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Sunday, September 8, 2019 Big Brother 21 Live Feed Updates

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12:00 AM BBT  Nicole talks with Tommy in the HoH bathroom (more details)

Nicole- I am on board that train so if I can talk to Cliff and you can talk to Cliff. I know it's awkward, and it's going to make people angry, but I think it's fair.

Tommy- I do too. (Tommy is crying, realizing this is his one shot to stay)

Nicole- I think it would be easier had Holly been HoH and Michie sitting next to you. But, if he is so scary, why not try to disarm him. That's where my head is at.

Tommy- I don't know what deals have been made, I feel a little out of the loop, but I can only speak for myself and what I see as the overall picture of the game..and what is beneficial for the game. I think it is beneficial for you and Cliff if I was here next week.

Nicole- I'm going to be honest with you, and I am probably going to shoot myself in the foot

TOmmy- No, you know me. You know I keep this to myself

Nicole- A deal was made for final 4

Tommy- I'm sure....I'm sure

Nicole- which  I was okay with because Christie scared the Bejesus out of me. But, as much as I want to remain loyal and be a final 4 and get there together, it's not smart. The voice in the back of my head is, "You idiot!"

Tommy- I won't be leading with that. I'm just going to go in and speak my truth. I know what I can bring to this final stage....I would be fighting with you guys and I think that... not that you need me. You don't need me. You and Cliff clearly proved you don't need anybody. But, it would be easier.

Nicole- Easier, but also it's fairer...and I just think....yeah.....I'm probably shooting myself in the foot

Tommy- you know I don't say things like this; what you say to me...it doesn't leave this room

Nicole- I won this veto which was literally the most opportune thing. Literally the only option where I won it and take someone down and he's forced...forced.

Tommy- I know. I thought about this. I did.

Nicole- Like, it kills me as a person because like "I love Tommy so much" and we are in an alliance, but at the same time. Thinking about it, as a person I don't want to go against my word, I don't know....because as a person I don't want to be unloyal. But, if Cliff was up next to you, what would be their plan. They could easily...I don't know, but they could ...I don't know...If it was..... but they very well could have sent him out. Here I am being loyal..... I don't know. ...if they had the gun I'm almost positive they would have taken the shot. if you were to stay it would be us three

Tommy- I have zero expectations. I like love that you brought this up to me. It doesn't leave this room. I'm going to, like I said,enjoy every single minute in this house because I don't know when it's done. I'll be fighting in a very clean way. I'm going to tell Holly that I take the fact that I was chosen very seriously and I am not throwing that away. Even if I didn't know anything and I just (on his own without knowing how Nicole feels)...that would still be what I would do because he (Michie) is the toughest person in the house

Nicole tells Tommy that Cliff is leaning toward honoring the alliance, but she would rather make the move to evict Holly 

Nicole- everybody is like, I'm voting for him....Fuck

Tommy- they lived up here together all summer

Nicole- I know. They are not going to defend any of us. They are just gonna

Michie comes in and breaks up the conversation. Tommy and Nicole do a poor job of playing off their conversation as non-game related.

Michie- did I come at a bad time? I thought everyone was asleep. I thought you were in the boat room .

Tommy- no, you're fine

Nicole- we were just telling each other we love each other

[It's a conundrum because Nicole knows this is an opportunity to weaken Michie/Holly. There are pros and cons to both, but Nicole needs to remember that Michie will gun for the final veto and he could win. If she turns against him, he would take Cliff not Nicole. I am rather certain he would take Nicole otherwise. I think they should evict Holly anyway.  -MamaLong]




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12:00AM BBT: Nicole tells Tommy that a final four deal was made. Nicole says she "was ok" with it because Christie scared her. She says she wants to remain loyal, but it's not a smart decision to do that. Tommy says he won't tell anyone about Nicole telling him about the final four deal. 


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12:18 AM BBT

Nicole is talking about how her hands were distorted in her comic.

Nicole- there is something about mine that I didn't notice and then remembered

Tommy- what?

Nicole- my hands...the way I talk. (she shows her hands). That's what I do the whole time.....

Michie- SAVAGE

Tommy- oh..... right

Michie- and Kemi's lazy eye...woah

Nicole- they did it to Holly's hands as well, very knuckly....I am assuming I do it all the time. It's bad. 

Tommy I am very wristy when I talk

Michie- very wristy

Nicole- I hate that I do that. My fingers are like this...T-Rex arms. I've been working on it

Michie- you speak with gumption

Tommy- gumption

Nicole- hutzpah ....that's what I say

Michie- hutzpah? .....Gusto!

