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Sunday, September 15, 2019 Big Brother 21 Live Feed Updates

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12:00 AM - 1:00 AM BBT SUN Cliff and Nicole general chat about the Veto. Cliff is sore from the comp. Jackson is out of the DR and Holly has been called. Jackson and Holly in the HOH and whisper how he won this for her and how neither of them will be in the jury house. In the KT, Cliff talks about that he got cut in the Veto and they had to delay Holly's start to clean up the area. Jackson cutting up a pineapple and a watermelon, decides both are bad and tosses them and get a new one.


1:00 AM - 2:00 AM BBT SUN Nicole and Cliff joke about F2 speeches and arguments.The BY has opened. Cliff, Nicole and Jackson go outside. Nicole is concerned about Cliff's health during the veto comp. Jackson talks about family videos. Says too late now for them. He says he would give up his for the others to see their families. They talk about allowances. Cliff says he never got one but did get paid something for doing some things around the house. Jackson talks about his friends getting $200-$250 a week. Nicole says that is crazy.  Nicole and Cliff go inside and Holly comes out to the hammock. They talk about them both going to the finale.


2:00AM - 3:00 AM BBT SUN Holly and Jackson cuddle on the hammock. Jackson wonders if Nicole and Cliff know what's coming.Cliff does some shout outs from the target room. In the BY, Jackson wonders what people thnk of them. They talk about Cliff not being his usual self. Holly says Cliff is exhausted and making sloppy deals.Holly says the power Nicole and Cliff got went straight to their heads. Holly and Jackson kissing and doing romantic talk.They head inside and eventually up to  the HOH.


3:00AM - 4:00 AM BBT SUN Nicole talking out loud. Says she will feel guilty if Jackson doesn't keep his word and send Cliff home on Thursday. Eventually the HG go off to sleep.



10:02AM BBT SUN Wake up time. Nicole decides to sit in the hammock before she eats.


10:20 AM BBT SUN Nicole eating outside. A crow flies over. She takes it as an omen and goes inside.


11:00AM BBT All HG snuggled in bed and resting/napping.


11:30AM BBT All HG still in bed. Lights are on.


11:58AM BBT All HG still in bed. Nicole moving about a bit but still under the covers.





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12:08PM BBT SUN Jackson an Holly talking. Jackson is getting out of the shower. Talking about all the people he is going to help and do good with the money. Holly tells him he better not blow it in Vegas. Holly asks Jackson if he got to keep his HOH letter. He says no. Holly says it's so unfair that Nicole got to keep hers. Holly says production has been handing Nicole lots of stuff recently. Holly says she can't stand Nicole's lack of gratitude.


12:16PM BBT Jackson and Holly wake up Cliff to find out where Nicole is. They then head to the RV and wake up Nicole and ask her if she wants to go outside.


12:21PM BBT SUN Cliff gets up and takes the band aides off of his knees. They are pretty cut up. He shouts out to his family. He says he won't give up. He heads out to join the others.


12:26PM BBT SUN All 4 HG general chatting. No game talk.

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1:54 PM BBT

Michie is ranting about Cliff to Nicole in the HOHR....he injects some jabs on how "they" went back on their deal and how "the way things have gone..is very dirty."

Holly and Cliff are chatting in the backyard.

Michie- the deals he is making are not Cliff. They are sloppy. They are messy, and they are dirty.



Michie is trying to break the news that he will vote Cliff out on Thursday.

Michie- this is not a conniving plan we have had; Holly and I were committed to you two. I respect you too much as a person to not let you know. I don't want you to be blindsided. I want to tell Cliff but not today because of his health. For me, the minute that deal (with Tommy) was even considered, our deal was broken

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Michie- he is unfortunately is going to be taking a bullet for Nicole. I'm sorry Cliff.

Holly- And it could have gone very differently

Michie- and I truly never thought about going against them. On a game level she knows she has a better chance of winning (against Holly)

Holly- gee, thanks

Michie- you said it, not me

Holly- oh man....why did they have to do that (consider Tommy's deal)? It could have been so simple.

Michie- but it made it easier


Holly- are you going to tell Cliff before he leaves that it was a lie

Michie- absolutely not

Holly- he's going to find out

Michie- that's fine

2:27 PM BBT

Michie and Holly decide to dump all the food on the fridge because the ants have invaded.

