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Friday, September 13, 2019 Big Brother 21 Live Feed Updates

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12:00 AM BBT

Nicole is taking a super long HOH shower. You can hear her singing. At one point Michie opens the HOHR door and calls her name. He then leaves realizing she is taking a shower. 

12:25 AM BBT

Nicole is refreshed and dressed.


Michie and Cliff are talking in the WA about how this was the first day Michie has allowed his emotions to get to him.

Michie- doing the same thing every day for 12 weeks

Cliff- the longer we go 

Michie- it's like we are here to beat everyone in the house and it's a weird concept to grasp...until you're in it....when you walk through these doors, everything happens


12:30 AM BBT

Nicole enters the WA and asks Michie if he is okay

Michie- yeah, it was just a long day....they finally got me to crack 86 days in...just the culmination...the core is lack of sleep and diet. ANd the past couple of days feeling like I was getting burned again, but then as it became more realistic seeing that I was about to watch Holly go out the door and that Tommy would be staying in place of her...it was a culmination of it all. I just can't wait to go to sleep tonight.

Nicole- does anyone want to come to the HOH room?

Cliff- to do what?

Nicole- hang out, play backgammon, and you can even sleep up there after we make a pillow barrier  [Gotta love Nicole  -MamaLong]

Cliff- yeah let's head up

Michie- but no chess. My head can't handle it.

Nicole- come on friends, let's go

Michie- I'm gonna cut up a watermelon. I gotta be honest, I love y'all   (hugs for all)

Nicole- I'm sorry. I fucked up

Michie- don't apologize

Nicole- well, I almost fucked up

Michie- you'll always be my big little sis forever

Nicole- forever and ever?

Michie- forever and ever and ever....don't sweat it

Nicole- well, it's my own issues and hangups

Michie- you hush...we squashed it...it's done

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1:02 AM BBT

Holly is in the DR

Michie and Cliff are playing backgammon and chatting with Nicole in the HOHR. They are munching on HOH basket snacks and having a good time with each other. Michie is excited to listen to Eric Church. He says he has the biggest heterosexual man crush on Eric Church.

Nicole is now listening to music and drifting off to sleep


Nicole plans to put up Michie and Holly. They will all be playing in the veto on Saturday. It should be an exciting weekend.







[I'm out for now -MamaLong]

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1:05 AM BBT All 4 feeds are on the HoH room. Nicole is laying in the bed. She appears to have fallen asleep while listening to music. Cliff and Michie are talking about a large spot under Cliff's arm. He thinks he had an allergic reaction to his deodorant. It is weird because it is unscented which is supposed to be more hypoallergenic. 


1:11 AM BBT Cliff and Michie are discussing their concerns after the show. Michie is afraid that Holly may suffer because of something that he has done or said in the house. She makes her own decisions, but  I feel responsible.


1:21 AM BBT The 4 HGs are all sitting around in the HoH. They are discussing the way they snore in the house. Ovi was the worst. He kept Michie up a lot when he was in the house. The HGs are discussing that one of the rooms is "off limits" but don't mention which one. They are wondering why and hope it is something simple like a broken camera and not some kind of twist. 


1:30 AM BBT Jackson says that in LA, you don't have 24 hours. The day goes by so fast. It is such a high tempo that there aren't enough hours in the day. It appears to drag by here, but when they get out of here, it is going to by so fast. They spend 12 hours a day just looking at each other. It feels like a waste of time. A lack of purpose.


1:37 AM BBT The HGs are discussing that so many people have left so much behind. Nicole says she was going to grab what was left behind by the others but then she would need an entire suit case just for other people's stuff. Cliff says he is thinking of going to bed. Nicole lets everyone know that any of them are welcome to stay the night in the HoH. 


1:43 AM BBT Cliff, Nicole and Holly are talking in the HoH. They are discussing the comp. Nicole says that the people who built that set are probably pi**ed. They spent all that time and were up there for less than 15 minutes. They wonder what else was in store for them during the comp that they didn't experience because it ended so quickly. 


1:46 AM BBT Nicole tells Holly that she and Cliff were locked in. But Holly came in there full of fire. She respects that. It caused them to rethink their position. Cliff says maybe they could have had another group meeting. He isn't sure. Nicole says the second time around, Tommy didn't say much. That was a red flag for her. Her opinion of the KT conversation was different from the other one. 