Nicole- yeah gusto...hutzpah

Michie- what's hutzpah? Are you at a Bat mitzvah

Tommy- is that a Jewish slang word  (it is Yiddish)

Nicole- gumption is something you eat

Michie- no that's gumbo

Nicole- gumpshit

Michie- it's not gumpshit Nicole. It's gumption

They begin talking about things they have all said through the season. Tommy mentions that he regrets saying Bella was a bully. Michie and Tommy discuss Christie's DR sessions and what she may have said

Nicole- it' was gumpshit



12:23 AM BBT

Tommy, Nicole and Michie continue having great conversation in the HoH Room.

Nicole- a part of me wants to see it and a big part of me doesn't (to watch the season back)

Michie- a big part of me doesn't want to see....not so much for things I've done, but I don't want to hear things other people say or see things that alter my opinion of people I love. I'd almost rather... out of sight out of mind. I don't want to hear it which is weird because outside of the house I always want to know the details of being cheated on and everything

Nicole- I really worry about depictions...like, I didn't mean that to sound that way (just in general, no particulars)

Michie- Do you think people in past seasons watch it?

Nicole- I saw that Rockstar posted right before we got out here that she had just watched it.

Tommy- It took her awhile

Nicole- I need to watch with someone who has a lot of patience

Tommy and Nicole both say they need to watch with someone who knows them well and has patience while they explain themselves

Michie- I'm gonna watch with my mom, but also, I don't want to watch with my mom

Tommy- because you'll have to explain yourself  (laughing)

Nicole- that's my biggest fear....whether I see my family finale night, or in an airport...seeing my family and they would be like, "Oh, Nic.." And I'm like WHAT?

Michie- you're fine

Tommy- America will be obsessed with you....OBSESSED

Nicole- Oh, I hope so...but not in a creepy way

Michie- I think America is going to love both of y'all....so much...yeah, you're fine

Nicole- I think America has grown to love you (Michie)

Tommy- me too

Nicole- I really do....I think as of the Slip and Slide....it's been a very different Michie

Tommy- yeah

Michie- when I got to play my own game. Doing what I want to do. I had nothing to lose. No longer  worrying about saying this and saying that or doing this or doing that because it might jeopardize my game. My game couldn't have gotten any worse   [True! Love that he is self-aware.  -MamaLong]

Nicole- it was a turning point...it really was

Michie-  It was because literally I came in and I wasn't able to feel like myself because of different personalities...trying to lay under the radar...not trying to having blood on my hands...trying to wiggle my way through in social settings, but not seem like a threat...just different things.

Tommy- you've done good

Michie- It's been tricky. The hardest thing to do is not be yourself but make it seem like you are being yourself.

Tommy- Yeah

Nicole- Wow...I can see that

Michie- the hardest thing is being fraudulently genuine.

Tommy- I gotta say that is one thing that I, because of who I am I didn't have to worry about that. I There are certain players. I believe like every single person has to come in to this game and play a specific game for themselves because every person is unique and different....you are a big physical threat....that's who you are....when you look at you, you are this muscle guy, and there is so much more to you than that. But, at first glance you're this physical threat and had to not be your full self because you're already the one people were looking at in the beginning

Michie- that was my biggest fear. I felt like I had to get guaranteed safety. But then there was Jack who took the bigger target. So I was like, take it. I'm gonna let you become the one everyone likes. His social game...everyone loves him. Cool! Something will happen eventually, I just need to get through the first half of this game.

Nicole- that's why I was confused by his comic: The Jack-Ass

Michie- that's because we know him. He was boisterous though. COnversation, he always took over and made it a story about him. He would say things constantly..."I'm like butter I'm on a roll"...very confident. He would say he is gonna win

Tommy- and he always did so bad

Michie- so bad

Nicole- it's so funny because he always said his biggest pet peeve was a one-upper, but he is a one-upper

Michie- But, he IS a one-upper

Tommy- Really? I didn't notice it. I don't notice shit. I love all these guys so much. It's not that I disagree, I agree...but it's part of why I love him so much

Nicole- I see through it. The facade of arrogance, there is a lot of insecurity there.

Michie- yeah, when he was John not Jack...

Tommy- he was the best fucking guy





12:55 AM BBT

Nicole goes to chat with Cliff in the RV Bedroom. She updates him on the conversations that just transpired.