Michie- okay, everything goes

Holly- yep

Michie makes a huge mess in the process as food crashes to the floor instead of into the huge trash can they brought from the SR

Nicole- careful....why do you do the things you do?

Michie then uses an entire can of ant spray in the kitchen

Holly- Jackson! We have to live here!

Michie- yeah, we do. And we have to live here. I'm sorry!

Holly- Ugh (choking on fumes)

Michie- It is necessary

Holly- Ugh....Okay



Cliff has been in the upstairs DR (still there)

Nicole was called to the downstairs DR right after Michie delivered the news. She was clearly upset but congratulated them on their play. She told them she is not angry with them, just with herself (this will be her biggest regret this season, whether she wins this game, or not)


3:05 PM BBT

Michie went through the fridge and dumped a lot of food. He also went through the SR and threw out a lot of spoiled produce. 

[It is difficult for me to watch so much waste in that house. The HGs should have meal planned better to make the most of their surplus. It truly makes me cringe  -MamaLong]


3:11 PM BBT

Nicole is now on the hammock in the backyard, alone. She has tissue in her hand and is just swinging herself on the hammock with her foot.


Nicole- Oh America. I had it all mapped out in my head, and I still went against it. Why would I do that? I am so stupid.

Michie comes out to join her, "Do you mind if I join?"

Nicole- nope

Michie- are you alright?

Nicole- yep

Michie- do you want to talk about

Nicole- nope. There is nothing to talk about. It is a  game. I wouldn't expect anything different. I didn't expect anything different. 11 days.

Michie- you know this isn't anything personal

Nicole- I know that I am stupid

Michie- but what was stupid though

Nicole- a lot of things



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Michie- if you think not keeping Tommy was stupid....I mean that was our plan....to get to final 4.

Nicole- I'm not bothered on a game level...I mean you can't squeeze 4 people on two chairs...

Michie- Keep in mind that you have a 33% chance, just like Holly and I to win that HoH

Nicole- I know that

Michie- and that's my unbiased opinion. I don't know if you want to hear it.

Nicole- Nope    (but he continues)

if you keep your expectations low you can't be disappointed

Michie- that's the wrong mentality Nicole

Michie repeats all of his speech delivered to Nicole on Thursday night  "change your mindset"

Nicole turns away from Michie, "NOPE"

Michie- Nicole, turn your ass around and talk to me...you are my big little sister...don't do this

Nicole- no

Michie- well, I  will just sit here and wait until you are ready

Nicole- well, you'll be sitting a long time




The final 4 are all in the backyard....just talking about random things. Nicole remains pretty quiet, though.

[I'm sure she wants to tell Cliff that Michie will not be honoring his word and talking him to final 3. I expect she will tell him tonight. -MamaLong]


Cliff goes inside

Michie- Nicole, I really hope this doesn't change anything between us

Nicole- nope...it's just awkward and I don't do well with awkward

Michie- I hope you know why I couldn't keep it in. I needed to tell you.

Nicole- It's just awkward and I kind of wish it was happening tomorrow

Michie- I owe it to him to tell him, but I want him to enjoy his last days...I don't know if it's better to tell him sooner than later. That's why I am going to tell him tomorrow at the veto meeting

Nicole- I just...could you tell him before and then also during the veto meeting. I'm just afraid he is going to react and....well, it will be good for tv

Michie- that's not what I'm doing...I respect y'all too much for that

Nicole- but there's no reason for reasons

Michie- I want America to know why I am breaking my word....I want people to understand the reasons why

Nicole- and you reasons are going to make me and Cliff look like horrible people....a dramatic speech. I'm proud of you

Michie- this isn't about making people look bad, but it's also my word and I am the one having to break it. I want people to understand it's not just me being a snake...being dirty. That's why I am going to give reasons

Nicole laughs (she is clearly upset about this)

Michie- but y'all were the one that was going to potentially break it

Nicole- but we didn't, though....don't talk about the splitting hairs again....Nicole is not stupid

Michie- for me to do this on national television....going against my word...it's something I need to explain...I just need to give the reasons why...it's not an elaborate plan. I know you don't need an explanation, but Cliff will. That's how we work. We are from the south and we need to explain

Nicole- So I started the season with a shitty veto speech and I'm ending on one.....good book ends for Nicole

