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Saturday, September 14, 2019 Big Brother 21 Live Feed Updates

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12:05 AM Nicole has left the bed to go downstairs to retrieve her pajamas. As she is walking towards the stairs she sneezes very loudly twice and says "bless me, bless me, thank you thank you, you're welcome, you're welcome." She heads to the RV to rummage through her clothes and sorts clean versus dirty. Some of them she can't recall if she wore or not so she does the sniff test. "When in doubt, wash it." 


12:11 AM BBT Michie gets up to use the WC. He and Nicole cross paths as she walks around collecting her clothes. When he comes out of the WC they cross paths again and give each other a hug. She tells him she is going to get ready for when BB calls her to the DR. He heads back to bed and he and Holly briefly discuss their plan to appeal to Cliff to throw the veto. They are going to ask that they please be allowed to duke it out between themselves because if one of them has to leave soon, let it be by the hands of each other and not a third party.


12:20 AM BBT Nicole is bout to make some tea. She pulls out a green mug and hears it crackle. She says that she is afraid to use it because it is making crackling noises. She pulls out another mug and says "that is horrendous". Clearly that mug is dirty. She washes a mug then pulls out some tea bags. 


12:27 AM BBT Holly and Michie are in bed. Cliff is in the DR. Nicole is sitting alone at the KT table eating a cookie and staring at the memory wall. 


2019-09-14-00.28.52-Cam 2.jpg


12:31 AM BBT Nicole can hear the water for her tea is starting to boil so she gets up to pour her tea. She pulls out some milk and she sniffs it. She says no, no and pours it down the sink. She goes to the SR for a fresh half gallon and then resumes making her tea. 


12:36 AM BBT Nicole just sits down to her freshly prepared tea and cookie when Cliff exits the DR and BB calls Nicole in. Cliff tells her that Michie and Holly both said that if they win the veto, they will take Cliff. He says that in turn, he promised Michie that if he wins the veto he will keep him. However he assures Nicole that he keeps saying "If I win the veto" and that Nicole is playing her own game. Cliff tells Nicole that it gives her a loophole if she needs one. Nicole "then we can decide what we feel is best". Cliff says that if he sees Holly winning the veto, he may slack off a little bit. 


12:39 AM BBT Before going into the DR, Nicole goes upstairs to swap out her HoH robe for her black jacket. "I don't want to sit there looking pompous in my HoH robe, especially after someone threw it to get to stay." 

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12:42 PM BBT Cliff goes into the RV and undresses. "It's okay. You can see me in my underwear. I don't care at this point in the game." He climbs under the covers and laughs "Is that better? Today is day 87. 12 days left."


Michie and Holly are in bed just outside the RV. When Cliff starts to talk to the cameras, he raises his volume enough that he gets Michie's attention. Michie perks up in bed and listens in to Cliff's conversation with the cameras:


2019-09-14-00.43.44-Cam 5.jpg


"Sharon, I am counting down the days. I am so ready to see you, Kelly and Daniel. Another stressful day. Not as bad as yesterday. Trying to work out agreements. Doing what I need to advance. I think I do have it set in play where I will make finale unless Holly or Michie break their word. I don't think they will. If they don't, then I am in the F3 and there is a very good chance that I am in the F2 where I can talk to the jury. I may have to face Michie in a jury vote which will be difficult. He probably deserves to be there and if I win veto, I don't think I can go against my word and not take him with me. I think I will have to. I think I may have the votes in jury but it would be close. But I am a good and logical speaker.


And it may not be Michie. It could be Nicole. It could be Holly. Holly is going to be gunning for this veto also. Michie is okay with that. That was my worry. But we are all good so you know, I keep making deals. They're good and they are going to get me where I need to go. But, I still have to be careful. I am doing the best I can. I am trying to do the best I can. I am trying to do what is best for my game without it completely destroying any character and integrity that I have have. That's funny because I remember once upon a time thanking how crazy it was that Cody took Derrick with him and that I would never do that. And when it came time to pick a F2 partner, I still don't think I would. But, a few steps removed from that, in order to protect myself and get where I need to go and I have promised to take a strong player to F3. That may come back to haunt me. We will just have to see. We'll just have to see. But I am doing what I can for my game. I am trying so hard. I am so stressed out. I just want to sleep all the time. Which for you live feeders is boring as H*ll. I know. I am sorry. It is a pressure cooker in here.


