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Thursday, September 12, 2019 Big Brother 21 Live Feed Updates

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4:00 PM BBT

Well, it looks like that's all we get until the live show. Before the feeds switched to Rancho Coastal, the HGs were about to have a house meeting. Holly wanted to speak to Cliff and Nicole before the meeting. In my opinion, she had a hard time summoning any beneficial rhetoric. Yet, we didn't get to hear much before the feeds cut. We can only imagine that they had a house meeting during their HOHR lockdown, and since the feeds have not returned to show the HGs getting ready for the live show, we do not know the result of that meeting.   It's my opinion that Cliff and his angel have a better chance with Tommy, but Cliff feels strongly that Holly should be the one they play against for this next HoH. For Cliff, he simply thinks Holly would be easier to beat for HoH, veto, and finale. For Nicole, Tommy has offered to throw the HoH competition to them, and has even stated that he would throw veto, even with him on the block. I think Nicole sees his offer as too good to be true. Yet, I do think Tommy is being honest when he told them Michie is his target.


The eviction tonight is a mystery to me.....It could be undecided until minutes before they vote. We just have to wait and see what happens. I do expect another message from Julie, once the show begins, telling us things have been crazy in the house today. I'm excited...just two hours to showtime.


Currently, we have a scrolling message on the feeds that states, "Tune in to the Big Brother Live Feeds after tonight's episode around 10pm EST/7pm PST to watch the Houseguests compete for HOH!"



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7:02PM BBT The feeds are back and Nicole has won the HOH!


7:05PM BBT The other HG congratulate Nicole.  Holly is very quiet, except for saying that she kept her word.


7:20PM BBT Feeds have been on fish, but now returned.  The four remaining HG have a heart to heart about their intentions and paranoia and reinforces his lie with the how they made the right decision.  He strokes their ego by telling them how smart they are.


7:23PM BBT In the KT, Nicole tells the others that she was angry and confused, but their decision was ultimately right.   They talk about getting out of their wet clothes and then cook dinner.  


7:33PM BBT Michie continues to talk with Cliff and Nicole in the KT and talks through the spin and possibilities and that it never dawned on him that Holly could see the block on his HOH.


7:41PM BBT Michie tells the others that they will see the footage of him talking to the cameras about their F4 and how it didn't waiver.  They all say they did what they had to do or say depending on the situation.  Nicole says they trust them and doesn't see people like them actually caring about her, thus her trust issues.  Michie runs over to her and hugs/spins her around.  


7:48PM BBT The HG talk through Jess's campaigning and how she worked on others emotions.  They remind Nicole that she is guaranteed another 13 days in the house and will be there on finale night, never going to the jury house.  Nicole laughs as she tells the others the story about how she told Jess about the alliance and it's why the house blew up on day 58.  






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7:57 PM BBT

Cliff admits to Michie and Holly that they did overhear the loudspeaker message about Christie and Tommy knowing each other, but they agreed not to let it factor in to the game

Nicole- and it died that night...we never spoke about it again

Holly- did he say it was true?

Cliff and Nicole tell Miche and Holly that Tommy said it was 100% false (they clearly did not hear the audio clip from Christie's DR confession....just the voice over)



8:15 PM BBT

Nicole has been called to the DR. Cliff and Michie begin playing backgammon.

Cliff tells Michie that it took a lot of convincing to get Nicole to agree to evict Tommy. That this didn't go the way she saw it going.... She kept saying she didn't know if she could trust. "I told her I looked you in the eyes....We can trust them."

Michie- Thank you Cliff....we all have to do what we have to do to make it to the end.

Michie and Cliff both say how much they love Nicole.

Michie- I love her like a sister

Cliff- and I love her like a daughter....she doesn't know how much people love her


[I'm out for the night  -MamaLong]



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#BB21 THUR 8:00PM BBT - Nicole mentions her secound secert/confession, It is that she has been watching Big brother for a while. She and her sister have been watching since the tail end of Season 10. Her dad started watching since Season 17 and her mom since Celeberity Big brother. They then ask her has she request what music she wants and then throws out some suggestions as far as music. She goes off to dr to tell them what music she wants. Jackson then tells her to pick who she wants its her hoh.

#BB21 THUR 8:03PM BBT - Cliff and Jackson whisper. Jackson said he want to talk to cliff about what he is going to do if he won and Cliff tells Jackson he know what he would do if he won. Cliff then tells him comments were made. Jackson tell him likewise. They shake hands on it. Cliff tells Nicole he has made a commitment that he is going to final 3 and he is not send Jackson home if he was to win veto. Nicole then tells him its fine. Cliff then goes to Nicole and tells her he told Jackson its going to be Him, Nicole and Jackson.