Michie- Nicole, don't do that

Nicole- it's okay...if I come out of this the worst one of the four of us, the one that fucked it up for the four of us....then it is what it is. I can take it on the  chin and sleep well in my bed and I am finally with four people that will not question me ever. I'm almost there an that's all that matters to me



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3:47 PM BBT

Michie- the thought of going against my word when I tell someone I am going to do something  is incredibly painful for me to do, and I don't want these game decision to have an impact on life outside of this ...there is life outside this game

Nicole- I know but you are kind of putting yourself in that spot...if you felt that way, you shouldn't have given your word

Michie- I could say the same thing for after the veto....that's right but we wouldn't have had to if y'all had kept your word. We had one deal and we were sticking to it

Nicole- and you two are the martyrs of the season

Michie- no

Nicole-you are tremendous;

Michie- NOPE

Nicole- I hope they raise balloons in your honor and have festivus for you and everybody cheers your name in the streets because Nicole is the horrible person and I hope that they  throw tomatoes at me when I go on stage

Michie gets up and walks away

Holly- you know that is not what this is about. I'm going to give you some time to think about it

Nicole- I applaud you both. I really do


Nicole- Big Brother, I understand it's a game. It's shoot or get shot

I know if they had the opportunity first they would have taken it, I'm not a fucking idiot. And I applaud them. If either of them win this game, I respect it because I love them both way too much. The person I gave my word to was me, and the only person I meant my word to was Cliff.

And aside from that, we had an opportunity to take a shot prior to four and I'll admit I wanted to take it. Who gives a crap.

You know what America, if you think my word is worth shit and my handshake is worth shit then so be it. You can boo me all you want and throw tomatoes at me.

But, the neck of the woods I come from which is not the south and southern gentlemen and handshakes and eye contact....I come from the northeast. I come from New York....from Long Island. It's kill or be killed.

I know the route Michie is going and he is going the route that 'none of this would have happened if you guys didn't break your word'...I know it would have happened because like you said we would have gone to final four and one of us would have gone out..and  If Holly or MIchie had won HOH Cliff and I would have been on the block would have happened...it is happening and we kept our word. So I don't need a big dramatic speech about staying true to your word and being chivalrous and being a martyr and a handshake means something because we are all being hypocrites. I will admit I was being a hypocrite. It's a game. What the fuck do I care. Like I'm sorry. I have yesed people until I was blue in the face. Do I worry about how that looks about my character? No, it's a fucking game, UM, so I just wish they would say that. I just wish he would say Holly is my gal and she is coming with me to final 3, Bye Cliff. Fine. But there is no need to "this wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for you guys' Don't...NO....No...Come on now.  And I don't regret my decision. If I could be honest I don't regret any of my choices in this house. I won that double and I kept them safe for a reason and I'm okay with that. I just prefer the veto be "hey guys, Holly is my gal and I'm taking her to final 3'...so be it

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And that's that and we can live peacefully and move on. We don't need a spiel about "you guys went back on your word"...why after that big fight if you knew that about Cliff, why would you them make a deal with Cliff. We're all doing the same thing. I guess we are at that point in the game. Nicole will be in this house for a week as the awkward third wheel. And I am tired and that's what makes it hard. It is going to be hard to be in this humongous house with two people that are going to want to be with each other and not with you. And I know I go off on my own as it is...I'm done. I'm tired. I'm exhausted. I just want to see my family. And it has nothing to do with game. If I go out third I will applaud them....I just don't know if I have the mental capacity to go through this week with the veto ceremony going the way he says and then Cliff reacting....I'm exhausted. I've been exhausted, and I've had it. I would just rather tomorrow be "hey, I'm using the veto on myself and I'm taking Holly and we're final three" and move on. It's a game. But he wants to make a speech that "we are doing this because we went against our word". I worked too hard. I know I am stronger than I give myself credit for. I am just tired....tired. America, iof you view them as the martyrs and me the villain....so be it. I personally don't feel that way. I really don't. I'm going to walk out of the house on finale night and see the four people that I am not sick of.

If I'm to blame for whatever it is that happened or didn't happen.... I owe nobody anything in this fucking game. That's my theory. I know I can do it.


