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Monday, September 9, 2019 Big Brother 21 Live Feed Updates

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12:00AM-1:00 AM BBT MON Jackson and Cliff talk about not wasting time and temptation. Jackson says he is going to be on The Challenge and Holly tells him "good bye". Jackson says he can avoid temptation if he is in a relationship. Cliff tries to change the subject to The Voice. Holly is getting upset. Nicole jokes that she was going to be on the Bachelorette.


1:00AM- 2:00 AM BBT MON Jackson wonders how much you win on The Challenge - Holly tells him to f*** off. Cliff wonders how Sis has never seen The Brady Bunch. Jackson says he watches it on TV Land. Jackson and Holly continue to bicker over The Challege. Nicole tells him to stop talking about The Challenge.Nicole talks about her insecurity and Cliff says that a lot of guys will want to meet her. She says she will not know if they like her or because she was on BB.


2:00AM -3:00 AM BBT MON Cliff does his shout outs and then asks for the lights to be turned off.Nicole heads upstairs and the others follow her. They talk about her pictures and her family.


2:30AM-3:00 AM BBT MON Holly and Jackson are having an argument. BB tells Holly not to obstruct her mic and she tells them to f off.She tells him that he has been an a**hole all day. Holly demands that the lights be turned out. Jackson tells her that the 2nd time this week she has called him that.Says he is sick of it. Holly continues to use the f word and demand the lights be turned off. Holly gets up and goes to the door. Jackson says this behavior is why he wants to just be down when they get out.He says he doesn't want an argument and just wants to go to bed. Holly goes out into the hallway and Jackson goes to bed.

3:00AM-4:00 AM BBT MON Holly returns to BR after getting water and crying a bit. Jackson tells her he has nothing to say right now and they will talk in the morning.He says he can't talk to her when she drinks. He was just thinking about being on a show to compete.He tells her that if she can't support him then she is not the right woman for him.She tells him that he won't even acknowledge her. He says he will work on not being condescending to her.Holly says  she has PTSD and that's why she is all worked up. He tells her that he should not be grouped into her exes and her trust issues are not his fault.


3:00AM-4:00 AM BBT MON (cont.) Jackson tells her that they have 2 1/2 weeks left in the game. Holly tells him she doesn't. Jackson says the way she is talking is why this isn't going to work in real life. He wants to know what her issue is this time because last time she blamed hormones. He heads out of the room and tells her he isn't going to sleep with her and will let her sleep. Holly gets upset. She goes to KT and eventually they end up back in the BR. She cries about how she is tired of the house, sleep deprived etc.

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9:05AM BBT: The feeds are on WBRB for the HGs wake-up call
 9:15AM BBT: The feeds are back and it looks like Tommy once again spent the night alone in the Have-Not room. Holly and Jackson are in the target.
 9:16AM BBT: In the target room, Jackson is giving relationship advice to Holly. [BTW, on Wednesday's show they started to show the flaws in the Holly/Jackson relationship. I thought the most telling point made was when Michie told Holly, "You're just like all my exes." ~Morty]
 Nicole is in the backyard practicing her PoV meeting speach, she will take Cliff off the block.

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9:15AM BBT MON Wake up call. We return to feeds with Jackson talking to Holly about relationships and to stop putting every guy into the same category as her exes.


9:44AM BBT MON Nicole is practicing her Veto speech.



10:26AM BBT MON Cliff doing Cliff notes. Taks about missing his family. He can't believe he is going to be F4 in the house. He says he hopes he hasn't done anything stupid in the house but if he has, then he just wants us to know he is not a perfect man. In the WCA, Nicole getting ready.


10:32AM BBT MON Cliff remembering about 9/11 and where he was when everything happened. Holly in the house putting on make up.


10:51AM BBT MON Nicole in the HOH BR. She says out loud that today is the veto ceremony. Holly still putting on make up downstairs.

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10:58AM BBT MON Nicole called to the DR. She says she is coming.


11:00AM BBT We have puppy reels for veto ceremony.



11:39AM BBT MON Feeds are back. Everyone laughing and chatting.No menton that Holly went up on the block but she is quiet.