#BB21 11:06PM BBT- Cliff finishes his talk with Nicole and says he is going to put on different clothes. Nicole then tells him that they told her (DR) she has to stay in the same clothes. Cliff then says "maybe ill just put on a jacket" and heads toward the BR where Jackson and holly is. Jackson talkin to Holly while she is taking a shower. Nicole then says maybe she can blow dry it bc she is so cold. Jackson says he was going to say something but then forgets what it was. Jackson then goes onto to stay the HOH room is so freezing now. But he likes it bc he likes the cold and that's ok.

#BB21 THUR 11:10PM BBT- Cliff, Jackson, Nicole talk about the blowout during today. Jackson said he was trying to keep his cool with it all and not trying to be a pompous d bag especially when Tommy said Jackson he doesn't deserve the money. Cliff then bring up about the comp. He didn't care for the spinning or being wet, then said he just could keep a grip on it once the water started to get on the rope. Jackson then said when he watch Tyler and Kaycee he knew he would do good with physical comp but not pendulum because of his weight his height etc. They tell Nicole to have fun. Jackson and Cliff start to play backgammon. They talk about Nicole Jackson views her as little sister and Cliff see her as a daughter. They both say she has a very big heart and how she is going to be popular. Jackson said not only that but everybody knows how big her heart is.

#BB21 THUR 11:15PM BBT - Jackson tells Cliff when he was giving holly water cliff looked over to see Jackson and holly. Jackson said oh he knew an then goes on to say he want to win along side them but there is a difference beside against them with them.

#BB21 8:20PM BBT- Jackson and Cliff finishes talking about the game and focus on backgammon. Holly comes out of the shower and they ask her if she says yeah she is just emotionaly exaughsted.liff then mention a loud noise he heard then FOTH.

#BB21 THUR 8: 30PM BBT- Cliff tells Jackson that he told Nicole they were going to vote together, it her veto she won it. So he was giving her a advantage and Nicole told him she don't know she just doesn't know. She didn't want to make a decision that was going to regret and be hasty with. Cliff said he was waiting for them to say come on we are ready to start in the bathroom but it kept on not happening.


#BB21 THUR 8:35PM BBT - Jackson tells cliff he is giving it his all and he will fight to win this. Cliff says I know, I know and he was absolutely serious when he told them (Jackson and Holly) they haven't decided yet. Jackson says he doesn't want to be pushy but he also doesn't want to be complacent. Cliff then said while they were in the boatroom he heard tommy outside say "He is not a monster" and said they were liars. Jackson asked when was this and Cliff replied while him and Nicole were in the boatroom.

#BB21 THUR 8:36PM BBT- Jackson and Holly thought they would regret keeping cliff. Cliff then said do you want to discuss this? Nicole told him no not right now. Cliff then said when he was in the BR with her he kept asking her and she no because it will turn into a he said she said. Cliff then said it was hard because it wasn't his story to tell, because she had speficaly  not wanted him to. Cliff then felt like his hand were tied. Jackson said he gets it he really does. Cliff said he felt like it was very important and vital. Jackson interrupts and says yeah very important information.

#BB21 8:38PM BBT - Holly said that was a slip up of her flustered campaign and glad that is cleared up. Cliff said yeah I trust yall completely and yeah there bomb along the way but I'm glad we have gotten this far and it didn't lose anything in the process. Holly then said it wasn't easy but here we are and she would rather lose on the rope then be sent out the door. Cliff then said he did have a heck of a good bye message for her. Holly then says dang it! Then feeds cut.

#BB21 8:39PM BBT - feeds come back on. Jackson is talking to Holly and cliff and says he doesn't  want to lose anyone in the house. He really don't. He says he loves tommy and it nothing against him. Cliff says well his issue with tommy is he says he really wish he would have gotten together and worked together with him but they never were on the same page he was targeting him and Tommy was targeting him. Jackson said but he could never get away from Christie.

#BB21 THUR 8:44PM BBT - Cliff then mention a conversation he had with tommy at one point where Tommy would go to places and play like a family version of big brother with his extended family. They would have mock evictions and speeches and what not and cliff said that how much of a super fan he is. Jackson and Holly both say he was a good player they wont deny that.

#BB21 THUR 8:46PM BBT - Jackson tell him how close him and Christie are. Jackson said they would go to event together go to concerts together. He said they were very close. Cliff said really he never told me that. Feeds cut and then come back on. Jackson says never in a million year would he would have guessed it. Jackson then says it did cross his mind at one point and Holly also said it did cross her mind as well.