I'm just going to live life in this grame and go through this veto and not be dramatic because my mom taught me better than that....this is not something to get worked up about or be upset about (she mentions homeless people, people coming back from war, other real problems in our world that are what is really important). They said this is not the game they want to play. Well, that is not the game I want to play. I am so sick of being spoken down to and lectured. I am over it. So over it. Well, this ought the be a fun 11 days for Nicole. It's going to be very depressing. Very, very depressing. America, I don't know what he is going to say at this veto speech...But, I'm a bigger person...I can take it on the chin and I just hope that the people that truly matter to me will know my truth. I am what I am. I am Nicole from Long Island and that's all I can be. To each his own; to thine own self be true; Carpe diem; Seize the day


4:00 PM BBT

Nicole gets up and goes inside. She then speaks to herself out loud.

Nicole- you know what, if you want to drop a bomb at veto ceremony and act like a big martyr?...  then I'm going to have a talk with my friend


Nicole heads up to the HOHR to talk with Cliff


Cliff- how are you doing?

Nicole- BAD

Cliff- huh?

Nicole- I need to talk with you...and it's bad

Cliff- what? they are going to flip

Nicole shakes her head and tells Cliff everything

Cliff- it's okay Nicole

Nicole rants about the situation and how it unnerves her that they are taking a martyr approach and how she is disgusted with it

Cliff- I am okay with it...I understand...I have always said that if it comes to that

Nicole- I guess I am just upset that if it was happening that they would just tell us and let it be lecturing

Cliff- Nicole, I am fine with it....we tried and it didn't work out

Cliff assures Nicole that he is fine with it and there won't be a dramatic scene....he wants to go talk with them and let them know that it's okay and there is no need to put Nicole in this awkward position. Nicole tells himt hat Michie told her not to say anything.

Nicole- but that's what disgusts me...he want talk to you like I am and I'm over it

Cliff- it's okay Nicole. I get what they are saying. It would be nice to be there for the finale and everything but it's okay. You're gonna be final 3 and that's great. It will be okay. You know, 'Cole, our whole deal was to get both of us to final 3 and they turn on us, it's on them not us. IF he wants to break it I can't stop him from breaking it. I should have won it.

Nicole begins going over the what ifs.

Cliff- they still probably would have kept you over me....it's okay. I took a chance. I rolled the dice. Part of it was that we were always a team. We knew that being a duo was dangerous. That's why we were looking at the possibility of keeping Tommy, but it is what it is. I'm paying a bit of a price for that....I'm okay with it. If I'm okay then you should be okay.

Nicole- but I'm not. I would rather go out 4th

Cliff- No Nicole. You fight! You have earned this. 

Cliff mentions that he wants to talk with them and she says that it doesn't really matter because they won't be taking her anyway.

Cliff- I will be gentle

Nicole- he is going to raise his voice and get dramatic

Cliff- then I won't say anything...I'm okay. I am really okay. It is what it is. It's a game. We play the best we can play and when things come up short, we move on. It's okay. We have fought so hard for 89 days and I made one or two deals more than I should have and now that is getting me, but it doesn't matter

Nicole- I'm sick Cliff...I am so sick

Cliff tells Nicole that none of this surprises him...he took a shot and is fine with the outcome. He encourages her to fight forward.

Cliff suggests they have fun and enjoy what's left of the game.


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7pm BB Time


Cliff and Nicole are discussing their predicament in the house.  Cliff is aware that Jackson is voting to send him out this week and as a result he will finish in fourth place.


The two of them respect the game very much, and both feel that there is no need for Jackson to make a speech that excuses his failure to honor a deal he made with Cliff before the veto was played.  After Jackson won the veto he reneged on the agreement he made to keep Cliff safe at the vote on Thursday. Both of them realize that he had no intention of keeping his word, but would have expected Cliff to keep his word in the event Cliff won the veto.  They feel that any speech other than "it's a game" is a bid to manipulate America and reduce anger towards Jackson for not doing as promised. (inferred from listening--Grannysue).  Cliff feels that and "explanation" giving by Jackson is given to America, specifically to those who do not read the live feeds or updates.  [those of us who do watch and read know that this speech is not a tool for appeasement--Grannysue]


Nicole says she will be glad to be out of the house and away from things that cause anxious living.  Cliff tells Nicole that she can remain in the HOH this week, it will still be available to her.  He tells Nicole to allow them to continue their cozy twosome and keep to herself.  He encourages her to do her best to win competitions this week.  Cliff continues to help Nicole with possible responses to questions in the event she goes to the final two.