It's okay. It's what I signed up for. I don't quit. I fight. I survive. I do what it takes. And I will keep doing that. I tried everything that I can. But tomorrow is the veto competition. No clue what kind it is. Will we be able to watch each other where we are timed? We'll just see what happens. Veto comp tomorrow, Monday is the nomination ceremony. Depending on who wins; If I or Nicole wins then my name doesn't goon the block and I am immediately guaranteed the F3. If Michie or Holly wins, they take themselves off the block and I go on. Then I wait until Thursday and hope to God that they follow through on their word, evict the other person and send me to F3. I think they will. I sure hope they will. What a game. What a freaking game.It's tough.


It's tough but I am almost done. I see that light at the end of the tunnel. All right. I am going to sleep.  As always live feeders, love you guys. I was a live feeder before I was a house guest and I will be a live feeder afterwards. Sharon, Kelly, Daniel I love ya'll so much. Can't wait to see you again. It would be great if it was here in LA. Love ya'll, sweet dreams. talk to ya'll later. Bye."


1:00 AM BBT Everyone is in bed except Nicole who is in the DR. 


2:04 AM BBT Nicole is out of the DR. She goes to retrieve her in the KT that she made before getting called to the DR. She throws it in the microwave to warm it back up. She sings and dances in the KT "It's tea time. It's tea. It's time to heat up tea. And we are going to drink it and warm ourselves up. Cuz we like to drink tea, out of a cup. No i'ts not a cup, its actually a mug. And we drink it night and we drink it up. It's tea time, tea time. Drink it up, drink it up." She then counts down with the microwave and when it dings, she says it is beddy boop time.


2019-09-14-02.05.45-Cam 1.jpg


2:10 AM BBT Nicole is the only one up and she has just put on her pajamas and HoH robe. "Come on Nicole. You are going to win this. Gonna win this veto. I know I can. I will. And that way, we go to F3 with Holly. Me and Cliff can do it. I know we can." She then sings "I like this robe. I love this robe. Bumpah Bah."

2:12 AM BBT Nicole goes to the THB and retrieves the checker board and brings it to the bed in the HoH. She uses the checker pieces to study the dates. She starts with Day 51. She goes through them very quickly.


2019-09-14-02.15.11-Cam 1.jpg


2:18 AM BBT Nicole runs through her days focusing on days 51-88. She then goes through them again. 


2:29 AM BBT Nicole sips her tea and speaks to the cameras:  "I don't know what's going to happen America. It's a game. Last week I kicked a** during the veto and I plan to do that again. I don't know if it is going to be face swap or face morph up, something with the days, bowlerina with spinning, or a puzzle. All I know is that I am going to give it my all, my best effort. I am going to pretend that I don't have this key around me neck this week and that I don't have safety and I playing like my life depends on it. Why? I want to build up my resume more, have absolute control this week. Cliff keeps his word and takes Holly to F3. And, that's nothing against Michie. For the record, I love Michie on a personal level like the brother I never had. He is someone that I expect to have in my life forever. But, I hope he understands and respects this, he scares the living daylights out of me on a competitive level. He is a beast and I am fearful going against him in the F3. Ideally for Nicole, it is best for me to go up against Cliff and Holly. Michie scares the bejesus out of me. 


Feet are weird. I know that's very random. Feet are very weird. And toes are weirder. These are things I think about. Feet freak me out. Who likes feet? I guess people do like feet. Maybe because I don't have nice feet. I guess I do, they are kinda cute. They are kind of little. Yeah, I ate some cookies and they made me very happy and I should go to bed. I am a night owl America. That's not good. I have a comp tomorrow. It is so incredible we got to see Ovi today. So awesome. Wow. 


