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Tuesday, September 10, 2019 Big Brother 21 Live Feed Updates

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To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB21-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)

Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Target Bedroom (TBR)
Camper Bedroom (CBR)
Boat Room Lounge (BRL)
Tree House Balcony (THB)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
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Please feel free to post info for other updaters to let them know how long you can update, or when you're taking a break and you want someone else to take over.


...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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12:03 AM BBT

Michie and Holly getting super cozy in the HOHR. Things heat up, so feed cuts to the BY.


Tommy and Nicole discuss events during the season. They joke about the BB Bird Watching Audio Tour and how it was a prank. Big Brother got them all practicing bird calls.

Nicole- I wonder if something is happening tomorrow.

Tommy- it has to....it's five....5 is a big deal. Maybe we will know if we get woken up early

Nicole- maybe

Tommy- or it could be Wednesday

Nicole- we shouldn't get our hopes up

Tommy- yeah, but we haven't had anything like that. A positive surprise.....wow.

Nicole- this is random, but you kinda wonder why Michie, Christie and Sis were voted for America's field trip

Tommy- yeah, they traced it back a week...America had been voting for a week. We think Jack would have been nominated, but he wasn't there anymore

[That's right, Tommy.  -MamaLong]


12:20 AM BBT

Cliff is out of the DR and talking to Sharon through the feeds, "Just 16 days...wait for me...wait for me...and I will be home. It will be the most emotional, amazing reunion, ever. I'm ready. I am tired. I am so tired. I am making decisions that right now could be half million dollar decisions. It is so difficult. Trying to make the right calls. I'm amazed my blood pressure isn't 200 over 200. But, I've been playing a game. I'm ready to see you and the kids again....alright, I'm going to sign off. I'll see you in 16 days. I love you, SHaron. You are my rock, my lover, my friend. I am so excited to see you again."


Nicole has fallen asleep on the hammock.



12:30 AM BBT

Cliff is trying to get his laundry finished. Nicole is waiting to see if she gets called to the DR after Tommy.

Cliff- I'm done. I'm just waiting for my laundry to finish then I'll go to bed.

They begin to discuss the episodes and how they can't wait to see them. They tell each other that they want to win, but if they don't they want the other to win.

They discuss the jury house and how they will be shocked when Holly walks in.

Nicole- I wonder what the jury thinks of the 5 people that are left. ....like, someone like Jack. I wonder what he thinks.

Cliff- I think most of the people in the house will have respect that we are both here.

Nicole- I feel if Holly walks in they will be like DAMN  (after thinking they were riding the coattails of Michie/Holly)

Cliff- they took the shot.

Nicole- yeah, we just need to be the final duo

Cliff- I feel like the deal that Tommy made I feel like I am on board with it

Nicole- it's weird because Michie Holly are checking in with us. like, we're final four? right?

Cliff- yeah, not even checking in on it

Nicole- I feel Michie feels he can move forward and not worry about Holly  [I agree Nicole  -MamaLong]...'I came here for Michie, not Holly'

Cliff- especially if this fighting stuff is valid and true. And based on what I heard him telling Tommy, he is already pulling back a bit.

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9:18 AM BBT  Tommy is up and in the KT. Cliff gets up to change his battery, says something to Tommy but can't hear.  Cliff goes back to bed, Tommy goes to the TBR and starts to make his bed in the dark, says forget it, tells Cliff thanks, and goes back to the KT.  Tommy washes dishes.

9:36 AM BBT  FoTH, possible wake up call.

9:38 AM BBT  Feeds are back.  Jackson is in the KT looking around, says something about he guesses no one else is up, and goes back to the HOH room.  We get FoTH again.

9:40 AM BBT  Feeds are back again, all 4 feeds on beds in dark rooms.  Jackson is back in the HOH bed with Holly. Nicole is still in bed but moving around in the RV bedroom.