1:50 AM BBT Michie, Holly and Cliff have left the HoH room so Nicole can go to sleep. After they leave, Nicole tells us that she admits that she is scared about the agreement made between Cliff and Michie about the veto. If Cliff wins the veto, he evicts Holly and if Michie wins it, he evicts Holly. She says it scares her because she thinks there is more to it. Possibly that Michie takes Cliff to F2. She is frustrated for feeling disillusioned. She says she isn't going to settle for 3rd. They each have an equal chance of winning the next few comps and she doesn't know why she is being hard on herself. 


Nicole says that she has a week to study, stretch, eat right, hydrate and pray. She has to keep the faith that she has had this whole game. It does concern her that she asked if she should speak to Michie about the veto if she wins it. The fact that Cliff discouraged her from talking to him about it concerns her. She was the one that was the most adamant about keeping Tommy. Our final decision was more because of Cliff. That doesn't help her case with either of them. She wants Cliff in the final 3 with her. That's less scary than a F3 with her, Michie and Holly. 


Nicole says doesn't want to be complacent with 3rd. She can do it. She will sit in one of those final chairs. That's nothing against the others. It is a game that I am obsessed with, that I live for, that I love. I can do it. 


2:00 AM BBT Cliff talks to the cameras from his bed in the RV. He says that Tommy is gone. Holly is still there. They bounced back and forth. There are probably people out there saying how wishy washy we were. Maybe that's true. It was us trying to make the best decision based on the information we were given. That information kept changing. I don't know if Tommy was telling the truth or not. I suspect that something was said and it was blown up into more than it was. So there may be some blame on both sides. I don't know.


I trusted Nicole's intuition to some degree. But I also saw with my own eyes some of the looks from Michie and Holly. In the end, it's not that I won't break agreements in this game if necessary for my game, but there's different rules in here than real life. I would do some devious things as needed. But, I would not do it lightly and with Holly agreeing to throw an HoH and Michie agreeing that Nicole and I go to F3 with him, those guarantees negated any advantage that going with Tommy might have offered.  I've set down with that initial agreement and extended it to the point where Michie is guaranteeing me F2 if he wins the F3 position. Nicole is also guaranteeing me F3. I am taking Nicole to F2. With that in mind, if I make it to F3, I should be able to make it to F2 which means I can argue my case in front of the jury. If it is Michie and myself, how would I do in front of the jury? There are some upset people in there but also others who respect the moves. I think I can convince people. That's worse case. Going in with Nicole, she now has some victories that would give her a strong argument, but I think I can argue against her as well. There is no guarantees. The fact that I haven't won more competitions and yet looking like F2, I call that a win in my book. 


Tommy, I love Tommy. I respect him as a player and as a man. Was he sneaky, running a lot of attacks, targeting me? Yeah, probably. I was targeting him. Water under the bridge. He is not here. He will be voting. I don't think he will be voting for Michie to take home the money. I don't think Christie will be voting for Michie to take home the money. Sis? Nicole? Kat? Jessica? I don't know. I see some possibilities. All I want is a chance to argue my case in front of a jury. That's what I want. 


I hope I made the right choice. I hope I didn't sway Nicole too much. I want it to be her own decision. I feel she deferred to me. That's scary. It could have hurt her game and mine. Now she is final 3. Proud of her. Nicole is putting up Michie and Holly. If Nicole or I win veto, the noms stay the same. If Michie wins veto, he takes himself off and I go up. It wouldn't be until Thursday before I knew for certain. I live with what I have. I hope I didn't make a bad mistake. As much as I fear Michie as a competitor, I fear Tommy is also. I would rather have one going after the other. With Michie upset with Nicole and I, that could have been toxic. Dangerous. I did not want to go against Tommy in F2 jury. Way too much uncertainty. 


Cliff tells Sharon that he is so tired and ready for this to end. There are 12 days left and I can't wait to see you. You live feeders probably would have preferred to see Michie and Tommy in this house. More power. 


Michie walks in interrupting his speech to the cameras. 


2:17 AM BBT Holly, Michie and Cliff are talking in the RV. Holly says that she is very bad on the dates. She said that she won on Day 38 but she actually one on Day 37. This was Christie's area. She knew every day, every arrow on the wall, everything. And she was very vocal about it too. She showed her cards. Cliff agrees. Jack showed his mental skills way too hard and way too early. 


