza rolls and pizza and soda. They are all gathered at the patio area eating dinner. Holly starts talking Angela and Tyler and how they both connections being from the same place. They then talk about Bella and Kemi and try to figure out how old they are.

#BB21 MON 7:16PM BBT- Michie talks about college and the times of his classes and then we get WBRB screen.

#BB21 MON 7:21PM BBT - The feeds come back on and Michie asks can it be day since it 9 clock. Nicole said they told no veto today she was shocked and she said she though she knew being a huge fan she is. Michie is talking about the comp they had. Michie said dang it sis and get wbrb but it comes back on more talk about the comp.

#BB21 MON 7:30PM BBT - Michie says that he wishes he would have watched more seasons instead of doing stuff while doing other stuff. Nicole said yea Michie then said he could have been watching their strategy their personality etc. A plane fly's over and he says every time one fly's over all he can think about is meeting his mom at the airport he see it he can smell it he can taste it.


#BB21 MON 7:40PM BBT - Nicole said if she could compare herself to an animal she said she would be a Guinea Pig because they squeak and she squeals a lot. She then asks what the different between a ferret and a meerkat. Holly tells her the difference. Cliff then brings up a show that was done. They cant remember the name ( it called meerkat mannor). Nicole said aw. Cliff then talks about pets he had growing up. Nicole then talk about her pets she had Hermit crabs an something else. She then explain how they are weird especially when they molt because they could eat other because when they change shells their body is soft.

#BB21 MON 7:47PM BBT - Holly then talks about pets she has had she had a pet lizzard and said her dad wanted it and how he would burry himself and they would have to dig him up. Nicole then talks about how right before coming on the show her dad and her went to the pet store and there was a walaby just sitting behind the counter.

#BB21 MON 7:50PM BBT - Nicole then mentions what this week episodes are going to be. Jackson helps her out with figureing out what days are going to show what. Nicole agrees with him and says yeah your right. Jackson then talks about motions of each day. Jackson then sai he remember walking in the game and not sure to talk stratagy or just normal. Nicole agrees and said yeah then Julie comes on and said it time to vote for Camp director. Niole then said oh shot. We get WBRB but comes back to feeds.

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#BB21 MON 8:00PM BBT - Jackson then talk about the comp where they had strip their clothes and hold onto the buttons and get out. He says jack though he had that comp down. They are talking Jack and how he probably flipping out since there no cigs beer or alcohol. They then mention that Kemi made bacon and didn't clean the pan and jack flipped out over it.

#BB21 MON 8:05PM BBT- Nicole then says she remember the first song. It some some song from Abba. Nicole then says her chair is uncomfortable. she then reads the label of her soda can and says cool sit it down Cliff said he wishes the hot tub was actually hot. Nicole then says it isn't and Cliff tells her no it cold.

#BB21 MON 8:13PM BBT - Jackson and Holly leave and Nicole join cliff on the bench. Cliff said 62 days ago they were sitting on the bench. Nicole said Jackson got mad when cliff kept getting up. Nicole said she kept bringing up days and Cliff said he was laughing on the inside. Nicole said she wishes they would talk to each jury member and ask a question. she said ask each pre jury member as well along with the winner and runner up. Cliff and Nicole both agree the Finale needs to be longer. Nicole said she watches the backyard interviews too.

#BB21 MON 8:20PM BBT - Cliff said he is waiting on the moon but it maybe too early. Nicole said she want to stay outside till 4:30 in the mourning. Nicole then bring up jack and how he made the rule of not being able to talk to the camp come backers. She said she was pissed and said screw it im a play my on game and Cliff agrees. Cliff said nobody is gonna object at the table.

#BB21 MON 8:25PM BBT - Nicole and talking about cliff campaign and what he is going to say to try and sway Jackson mind. They then talk about how holly has kept her end of the deal and how Michie hasn't and switched on them. Jackson then asks them what are they doing and they tell him they are waiting on the moon. Jackson then tell him he will be out and minute. the two of them then talk about their wins and how they got there. They both say it been pretty incredible and hop something fun happens.

#BB21 MON 8:32PM BBT - Nicole then talks about Michie and how he worried about how he looks because he wear a ring. She said he is worried about how he is persived he wants to be liked and loved by all. Holly then comes out and said hi to Cliff and Nicole she said that Jackson is not in the shower Jackson was called into DR right as he was going to go in. Nicole then offers Cliff for him to stay in her room tonight and Cliff said yeah il do one more night.



(im out for the Night its 11:30 at night EST) - melmel

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9 pm BBT - Cliff is in the hammock having this talk with Sharon and is upset that he won’t get to see his family enjoy the BB experience on the finale.   He’s hoping they will be allowed to be somewhere close by on Finale.

Cliff speculates he could possibly still win {I think he must be dreaming— Nana}.  

Cliff is still out in the backyard by himself talking to his wife Sharon through the camera.  He thinks BB is a like a prison except he has a key and can walk out - but he won’t.  He’s teary eyed and is wondering where the others are - so he’s going to check ‘and will be back’.

9:12 pm - Cliff walks into the house  - 

9:18 pm.  Cliff is back in the hammock. He thinks Michie is upstairs and might be in the upstairs DR.  He’s not sure where Nicole and Holly are at right now.

Cliff continues his dialogue on the house and all the stress on those in the BB house.  He hadn’t thought the emotional stress would get to him as he is analytical.  

Jackson comes out of the house and walks over to the hammock to talk with Cliff.  They are talking about being happy about getting cards and doing tie dye tomorrow.  They aren’t looking forward to the BY being closed.  The ‘only get the BY two days a week’.  Cliff is hoping BB will give them free full access from this point on.  They discuss going back and watching other seasons as well as their season.  They talk about how to watch previous episodes and seasons and how much it would cost.