2:35 AM BBT Nicole sits up in bed in the HoH and sipping her tea. "You know what's weird? Michie and Cliff made an agreement where if Michie wins the veto he takes Cliff with us to the F3. And if Cliff wins the veto he will take Michie to the F3 with us. Which makes me suspicious about a F2 deal. Cliff told me that yes, Michie will probably take him to F2 and that Cliff made it seem like it is was reciprocal. He felt guilty about and said later that he let Michie know that he intends to take Nicole to F2 so that Michie's intention to take Cliff to F2 is a one way street. What is odd is that Michie then told me in the boat room that a lot can happen on any given Sunday. Don't assume that you are out, don't assume you are 3rd. But don't go to Cliff and say that I told you I would bring you. A lot can happen. A lot change.  I have no idea what Michie thinks. I have no idea. I start to envision myself next to people and next to Michie, he can win on a competitive stand point. I have some wins too now. And perhaps the people are upset with his game play and some of his decisions. I could win. It's a toss up.


Me against Cliff, I would pick him in a heart beat. But again, if people are upset with his deal making, that could come back to bite him. That could be a toss up. Me next to Holly, she is a fierce competitor. Some may think she is over-shadowed by Michie. She is winning comps. I shouldn't be down and out though. In all 3 regards, there is potential there. But, if things go rogue and Cliff leaves, Holly will probably take Michie then and Michie will take Holly. So, if I won, I would bring Holly. So in that scenario, I don't see me and Michie sitting next to each other. If it is Me, Michie and Cliff then Cliff and I take each other. Michie will take Cliff. I don't see me and Michie sitting next to each other. If it is Me, Holly and Cliff, then me and Cliff take each other. Holly picks me possibly. I don't know. I am thinking too far ahead. One thing at a time. One step at a time. What's the next step? Win this veto tomorrow. I am going to win it. 


And at this point, the fierce competitor that Michie is, he just won 10K in a luxury comp, it's like he made a good deal of money, and yes, he deserves to win. America, I hope you understand that. I am just doing my best. That's all I can do. Alright America, I am going to go to bed. 


2:41 PM BBT Nicole is laying down in bed now. She takes a pillow and says it makes her laugh because it smells like Michie. It must be from his HoH. She says it is a good smell. She puts on her headphone and tries to go to sleep. 


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9:30 AM BBT Wake up call.


9:42 AM BBT Feeds return. Everyone is still in bed.


9:50 AM BBT Feeds go back to WBRB, possibly for wake up call round 2.


9:52 AM BBT Feeds return and Cliff is now up and begins to do his ADL's.


9:58 AM BBT Cliff remains the only one up. WBRB, possibly for wake up call round 3.


9:59 AM BBT Holly and Jackson are now both awake as well. Holly says that she had bad dreams where all her worst fears manifested itself. He says yikes and heads to the SR to replace his battery. 


10:06 AM BBT Michie goes to the TBR to change clothes. "Man, it is f***ing cold." 


10:07 AM BBT Michie crawls back in bed with Holly. She whispers to him that she doesn't want him saying too much. Holly wonders if she should touch up her make up some before veto. He tells her a touch up is fine. BB "Holly, Nicole, please change your battery." Nicole "I forgot. I'm sorry." Jackson "You are so freaking cute."


10:11 AM BBT Nicole has come down from the HoH. Holly notices she is wearing the HoH robe. Nicole tells her that she can borrow it any time, it is so warm. When Nicole leaves, Holly whispers to Michie "She is the HoH robe. I could have been a 3rd time HoH. I am so mad. I am so mad." Michie "I know, I know."


10:25 AM BBT It is a quiet morning in the BB house. Cliff is off doing his ADL's. Nicole is frying an egg in the KT. Holly and Michie are dressed and have already crawled back in bed.


10:38 AM BBT Nicole and Holly are sitting at the KT table. They are discussing that game-wise, things are easier in the house. But emotionally, things are harder. It is probably because they are so warn out. They are completely depleted. 


10:47 AM BBT Nicole and Holly are still talking in the KT. They are imagining where everyone would be if they were still in the house. Example: If Ovi was there, he would be in the KT. Jess was always in the bathroom, etc. Everyone is a creature of habit.