9:54 AM BBT  All dark in the BB house

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10:00 AM BBT  Feeds go to WBRB/FoTH

10:11 AM BBT  Feeds are back, lights are on.  Nicole is in bed, Tommy was sweeping in the KT.  He goes to the WA and sings he is going to shave.   No one else is on the feeds.  Tommy goes to the room outside the RV and gets into bed, sitting up, just staring off into space.  (as the numbers dwindle, the action does too!)


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12:00AM - 1:00 AM BBT TUES Cliff looks up at the moon and talks to his wife. Telling her thank you for letting him do this because he knows it hasn't been easy on her at home. He is counting the days and no matter what he has the grand prize at home waiting for him.Nicole and Cliff then talk about if Holly walks in, the jury will be surprised but if Tommy walks in then the jury will feel that they are just riding Jackson and Holly's coattails. In HOH, Jackson says that they were heard arguing last night. Holly wonders if maybe they should break up to give her a better chance of staying.


1:00AM - 2:00 AM BBT TUES HG slowly go off to sleep for the night.

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10:48 AM BBT  Cliff comes out of the TBR, says good morning to Tommy, Tommy turns over and says good morning to Cliff.  Cliff then heads to the WA and WC. 

10:55 AM BBT  BB announces that house guests must be awake between the hours of 10:00 AM and 10:00 PM  Nicole says sorry, and turns over.  Tommy says, "I'm up, I'm up" then heads to the TBR.  He puts on some socks and a hat, then goes to the KT.  Cliff finally comes out of the WC.  Cliff goes to the KT, Tommy asks if he wants to play Backgammon.  Cliff says sure, so they start a game at the little dining room table.  All 4 feeds are on the game.  A quick shot of the HOH room showed Holly and Jackson still in bed with the lights off.

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10:51AM BBT TUES Tommy is napping. All is quiet.


11:04AM BBT TUES Cliff and Tommy playing backgammon.


11:22AM BBT TUES Jackson comes down to the KT from the HOH BR. He starts to cut up a pineapple. Nicole doing ADLs in the WCA. Cliff making breakfast.

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11:15 AM BBT  Tommy won the Backgammon game.  Nicole comes in, her mic is muffled or not on.  She asks what time it is, is told 11:15, she said "oops".  Cliff offers to make her some eggs.  She likes hers over hard, he will make them for her.  Cliff asked if she was on the hammock around 2:30-3:00.  She said she doesn't think so.  He said it might have been the blanket.  She was doing laundry. 

Lights are on in the HOH room, with kissing and slurping going on. Jackson takes the covers off of Holly, and blows raspberries on her stomach.   Jackson gets up to go downstairs, Holly sits up to put her bra on.  BB tells Jackson to put on his microphone.  Nicole goes to the WA.  Jackson wants to know if Cliff is done at the stove/with the pan.  Cliff said he is going to make Nicole some eggs.  Jackson gets into the bottom drawer of the stove, moving Cliff out of the way. 

Jackson cuts a pineapple.  Tommy said it is a white pineapple.  Jackson said it is just light.  Holly makes her way to the KT as Nicole comes back. 

11:23 AM BBT  Holly is in the SR changing batteries.  Nicole and Tommy go to the table to do some origami.  Cliff made a dog last night, added to it because it looked to simple before.  Nicole is trying to decide what she wants to make.  Tommy said they need to play chess later today.  Jackson is cutting the pineapple at the table, eats some that he has cut up while he continues to cut it. 

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11:28 AM BBT  Cliff is talking about ways to commemorate 9/11 tomorrow.  He suggests singing the Star Spangled Banner as there won't be any issues with copyright laws, then reflecting on where they were, how they were affected.  Holly thinks that is a good idea.  They quickly change the sugject back to the origami.  (These people were really young 18 years ago).

