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America's Got Talent Season 14-Semi-Finals Live Show 2


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Tonight, is the second and final night of the semi-finals. We’ll have the remaining 11 acts perform and only 5 will be moving on to next week’s finals! We also have a guest job tonight! It’s hip-hop royalty…Queen Latifah! She’s looking forward to everyone coming out and leaving it on the floor.


The first act of the night is V. Unbeatable. They talk about the dance group started and then they talk about how far they are pushing themselves to make it to the finals. They take the stage for their performance. They have ladders on stage that they use as a prop to jump off of and through. They get an ovation from all of the judges and the audience.


Simon says oh never has a group had a more appropriate name! These guys are in it to win it and he thinks their country will be so proud of what they’ve done throughout the entire competition and he’s thrilled for them and he has a feeling we’ll be seeing them in possibly the greatest final next week. Queen Latifah is blown away by each and every one of them and every component was on point and she loves a good confetti cannon. Julianne says dance is for everyone! She wants to learn from them because they are the ones to beat.


Next we have Dom Chambers and he says he’s one performance away and he may never get the opportunity to perform like this again. He thinks he has come up with something no magician has ever done before. He brings back the beer from his audition to do magic with. He has a “mega” beer that he is going to make disappear and he invites Terry to the stage with him. Dom takes a pitcher and dips it into the mega beer and wants Terry to prove it really is beer.


Dom says he’s going to prove to the world that Simon is a genius. He asks him a question and he asks him a number between 1000-3000 of the amount of bottles of beer it took them to fill the mega beer. Simon guesses 2501 bottles and Dom reveals that number written on a tally board. Dom then has a giant straw and “drinks” the beer in about 10 seconds. He gets an ovation from the audience and Simon.


Simon says that reminded him of New Year’s Eve. Simon brought personality, scale, and fun, and it may have put him through to the final. Howie loved it and that fact he drank all that beer and is still standing there. Julianne says everything he does he brings them along, it’s interactive and it’s so special. Queen Latifah wants to know what kind of brewski diet he’s on that he can drink all that beer and not get a beer gut. She loved it, it was a lot of fun and his personality is amazing. Gabrielle says it took them back to what they all loved about him. She says it was like part of a booze cruise and it was a fun good time.


The next act is Julianne’s golden buzzer, Luke Islam. It’s been his goal his entire life to be a Broadway star and he feels like that dream can actually happen. He feels like every step he takes on AGT is one step closer to his dream coming true. He takes the stage and performs Never Enough by Loren Allred from The Greatest Showman.


Julianne says he had a moment and he is more than enough and she can’t wait to see him in the finals. Gabrielle thinks he is special and a world class talent and he deserves to be in the finals. Howie guarantees he will be on Broadway. Queen Latifah says there was something in his eyes that told her he was immersing himself in that moment and if he keeps doing that he’ll be on Broadway.


Next up is Lukas and Falco and they were brought back as a wildcard. They perform to the music One Way or Another by One Direction. They have a car themed performance and Falco does tricks with Lukas and on tires and a skateboard. Lukas and Falco then go to the judges table and Falco climbs on the judge’s table and accidentally hits Howie’s buzzer.


Howie loves the dog and loves him and the most impressive thing about this act is the dog read his mind and hit his buzzer. Simon says dogs not only watch the show, they vote for the show. Simon says he knows there were mistakes and he loved it even more. Gabrielle says Falco may have had an off night, like many performers, but he kept trying. Queen Latifah wants to party with Falco.


Chris Klafford is ready for the stage and he’s taking a risk and performing an original song. He says his songs are very important to him and when Simon said he didn’t like that song his stomach dropped. He knows tonight he needs to connect with everyone and hopefully people can relate to it. He gets an ovation from the audience and Julianne.


Howie thinks Chris has an amazing voice but he doesn’t know that he loves his strategy and he doesn’t think he’ll get the votes for that song. Julianne thinks he has super special and she thinks it was amazing and she loved it. Gabrielle says she got goosebumps and she loves all of his originals. Queen Latifah says she’s already at the concert and she could hear an audience singing that hook and she’s already hearing the record produced. Simon says thinks the song he sang in the middle rounds should have been the song he sang tonight.