Cliff wishes he had watched more of BB before he came into the house.  He was installing a new kitchen floor in his house.  Jackson says his mom told him he should be watching previous seasons of BB before he came into the house but he didn’t do it.  They discuss how difficult it is to install flooring.


9:23 pm - Jackson discusses watching them put in the granite counter tops in his home.

(Cuts to feeds outside the RV with Holly talking to the camera)
9:24 p.m.  Holly is embarrassed at the mess outside of the RV.  She’s showing the camera a poster she made with names of her friends on it she misses.

(Cuts back to BY with Cliff/Jackson)
9:25 pm. Still talking about redoing houses.  Jackson talks about his mom doing all of the home renovations.  Jackson likes a clean kitchen and talks about how the messy kitchen got to him yesterday.  

They both talk about how they’ve been the house for 3 months and they think things at home will look the same as when they left.




9:31 pm. Cliff and Jackson are still out in the BY - Cliff is in the hammock and Jackson is sitting next to the hammock, eating a cookie.


Jackson - “I was about to send my law school applications out and then had a ‘major life event’ that forced me to  have to take a year off. If I had sent them out I would be in law school and I wouldn’t be here.

Cliff -  “My dad was so sick and passed away in January.  If he was still sick, I wouldn’t have applied as it was pretty much life and death every day”.

Jackson - “I had someone in my life who was doing everything possible (for selfish reason) to NOT have me be on BB


(cameras cut to the house)

Holly is walking around the house.  She gets a class of water and goes outside to the BY.


Cliff is talking about being in the house and the ‘real world’ intruding at times and you realize people are watching.


They think Nicole is still in the DR - they aren’t sure.  

(Camera is on the Fish in the Tank)

9:38 pm. Cliff, Jackson and Holly are trying to guess when the nominations will be this week.  “Tomorrow is Day 91” (Jackson)

They discuss the jury and how anxious Jack, especially, must be and how the others must also be anxious.  Cliff says if he goes to the jury house he will only be there 6 days and jurors will want to know the scoop of all that went on in the house.

Cliff mentions that “Tommy will have some tales to tell” (Nicole chimes in ‘for sure...).
{I think Cliff is trying to hint that the jury will hear the real story about Jackson and his lies from Tommy and also from himself when he gets to jury - just my thoughts Nana}

Cliff is wondering if Tommy took Orwell to the Jury House - no one can find Orwell.



9:45 pm.  Jackson, Holly and Cliff are discussing past seasons of BB and also wondered how BB Celebrity did this year.  They are wondering if those participating in the Celebrity BB kept the money or donated it to charity.  {If I remember right they donated it - but could be wrong}

Cliff thinks they might have a comp next year with a watermelon theme and have Jackson come back to host it.  Jackson thinks this would be a great idea!  Cliff is called to the DR.

Holly and Jackson move to the hammock.  Jackson wants to make Holly lie next to him on the hammock instead of where she wanted to be - on the opposite side.  Jackson mentions this way, they can both watch the door...


Jackson  - “Wherever I move in California I will have a shower with a bench in it so he can rest his foot.  Holly says wherever he moves in California she thinks she will have to come and visit.


(Camera on Nicole in the HOH bed)

9:51. Nicole lying in bed listening to music.

Back to Jackson and Holly talking in the BY about dates of Jackson being with Kat and when he ended things with Kat  (either July 14 or 16).  Holly talks about being transparent with Kat about cuddling and flirting with Jackson.  Holly says Kat said it didn’t bother her at all and to ‘go for it.  Holly  ‘got her blessing’ even before...Jackson had told her she should come cuddle with him in the bed.

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10:00 pm. Nicole is still listening to music in bed in the HOH room.

Jackson and Holly are still in the BY hammock.  Holly thinks BB is like a summer camp with a big dream that isn’t tangible but they are here with a mission and ‘it’s very very tangible’.  Jackson is worried all his eavesdropping will be ‘a thing’ and how many conversations he eavesdropped on in the house.

Holly wonders what pitch Cliff will use to them.  Jackson thinks he will ask Jackson to take Nicole to F2 but he would never turn his back on Holly.  They don’t think Nicole would take Jackson but Holly thinks Nicole might want Jackson instead of Holly.  Holly thinks Nicole is harboring ‘some serious resentment against Holly since Tommy went to jury.

They go over AGAIN how it wasn’t their fault and Nicole ‘went back on her word’ and is afraid of regretting it.  Holly feels Tommy would have taken Nicole to the F2.  Jackson wonders how they convinced Cliff and Nicole to keep him in the BB house.  They feel the smart move would have been to evict Holly and she wonders how they ever got them to keep her.  {And on it goes for several minutes about how great they were to make it all happen — sigh.  Nana}

Jackson makes the point he could either wait for them to break the deal or he could be pro-active.  They didn’t believe Cliff and Nicole would have kept Holly - justifying why he broke the F4 deal.  Holly says Nicole is so cold now towards her so had to keep pitching to her she would keep the final 4 deal with Nicole and Cliff but Nicole’s mind ‘is programmed differently...’


10:15 pm

Cliff is still in the DR.  Nicole is in the HOH bedroom listening to music.  Holly and Jackson are in the hammock in the BY.


Holly is telling Jackson what a big heart he has.  She can’t wait until Jackson meets her dog named “Jackson Blue”.  Holly says her dog is like Jackson/Michie but in a dog form.  A psycho puppy/dog.

{I’m out for the night - Nana}

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