Cliff- How is Tommy?

Nicole- He is okay (she secures the RV door then heads to the bed to update him on her game thoughts)

Nicole- He wants to campaign. He wants to talk with me and you, and it's tough because....I kind of agree with him (game plan) because I fear the two of them together (Michie/Holly) like that's a done deal, the two of them. Tommy said, "If I stay my goal will be to get out Michie because if he is in the final 3 none of us will win against him." Last week it was 3 duos. Now, there's two duos and a singular person. I won the POV and take you down...and there is the possibility to take out another....we'll be the last duo with two singulars.

Cliff- Yeah, okay, well we'll think about it

Nicole- it's hard because...I'm just trying to think because what scares me is that before we walked out for the results Michie turned to Tommy and was like (snaps fingers) was like, I think we did good. And he looked up and was like, "Oh, I hope we all did good."  I worry that they could have taken you out. I wonder if they were going to take the shot first. They could very well have voted you out. Because it didn't make sense

Cliff- yeah

Nicole- because Michie said the other day that he would break the tie and I was like what the hell are you talking about. He was like, I don't want to see you on the block and if I did I would break the tie

Cliff- he was talking about that if you and I were up there together 

Nicole- oh...but right after when we were going to get the results he turned to Tommy and was like (snaps fingers)....regardless, it still comes down to the veto. Regardless, But, if let's say I get to final 3 with them or you get to final three with them, they will take each other. But, if it's Tommy there is a possibility

Cliff- well, we'll see....

Nicole- well, we have so much time

Cliff- I worry a little bit that Tommy would be competing in HoH as opposed to Holly. I feel like Tommy is better. And Tommy just worries me about the faces...against Michie. Michie can't compete in the HoH but he can compete in veto.

Nicole- I know what we are saying about loyalty and all, but there were 3 duos. We, together broke up one. Tommy would send out Michie. Holly would send out you.

Cliff- let's talk about it. I've always said I will keep the game separate from the personal

Nicole- it's not random people. They will not separate from each other. On Monday, I'll take you off. It's not like he can really hold a grudge.

Cliff- it's an option. I'm not saying no because we have to do what we can to get to final two. I want us to be in agreement.

Nicole- I view people in clusters and we broke up one cluster. We need to get the other cluster.

Cliff- you have the right to do that. You won the veto. Don't think I'm already  decided. You have the right to do that.

Nicole- if Tommy won he is keeping us over them...he told me

Cliff- that's the deal...why would he say no to that

Nicole- if Tommy doesn't win HoH

Cliff- whether Tommy wins HoH or not, he could still win veto. Worst case is Tommy wins HoH and Michie wins veto...and then one of us goes.

Nicole- that the thing. I don't want to do it and then one of us goes.

Cliff-We have to balance that versus how good we think Tommy is gonna be.

Nicole- Holly may be easier for us to beat but Tommy might be more difficult for Michie to beat. Let's say we both don't get there. We have better odds with Tommy.

Cliff- say it was me Michie and Holly. There is usually a physical component and Michie wins that. I would have to win the mental component.

Nicole- Ideally, you and I are on those final scales. Think of the different venues...

Cliff- I do think that we have to get, swear an absolute that if we do this he puts Michie up.

Nicole- think...we have to think...I don't know. That's the thing. We are the only two votes so we have to decide. It's like the universe is like, "okay, here is your second opportunity" (to break up that final pair in Michie/Holly). Going in to the final week...Holly wouldn't be fighting for us but Tommy would

Cliff- Okay! You are very sharp Nicole....very sharp. In the end, we do what we have to do to make it!

Nicole- we have to think

Cliff- Let the devious side come out. (they giggle together)

Nicole comments that she needs to get her stuff out of HoH because they are sleeping up there. Cliff tells her to check because they told him that she has it (HoH Room) as long as she wants it. That they are planning to sleep in the Target Room.



1:20 AM BBT

Cliff ponders the situation in the RV: Go back on their final 4 deal with Michie/Holly or do what it takes to give them the best shot at Final 2.





1:46 AM BBT  Nicole, Holly, and Tommy are talking about their families in the HoH Room

Nicole- I know this sounds lame, but they are my people...my world.