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12:42 PM BBT  For the past hour, not much has been going on.  The house guests are making origami animals still.  Cliff and Jackson took a break to play a game of Backgammon, then back to folding paper.  Holly told a story about how her dog had never had puppies, but took in a litter of kittens, and even started producing milk to feed them.  He dog had a 2-page feature in the Dog Whisperer's magazine.    They also discussed spending New Year's Eve or Christmas in NYC.  Tommy said his uncle can get them to where the ball drops, but not sure how many can go.  It is taking the entire house to make these origami animals. 

1:05 PM BBT  Looks like origami time is finished.  Tommy and Jackson are playing Backgammon, Nicole is watching and eating.  Holly went to wash her face, now in the room outside the RV looking for something to wear.   She goes to the WC, no one talks as she walks past the table.  Not sure where Cliff is. 

Earlier, Jackson asked Nicole if she took the stool out of the HOH shower.  Nicole said she didn't need it.  They laugh, as Jackson said it was just in there in case someone wanted to relax in the shower.  Everyone continues to laugh at his explanation.

( I am out....can't take any more paint drying!)

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#BB21 11:29AM BBT TUES Cliff tells the others that BB has said that they will play a patriotic song for them tomoorrow in rememberence of 9/11.

#BB21 TUE 11:30 PM BBT - Cliff and Jackson and holly talking about 9/11. They mentioned the star spangled banner and remembering what they were dong and reflect on it. Michie is talking losing sleep after a certain amount of time and then starts munching on watermelon.

#BB21 TUE 11:38PM BBT- Holly talking about her first impressions. She tells Cliff that she was happy to see cliff in the house it reminds her of her hometown, in Wyoming. She also said there is 4 left from the first group the of people an 1 left from the second group. She said Jackson Tommy and Michie all stuck out to her when she first entered the house.

#BB21 11:40PM BBT- Tommy and Holly work on their origami papers. Nicole finishes her eggs and then ask for pink paper to make a butterfly.

#BB21 11:50 PM BBT - The houseguest all talk about Christie and how she was the future teller for the season and mention all her manifestations and how they all came true. Cliff talks about a dream he had.

#BB21 TUE 11:55PM BBT - Tommy finishes his first Origami and looks threw to find a new one to do looks at the one for a cicada and says hate it but then goes on to say do em all. Holly asks him what color he wants and tells her dark green and starts to make the cicada.

#BB21 TUE 12:00PM BBT - Nicole finishes her butterfly and she begins a new origami project. She choses the fish and cant decide what colcr she wants it to be. but finishes it very fast all the houseguests say wow.

#BB21 TUE 1:08PM BBT- Nicole and Holly are in BR talking about the new showerheads. Holly asked her if she liked them and she said yeah all accept she couldn't get one to shut off so she just left it. Holly said Oh really?! Nicole said yeah. Holly said she don't like it when both are on because the hardly any water pressure coming threw. Nicole then remembers she forgot about her bagel and said she like a little old lady who forgets and said she probably burned it.

#BB21 TUE 1:15 PM BBT - Jackson and Tommy are playing Backgammon. Nicole and Holly going to do nails. Holly is going to do purple with white sparkles. 

#BB21 TUE 1:46PM BBT - Holly and Nicole are talking about what they want to wear. Nicole said she wants to wear her tutu and ask if it okay and they said yeah they. Holly asked cliff about Speedos and he joking saying he left them at home and mention captain underpants'. They are going to dye eggs next. 

#BB21 TUE 1:51PM BBT- Nicole gets Tommy and Cliff to paint one of their nails. Nicole then asked Jackson if he wanted a nail painted he turned the offer an then says clear coat. Nicole then says clear with sparkles. Jackson then says i have no choice do i and nicole responds with no you dont.


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4:03 PM BBT

The feeds cut to the HOHR to show the HGs just hanging out playing chess...no explanation for why feeds were out for an hour

4:20 PM BBT

The houseguests are back in the kitchen now working on eggs. 

