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Big Brother Season 21-Episode 35

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It’s been a crazy day in the BB house, and it is STILL crazy as the F5 gets intense! Previously, on Big Brother, Nicole, Cliff, Michie, and Holly had a F4 alliance, and after Michie earned power, it seemed like the plan to take Tommy out was set. Knowing his back was against the wall, Tommy revealed a bombshell to Michie and Holly, but the news only made him a bigger threat in Michie’s mind.


With the end game near, the battle for veto again and Nicole was the hero of the story. Jackson realized that if Nicole used the veto then Holly will automatically go on the block. Although Nicole convinced Michie and Holly the F4 was set, she secretly contemplated taking a shot at the showmance. At the veto meeting, Michie was forced to put his showmance in danger. Tonight, will Cliff and Nicole betray their F4 deal send Holly to the jury or will Tommy’s shot at the prize come to an end? Plus, an epic battle of endurance begins! All this right now on Big Brother.


Julie greets us and says this house is insane. It’s day 86 and tonight the alliance of four is being put to the ultimate test because the power to decide who stays and who goes is solely in the hands of Cliff and Nicole. Whoever makes it through the night will make it to the F4. Let the deals begin.


We pick up after the veto meeting and Holly says she’s happy she’s working with Cliff and Nicole and she’s relying on their integrity. Tommy thought he was dead in the water, but he does have a glimmer of hope. But Nicole won’t do anything without Cliff so he has to convince them breaking up the showmance is the best for their game.


Nicole says they have a monumental decision and she knows by just saying it which one is the smarter decision. Cliff and Nicole are outside talking about the back and forth and the pros and cons. Cliff says if they took Holly out maybe they could get Tommy to promise to go after Michie. Nicole thinks Michie could beat anyone in F2 because they are going to respect his game. Cliff says it’s him and Nicole as a team. Cliff has always wondered a little bit if Tommy and Michie have been working together. Cliff says if he’s going to keep Tommy, then he’s going to have some absolute promises.


Cliff, Nicole, and Tommy are in the BY by the hammock and Tommy is making his pitch. He says if they did keep him, they’d be on the same page as who the target would be and he’d be willing to throw them the HOH competition. Cliff says this deal Tommy is offering is huge and whoever wins the HOH has a guaranteed spot in the F3. Tommy says he means it when he says he will throw this HOH competition. Because if Michie did win veto, then maybe he’d want revenge on Cliff or Nicole and take Tommy along to F3.


Michie and Cliff just finish a chess game and Michie tests the water. Cliff tells him that Nicole is looking both ways and she’s talked to Tommy more than he has and he doesn’t know what deals Tommy is offering, but Nicole might be worried she’s the odd man out in a F4 situation. Cliff says he and Nicole have been working extremely close, but if they go through with the plan Michie might be mad at the two of them and if Michie does have to pick between them, he wants Michie to pick him.


Michie and Holly are talking about Michie’s conversation with Cliff. Holly says it has been said multiple times they were going to F4, they’ve shaken hands, they’ve re-solidified this deal over and over and over. Michie has kept Cliff and Nicole safe, what’s so hard about F4. Michie says there are a lot of reasons he wants Holly to stay, but on a game level he has better odds to stay with Holly here and he won’t quit on her ever.


Julie says she was just listening in on the house and Cliff and Nicole are still split on what to do. Plus, Tommy drops his relationship bomb again. And tonight, Michie must sit on the sidelines and watch the endurance comp.


The biggest eviction of the summer weighs heavy on Cliff and Nicole, but when Tommy tells them about his relationship with Christie, how will it tips the scales? Tommy heads to the HOH where Cliff and Nicole are and he asks if they are ready for a pitch. Tommy wants to tell them so Michie and Holly don’t turn the news against him. Tommy then tells about his pre-existing relationship with Christie. Michie walks in and Tommy asks for a sec and Michie needs to use the WC and wants to take a shower.


Tommy decides to go somewhere else with Cliff and Nicole and he loves Michie but that was the worst timing ever. They go to the have-not room and Tommy says he told Michie and Holly a few days ago, but he wanted them to hear it from him because he realizes this could be a big deal. Tommy says he wants to be with them and he wants to do this. Nicole says she appreciates his honesty so much, but it throws up a red flag that he could keep a secret that long.


We see Michie comes downstairs and Cliff and Nicole are in the KT with Holly and they talk about Tommy’s news. Nicole says it makes sense, but it’s a shock to hear it said. Michie says when he hears that it makes him think Christie is a guaranteed vote for Tommy and she’s in the jury house and will campaign for him too. Michie says he’s seen Christie campaign in this house and she’s very good and she could easily flip a jury vote. Cliff says he’s nervous about that relationship, and he was leaning toward keeping Tommy, but now that changes things.