2:19 AM BBT Michie and Holly have gone to bed outside the RV. Cliff continues talking to the cameras. He says that Michie and Holly are very concerned how they are viewed outside the house. They are concerned they are not viewed well. He doesn't know what they have heard that makes him think that. If they are viewed as villains, or less than good people, does that effect me and how I am viewed since I have been working with them. I hope not. I can't pick people to work with based on things outside the game. that wouldn't be fair and I don't know enough to do it. I have to base it on what is inside this house.


What a game. What a game Big Brother. 87 days as of tomorrow. 90 days in this one freaking house. The mental stress is causing physical stress. I am falling apart. I am strong. I will do what I have to make it to the end. I will take it one day at a time and make it through that day. But I am ready, Sharon. Ready to hug my wife, give her kisses, see her face, and tell her that I love. I don't ever want to be away like this again. I am counting down those days. I am curious what you all saw tonight guys. Feeds were shut off before the show. You only got to see what was shown. It was tense, explosive and last minute. That's now how I like to make decisions. But I hope we made the right one. If we didn't, I can't have regrets. 


Cliff says he is going to shut it down because he can't keep his eyes open. He says goodnight to his family and a shout out to the live feeders. 


2:35 AM BBT Nicole is in bed in the HoH. Cliff is in bed in the RV. Michie and Holly are in bed outside the RV. Holly tells Michie that it is late and she wants to sleep. He jokes and asks if she wants to talk game. They speak to "Michael" hoping that the lights go out soon. Michie takes out his mouth piece and says "I know that's gross, sorry camera guy". 


2:38 AM BBT Holly and Michie whisper in bed. He tells her that Nicole and Cliff were going to keep Tommy. He suspects they used this blow up to secure a better deal. There isn't much that they can do because they had no power. He apologizes to her if he harmed her game. 


2:40 AM BBT Michie and Holly both Tommy was much more subdued than they thought he would be. Michie says that he had to do it because he couldn't just let Nicole leave. Michie "I don't know what I am going to do if I win the veto. Between you and Cliff." He stares into her eyes grinning. "Beyond a personal game, strictly game. If I won the veto and it was between you and Cliff, he almost turned his back on us. You never turned your back on me. I will walk out in confetti and hate that you may get some shrapnel. But we can get that out of your hair." 


2:45 AM BBT Michie tells Holly that he is proud of them. They have 10 wins between them and had the HoH for 4 weeks. The safety was in this HoH. The power is in the veto. 


2:46 AM BBT Michie and Holly are talking in bed outside the RV. They are talking about how this was Holly's comp and she had to throw it. They love it when BB tells them they have to wear wet mics. Even better if BB says it with the belts. When BB says they don't need sneakers, can wear whatever they want, then they are not happy. If they are told the girls can wear heels then they are screwed. 


2:57 AM BBT Michie and Holly continue to whisper in bed. He admits that he wanted to throw up when he saw her packing. 


3:03 AM BBT Michie and Holly roll over to go to sleep. BB turns their lights out. All HGs are in bed now.

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8:00 AM BBT Wake up call.


8:15 AM BBT The feeds return. Feeds 1 and 2 show Michie and Holly asleep outside the RV. Feeds 3 and 4 show Cliff sitting up in bed. But he is just sitting there. Very little movement.


2019-09-13-08.20.35-Cam 4.jpg


8:22 AM BBT Cliff finally stops sitting there motionless and crawls out of bed. He goes to change his battery and use the WC.


8:28 AM BBT Cliff crawls back in bed. No one else has stirred at all.


8:29 AM BBT BB "wakey wakey house guests". Cliff "I am awake." But no one budges.


8:45 AM BBT Everyone remains in bed despite BB telling them it is time to wake up. 


9:00 AM BBT Puppies. 


11:00 AM BBT We are still without feeds. At this point, we are beginning to think that maybe the remaining 4 HGs are having their Memory Breakfast. 


12:00 PM BBT We are now on the 3rd hour without feeds. I think it is a good bet they are filming the Memory Breakfast footage.


1:00 PM BBT 4 hours and counting. 

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1:22 PM BBT The feeds return. The HGs are sitting around in the WA. They got some family videos. They mention that they got to see Ovi. 


1:24 PM BBT The HGs are discussing that Ovi got to come in the house. He looked different. They were not able to talk to him. He was still like a statue. At first Holly thought it was a mannequin. Michie says that he would give all that money back and then some for family videos. Whatever happens happens and he feels bad. Cliff says that no one is losing any money and they all walked away with some. Nicole "That was fun." Cliff "So close, those answers."