Cliff is planning an Easter Egg hunt. He says no tearing through personal belongings

Nicole- Not the DR and not the SR

Nicole offers a little lesson on egg freshness, "If the egg sinks it's fresh, it it floats it's bad"


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4:04PM BBT TUES Feeds are back and everyone is in LD. Jackson asks if the TV can be cut and we get FOTH and then back to HOH.All HG playing chess.


4:10PM BBT TUES HG decided to go downstairs and finish their eggs. Jackson asks Holly if she wants to take another shower and she says after decorating eggs.


4:19PM BBT TUES The HG are going to finish decorating the eggs and then hide them for a comp. No food items or personal items may be used to hide the eggs.


4:30PM BBT TUES Holly is making a basket for the eggs. Tommy tells her it looks great.

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4:50 PM BBT

Tommy, Nicole, and Cliff are searching around the downstairs of the house for places they can hide their eggs. Michie and Holly are searching for something else upstairs in the HOHR shower.


The HGs are planning to dress up in colorful outfits, and are wearing their BB Comics capes.


4:59 PM BBT

Nicole- this is great! We are making our own competitions

Tommy- I know...this is going to be intense

Nicole- I know, I mean I am taking it seriously, but a lot of people are taking it very seriously 

Tommy- do you hear the video game sounds?

Nicole- mm hmm

Nicole- we need to come up with Superhero names. I guess we could use our comics names, but I feel

Cliff- I'd rather be something other than the Ground Hogg

Tommy- I'll be the Flash Mobster...That was cool

Nicole- I did like Nicolossus

Cliff- I'll be Boss Hogg

Tommy- I do like that. It's a cool name.

Cliff explains that the name Boss Hogg comes from Dukes of Hazards. Tommy is clueless in this department.

Cliff- we are going to hide them and then half of them won't be found. Eggs are hard to find.

Tommy- I thought it would be cute to make them kind of a little easy....growing up our go to spot was to remove the lightbulb

Cliff- I want to smash a hard boiled egg and put it under Jess' bed for Michie to find

Tommy agrees that would be funny..."That's good"

Nicole- how are y'all doing today

Tommy- fine. it's been a good day

Nicole- a calm nice day

Cliff- I'm still waiting for something to happen

The begin discussing their plans for Taco Tuesday

Nicole- I like the OG


They are each hiding five eggs

Nicole-I have 3 spots so far. I need 2 more   (egg hiding spots)

Cliff- I have 15

Nicole- what? shit!...I agree though, that I hope something happens

Cliff- something to celebrate

Tommy- I think it will happen tomorrow

Nicole talks about using red and blue froot loops to write out a God Bless America message tomorrow (in honor of 9/11)

Tommy- that's nice...I'll help you

Nicole- maybe I won't put God bless because people believe different things

Cliff- maybe "We Remember"

Nicole- I'm wearing red, white, and blue

Cliff- I'm gonna get dressed up a little

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Nicole reads the Combos package, "Official partner of Nascar".....hmm?

Cliff begins talking about how he never got in to Nascar but he watches Formula One  [we have a Formula One racetrack in Austin   "Circuit of the Americas"  -MamaLong]

Michie comes downstairs and said he though the hunt would start of 5:30 but Holly said 6:00

Cliff- If Holly said 6:00 then it's 6...I know how that works  [LOL....Gotta love Cliff  -MamaLong]

Michie runs up to the HOHR and tells Holly that everyone is waiting on her and he doesn't want them to get annoyed with Holly

Holly- Are you fucking with me?   UGH! Are you kidding me?  Why are we in such a hurry? We have nothing but time.

Michie- I don't care

Holly- I just want to shower

Michie- I'll tell them 6

Holly- did you tell them I was in the shower  [she starts getting snippy]  You came in here not

Michie- I came to tell you for your own good...there are two of those three voting. I just came up to tell you...to fill you in...forgive me

Holly- well, you are rushing me. You came in so hot like they are all waiting on you...you are stressing me out

Michie- if I would have not said anything you would be like why didn't you tell me it was at 5:30

Holly- you stress me out

Michie- it's fucking eggs.....eggs....

