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Saturday, September 14, 2019 Big Brother 21 Live Feed Updates

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Michie- you're here...you are here in final 3. You are not leaving this house until Day 99. You are never going to see jury because you outlasted everyone else. Don't cry because you did better than people. Don't cry because you feel you didn't earn your spot. You did.



And it has been 89 days in the making. Each and every one of us four has taken different paths. We all had very different ways of getting here. But, we all got here and that's all that matters. Come hell and high water, no matter how, we got here.

Nicole- I know, but

Nicole- I know I earned my spot. So did Holly. So did Cliff.

Michie- I get it. It's easier said than done and you will probably be ...if you were you at home watching yourself, if you were watching this Nicole crying at  being in final 3, you would be like toughen up soldier, but it's harder in this position knowing one person is not going to be there

Nicole- I know...like, why are you crying....this house makes you nuts


Nicole- that's what I am saying because you guys are far better people, you guys are very...I don't know

Michie- just know that you have a country of people supporting you...that all think you've earned your take. A house full of people that feel like you've earned your take

Nicole- I can only imagine what Thursday looked like

Michie- but you can't worry about it. You have 10 days finish this thing strong and you are guaranteed to be here. So wear it with pride. I am might proud of you. 

Nicole- I am proud of me

Michie- you want to go down to the living room and change the scenery...you want to do it?

Nicole- maybe

Michie- just chit chat

Michie- let's take the backgammon board down there..okay?

Nicole- okay

Nicole- we may get the yard soon

Michie- oh yeah, we should

Holly- I hope so

Holly- if y'all are playing backgammon I'm going to listen to some Eric Church for a bit, if that's okay

Michie- what

Holly- because I haven't listened to it yet

Michie- Ugh...ugh...but?....can't you listen to it later  (whiny voice)

Holly- what? If y'all are playing backgammon.....are you being needy because you want my attention?

Michie asks if they have fed the fish today

Nicole- nope

Michie- I'm gonna pee real quick. Holler at me when you're ready

Nicole- okay


[I'm out for the night  -MamaLong]

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9:00PM - 10:00 PM BBT SAT Snuggle time with Jackson, Holly and Nicole. Stories and chatting. They go to the storage room to find out they have been given tye dye materials and t-shirts.Instead, they go up to HOH where Jackson and Holly play chess and Nicole listens to her music.


10:00 PM - 11:00 PM BBT SAT Nicole is feeling sad and starts to cry. Jackson consoles her.Nicole eventually leaves the HOH and heads downstairs to get the fish food an feed the fish. Cliff comes out of DR and talks with Nicole about how long they have been in the house.


11:0PM BBT - 12:00 AM BBT SAT In the HOH room, Holly is complaining that the HOH room should be hers and upset that she had to throw the comp. Downstairs, Nicole and Cliff talk about the past HG and wonder what they think of Cliff and Nicole. They wonder if time goes faster in the jury house.Cliff does a shout out to Sam. They also discuss prev season HG and who they would like to meet.

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