10:53 AM BBT Nicole and Holly are talking about Christie and Tommy. They discuss that now that they know what they do, it is a good thing they didn't decide to go forward with them. Nicole admits that game-wise, Christie was very scary. 


10:57 AM BBT Cliff is in the DR. Michie is in bed. Holly says she is going to put on her makeup for the day. And Nicole is sitting at the KT table studying the memory wall. Cliff comes out of the DR and Holly says she will see who they call before she gets in the shower. Cliff "It will surely be one of you three."



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11:05 AM BBT BB calls Michie to the DR next. Cliff, Holly and Nicole are discussing the faces on the memory wall. Michie comes out of the bedroom heading towards the DR and asks them how many times he was called. They tell him just once. He tells them that he had a dream that he was called and the DR was in his old frat house. It was a duplex so he went into the left side of the duplex and knowing that it didn't look like it was supposed to, he went to the right side. He went on to say that another part of his dream involved the veto comp. For the veto comp, BB took all the pipes out from the toilets and such in the house and their job was to reconstruct it all.  In this dream, JC was the host. 


11:10 AM BBT Holly tells Nicole and Cliff that she and Michie talked about it last night. They would like to battle it out in the veto and if they have to lose that veto to someone, Holly and Michie hope they lose to each other. Holly "This is the season of Serendipity." She continues to say that if she or Michie has to go, the two of them hope it is by being taken out by one another. [Michie and Holly did discuss this last night, However, the intention is not some Romeo and Juliet love story. The goal is solely to get Cliff and Nicole to throw this veto comp. This will ensure that Michie or Holly win it and gives them the power to guarantee that Cliff leaves instead of one of them. They have zero intention of honoring their F3 deal with Cliff and Nicole. I dub this Operation Veto Toss~Goldylucks]


11:15 AM BBT Holly has turned on the stove in the KT in an attempt to warm up the house. BB calls them out on it. 


11:25 AM BBT Holly, Nicole and Cliff are trying to work out the order of events of the last few days in the house. Holly says that she is going to go shower now before she gets called to the DR. 


11:34 AM BBT Michie has exited the DR and Nicole is called in. Before she goes in, Michie tells her and Cliff that if Michie or Holly lose the veto, they want to lose it to each other. He never expected to be in a showmance but it happened. They had a really good run. Whatever happens, happens. And if they have to lose, Michie and Holly want it to be by each other's hands. [See, Holly and Michie have both now introduced this idea hoping that Cliff and Nicole will throw the veto. However Holly presented it to them first thing this morning and Michie did the exact same thing the very moment he got out of the DR. It sounded scripted. Michie and Holly had agreed last night that Michie would bring it up. Now that Holly couldn't wait, both Michie and Holly have mentioned it in a 20 minute time span. They are trying too hard to get Cliff and Nicole to buy what they are selling. If Cliff and Nicole have any sense, they should figure it out. Operation Veto Toss is not looking good if Michie and Holly don't chill out~Goldylucks]

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11:45 AM BBT Holly is in the shower downstairs. Michie approaches and talks to her from the other side of the shower door. Michie "We can do this. We got a job to do." Their whispers are hard to hear because Holly is not wearing a mic and the shower is running. 


11:49 AM BBT Cliff speaks to the cameras again from the RV: Sharon, if the live feeds are active now, then I know you are watching. I need you to tell me right now that whatever decisions I make, whatever actions I take, that you are okay with them. That you support me. That you love me. It's okay. And that you are proud of me. I know that's the case, but just say it right now. I will hear it. I will hear it. I am so stressed out, trying to make these decisions. Knowing what I have waiting for me back home, knowing that I have your love and support. It's keeping me going. It's keeping me as sane as possible in here. I am falling apart with stress and worry, and indecisiveness. That's not me. And I won't let it be me. I will survive. Because that is what I do. Because it is what I am expected to do. 


Cliff ends his conversation with the camera when Michie walks in and joins him. 


11:58 AM BBT Nicole has exited the DR and is in the KT with Cliff. Michie and Holly are in the bedroom outside the RV. Cliff tells Nicole that he is glad that they have been partners from the beginning and that he can't think of anyone else to be his partner. 