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Holly and Jackson finally wake up and leave the hammock.  They come into the living room and join Cliff and Nicole. 


Jackson tells Cliff that this has been a life changing experience, but he is ready to get back to real life.  Cliff says "10 days."


Jackson says in about 14 days they will all disperse.  Cliff is hoping Sharon will join him.


Jackson expresses that he loves them and hopes their friendships will continue and Cliff says he understands and that arguments and disagreements are about the game.


Jackson says America can't see things the way they see them.  He continues to talk about the perception of decisions  When Jackson says he hopes his decision to send Cliff home does not change things in the house, Cliff tells him it will change things, that they will all be there in the house and things will be shifted around.  



Cliff subtly reminds Jackson that the cameras are on 24/7 and that people are watching so they know when decisions were made, what was expressed and when things were said.  He adds in a smooth way that his family has seen it, and he knows they will see how he handles knowing. 


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#BB21 SUN 8:22PM BBT - Cliff tells the camera while he is in the target room that he will vote for Holly because she honored her agreement.

#BB21 SUN 9:50PM BBT - Cliff, Nicole, Holly, Jackson are all in Dining area playing Jenga. DR comes over the intercom and tells them to be careful. Nicole says they know its her turn and knowing her she would be hit with jenga blocks. Holly says or your microphone. Its Cliff turn to go and Jackson says they are low bearing. Cliff carefully feels the blocks and get one slowly and Nicole squeals
.#BB21 SUN 9:56PM BBT - Jackson goes to the storage room to get the the step stool while he is in the SR a watermelon falls on the ground and splits in half. He then says darn it. Holly then comes in with the snap chat glasses, Nicole says its a murder. Jackson then asks Holly to help clean it up.

#BB21 SUN 10:05PM BBT - The four are still playing jenga. The blocks are now up by the microphone. Nicole has the snap chat glasses and Jackson goes for a piece on the bottom and the jenga tower comes falling down. Nicole then says darn it.

#BB21 SUN 10:17PM BBT - Cliff is outside talking to the camera hoping his wife Sharron is watching considering it is 12:30 Houston time. He tells Sharron that Michie is not keeping his word and honoring the handshake. He is going back on the deal and is sending him home, which means that his big brother journey ends on Thursday. He goes on to say that that the reality of it is that michie didn't   tell him till after he won the veto.He finishes with saying that he knows if he won the veto Michie would want him to keep the deal and honor the handshake. Nicole then comes out with her milkshake and blanket and joins cliff outside.

#BB21 SUN 10:25PM BBT - Cliff and Nicole are outside and they discuss clues they missed.

#BB21 SUN 11:07PM BBT - While Jackson is looking at the Rule book, we get a close up of before entering the house and sequester. Cliff and Nicole still talking outside he mentions his iq test and something about Mensa and tell us not to rake him over the coals he rushed threw it and it was something he was told. Nicole said they told her that she did well. They finish their talk and BB calls Cliff to DR and Nicole begins her talk to the camera. She starts off by saying Oh America, I feel bad for Cliff she really does. She didn't expect Michie to keep his end of the deal. She knew Michie would take Holly and Vice Versa. She said she really second guessing this. She knows what cliff has done to get this far and how hard he has worked to get where he is. She says she knows she is third and she know she could be second or first, she finishes with saying she will fight blood sweat tears whatever to win.

#BB21 SUN 11:20PM BBT- Nicole tells the camera if cliff leaves that she will have a relationship with lil Debbie. She then address her family and said that she has no regrets with every decision she has made. But she is ready to fight tooth and nail. She also says that he will walk out there loving the game and continue to watch it every summer. But she is ready to see each and every family member. she then says ten days its exaugsting and tiring and stressful. She then finishes by saying that she didn't know how much stress it puts all on one person. Holly then comes in because she heard Nicole talking.




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#BB21 SUN 12:48PM BBT - Cliff said he is tired he is going to bed, talk to your family do what you want too. He then gets up an heads inside. Nicole then asks how Michie is and he tells her tired. They then talk bout how it hasn't sank in that Nicole is going to finale. Michie then says it the same for him as well. while they continue to talk BB calls her to DR and she gets up Michie tells her to get holly as he is anxiously waiting for her tilted in the hammock out in the BY. Michie and Nicole both go back and forth who loves each other more. she then heads in for DR.

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