#BB21 THUR 8:49PM BBT - Feed cut again then come back on and Jackson Holly and Cliff are talking about Christie. Cliff said he remember meeting Christie on day 1 and not being to sure about her. Holly says that she saw a bunch of red flags go up with her. Jackson said he asked her about something on that Friday and she said something. Jackson looked at the camera and spill the beans.

#BB21 THUR 8:55PM BBT- Jackson goes over to where Holly is sitting gives her a kiss and stats to whisper something to her in her ear. Its a lot of whisper talk. Holly tells Cliff that part of her wishes that she'd left. Then she could just go watch TV and have quiet. But she glad to be there. Cliff leave the LR and Jackson says he feels bad he played hm. But they are still happy to be there. Looking at the memory wall , Jackson says Tommy looked different then. The Memory wall looks bleak.

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10:31 PM BBT

Michie and Holly are in the bathroom area discussing Tommy. Michie clearly has regrets regarding the verbal fight that occurred while feeds were down.

Holly- I know it's really petty, but that was my comp to win. I've been waiting all summer.

lots of silence

Michie- I literally feel like I'm gonna throw up

Holly- are you gonna

Michie- Aw fuck. I love Tommy.

Holly- I know. Me too

Michie- I didn't want to have to do that

Holly- I know

Michie- I didn't want to have to hurt him

Holly- I know

Michie- I couldn't lose you

Holly- I know

Michie- 86 days...86 days...I made it 86 days. Fuck  He is such a good guy

Holly- I know

Michie- he is such a good guy

Holly- I know...it was the worst possible circumstance

Michie- I love that dude. I didn't want to hurt him

Holly- I know

Michie- I didn't want to hurt anybody

Holly- I know...and especially Tommy

Michie-aw I love Tommy I love that dude but I couldn't risk you going home. I would have been dead in the water

Holly- yeah

Michie- I have never felt shittier about myself

Holly- Tommy knows....deep down Tommy is a lover of this game and he new exactly what what you were doing. He knew it

Michie is crying and really torn up

Holly- none of this would have happened in Nicole and Cliff would have stuck to their word

Michie- I know but it breaks my heart    DAMN IT

Holly- I know he will forgive you

Michie- I just never wanted to hurt anybody in this game. I never wanted to make it personal. I never wanted to see anybody cry because of me.

Holly- I know. I would have cried for you if I left

Michie- there's just nothing I wouldn't have tried for you.....DAMN IT

Holly- I know...it's okay

Michie- oh man I could use a hug from my mom right now. Where is mama when I need her. Where's mama?

Holly- I was saying the same thing a few days ago

Michie- I never wanted to hurt him

Holly- I know I didn't either

Michie- oh fuck. I hate crying

Holly- you need to get it out. I feel like I physically don't have tears anymore right now

Michie- this is the first time I have cried in this house

Holly- don't grind your teeth

Michie- that's not the kind of game I wanted to play. WHy couldn't Nicole and Cliff just stuck to your word. I didn't think they were (gonna keep Holly) I hope I didn't shoot myself in the foot. I don't want to hate myself when I watch this back.

Holly- we were backed into a corner

Michie- I know what I heard in the storage room. They were gonna take it. They were mighty damn close






10:44 PM BBT

Nicole comes out of the DR

Nicole- who wants to see my HOH Room? HOORAY!  Hooray!



Her pictures include her sisters, Georgia Peach as a baby, and Nicole as a platinum blonde. She got a onesie from Pop TV and a unicorn hat. Nicole ordered Eric Church "Desperate Man" for Michie and Holly (since Michie ordered Backstreet Boys for her). She got a unicorn choker, Red Mountain Dew,  Seagram's, Capri Sun, Totino's, stick on earrings, Snapple, a loofa, face masks, socks, more Lucky Charms, Goldfish, donuts, Cheetos Bites, Godiva Chocolate, Zebra Cakes, Sunkist Grape Soda, and other assorted things. Nicole offers her basket items to the others "whatever you want."


Her letter is from her middle sister Kayla:


To our Dearest Nicole,


First, let me say how proud Mommy, Daddy, Meg and I are of you. You have shown us and everyone watching your moral compass, humor and kindness.


Both Mommy and Daddy are doing great and miss you very much. They especially miss your vibrant and sassy personality. Also, do not worry about your little baby. We are taking good care of her. Georgia likes to  watch you and gets excited when she hears your voice. Although your students may not be able to express in words how they feel, I know they miss you very much. They would also be proud of how you were able to deal with both happy and difficult times. I know I am. That's why we are so happy you were able to make your Big Brother dreams come true.