12:01 PM BBT Cliff and Nicole reassure each other that there is no way they could ever consider taking anyone but each other to Final 2. Cliff says he won't be upset if Holly wins it. Cliff says that he doesn't think he will throw it. Nicole says that they are promised that they are locked in either way, but they don't know that. They think that, but they don't know that. Plus, it's about resumes. Building those resumes. 


12:06 PM BBT Nicole and Cliff talk in the KT. Nicole tells Cliff that the house never figured it out that they were this close. They put Cliff up next to Kat. They put him up next to Jess. They never intentionally put him up next to her. It was easy to minimize and hide how close they were. And they are proud of each other. 


12:11 PM BBT Nicole and Cliff continue to talk at the KT table. They both hope that nothing hinky happens and that they win the veto so Cliff stays off the block. Nicole says she is such a fan of the show that she is glad that she is getting to see the game to it's conclusion. He asks her if she would come back if they ask her to. She says yes. It's like child birth. She is such a fan of the show, she wouldn't be able to resist. 


12:16 PM BBT Nicole and Cliff are discussing that they lost their justification to go back on their word and keep Tommy. Cliff says he hopes it wasn't because Michie played them. But if it is, all they can do it tell Tommy they are sorry. 


12:22 PM BBT Cliff to Nicole in the KT "I hope Holly wins it today. That would be perfect." Nicole "I know. Because she threw the HoH. I would feel less guilty because Michie won 10K." 


12:26 PM BBT Holly is on her way to the DR now that her makeup is done. She walks past Nicole "Do you have a bruise on your face?" Holly "Did I f**k up my make up?" Nicole "It looks like a bruise on your face" 


12:28 PM BBT Instead of calling Holly to the DR, BB calls Nicole. Holly "What the H*ll, haven't you already been in there?" Nicole "Yeah, I went earlier. This can't be for the veto." Holly "No because I haven't been in there yet." 

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12:35 PM BBT Nicole comes out of the DR and says "nothing yet". 


12:38 PM BBT Holly is in the KT making eggs with Cliff and Nicole sitting at the table nearby. They start discussing accents. Holly says that she has never heard anyone say "Like" as often as Jess did. Holly says she said "like" every 3rd word and she can't believe she is the only one that noticed that. 


12:52 AM BBT Not much is going on. Michie is napping outside the RV. Cliff has gone upstairs to take a shower. Nicole is laying down on the bench by the KT table. Holly just finished eating an open face egg sandwich.


1:00 PM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 show Nicole napping in the kitchen. Feeds 3 and 4 show Michie napping outside the RV. 


2019-09-14-13.02.34-Cam 5.jpg


1:03 PM BBT Holly is finally called to the DR. 


1:23 PM BBT Nothing but a whole lot of horizontal today. 


2019-09-14-13.23.06-Cam 5.jpg


1:28 PM BBT Cliff is called to the DR upstairs.


1:32 PM BBT All 4 feeds are now on a napping Michie since Nicole is singing in the shower. 


1:37 PM BBT Cliff exits the upstairs DR and goes downstairs to the WA. BB calls him right back upstairs to the DR again. 


1:39 PM BBT Cliff is in the DR less than 2 minutes before he is seen coming back down. He goes to lay down in the WA again. 


1:50 PM BBT Nicole is out of the shower. She is picking at her face and then fusses at herself for picking at her face. She says she needs more time outside so that they can dry out.


1:54 PM BBT Nicole kneels down next to her pictures. She picks one of them up and looks at it closely with her hand over her mouth. She starts to get emotional and crawls in bed to read her letter again. 


2019-09-14-13.53.41-Cam 3.jpg


1:55 PM BBT Nicole talks to the cameras: Meg and Kay, if you are watching or reading, it just hit me that I made it. I don't know why it is just hitting me now but it is. Wow oh wow. We spoke before I left. We said "when I am at the finale, when I am at the finale". Oh my God. You guys, I did it. I did it. And in 11 days I am going to freaking see ya. Wow. Wow. Why is this hitting me now? I don't know. I can't believe it. Wow. Wow.