1:26 PM BBT The HGs were to answer questions which gave them a number and then go upstairs with their answer, possibly the HN room. Nicole said that she went up right after Michie did but she had the wrong answer. 


1:29 PM BBT They all didn't get videos. They are just glad to see Ovi. It was another living person from the outside. Nicole "Where was he? In the boat room?" Holly "Yes." Michie "So loud. Definitely have senior-itis." 


1:32 PM BBT The HGs have been in some type of luxury comp. Nicole is talking about her dream. Rockstar was in it. Michie says that he wondered about their dynamics. If she was watching him on TV, would she like him? He compares their relationship dynamics to Rockstar and Brent. However Rockstar and Brett didn't get along and he adores Nicole. 


1:35 PM BBT Everyone is lounging in the WA. They are discussing Brett. He stirred trouble just for the H*ll of it. Nicole said that if Nicole left the house because of something Michie did, he would probably feel bad about it. If he was Brett, it would be see ya, bye. 


2019-09-13-13.37.28-Cam 5.jpg


1:38 PM BBT Part of the comp was finding changes. Nicole says that she walked around counting things. Michie says he was stuck between 16, 17, or 18. So he picked lucky number 17. Nicole had guessed 16. She was glad she didn't have 17. He was first with 17. She was right behind him. If she had been right behind with 17, she would have been really bummed. 


1:43 PM BBT The HGs are wondering what Ovi thought when he came in the house. Did he think it was dirty? Did he think it stunk? Michie says that he is glad he didn't see Sis' picture or he would raised his answer a few more. He would guess 20 or something. He says he didn't even look at the memory wall. 


1:45 PM BBT The HGs are talking about how cool that was. They thank BB for it. That was fun. BB "No napping." Cliff is talking about how cramped his arms are from holding on to that rope last night. Michie says that Cliff was holding that rope tight. That was not their type of comp. Cliff says that if the discs were bigger so he could get some leverage, he could have stayed up there forever. Cliff is called to the DR. Michie "That bell reminds me of seal training." 


1:48 PM BBT Michie  "I feel that Cliff is mad that I won it." Nicole "I don't think so." Michie says he knows better than to get in trouble using it as a game strategy. However Cliff talks about what he would do with the money and he could use it. Michie says he doesn't like seeing himself succeed while leaving others behind. Holly "Nick wasn't fretting over his 5K. Kat wasn't fretting his trip to Hawaii. Sam wasn't fretting over his trip to Fiji." Michie says that he doesn't like it. He is very grateful because it will go to good use. Holly "It was just a luxury comp." Michie "I don't think Cliff sees it that way. I feel very very guilty." Holly "If you hadn't won, I would have. So it's not like you took it from him." Nicole "You did everything right. You rang in first and you had the right answer." Michie "It's bitter sweet. More bitter than sweet."


1:52 PM BBT Nicole tells Michie that Cliff just really wants his family there on finale night. He is comparing himself to others as a result. That's getting to him. He is down on himself that yesterday's HoH wasn't an HoH that he felt confident in. 


1:55 PM BBT Cliff is in the DR. Michie, Nicole and Holly are lounging in the WA discussing the luxury comp. Michie says that he wishes it was the type of comp that they all could win. But, this is going to help his Mama. Her and I are just such fans of this show. It is one of the things that we could do together. We don't do much together. I just hope when she watches this, she has a smile on her face. That's worth any amount of money.


1:57 PM BBT Nicole "I am proud of you. If I am proud of you then she is proud of you. Don't be sad. Are you sad? You look sad. Don't be sad." Nicole snuggles up next to him in an attempt to cheer him up. Michie "I just want to make her proud." 

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7:21 PM BBT

Sorry! Nothing much going on...at all. This is the time in the season that I wish BB would give these guys something to do....coloring books....release more flies into the house....Monopoly board game...balls to juggle....anything.



8:50 PM BBT

Nicole gives us dance lessons from the BB Kitchen, including:

Get on the Bus

The shopping cart

The skiing

The rowboat

The kayak

The kick, kick, kick, and backward kick


Nicole even puts on Cliff's hat and boots and gives us, in Cliff's words, a County Fair show complete with some country dancing

Michie and Holly enjoy the show

Nicole- I'm gonna embrace it. The western/Southern flair that is going on...Howdy Y'all 

Michie- it's y'all....(laughing)....you say it like "yole" of cereal

Cliff and Michie coach Nicole the best they can on the proper southern dialect. 