Tommy- I really miss my pup

Nicole- that's my fear....that my Georgia Peach won't remember me....that I go to hug her and she growls at me

Tommy- no way

Holly agrees that she is worried about her Jackson (he dog) being mad at her, too...or forgetting her because she watched him forget about his dad (her ex)

Tommy- Jackson is not going to forget you....no way




2:45 AM BBT

Michie comes in to the HoH and says goodnight to Nicole. She tells him goodnight and they hug

Michie- I love you. You're my big sister but you're so little.

Nicole- I'm colossal

Michie- you are Nicolossal

The lights go out in the HOHR. Nicole tells Michie to tell Holly she is beautiful. He tells Nicole to go to the camera (spy cam)

Holly is posing in a blanket-cape to Nicole.  SHe starts prancing around the HoH table walking on the seats. Big Brother warns her not to climb on the furniture

Holly- I'm getting yelled at

They yell back and forth to each other "you're beautiful....no, you're more beautiful"

Michie heads down to Holly. They yell "Love you" at each other and blow kisses.

Nicole talks to us- I'm sorry. I freakin' love them two. On a personal level I love them so much, they are the cutest. I want to be at their wedding. I adore them. On a  game level, I've got some thinking to do.






3:02 AM BBT

Michie and Holly are in bed in the Target Room. Nicole is game planning out loud for us in the HOHR (nothing new, though)

Michie- It's weird but I trust them

Holly- we have to play super low. Not rock the boat

Michie- It's gonna go one of two ways. I don't know which way it will go.

rock the boat.png

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1:00AM BBT: Nicole is whispering in the CBR, Nicole says she thinks Jackson and Holly are going to take the first shot. Nicole says a lot of things don't make sense. "Obviously we haven't decided," Cliff says about evicting Holly. He says he'll "consider" keeping Tommy. 


1:15AM BBT: Nicole and Cliff agree to weigh the pros and cons of keeping Tommy over Holly. Nicole leaves and is back in the HOHR with Jackson and Tommy chatting about the 'What the Bleep' comp. 


1:38AM BBT: Holly is out of the DR and Jackson is called in. Holly joins Nicole and Tommy in the HOHR. Cliff is asleep in the CBR. 


2:00AM BBT: Holly, Tommy and Nicole are still in the HOHR chatting. Cliff is still asleep and Jackson is in the DR. 


2:30AM BBT: General conversation still continues in the HOHR, Jackson is still in the DR. 


2:31AM BBT: Jackson leaves the DR while Tommy and Holly leave the HOHR. Nicole is in bed and turns the lights off. Jackson enters the HOHR while Holly gets ready for bed downstairs.


2:40AM BBT: Nicole and Jackson are chatting in the HOHR, they discuss how the next few comps are going to go. 



2:50AM BBT: Jackson leaves Nicole in the HOHR, she turns off the lights and goes over dates again. Jackson gets into bed with Holly in the TBR. 


3:30AM BBT: Jackson and Holly flirt and joke around in the TBR while they go over previous comps and dates, Nicole is still awake and going over dates. Nicole says she knows Holly and Tommy's families are screaming at her over what to do. Nicole says she's pretty certain that they will be evicting Holly instead of Tommy. Nicole says she needs to talk to Cliff. 


3:45AM BBT: Nicole finishes talking to herself/live feeders and gets into bed. Holly and Jackson settle down and also go to sleep. The house is dark and quiet. 


7:50AM BBT: The HGs are all still asleep. 

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10:05 AM BBT

The feeds cut for Wake Wakey Houseguests

The houseguests are slow to get up, just sort of slothing around. Cliff and Tommy are up and have exchanged good morning greetings.

10:26 AM BBT

Tommy brushes his teeth then heads to the kitchen and checks the time.

Tommy- It's 10:23 (the clock in the kitchen hasn't been right since the power outage)  which means that it is 1:30 on the East Coast. Good Afternoon East Coasters. Our house is a mess, but I love it. Getting down to the wire and it's probably my last week in the house. I'm going to enjoy every minute of it. As we get to the end, you start to think about the outside world more. I'm starting to think about my family; how much I miss them...how much I love them. I can't wait to see them. But, I'm also going to miss this a lot. This has been my dream for years. I don't even know how to put it in words. But, the moment I watched Big Brother there was a connection. Maybe I knew I was destined to be on it. It has been the toughest thing I have ever done in my life. Truly a life changing experience.



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Tommy- Yeah, and now I wash dishes. Good Morning Everyone.

Cliff comes in. Tommy remembers he needs to change his battery.