1:57 PM BBT Nicole continues to talking to the cameras in the HoH: Wow. Why am I doing this now? Why am I a mess. I need someone to hold my hand because I am a mess. Wow wow wow. I don't know this is hitting me now. Why did it take 2 days? I don't know but oh my God, this is incredible. I said I would do it and I did it. 


2019-09-14-13.57.31-Cam 4.jpg


2019-09-14-14.01.19-Cam 3.jpg


2019-09-14-14.03.13-Cam 3.jpg


2:04 PM BBT Nicole continues to talk to the camera in the HoH. Yes, oh my God, yes, yes. I did it. Yes, yes. I said I would do it and I did it. And I know you are watching. I am having all the emotions right now.


Meanwhile Cliff is in the BRL talking to the cameras in there. Cliff says he isn't sure if the feeds are up and if we are watching but he needs to send this out anyway. He says he can't second guess himself and just trust what he has done up to this point. He says he can't keep stressing out because things aren't perfect. There are people in jury who would do anything to be where he is. If he falls short the God d**n it, so be it. He isn't do this to himself anymore. 


2019-09-14-14.07.49-Cam 2.jpg

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2:08 PM BBT Cliff is talking to us downstairs in the boat room. Nicole is talking to us simultaneously from the HoH: 


Cliff says he isn't going to keep second guessing himself and he is going to accept what happens. Cliff says if he makes the wrong decisions, it kills him that his family might lose half a million dollars. So, he is going to try to make the right decisions. Cliff says if he goes to Final 2 he thinks he can win against any of them. Is it cocky? Yeah, maybe. He can illustrate why to the jury and compare it to different people and how they played the game. For now, he refuses to wallow. He is over it. This is not going to be how he finishes this game. Win or lose, I am finishing this game the way I started. Doing the best I can and not having any regrets and having a little fun in here. I have to reach the bottom before reaching the top. Maybe there is no victory in depression. 


Nicole says she is going out there to win the veto to build her resume, ensure Cliff is with her in the Final 3 and to control who they take to the finale with them. I have seen it. I can do it. I got this. I hope you are proud. I am almost there. Wow. This is so crazy. 


2:19 PM BBT Cliff is still talking to us from the boat room. He will not let this game keep bringing him down.He says he has lost the passion for this game. He needs to re-find that passion. He was banished on Day 1. Voted out of the house on Day 30. Was up for eviction on Day 58 and Day 79. He has been on the block 5 times. They haven't gotten rid of him and he is still here. He is doing something right. Like Brett said, El cockaroach. 


2:25 PM BBT Cliff tells us that this time away has taught him to appreciate and value his family. He will never forget that. Deep inside, there is still self doubt, worry and concern and that he is not invulnerable to the same kind of mental breakdown, mental slowdown. BB calls Nicole to the DR. 


2:26 PM BBT BB "Nicole, please go to the DR downstairs." Nicole "Okay, I think I am ready. No. Wait. What is that sh*t. I am ready. Ok gang. I got called to the DR. Be prepared." Puppies. 


2:27 PM BBT Feeds went down for the most important veto comp of the season. 

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5:40PM BBT I think this is still animal feed. Lazy being laying on bed staring around doing nothing.  BB HG or kitty.  Oh, whiskers. It’s still kitty feed. 

5:48PM BBT Time to LFU the kitties! For a while you couldn’t tell if the kitty was asleep or was the video paused? Still photo? Then, through a hole in the back wall, an upside down dark blue cat bed is moving. You can’t tell what it is for a while. Finally, a cat emerges, walks around by it and looks through the hole at you. Then he walks towards it and in. Says hi to the other now alive again kitty and then nose in camera. 

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7:23 PM BBT Michie is wearing the veto. The HGs are discussing where they had to knock down players that were wrong or didn't fit. Michie goes to the TBR. He cries. "I did it. I did it. Thank God. I did it." BB calls him to the DR. Nicole says she lost by 2 minutes. She stopped once to get that water bottle. And she made that one mistake. Cliff says it was very exhausting out there. 