11:40AM BBT MON Holly and Tommy in the hammock singing "block buddies". They joke they need a twist. Holly says she is hungover.


11:47AM BBT MON Holly and Tommy talk. She hates that she is up against him. She says she doesn't know why she is so upset because others have been up against friends. Tommy says it sucks because he thought it would be them F2.


11:52AM BBT MON Tommy and Holly talk about Jackson and how he was drunk too and pushed her buttons. She says she didn't mean to say what she did but she did. She blames the house. Tommy says he gets it.

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11:55AM BBT MON BB calls for an ODLD. The HG scurry inside to get drinks and bathing suits.


11:57AM BBT Tommy goes into the BR and talks to Jackson real quick about the argument. Jackson says he has a lot going on too. Tommy says he understands.


12:04PM BBT MON HG sitting around eating and chatting.


12:10PM BBT MON HG discuss leaving employers and how they told employers that they had to leave. Cliff says his stuff ran out July 22nd.


12:18PM BBT MON HG talk about home and wonder what BB is doing inside the house.


12:30PM BBT Jackson and Tommy talking. Hard ot hear because Jackson has no mic on (he is in the pool). Sounds like they are discussing F4 HOH and Veto.Tommy congratulates Jackson on the F4.

12:37PM BBT MON Tommy and Jackson talking about comps. Tommy tells Jackson he just needs to study. Tommy tells him that he knows Jackson knows the dates even if Jackson says he doesn't.


12:45PM BBT MON Tommy and Jackson talk about Christie. Tommy says he has no idea what his family thinks. He says that Christie isn't family anymore and that they broke up months before the show. Jackson says he can't wait to tell Tommy his secret. Tommy asks now but Jackson says he has to wait.


12:52PM BBT MON Cliff and Nicole talk about how it will feel to go outside the house and get back to life. Nicole says it will feel odd with no cameras or mics. Cliff says they will have to deal with the good and bad after they get out.



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1:03PM BBT Nicole heads to the RV to put on shorts so she can sit out in the sun.  She takes off all of her jewelry and kisses her necklace pendant.  She gets called to the DR and puts her jewelry back on.


1:07PM BBT Tommy asks Nicole to ask the DR if they can do a two person DR with Amber and Azule (the dolls). 


1:13PM BBT Jackson is in the pool while Cliff, Holly and Tommy are in the chairs.   Jackson says it would be cool to be a plumber and be called to do work on the BB house.


1:30PM BBT The sunbathing continues without much talk.  Nicole is still in the DR.


1:52PM BBT Holly is now inside and dressed and applying her makeup by the RV as she was called to the DR now that Nicole is out and in the BY.


2:16PM BBT Cliff is studying the days in the KT while the others are outside or in the DR.  He has competed in 24 comps and won 4.


2:38PM BBT  Cliff wants to take a shower, but it's still not fixed.  Holly is back out back in her bathing suit and cutoffs in the sun and Nicole is laying in the couch in the shade.  Jackson is looking through the fridge.


2:40PM BBT Jackson and Holly are sitting quietly on the hammock and then she finally sheepishly asks to talk at some point.  He says his schedule is pretty open today.  Cliff is eating hot dogs in the KT. 


2:42PM BBT Holly explains that he kept pushing buttons and she was frustrated, but it wasn't ok to speak to him that way.


2:43PM BBT Jackson tells Holly that when she talks to him that way, the entire country is listening to it.  She said it wasn't intentional and that he's trying to guilt trip and that she's beating herself up even more than he is beating her up about it.  He walks inside, leaving her alone on the hammock.


2:57PM BBT More of the same hammock talk between Holly and Jackson. 


3:08PM BBT Nicole and Tommy chat on the BY couches where she tells him Cliff wants to talk with him and is receptive to him campaigning.


3:18PM BBT Nicole and Tommy are walking through the changing dynamics of the house through this season.


3:25PM BBT Holly joins Nicole and Tommy's conversation while Jackson goes up to the HOHR for snacks.