Cliff- Y'all

Nicole- I say Yole......y'all.....y'all

Nicole- Hey y'all....y'all reckon y'all want to do somethin' fun?..... I feel I look southern..... Yee Haw





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9:30PM BBT FRI Jackson and Holly cooking. Cliff eating yogurt.


9:46PM BBT FRI Jackson standing in front of the open fridge door. He is shoveling watermelon in his mouth. Cliff doing dishes. Jackson says he is going to go get horizontal until they call him in for DR. Holly says she will go too.


9:52PM BBT FRI Jackson and Holly talking. They are concerned about Veto.They say 81 days before they are nom'd together is pretty good.


9:5PM BBT FRI Nicole and CLiff head up to the HOH to chat. Nicole still can't believe Ovi was there today.Cliff tells Nicole he is just down a bit today. He says that Jackson caught him in the KT. Jackson says that he asked Cliff if Cliff would still take him. Cliff says yes that he agreed to it. Cliff says he wouldn't flip but if he did he would feel really bad.



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10:14 PM BBT

Holly chats with Nicole and Cliff in the HOHR. She tells them that she spoke with Michie and told him she will be gunning for the veto. "And if I won it..."

Cliff- you take me?

Holly tells them that she told Michie she would take Cliff because she wouldn't be able to win against Michie. Nicole tells Holly she has a lot of respect for her because she stuck to her word and threw the HoH competition 




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10:05PM BBT FRI Nicole and Cliff discuss Veto and possible comp. Cliff says he is going to try hard. Nicole says she hopes it's individual because she can concentrate better. They are trying to decide if Cliff should go for it and go against his word to take Jackson or let Holly win in because she promised to take Cliff but they don't trust.


10:08PM BBT Cliff tells Nicole to play her game how she wants. He says he doesn't mind they are watching out for each other but he wants to make sure she does what she needs to do to get to F2.


10:11PM BBT FRI Cliff tells NIcole that he is sorry if his deals are causing problems for her. She says she is fine and she would be in the same situation if they had kept Tommy or Holly. Nicole says that if it's Cliff and Jackson in the F2 she will vote for him. She says she will be bummed if Cliff gets to choose and he takes Jackson. Cliff says that he would never do that. He tells her to keep  fighting because she deserves to be in the F2 and he wants to see her there.


10:14PM BBT FRI Holly comes up and tells Cliff/Nicole that she talked to Jackson and told him that if she wins Veto she is taking Cliff to F3. She says he understands.Nicole tells her that she appreciates that Holly kept her word on the HOH.


10:21PM BBT FRI In the HOH, CLiff/Nicole and Holly discuss the Veto. Holly tells them over and over that she will vote out Jackson and they are transparent.

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10:34 PM BBT

Holly says goodnight and leaves the HOHR. Once she is gone, Nicole turns to Cliff

Nicole- alright, are we making an agreement that if Nicole wins the veto we decide

Cliff- You decide     (they shake hands)

Nicole- decide what I want to do?

Cliff- Yes, you are in control if you win the veto. I have made that promise to you. 

Nicole- Okay...This way we can say that was the deal we made

Cliff- and that's what I said, I was specific "if I win the veto"

Nicole- I am being so honest right now, yes I am being selfish and I want her to win it because that would give me better odds....but, because of what she did yesterday. She didn't have to do that (throwing the HOH) The more I think about it I'm like, oh my God, I owe her

Cliff- but it really was like payment for keeping her last night. So, you really don't owe her

Nicole says she doesn't want America to think she is a horrible person who went against a deal. I feel as though it's a game and anything you put out can be used against you. I learned if you put game pieces on the table they can be used in any which way...I don't want people on the outside to think...it just really irritated me when they said the two of us wouldn't be here if it weren't for them

Nicole- people always said how did Jordan win....that she didn't deserve to win, but she did. It doesn't matter how you make it there. If you made it there then you deserve it.



10:50 PM BBT

Cliff left and now Nicole is talking to herself in the HOHR

Nicole- I have to win this veto. And I will. I'm gonna. It's already happened. I won it. I won it. I have already won it. As far as I am concerned, my life is on the line and the one who wins veto decides. Cliff and I already shook hands that if I win the veto, I decide which way he votes. 