10:52 AM BBT

Tommy enters the bathroom and tells Cliff that he is surprised the backyard hasn't opened back up yet

Cliff- oh, really....wow.....Maybe they are setting it up for something special

Tommy- yeah

Cliff- keep your fingers crossed

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11:08 AM BBT

Tommy is cleaning the kitchen. Michie/Holly are still sleeping.

No sign of Nicole yet.


The camera moves to the HOHR


11:19 AM BBT

Production announces: Houseguests must be awake during the hours of 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM

Nicole- Sorry...I'm really sorry. I didn't mean to fall asleep.


11:38 AM BBT

Nicole is talking to herself and America in the HOHR



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11:40 AM BBT

Nicole- America, another reason why I felt so strongly about the double eviction was because that was the final 6 HoH and I knew moving forward that  I could then play in the final 4 HoH and the final 3 competitions. Michie won this HoH but can't play in the next one. Why would I keep somebody here who can play in the next HoH and guarantee her own safety and if her showmance goes with her, she is going to pick him over me no matter what? If Tommy guarantees his safety it's a little more up in the air what he would do. But if Holly guarantees her safety, I'm in trouble. Less trouble than if Tommy is there with me in final 3. Did Nicole get much sleep? Eh, not really. I'm just thinking about all of this. Craziness....absolute craziness. I've been thinking about my family who I love so very much. I love my basket. I miss you! I am assuming that you are watching either live feeds or reading Joker's updates and you know I won  the veto.


I am taking Cliff down. Holly is forced to go up. And I know what the smart move to do would be. And I know you are yelling at me through the computer screen...through the phone screen....through the tv...I hear you loud and clear. I think it's going to happen. I really do.

And then come Thursday it's me, Cliff and Tommy....pushing for final 3. And then I am praying that it's me. If not, it's not meant to be and I am just praying that I win that veto. Okay, I'm going to get ready. I have to go change my battery and get started with the day. Today is Sunday. WOW! WOW! Okay, here we go. Here we go.

Nicole heads out of the HOHR.

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12:35 PM BBT

Just general chatter from the houseguests in the kitchen.


[I'm out for a bit...lots to do today. As a teacher, I must figure out how to teach my students prepositions and pronouns (yeah, I saw that dis). I won't go on a rant, but there are a lot of reasons the education system sucks so bad in the U.S., and it's not fair to lay blame on the educators...especially when we have been forced to become babysitters over true content instructors.  *sigh -MamaLong]

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1 hour ago, MamaLong said:


12:35 PM BBT

Just general chatter from the houseguests in the kitchen.


[I'm out for a bit...lots to do today. As a teacher, I must figure out how to teach my students prepositions and pronouns (yeah, I saw that dis). I won't go on a rant, but there are a lot of reasons the education system sucks so bad in the U.S., and it's not fair to lay blame on the educators...especially when we have been forced to become babysitters over true content instructors.  *sigh -MamaLong]

thank you for not correcting my grammar. ;)

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2:02 PM BBT

The backyard finally opens

The HGs notice they have new pool cues.

Cliff- It's hot and dirty

Nicole- that's how people describe me

Holly was the only one who heard, "Nicole made a funny!"



2:09 PM BBT

Nicole tells us she has a fire lit under her ass.

Nicole- I am ready. I am so ready to win this thing!




29 minutes ago, grannysue1154 said:

thank you for not correcting my grammar. ;)

If there are any, I don't notice. I love your updates...some of my favorites! :cowwave:

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3:00 PM BBT

Tommy and Cliff have decided to lay out and get some sun. Holly is being the ultimate sloth. Michie is about to work out, and Nicole is in the DR.



Michie- I sure hope we make it to finale night.

Holly- me too

Michie- we have a 50% chance

Holly- I don't. You do.

Michie- you're not going anyway Holls


On the other side of the yard...


Tommy to Cliff- are you okay, Cliff? You seemed stressed

Cliff- I am....just the game

Tommy- I want you to be at peace. I don't want you to be stressed.

Cliff- well, if it's not you it would be at my own game. It's not even just that. It's the stress of this past week

Tommy- I get it. It's tough at this point. It's less about the social game now...it's more straight forward

Cliff- that's it


Michie is trying to talk Holly into a shower

Michie- we will be out in less than 30

Holly- can we just keep laying here because I am insanely comfortable

Michie- I will lay here another 20 if we can go shower later

Holly- okay

Michie- really?   SWEET  How did I get so lucky?