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4:10 PM BBT Holly is doing laundry. Cliff and Tommy are talking on the patio. Cliff says that things are going to be weird when he gets home. Not all of his decisions are going to have significant consequences like they do in here. 


4:15 PM BBT Cliff and Tommy tell each other that they are going to miss each other when they leave. Tommy says that he hopes Cliff comes to New York so they can get tattoos. Tommy has only been to Texas once in his entire life and Cliff has only been close enough to New York to see the skyline in a distance once in his life. They discuss how fun it would be to do Amazing Race. 


4:23 PM BBT Michie is cooking steaks in the KT while dicing up a watermelon. Nicole, Cliff, Holly and Tommy are out on the patio.They are discussing BB next season. Cliff is going to watch to see if any of them come back to the house to host. Nicole says that she will personally buy her own plane ticket to come back to host. She doesn't even have to think about it. They can't believe that they saw Kaycee, Tyler, Kaitlyn, Swaggy and Bayleigh this season. 


4:29 PM BBT Everyone is in the BY except Michie who is finishing up dicing his watermelon. The others are discussing things they can't wait to do. Tommy can't wait to have a really great steak. Nicole has a favorite restaurant near her home that she loves. She says that she is a fish gal. She in the mood for mussels over linguine with white sauce. Cliff once ate a squid pizza. It was good. Nicole likes squid, but not the legs. Only the round part. Cliff once had a pasta that had squid ink and baby octopus. The squid ink caused the pasta to be black. Tommy says the steak Michie cooked is not great. It is cooked great. It's just not a good cut. 


4:35 PM BBT Michie set a storage bag on the stove top when it was still hot from cooking the steaks. It has melted on top of the stove. He has cooked steaks and broccoli. Michie says grace over his meal. Meanwhile the others in the BY are talking about former HGs. Nicole loves Rockstar, even more now that she has been in the house. Cliff says there isn't anyone from last season that he has any issues with after having lived in the house. 


4:40 PM BBT Everyone is in the BY on the patio. They are discussing that they need to do dishes. Cliff jokes that if he is still there down to the last few days, he is not going to do dishes or laundry. He is going to walk out of there with a sink full of dishes. There won't be a clean towel in this place. Michie says that they probably throw them away anyway. 


4:45 PM BBT The HGs are talking about the Broadway Musical "Come From Away". It is based on the true story of a small town in Canada. After 9/11 they had so many people stuck there from all the planes being grounded. The amount of people they had to house and feed was double the entire population of their town. They can't believe that 9/11 was 18 years ago. Nicole was 6 years old at the time and was in first grade. 


4:51 PM BBT Cliff and Nicole are talking about their Chaos Comp. Nicole and Cliff will never forget the smell of the urine that they had to smell. Nicole says that by the time she got to the 4th round she was sick from the smells. She couldn't eat afterwards either. She couldn't escape the smell. Cliff says that Jack asked him what combinations of answers he did but never actually told him what the correct answers were. 


4:54 PM BBT Everyone is sitting out on the patio. They are discussing the mistakes that Jack made. He showed his ability to memorize and that he was a mental threat way too early. Tommy thinks he did that because he didn't know the show. BB calls for an HoH Lock Down. The HGs have no idea why. 

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4:43 PM BBT

Tommy is talking about 9/11 and how much it affected his dad.

Nicole- I can't believe it has been 18 years....18 years



4:56 PM

Production: Houseguests, please report for a lockdown to the HoH Room

Nicole- are you kidding?   

Holly suggests that it may be for a luxury comp

*feeds cut

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4:56 PM BBT BB puts the HGs on HoH LD. Feeds switch to WBRB as they head inside.


5:00 PM BBT Still on FOTH.


5:06 PM BBT The feeds return and the HGs are all back in the yard again. They are now in LD in the yard. Michie is on the hammock. Nicole asks him why, he is never on the hammock. Michie says the hammock is awesome and he's never on it because it is always occupied. He invites Nicole to join and she does while singing Hurray, Hammock Buddies. 