7:26 PM BBT Holly says that the hardest part was going and retrieving the balls. Holly says she had to use her inhaler half a dozen times. Cliff says that production made him get water. He says that age is just a number but it did a number on him. Holly says their times were in order based on age. Nicole "No offense to me, I am just very disappointed in myself." Holly says she went a long time not realizing her answers were wrong. He took forever trying to hit Michie and then it hit him what he was doing wrong. Nicole says she shot the catapult twice before she figured out what to do with it. The game involved catapulting balls and knocking down HGs. 


7:30 PM BBT Nicole and Cliff are talking about how they talked to the HG's while trying to knock them down with the catapult. Holly admits she overthought it a lot. The HGs had to knock down all HGs that did the answer to the question. They had to go and raise the HG back up if they were part of the answer and they got knocked down by accident. 


7:33 PM BBT Holly admits that there were trick questions in which BB used double negatives. That tripped her up. Michie comes out of the DR and does the Lord's prayer in the TBR. 


7:35 PM BBT Michie and Holly celebrate outside the RV. 

2019-09-14-19.35.28-Cam 4.jpg

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7:36 PM BBT Holly tells Michie that he deserves to win the half a million dollars. She tells him that there is no way the jury isn't going to give it to him. He says that he has to make it to F2 first. Michie "We did it. We are going to F3." 


7:39 PM BBT In the KT, Cliff tells Nicole that he knows how bad she wanted to win that comp and that he is sorry for her. But she proved she is a competitor. She is not just a social person. She won On Thin Ice, the BB Comics, you came within a couple minutes of winning this. He says that he feels like Michie will keep his word. 


7:42 PM BBT Holly is talking to the live feeds in the boat room lounge. She had taken a banana, some children's Advil and her inhaler in there while she waited for her turn to compete. She says that she takes Children's Advil because she can't swallow pills. And she needed the inhaler during the comp a lot. She says she needed the inhaler because she almost died during that comp. She says this house is terrible on her asthma. 


7:47 PM BBT Michie says the hardest one for him was Jack. He kept trying to hit him forever. He hit everyone around him over and over. The HGs are saying that they loved the competition. It was physical, and with memory it was mental. Cliff has some pretty serious rug burns on his knees. He is bleeding. 


7:50 PM BBT Michie says he was pretty good hitting the targets. The problem was he shooting the wrong faces. Nicole says she lost 40 seconds twice getting water because she felt like she was going to pass out. Cliff said he did not have a choice on not drinking water. 


7:52 PM BBT Michie is in the KT saying that he refused to stop for water. He then start quoting Remember the Titans: Water is for washing blood off that uniform and you don't get no blood on my uniform, boy you must be outside yo mind! We are going to up-downs, until Blue is no longer tired, and thirsty. Michie then noticed what he did and covers his mouth and said no no no. BB calls him out for quoting the moving.







I am done for the night. Thanks in advance to anyone able to take over.

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7:32PM BBT Jackson prays a bunch of memorized prayers by rote for 2-3 minutes in the target room. Holly interrupts and he shuts her down and tells her to leave, nicely at first, but very sharply the second time.



7:39PM BBT After saying his prayers by rote [Including " I have sinned against you whom I should love above all things. I firmly intend, with your help, to do penance, to sin no more, and to avoid whatever leads me to sin." - BBLurkerPlus] when Jackson comes out, he gets very mean when deriding Cliff to Holly and telling how he's not going to honor his deal with him because Cliff doesn't deserve it.  [Not-nice stuff. Really ugly look for him immediately after praying by rote that he was going to do better for the Lord by not sinning any more - BBLurkerPlus]


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9:10 PM BBT

Cliff was just called to the DR

Nicole puts on her Owl onesie. 

Nicole- this is the freakin' cutest. Oh my God...it has pockets. I have to go show my friends! (she heads downstairs to show Michie and Holly)

Nicole- This might help me get over my fear of birds. It's so cute!






9:41 PM BBT

It's Time to Dye....Tie Dye, that is

The HGs get called to the storage room.

Pop TV has provided all the goods for the final 4 to make tie dye t-shirts and bandanas

Michie- What's this

Nicole- Oh My God

Holly- Oh, this is so cute you guys

Michie- We have to wait for Cliff

Nicole- Oh, I'm excited. It's about to go down!