The Detroit Youth Choir is getting ready for their performance. We see clips of the kids thanking their director, Mr. White, for everything he’s done for them and their choir. The kids take the stage and perform High Hopes by Panic! At the Disco. Julianne, Queen Latifah, and Gabrielle all get up to dance with the choir. They get an ovation from all the judges and the audience.


Queen Latifah says we have the D represented tonight and that’s entertainment! She tells the director he has brought out things the kids haven’t seen in themselves. Gabrielle says they took them to church and that was everything. They were amazing. Simon says this was as good as their first audition. Simon says we all need a Mr. White in their lives.


Alex Dowis is our next act and he has fallen in love with painting. He likes to show with his life painting that nothing lasts forever. Alex takes the stage for his performance. His light story begins with a car crash and a fire and a woman being pulled out and CPR being performed and a guardian angel helping out the woman being revived. It’s a dedication of 9/11. He gets an ovation from the audience and all the judges.


Howie says it’s amazing what you can do with imagery and eliciting emotion. Howie loves what he’s doing, but he doesn’t know if he follows every moment of it. Julianne says she loved that he represents the fact you can’t have light without the dark and he tells a story that makes them anticipate what’s coming next. Queen Latifah she says he’s evocative, he takes people on a journey. Simon thinks what he did is so important and beautiful and respectful and he has Simon’s absolute respect. That was remarkable.


Next we have Marcin and he’s a guitar player. He says the emotions were overwhelming on results night and this is his dream and he can’t express what this means to him. Marcin takes the stage for his performance and he puts his own spin on Shape of You by Ed Sheeran. He gets an ovation from the audience and all of the judges.


Julianne thought that was an amazing song choice and an excellent performance. Gabrielle says watching the musicians watch Marcin was amazing. Simon says he was boring last time, but this time it was like a sheep turning into a wolf and it was by a mile his best performance so far. Queen Latifah says she was enjoying what Simon was saying. She says it was so tight and she loved the way he was able to create percussion out of the guitar and she’s extremely impressed. Howie says he moved the audience and he’s unique and original.


Emanne Beasha is the next act to perform and she’s an opera singer. She feels free on stage and she really wants to make it to the finals and she’s extremely nervous and she can’t believe she’s here. She performs Everything I Do I Do It For You by Bryan Adams in opera style in a foreign language. She gets an ovation from everyone.


Julianne says Emanne took those lyrics that she remembers in English and she shifted the meaning of what we do for each other and it was profound. Simon says he loves her and he gets nervous her and she has a powerhouse voice. She’s absolutely brilliant. Gabrielle says stunning, amazing, and she took everyone’s breath away. Queen Latifah says she knew from the moment she saw the unicorns that it was on and popping and she is unbelievable and her confidence is gorgeous.


Ryan Niemiller is up next and he’s a comedian and he wants people to see him like everyone else. He takes the stage for his set. Howie seemed to enjoy the set and he gets an ovation from the audience and all the judges.


Howie says Ryan is a very funny comedian. Gabrielle says he has been killing it every time and she can’t wait for his comedy special. Queen Latifah says she’s still laughing. She says in hip-hop when you battle the best you can do is be self-deprecating and he has mastered that and made it hilarious and she’s waiting for the movie. Simon says he feels like Ryan is taking everyone along for the ride and he’s getting funnier and more confident. Simon says he needs to be in the final because he has a shot at beginning and he deserves to be there.


Our final act of the night is Voices of Service. They talk about how proud they were to serve and how music helped them cope with what they dealt with. They take the stage and perform Choke by OneRepublic. They get an ovation all around.


Simon says what a way to end. Simon says Voices of Service did the most outstanding vocal they’ve heard so far. Amazing. Julianne says the dynamics of their vocals and their purpose was behind their passion and that’s undeniable. Queen Latifah says she’s blown away, she’s stunned, she’s shocked because it’s so beautiful and their voices melded together so perfectly. Queen Latifah says what they’re doing has a purpose and will continue to do so.

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