5:10 PM BBT Nicole and Michie are sitting on the hammock. They are discussing BB Comics and how quickly Nicole completed it. Holly is napping on the sofa on the patio. Tommy and Cliff are also on the patio. They are discussing TV. Cliff says that he watches all kind of reality type TV shows but BB is the one that he and his wife wait for. 


5:16 PM BBT Cliff and Tommy are talking about his wife. When they first got married she worked in a high school with kids who were high risk for dropouts. She ended up leaving her career to raise their children. Meanwhile Michie and Nicole are discussing the last week and that Nicole and Cliff were sitting pretty. She could have thrown that comp and she decided to go for it anyway. It was actually while reading the Bible that she decided she was going for the HoH instead of throwing it. 


5:20 PM BBT Michie and Holly are discussing how the 4 of them have played such different games. That's why it could be any of them that wins. Nicole thinks it depends on the jury.  Michie says it depends on the speech and how they answer the questions. 1 question and 1 answer can determine their fate. Paul blew it with the answers. He came off as very aggressive. Michie tells her that he can't campaign against Holly but he did come here to play an individual game. He came here for his family and for himself.


5:24 PM BBT Michie and Nicole continue to sit together on the hammock. Michie discusses that he fears the unknown. The next week is completely unknown. There are so many different scenarios. Nicole says that it is weird. There are only 5 of them and there are so many possibilities. She wonders what the jury is thinking right now. The LD is now completely over. Initially they were on LD in the HoH and then were on LD in the yard. Tommy wonders if it they were locked out so that they can fix the shower. 


5:27 PM BBT Michie asks Nicole if she ever told Tommy they were in a final 4? She says no. He says that Tommy asked him about it. He didn't answer him directly and said it was more just the 4 of them all felt that they couldn't trust Christie. Nicole says that Tommy hinted at that as well to her. She replied similarly. Michie wonders if Tommy was just baiting him to confirm a final 4. 

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5:35PM BBT MON Tommy and Cliff talking about when it was game on for them. Cliff starts to tell Tommy about final calls and BB warns him not to talk about production. 


5:48PM BBT MON Cliff sitting on the ground by the hammock. He tells Nicole that they will see when they get out in the real world how everyone felt about them. He says not to put too much into the audience cheering.


5:50PM BBT MON Jackson tells Cliff and Nicole that he will get to watch them play HOH on Thursday night, He says that he really thought he would be able to play in the HOH comp. He didn't remember not being able to. They discuss how Veto is important.


6:00PM BBT MON Cliff, Nicole and Jackson continue to talk. They talk about who may be F3. Nicole jokes it could be the three of them. Jackson says that he would be ok with that. Cliff says he would not be a bitter juror. He respects the game too much. Jackson says that he would be bitter towards Christie only because of things she said may affect his life outside the house and possibly his future.



6:06PM BBT MON Holly and Tommy talk about her and Jackson. Holly tells him that she doesn't see them working out in the real world. She says maybe they can date a few times but they are much too different.


6:11PM BBT MON Cliff and Nicole talk. Nicole says that she realized that she couldn't play in F4 HOH so she didn't want F5 HOH. She was excited to win the DE HOH. Cliff says he thought about that. He says that Nicole winning Veto made everything work out. 


6:15PM BBT MON Nicole tells Cliff that she is leaning towards keeping Tommy. Cliff says he is doing the same. Says he is waiting for campaigning. Cliff says that he would take her to F2 if they get that far. Nicole says the same.



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6:40 PM BBT

Tommy and Michie play pool. They complain about the pool cues being terrible.

Michie- That's why! (he reads the price tag and sees it was on sale) $12.99.....was $14.99


Cliff and Holly join in.

Holly- I don't know if that was a wonky stick or not

Michie- these sticks! These pool cues are sketchy.

Cliff- I feel like we got a downgrade 

Michie- we did


6:46 PM BBT

Cliff is sneaking up on Nicole in the hammockto scare her with an inflated glove



He got her really good   (she thought it was a bird)

Nicole- Oh my God.....Cliff... that was the scariest thing!....I think I just died a little bit.  That is evil! That is so evil! I almost peed myself


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6:31PM BBT MON Nicole and Cliff talk on the hammock. They both say Christie told them that they need to win this. Cliff says no matter what,it's F3 for one of them. They both say they would fight for each other to win.