Michie and Cliff are talking. Michie says he knows it’s a game, but when they shook hands he thought it meant something. Cliff says it’s killing him that he might be breaking an agreement he made. Michie says it’s like a slap in the face if they keep Tommy over Holly. Cliff says he’s not playing on a personal level. Michie says if you look at it on paper, it does not make sense to keep Tommy. Michie says he’s so sick of trusting people and then getting burned. And regardless of what happens he will be gunning for Cliff and Nicole, and if Holly goes then it will be raining fire.


Julie says knowing his partner’s game is on the line, Michie takes the art of the lie to a whole new level. Cliff and Nicole are in the have not room and Tommy walks upstairs and Michie sees him on the HOH tv and he goes to eavesdrop on the conversation going on. Tommy wants to bring up what the plan would be if they were to keep him and what he’d be offering. Nicole says she’s scared they could keep him and then they go off with Michie in the sunset and Tommy says he would never do that. Tommy says there is no talking this guy down. He’s the full package. Tommy wants to prove himself to them because if they keep him, then he’d owe them.


Michie creeps away as Tommy finishes his convo and he tiptoes back to the HOH room. He’s thinking and he says damn it. Michie says did he really just hear all that? He says if he can make Cliff and Nicole believe that Tommy would stick with him with some fabricated evidence from the conversation he just heard, maybe they’ll believe it. Michie goes to Cliff and Nicole and asks if Tommy is throwing HOH? Nicole asks why would you ask that, what promise did he make you? Michie says he’s working both sides again so he can get Cliff out and he thinks Nicole would be better to go to F3. Michie says he has no idea Michie is talking to them, but their loyalty is to them.


Cliff says the concern is what happens when the group of four gets to three. Michie says Tommy told him he would tell them that he thought Michie was a bigger threat. Nicole says she doesn’t like people thinking she’s stupid. She’d like to have a house meeting and Michie wants to do it tomorrow. Nicole says she’s hearing two different stories from two different people, but they are going to have to pick which cloud of smoke to walk into it. Michie tells Holly, let’s play Big Brother.


Tommy or Holly? Nicole and Cliff have been flipping back and forth all day. And just hours ago Nicole called a house meeting and Tommy and Michie went toe to toe. They will show some of the fight at the end of the show. Time to check-in with the HG.


Tommy does his shoutouts to his Pretty Woman family, and then he shouts outs to his family. Third, to Cliff and Nicole he loves them and he wishes them and he loves them both. He says today was rough, today was game, it wasn’t personal. He’s rooting for everyone and he loves them all and he wishes them best. Tommy remembers watching the show and falling in love with the show and he’s living the dream and he tried out numerous times and made it into the house, then fans can do it too.


Holly thanks God for the health and the strength, and to her family she hopes she made them proud. Holly shouts out Michie’s family and she’s lucky to know him. She loves them all and Tommy knows they will be friends. Cliff and Nicole, they are in an impossible position. She has played this game with integrity and loyalty and she’s played that with them. If she walks out that door she walks out with her head held high. And to all the girls who think they are ordinary, they are extraordinary and if she’s in the house, then they can be anywhere they want to be.


It’s time to vote!

Nicole votes to evict the Terrific Tommy.

Cliff has aged ten years this week. He votes to evict Tommy.

By a vote of 2-0, Tommy has been evicted from the Big Brother house. Tommy gives hugs and he promises he was telling the truth and he loves them. Tommy tells Michie good job and gives him a hug. Tommy then runs to give Holly a hug and he tells them to kill the HOH. Tommy heads out.


Julie says what a day! Julie says people don’t know what he’s talking about. He wants Tommy to tell everyone what Michie did and Tommy says he came up with a big fat lie. Tommy says it was all made up and it all got ugly. Julie asks if Tommy respects the game play and Tommy says he does and he respects people who can lie or manipulate. Julie asks if Cliff and Nicole did what was right? Tommy says time will tell, he would have stood by them and would have happily taken 3rd to them. He sees them as the underdogs and he wants to root for them. He says it was so much fun, it was the best summer of his life.


Julie wants to know why Tommy revealed his relationship with Christie. Tommy says he felt very alone, they took out each one of his allies one by one and the walls closed in on him. He didn’t think it would help him, he was hoping it would help disassociate himself from her. He says it probably was a mistake. Final thought? Tommy loves Big Brother. He’s grateful, no pun intended. If he had control, he would have taken Nicole to F2. He says Nicole makes great game moves without emotion.


It’s time for the HOH. We have three fire ropes and a fire truck in the background. Welcome to BB stunt camp. There is a disc on the bottom of the rope and the competition is called Crash and Turn. Their stunt skills will be put to the test. If they fall out, they are eliminated. The last HG hanging on will be the new HOH. This competition starts now!


The ropes are raised and they begin turning. The cab of the truck swings to hit the HG. Who will outlast the others? Stay with us…


We see a clip of the fight with Michie claiming Tommy promised him and Holly the same thing he promised Nicole and Cliff and Tommy yelling and telling Holly to be her own person and stand up for what’s right. Michie tells Tommy to leave her out of it. We’ll see the rest on Sunday!

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