Holly- I don't know. (laughing) We both did...in a lot of ways


3:10 PM BBT

Nicole is out of the DR and says she is going to go put a swimsuit on


Nicole has decided to go feed the fish, and TOmmy decides to help. In the SR, Nicole tells Tommy that she is pushing for him to stay. Tommy says he noticed Cliff was stressed and he told him not to stress because they are good no matter what. Nicole tells Tommy she didn't sleep well, and he tells her that he doesn't want her to stress either. 

Tommy- honestly, I see the pros and cons to both sides. I'm not gonna lie. 

He says he will understand either way.



3:15 PM BBT

Nicole is strategically feeding the fish so they all get to eat instead of the one big fish taking it all.

Tommy- I think they all got some

Nicole- yeah!

Tommy- bye guys....we love you

Nicole- I love them!  Bye!



3:30 PM BBT
Michie has fallen asleep on what he said (earlier) is his favorite pillow


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3:41 PM BBT

Michie and Holly head upstairs. Holly jumps in the shower. Michie tells her that he is going to ask if they can have the HOHR for a night. Michie approaches the shower and asks if Holly is ready yet. He starts to remove his shirt to jump in, but Holly says not yet. He goes and waits on the edge of the bathtub.

Michie- let me know when you are ready.




Michie is summoned to join Holly in the shower and surprisingly, the cameras do not leave the bathroom area.



3:47 PM BBT

Michie has left his microphone on the table just right outside the shower, so we can hear more than they probably think.

Michie- please, ma'am

Holly- heavy breathing

The cameras finally leave to focus on the the excitement in the backyard, which includes discussion of Dystopian novels.


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3:31PM BBT SUN Nicole sitting quietly in the BY on the couch. Tommy and Cliff chatting.


3:34PM BBT SUN Jackson and Holly are on the BY sofa. Jackson is reclined on her abdomen. Holly asks him f he wants to go shower. He kisses her private area a few times and says yes. He says all he does is eat, sleep and shower. They go inside.


3:42PM BBT SUN Cliff, Tommy and Nicole talk about being F5. Holly in the shower and Jackson wandering the HOH bathroom telling her to let him know when she is ready.She tells him that it's fine to come in. He gets undressed and heads in.


3:48PM BBT SUN Holly and Jackson have fun in the HOH shower. The cams all go to the BY as Nicole, Cliff, and Tommy discuss movies.


4:04PM BBT SUN The trio to continue to discuss comps and the DE and what they were supposed to do.

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4:09PM BBT SUN Cliff and Nicole talk. They discuss their options. Nicole says she is trying to think about America would want. She says they would be the last duo standing. They discuss what votes Tommy would have in jury.


4:13PM BBT SUN Nicole and Cliff continue to discuss their options.They go over the different scenarios.


4:16PM BBT SUN Nicole says that with sending Holly out, it would be their 2nd couple that they broke up. Cliff tells her that's a good thought.Jackson comes out with a oragami kit the house got.


4:24PM BBT SUN Jackson is cutting up a watermelon. Cliff, Nicole and Tommy playing pool in the BY.

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4:31PM BBT SUN Jackson brings out the watermelon and tells the HG this is the best one "we" have had all summer. He puts the bowl on the pool table. Holly is working on her hair in the BR.


4:45PM BBT SUN HG playing pool. Just general chatting.



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6:45 PM BBT

Tommy and Nicole discuss the benefits of using the veto on Cliff

Nicole- I know you want to be here, and you deserve to be here.

Tommy- you are so smart Nicole. I always knew you weren't an emotional player.



Nicole- the second Clif tells me he is on board, it's done. Done...done.

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11:11 PM BBT

Michie got his snapchat glasses and took video of Tommy and Nicole singing their BB original "Cuddle Buddies"


Living in the house

Can be very lonely

And sooooo

You need a cuddle buddy

A replacement cuddle buddy

America, don't judge us



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8:00PM-10:00 PM BBT SUN Holly and Tommy make up a cheese and meat board inside for wine night. NIcole swings on the hammock and Jackson working out. Every enjoys the wine night.


10:00PM - 11:00 PM BBT SUN HG discuss different TV shows. The talk about the blow up in the house with Nick and Bella. Nicole talks about her family being 5 hours away. Holly says he dog is 5 minutes away.


11:30PM - 12:00 AM BBT SUN Jackson talks about how Cliff was established and yet he gave up everything to be here. He said that Christie slandering him puts his future ont he line. There is a medical company that wants to hire him and Christie put that on the line.They go through the deals that were made.

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