As for Megan and I, we miss your funny, open, 'only happen to you' stories and late night talks. But we know that we will see you soon and your stories will be a lot more interesting.  Until then, know that we are sending you all our love. You have given us so much to be proud of.  I hope this letter illustrated that. We will save you a cup of tea at the table.


With lots of love,




Nicole tells the others "they better get on a plane. My sisters have never been on planes and they are older than me."





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Big Brother After Dark

10:02 BBT:  Michie and Cliff are in the WA.  Michie is telling Cliff he needs to win and it’s not that he’s thrown, but he hasn’t had the fire except for Coral Grief and Free the Zing.  Cliff says Michie did great in the Coral Grief, he was amazed by Michie.  Michie says he couldn’t have done it twice.  Cliff responds, “I thought I had it ...”. Michie responds, “You don’t cuss often but I could hear you’.  Cliff said he had been down to the last one or two but isn’t going to look back.

{Switches to Nicole}.  Nicole is in the RV by herself and is quiet, but seem teary-eyed.  She closes her eyes.

 Holly joins Cliff and Michie in the WA and is sitting on the couch with Michie.  Holly tells Michie she is going to lay on him and covers them up with a throw.  Holly, “People in all those blacked out faces - I mean I wouldn’t trade place with them for a million years but I really didn’t realize the exhaustion, this is just so much more different than in the beginning.  

Cliff - I have always said I would never let this game get to me on an emotional level and this week it did.  

Jackson/Michie gets called to the DR downstairs.  Holly asks if she can come in and do her makeup and Michie tells her she will probably be called in just as she dozes off.  (She’s still on the couch as he gets up to do to the DR).  AS he goes to pick up the trash he talks about trying to go out in the backyard wondering if it would be cold enough.  He then says they might try sleeping in the RV.  He says he needs to make the rounds before it’s over.  Holly tells him to speak for himself.  Michie then asks if Holly wants to try the HNR.  Then says, “Kidding!”.

Holly talks to Cliff, wondering if the hallway would be cold enough to sleep there tonight.  Cliff thinks it should be.  Cliff tells Holly he needs to go tell Nicole Congrats for winning the HOH, he hasn’t talked to her since lunch.  Cliff tells Holly she can come if she wants.

10:20BBT Cliff goes to find Nicole.  Nicole and Cliff are in the RV discussing how cold they are and whether or not it is from the comp or anxiety/stress.

Cliff reminds her she is the final three and she is amazing.  He tells her he made a deal with Michie to take him to the Final 3 if he wins the VETO.  He apologizes to Nicole for not talking to her about it before he did it.  She tells him it’s OK, and she didn’t make any deal.

Cliff:  When we get to the Final 3, there is no agreement.  He will be taking Nicole if he wins the Final 3. (Commercial)

Michie and Holly are back in the WA, sitting on the couch discussing the stress they are under.  More stress talk.

Back to the RV - Cliff and Nicole talk about Holly saying she was going to throw the HOH but Michie never said this.  Nicole feels Cliff needs to make a deal with Michie.  Cliff says he wants to ask Michie to send his ‘showmance’ home and wants to lock it in.  It would mean they have to beat them in the final 3.  Nicole says “it’s scary...”.  Cliff responds, “I know”.

Cliff talks about being so exhausted he feels he’s making some poor decisions and playing it safe.  Nicole tells him he made a decision and feels Holly will throw the veto comp and MIchie (hopefully) will keep his word.  Cliff says if he does win and keeps his word, they should be good.  He says if Nicole wins the veto then he hasn’t made any agreement on that.  If he (Cliff) wins it then ‘maybe it’s the price I have to pay in order to make sure we advance and then it’s 2 against 1 and we have to hope ———-.


Cliff says, “The other option is to pull it back but I feel very nervous about doing that”.  Nicole shakes her head no.  Cliff feels he’s second guessing.   Nicole says “If you do that, obviously it sounds like you area backpedaling and if he does win it he isn’t going to feel safe with you.”  Cliff says he’s not going to do that.  They discuss about what happens if Michie does win the final 3 then Cliff will might there is no deal BUT he would probably honor the deal.   Cliff just wants Nicole to know this.  Nicole tells him to leave it for now and wait and see.

Cliff wants to be sure Nicole is OK, both of them want each other to be safe and to see their families on finale night.  Nicole, “It’s going to happen, I know it is”.  They discuss about who might win the veto and talked about going over the dates again today.

Nicole says again she is freezing - They talk about what time it is and staying in the RV until they are called into DR.  Cliff congratulates her again on being the first in the final 3.  Hopefully Cliff will be in the final three also and then they will take care of business.

(commercial). (NanaFan)

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