Michie- Let's go play chess or something while we wait

Nicole- Okay...we are waiting for Cliff, Pop



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10:05 PM BBT

Michie, Nicole, and Holly want to do the tie dye now if it's from Pop.

Nicole- where is Cliff? I want to tie dye

Holly- do we know for sure that it's from Pop

Michie- why don't we do it tomorrow

Big Brother- you are not allowed to talk about production

Michie- sorry, we are just wanting to know if we have to tie dye tonight or can we do it tomorrow

Holly- do we have to do it tonight?

No response from Big Brother

Michie- we will just wait until tomorrow and do it outside

Nicole- yeah, that's smart

Holly- way much smarter to do it outside...yeah let's do it tomorrow




10:08 PM BBT

Nicole- guys I feel guilty

Michie- why?

Holly- huh?


Nicole- No! I just said that out loud...I don't know why

Michie- okay....sharing is caring. What's wrong?

Nicole begins crying

Michie- what's wrong?

Nicole- I feel guilty

Michie- guilt is not a made up emotion

Nicole- yes it is

Michie- no it's not...what's wrong?

Nicole- I have no way of knowing how that HOH would have gone, but you jumped off and you didn't have to. You (to Holly) are a far better person than I am because I'm not sure I could have done that..I really wanted to win today so I could prove that I can get myself to final 3, and I didn't do that and it is just making me guilty because I am looking at the three of you, and...

Michie- Nicole...come here

Nicole- no

Michie- I'm not asking you....you, little rascal




Michie- Nicole....I need you to  stop for a second and look at me (Nicole turns away)

Nicole shakes her head and rolls her eyes

Michie- listen to me real quick....I need you to understand something

Nicole- what

Michie- your social game has been impeccable...and I am telling you right now, you did earn yourself a spot in the final 3. Okay? You earned it. Your social game has carried you this far. Your physical and competitive game carried you through a double. You won a veto to keep you and Cliff safe. 

Nicole- I know but I

Michie- and there is no reason that an assumption should be made  or why you feel like you haven't earned something or you feel like you are not going to be somewhere because you didn't think you would be in final 3

Nicole- but just in general...and maybe I shouldn't even tell you guys this until after the season, I feel like I have questioned you guys so much....and you guys are far better people than me because I questioned


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Michie- The reason this makes you feel guilty, seriously....

Nicole- I just feel bad because

Michie hugs Nicole

Michie- don't feel bad....don't feel bad for a second...don't feel bad. We all have to turn on each other at some point in this game. We signed up to be 1 out of 16 winning. There is no 2 out of 16...there's no 3 or 4 out of 16.  1 person wins and 15 don't.

Nicole- I know


Michie- And at the end of the day as much as we are playing the game with people, we are also playing for ourselves. The decisions we make in this house are game but the connections we make are real.  I've said that from the very beginning

Michie- and I love everyone in this house right now

Holly- Ditto 


Nicole- yeah, I know

Michie- and no matter what happens, it will not be personal....it will be strictly game

Nicole- I  know that


Michie- and your game has led you to this position. And just because you feel like one competition may have gone differently...or something may have gone differently with this, You cannot disregard  that those two had nothing to do with getting you to this point. One HOH comp between you, Cliff and Holly did not carry you to that day. Everything before it did. So you can't say that you don't deserve to be here and that you didn't earn it. Because you did.  Your social game brought you here.  Your mental and physical game brought you here. You deserve to be here just like everyone else does. Now, unfortunately, we are going to from 4 to 3

Nicole- I know

Michie- and then from 3 to 2 and then someone walks out with confetti. But that is the reality of this game

Nicole- I know...Why can't 4 be finale?

Holly- I know


Nicole- Why couldn't they look at the group and go you know what we'll send them to finale week

Michie- but, hey....you're here

Nicole- I know

Michie- and there is no reason to be upset about being in a position that 13 other people wish they could be in

Nicole- yeah, I know... I know

Michie- that tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands wish they could be in....that millions  are watching you be in

Nicole- I know, but

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