6:35PM BBT MON Jackson and Tommy decide to play pool. Tommy says there is a bee on the pool table. Jackson aims a ball at it and shoots. He says he can't find where it went so he goes inside to get shoes so it doesn't sting him. Jackson goes inside and looks in the mirror and jumps. The bee is on him. He hits it a few times with a shoe on the floor.


6:54PM BBT MON  Nicole resting in the hammock. The others playing pool.

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7:13 PM BBT

Michie and Holly talking in the HOHR...nothing new....same drama.  [I doubt this couple will last, especially once they are out of the BB house and in the real world.  -MamaLong]



7:24 PM BBT

Holly- do you want to take a shower with me later

Michie- no

Holly- why

Michie- do you want to take a shower right now

Holly we could

Holly and Michie get ready to try out the new shower and the feeds cut to the backyard 


7:25 PM BBT

Nicole and Tommy discuss the vote flipping and Holly being evicted

Nicole- can you imagine Michie walks in to the jury house and you sent him there? The house will erupt

Tommy- if any of us do! You guys don't need me, but you have a better chance with me.

Nicole tells Tommy that he made it to final 5 and he is the only one responsible for that...that he needs to be proud of his game

Tommy- I know....thank you

Nicole- I worked too hard to get here....went through too much to keep a showmance

Tommy- I love this game so much. The way you and Cliff talk about it...I'm right there. It would be an honor.

Nicole tells Tommy that Michie stated that she and Cliff have made it to final 4 with him....that he didn't mention Holly. "I think he knows what the best move is for us (Nicole and Cliff) and that he would do it if the roles were reversed."


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11:41 PM BBT

Holly is trying a new hairstyle. She says she feels like a horse.

Nicole- I bet you feel like a Who from Whoville

Holly- yeah


Michie and Holly head to bed in the HOHR. Tommy is planning to sleep in the Have Not room again. Cliff offered to sleep in the RV with Nicole if she didn't want to sleep in there alone. She said she was fine in the HOHR by herself but if she freaks out she will come find him. 


Tommy and Nicole head out to the backyard to spend some time in the hammock.


11:47 PM BBT

In the BY Tommy asks Nicole how she got in to Big Brother

Nicole laughs then says, "Um, I guess I'll leave it broad. I just saw started watching one day and fell in love with it." (she seems to be hiding something)

Tommy- is there more to that? (Tommy picked up on her avoidance)

Nicole- maybe; I mean not that I am related to anyone or anything

Tommy- when did you start watching? Can you say that?

Nicole- meh...I don't know. It doesn't matter. I've been watching for awhile

Tommy- great. You're a big fan.

Nicole- I was very afraid to say anything because I didn't want to be seen as a big fan. I love it so much....and we are so close Tommy (to winning)


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8:00PM - 9:00 PM BT MON Cliff, Tommy and Nicole talk about family coming out on finale night and friends/family that are fans of Big Brother. Jackson and Holly have finished their shower and join the others in the BY.They discuss their memories of coming into the house. Cliff realizes he is the only one left from his group that entered together.


9:00PM - 10:00 PM BBT MON Jackson says to Holly that he hopes his conversation from the shower wasn't "leaked" He says he couldn't believe it when he got the letter in the mail. Holly tells him that there is no way and that it would cross the line for showing on TV. We get FOTH. Nicole is having an emotional time thinking about the finale and how badly she wants to be there. Missing her family.


10:00PM - 11:00 PM BBT MON Cliff talks in the SR about Tommy making them a deal. He says that he still dreams of him and Nicole being F2 and if they send Holly home, they are the last duo.  Cliff heads off to bed leaving Jackson and Holly looking at the memory wall. They head out to the hammock. Jackson says he doesn't have a F2 with anyone and that he will be sitting with Holly at the end.Holly says she hopes this isn't her last night in the yard. Inside, Cliff, Nicole and Tommy discuss possible comps.

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