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BBUK: Review of Live launch show - secret twist revealed!

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WARNING: Some adult content!

Davina opens the show with the words "You didn't think Big Brother would ever be nice? Did you?" before the titles roll - and quite nice titles they are! We are informed tonight that we will discuss the identity of the unfortunate 13th housemate - and the reason why they are "the unluckiest housemate ever".

A tour of the house follows. The stairs are back! The dining room table is made up of pieces, which will be taken away as HMs leave. The sofa has been changed to the preview pics - it's now an orange thing that arrived earlier this morning. The diary room chair is massive, making the HMs look like little kids. The loft is also revealed - just a small den really. It's been repainted green, as opposed to pink in the preview pics.

So on to the HMs:

First in multi-minoritied Derek.. He's 40, black, gay, pro-hunting - and most shockingly, Tory!

Nurse Lesley is next in, complety with rubber nurses outfit. She believes other girls are jealous of her!

Brunette girl Sam, 23, is next in. Addicted to sex, but not a slag. Goes to Oxford Brooks Uni. Intended to take vibrators into the house, but wore them out before hand!

Next is Londoner Maxwell. Typhical cockney geezer, and he'll probably be the early favourite (which generally is the kiss of death!) He plays the crowd well upon entering the house.

Vanessa is next in - this year's not so bright girl. Claims she can turn any gay man straight!

Anthony is in a 70's dance troupe and describes himself as "very good looking". He milks the crowd with dance moves on the way in - but he takes so long he ends up being booed in.

Roberto, a 32 year old Italian teacher is next in. He fancies himself a bit and claims to have never gone without sex more than 2 weeks.

Every year we have one - and this year Makosis has the name you've never heard of. From Zimbabwe, she was weighted on in her early life, giving herself princess attributes. Things the camera will love her and loves talking about her self.

Craig is next - and I couldn't possibly repeat his introduction. Swears every other word (something Makosi said she hated!) and has his own hairdressing salon at 19 (but has a mullet!). Talked his Dad out of applying so he could get in himself.

Next in is Mary - from Atlantis. She's been abducted by aliens seven times, but not for 18 months - and is a white witch. She arrives on her broomstick with a black cape - and is the second to be booed in by the crowd. She waits so long at the bottom of the stairs for the door to open BB has to asked the HMs to let her in!

Forget Makosi, next in is Science, 22. He sees himself as musics next big thing. As he nervously enters, the other HMs try to be polite when he introduces himself. Maxwell asks "Science, as in Maths, English and Science?"

Next in is 22 year old Saskia. People think she's a lapdancer, but she just does promo and some glamour work. Things all immigrants want to blow up the country.

With 12 HMs in they believe that's it, but they are unaware that it's "Thirteen housemates. Unlucky for One!"

Finally, it's Kamel, born in Turkey. A modern muslim - he eats pork and believes in sex before marriage. Camp, but seems OK. Then he turns up in a big red and gold ethnic dress and stilletos!

It's back to the house to discover the identity of the "13th housemate".

With all HMs in the internal doors are opened and the HMs go straight for the bedroom. One HM is then called to the diary room, with Makosi winning the race to the door.

She is then informed she has made her first mistake and by coming to the diary room is automatically up for eviction next week.

However, she can save herself by completing a secret mission. Next week the HM(s) with the most nominations will be immune from eviction. If Makosi earns the most nominations, she will be immune (and presumably, all other HMs will be up for eviction!).

She must keep this secret, so avoids HMs questions upon leaving the diary room chair. BB then covers her tracks by saying Makosi has just won the HMs a luxury first night party. Not so nice of BB when Makosi is trying to become unpopular with the housemates!

Early prediction: Maxwell to win! First evictee - tough, but I think it might be the witch!

Full summary of live launch show at http://bigbrother.digitalspy.co.uk/article/ds7629.html

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Makosi has made her first moves in the attempt to get nominated. Last night when in the bedroom she insisted the lights were turned off so people could sleep. This morning she turned them on before everyone was up, claiming she was scared of the dark - and becoming embroiled in an argument with Maxwell!

The other early story was white Witch Mary asking to leave after just a couple of hours because she believed the gnomes were alive!

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Millions tune into Big Brother 6


Derek Laud is one of this year's contestants

More than 5.8 million people tuned in to watch the launch of the sixth series of Big Brother on Friday night.

The figure was one million down on last year's launch, but that show followed the last Friends episode.

The 13 contestants have entered the reality TV house - hoping to win the 11-week series'

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After clarification of the rules of her secret mission from Big Brother, Makosi is playing a blinder and is certainly notching up the votes.

Upon returning to the loft, she responds to questions about events in the diary room with a rant about the housemates being so nosey, and then made her way to the lounge - where she found herself repeating the rant and getting labelled a drama queen.

When in bed she kept attacking Science for talking as she tried to sleep - though he wasn't - and then went on to explain she snored, slept-talked and sleep-walks - before attacking Science again.

Meanwhile tonight Big Brother has delivered the housemates suitcases with 13 locks and 13 keys. All the HMs managed to unlock their suitcase - except Makosi. BB told her to try again, and eventually gave her the key - on a key-ring with 99 other keys, and earning Makosi some unwanted sympathy in her quest to be nominated.

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