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11:47 PM BBT

Michie and Holly are the last ones awake. They are chatting in bed in the campsite area and hoping for a physical veto competition

Michie looks at the camera and says, "Please, Big Brother. Let tomorrow's veto competition be physical!"

They decide they need to go to sleep to prep for the competition.

Holly- Big Brother, please turn off the lights so we can get some sleep


11:55 PM BBT

Nicole is out of bed and has turned the HOHR lights back on. SHe changes her clothes, uses the toilet room then grabs her HOH robe off the hook.

*Feeds cut to fish

When feeds return Nicole is brushing her teeth


[I'm out for the night  -MamaLong]

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11:00 PM BBT Cliff and Michie are talking in the WA. They are discussing that they both hope that their decisions made in the house don't have serious repercussions on the outside. Michie says if he is going to lose the next comp, he wants it to be to Holly. If he is going to lose half a million dollars, he wants it to be to Cliff. Michie tells him that he could tell that Cliff had a lot on his mind. He could feel it. They only have 11 days left. 


11:10 PM BBT Cliff, Michie and Holly are talking in the WA. Holly says it has been brought to her attention that she doesn't show emotion and that it is okay to have ups and downs. Michie says she has her ups and downs. When Holly says when he jokes and says every 28 days. Cliff is brushes his teeth and BB calls him to the DR. 


11:22 PM BBT Michie and Holly are laying down in bed outside the RV. He tells her about his conversation with Cliff. He made sure Cliff believes that Michie and Holly will be fighting in this veto for whichever one of them gets to stay. Michie "Cliff said that he and Nicole discussed it and decided that it wouldn't be right to tell Holly not to compete in the veto too." Michie "Does he not even hear himself? There are four of us. They burned us. Then they strong arm us into a corner and make us agree to ridiculous terms. Who is Cliff? FDR? The New Deal? Am I in the twilight zone? I feel like there is no way they are saying these things but they are. He is looking at me and telling me that he is letting you compete to take him and evict me. If I win then I have to take him to F2. But if he wins, he doesn't have to take me to F2. What world do we live in that we would ever agree to that? To serve it up to him on a platter?" Nicole "So delusional." Michie "I have to win tomorrow. But I have to make sure Cliff is calm and not stressed." 


11:26 PM BBT Holly tells Michie that Nicole thanked for honoring the deal and throwing the HoH comp. Nicole told her that she didn't think Holly was going to do that. That was huge and Nicole didn't expect Holly to honor that. Holly "Then why the f**k did we make those deals? I was like, you are not actually saying this to me. Is this for real? Am I really hearing this? If she didn't think I was really going to do it then maybe I shouldn't have. I could be safe right now. What the actual f**k." 


11:29 PM BBT Holly and Nick are the only ones up and continue to whisper in bed. They are debating on whether or not to ask Cliff to throw the veto comp. They consider asking him to just the two of them (Holly and Michie) duke it out for right to stay in the house. Holly says it may sound better coming from him but Cliff may think it's sketchy. Holly admits that she feels sick about throwing the HoH comp now. Michie tells her that she can't beat herself up over it.


11:34 PM BBT Holly tells Michie that they were up there for such a short amount of time that it was a joke. It was the easiest comp for her. The easiest one she had to do. She kept thinking that it didn't feel right to throw it. Michie asks her to please stop beating a dead horse. Use it as fuel tomorrow. They start to discuss the pictures on the memory wall and comparing them. Kat's nose you can't really see the nostrils. Kemi and Bella have distinctive smiles. Jess' smile is perfect. Tommy's tooth is capped. They decide to get up and go study the wall for a while. 



2019-09-13-23.38.42-Cam 3.jpg

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11:45 PM BBT Holly and Michie are back in bed. They decide that they need to be overly affectionate tomorrow but saying very little to each other. They need to act like they know their last days together are coming and that one of them is leaving. They can't seem too lighthearted or Cliff and Nicole will be on to them. Holly goes to talk about the comp she threw again and he tells her to stop living in the past. Use that as fire tomorrow. Holly says they need to get some sleep for the comp tomorrow. She asks BB to turn out the lights.


11:54 PM BBT Nicole crawls out of bed and changes her clothes. She uses the bathroom and brushes her teeth. 

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