Michie walks out


Michie- Cliff, you got some good spots?

Cliff- I've got about 20 of them. The trick is not having 20 spots, it's having one really good spot.

[They plan to play like Hide and Go Veto where the last found egg is the winner]



It's 5:30 and everyone is waiting on Holly

Nicole- Okay, I think I'm ready

Tommy- I'm ready, too

Michie is scoping out hiding places int he RV, and Nicole follows him around. He stops at the polaroids on the wall

Michie- what if these are pictures of the... (insinuating members from production)

Nicole- they are...I recognize a few of them

Michie-  (he points to one) is that uh?

Nicole- seems like it

*feeds cut away 


Nicole begins following Cliff, "What are you doing Cliff?"

Cliff- I'm gonna hide one of my eggs under this origami frog and you'll never find it...you can follow me everywhere, I've already found my spots

Nicole- Damn it

Cliff- I've got spots so good they won't be found until 2021

Nicole- I've got spots so good I forgot I found them

Cliff- Tommy had a good idea to just throw one of his out and then no one would find it

Nicole- what are you doing Tommy

Tommy- I'm washing dishes...what do you mean????

Nicole- my intimidation strategies are working

Holly finally comes down and then decides she needs to change her hairstyle




Cliff and Michie begin talking about the mice in the walls (lots of strange noises heard by the HGs today, which has Cliff convinced something is going to happen today, like a luxury comp or contact with family members via videos like in years' past)


The HGs are still waiting on Holly. The prearranged time to begin was 5:30, but Holly changed it on her own to 6. Tommy begions cooking, as Holly is applying makeup.


5:44 PM BBT  The feeds cut to WBRB Fish

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5:56 PM BBT

The feeds are back and it looks like HGs had another HOHR lockdown. They are all still in the HOHR. 


6:04 PM BBT

It's 6:00 PM and Michie asks if everyone is ready (already knowing the answer)

Holly is applying makeup. Michie announces that maybe they should all stay upstairs while each person hides

Holly suggests they vow to not change the channel on the spycam

Michie decides to put the remote outside of the HoH and announces that he will go hide his eggs first

Michie wraps an egg in aluminum foil then camouflages it on top of the RV (out of bounds area as predetermined by the HGs)

He hides one in the pine cone lamp


6:15 PM BBT

It's Cliff's turn. He hides one under the lantern near the coffee pot and he empties a Ricola cough drop bag and hides one in the bottom of that


6:25 PM BBT

Now it's Nicole's turn

Nicole- Alright, Gang. Off I go.

She hides one in a toilet paper roll and one under the plunger  [GROSS]

Nicole to the cameras- Follow me please

She hides one in the kitchen sink drain

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She chooses a crevice in the campsite area that is the corner of a mirror.

Nicole- I like it because it is evident, but not so evident  [she loves to hide in plain sight...it's worked for her this long]


6:30 PM BBT

Tommy's turn and the first thing he does is head to a quiver in the Target Bedroom where Michie hid one of his eggs. He didn't seem to find the one hidden in the front pocket, and he puts his in the main compartment. You can hear it fall to the bottom, and Tommy laughs.


He also hides one in the plant by Robbie, covering it with rocks.


6:40 PM BBT

Tommy is finished and heads up the stairs. He hears Michie yelling his name as he gets closer.

Tommy walks in.

Holly- Tommy, guess what happened?

Tommy- what?

Holly- I beat Michie (at backgammon)

Tommy falls to the ground thinking someone was behind the door (there wasn't anyone hiding)- you scared me!

Everyone is laughing

Nicole- wait! what just happened

Holly- that was the best scare of the season and there wasn't anyone there


It's Holly's turn to hide her eggs

Holly- eggies, you are too pretty to hide....oh, you are still wet..AWKWARD

Holly hides one in the log pile in the living room.


She wraps one in a black sock and hides it in the ugly yellow plant in the campsite area. She also puts one in the wheel well of the RV.


7:00 PM BBT

The egg hunt has started.

Nicole- we have to find 25 eggs

Tommy finds the first one. (The one Holly put in the ugly plant)

Holly- Oh, you suck! I thought that was a good spot.

Tommy- it was a great spot

Nicole- come on Nicole. I just want to find one

Holly- me too Nicole

Cliff found the one Holly hid in the wheel well.

Nicole found a Tommy egg.

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Michie found a Tommy egg

Michie found one of Nicole's eggs  (toilet paper roll)

Michie found two of Cliff's

Tommy found the one Michie hid in the quiver (so he probably did see that one earlier)

Holly found the one Nicole hid in the kitchen sink drain, "Good one Nicole....no one wants to look there"

Nicole- Darn it! I give up with the finding game

Everyone is still looking

Nicole's plain sight egg has not been discovered yet


Nicole found a small doll hat so she will use it on Amber and she found one for Azule, too. Unfortunately, she hasn't been good at finding eggs.




7:17 PM BBT

Michie found two more eggs, "both were in things I thought of"

Nicole's "evident" egg is still in plain sight and undiscovered

Cliff tells Nicole- take one of your eggs adn go hide it again

Nicole- you're so funny....guys we still have 16 eggs


Michie found the one under the plunger

Michie- I found one Nicole....mid shit

Tommy found one that Cliff just put out

Tommy- I FOUND one....wait....Cliff!

Cliff is laughing

Holly- Cliff, we are finding not hiding

Tommy is now hiding an egg in another spot

[Cheaters never win, children  -MamaLong]

Michie has found the most eggs...everyone is is pretty much tied. There are still 14 eggs to find.

Michie was looking through a suitcase and found a bunch of negatives


He can tell the pictures are little girls.


Two of Nicole's eggs have not been found and they are both in window crevices

Only one of Michie's has been found

The girls want to take a taco break, but Michie says "in an hour or so"

Holly found one of Cliff's eggs in the sandwich baggies

The girls are dancing around like superheros

"We are capturing eggs....and we're no yolk....but this is really hard...boiled"

Cliff found another one of Holly's eggs

Michie found Tommy's sunglasses that have been missing for weeks

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Nicole notices that her two crevice eggs are still not found..."So funny.....so funny"

Nicole found another thing of negatives/photos from August of 2000....naked baby

Production- please do not move the furniture

Nicole- that's got to be Michie

7:43 PM BBT

There are still 10 eggs to find


They are all getting frustrated

Michie- we keep going......I'm not stopping until we found them. If y'all want to stop y'all can stop and I'm gonna keep looking...y'all can give up and I win.


They are all searching the RV room

Michie to Holly- did you hear our theory

Holly- what?

Michie- these are the people we talk to


Tommy found the egg Holly hid in the log pile

Michie found the one Cliff hid in the cough drop bag

Holly found the egg that Tommy hid in Azule

Cliff found one of Nicole's hidden in plain sight eggs


4 of Michie's eggs are still hidden (on top of RV; in the pine cone lamp; on a light fixture in the dining room area; and one unknown)

1 of Nicole's is still hidden; and I think Tommy and Holly both still have one hidden in a pillow (Tommy's inthe RV room and Holly's in the campsite area)

Nicole found the one Michie hid under the toilet paper

Production- please put the furniture back where it belongs

Michie and Cliff put the rocks back in Robbie's landscape

Production- Jackson, Cliff....Thank You

Michie- you're welcome

Cliff- you're welcome

8:05 PM BBT

Tommy tells Holly that he is thinking of telling Cliff and Nicole his secret about knowing Christie

Tommy- I don't like to keep secrets

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