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Big Brother Season 21-Episdoe 32 Double Eviction

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Previously, on Big Brother, only seven remain in the battle for the grand prize. With Michie in control of the week, his plan was to take out Jessica. So he put her up next to his pawn Christie. Michie had a masterplan to get to the end of the game, but Christie wasn’t going to be played for a fool. With the veto on the line, Tommy sought out a golden win. At the veto meeting, the Broadway dancer saved his BFF from the block leaving Michie to put up a new pawn. Tonight, will be the Chicagoan or the Texan sent to jury. Plus, another HG will also be leaving because it’s double eviction night! When the dust settles only 5 HG will remain! All this live right now on Big Brother!


Julie greets us and it’s day 79 in the house and everyone is trying to figure out how to make it to finale night. Should Michie succeed in sending Jess packing, he may be winning a battle, but he’ll be starting a war.


Michie and Holly are talking by the pool talking about how great it would be to get first and second. Michie says his goal is to get Jess out. Michie says he has a F4 with Cliff and Nicole, but they are also good with Tommy and Christie. This only works if the two groups don’t find out about each other. Holly says she did not come here for sixth or fifth. Michie says they have to make sure none of them get spooked or get wise to the situation. Holly says they are playing a very high risk game right now and Michie says high risk and high reward.


Christie is talking to Cliff in the hammock. She tells him she thinks Michie has been working with everyone. Cliff says the same way. Christie tells us that if Michie or Holly stay in the game, then none of them will make F2. Christie tells Cliff that she thinks Michie or Holly need to go. Cliff says even if Christie is telling him the truth, he needs Michie and Holly’s vote. So he needs to tell them before Christie spins it to make it look good for him. He needs their vote to stay.


Cliff then goes to tell Michie and Holly about his conversation with Christie and that she told him Michie and Holly were working with everyone. Michie says Christie might try and get close with Nicole and Cliff says she’s already throwing you under the bus. Cliff leaves and Holly says she knew it was a matter of time when Christie would be a problem. Holly says once the dust settles after this eviction, they will see where things stand. Holly says she did not come here to take sixth place to Christie Murphy.


Time to let the HG know about tonight’s double eviction. Julie tells them there will be no jury battle back. Michie says double though and Julie says one of them will have a chance at the grand prize, but the bad news is tonight IS double eviction night. Cliff is shaking his head and Tommy is freaking out. It all starts right now!


Jess does her shoutouts. HG, 79 days she loves them so much. You only take one shot in this game and it either sends you to the jury house or keeps you in the house. She’d love to stay and keep fighting. Cliff does his shoutout to his wife. He loves Jess. He loves BB and he’s not ready to go home. He’d love to have their votes and if not he’ll walk out with hugs and handshakes to all.


Time to vote!

Holly very sadly votes to evict Jessica.

Nicole votes to evict the jovial Jessica.

Christie sadly, heartbreakingly votes to evict Jessica.

Tommy votes to evict the beautiful, gorgeous Jessica.

By a vote of 4-0, Jessica has been evicted from the Big Brother house. Jess gives quick hugs to everyone and says she loves them. Cliff says family forever. Jess heads out the door.


Julie says Jess doesn’t seem surprised and she says not at all. Julie wants to know how big of a mistake Michie made targeting her and Jess thinks she’ll be seeing Michie next tonight. Julie says why is everyone gunning for him and she thinks so. Jess doesn’t think they made the right decision to get rid of her over Cliff. Julie says they will do an after show interview, but we have to kick out another person.


Time for tonight’s HOH! This competition is called On Thin Ice. On Julie’s go, they’ll begin to build their ice rink puzzle. Once built, they’ll take their hockey stick and make a goal will become the new HOH. Julie gives the go. Nicole has started with the middle and Cliff is making good progress. The puzzle pieces are large and not easily maneuvered. Nicole looks to be almost halfway done with her puzzle already. Cliff is right behind. Holly isn’t doing well and Christie isn’t doing great. It’s between Nicole and Cliff and Tommy is close behind. Nicole has her final piece of her puzzle. She grabs her hockey stick and she shoots her ball and misses and has to try again. Cliff and Tommy have their puzzles done and Nicole has scored her goal! Nicole wins HOH!


Cliff advises Nicole that he thinks Christie and Tommy are the way to go. Nicole does a shout out to her family. Christie goes in next and Nicole says she’s just trying to figure out how best to navigate forward and Christie might find herself on the block but she loves her so much. Nicole’s adrenaline is pumping and she’s breathless.


Time for the live nomination ceremony. We see Michie and Holly in the boat room with Nicole and they are hoping Christie will be the one to go, but they ask what Nicole prefers and she says let’s see what happens. Nicole has to name her nominees. Nicole says this is absolutely nothing personal. From a game standpoint, she has to nominate Tommy and Christie. They hug and take their seats. They’ll each have a chance to save themselves in the veto competition.


Already tonight, Jessica was evicted, then Nicole became the new HOH and she nominated Tommy and Christie for eviction. Time for the veto competition. It’s What the Bleep? They will all view a number of videos containing statements made by their fellow HG. Each statement will have a bleeped out word or phrase and Julie will tell them what that might be. They will answer true or false.


We see Kat’s eviction speech. True or False: The bleeped out phrase was take on. Everyone answers false. They are all correct and they all get a point.


Video #2 is Jess’s speech from eviction night next to Kemi. True or false: The bleeped out word was play. Everyone answers True. They are all correct and they all have 2 points.


Video #3 is Kemi’s eviction speech. True or false: the bleeped out word was running. Everyone answers true. They are all true.


Video #4 is Sis’s eviction speech. True or false: the bleeped out phrase was sitting here with. Tommy and Michie answer true and everyone else answers false. The answer is false. Everyone but Tommy and Michie get a point.


Video #5 is Jack’s eviction speech. The bleeped out word was known. Holly, Tommy, and Michie answers True. Cliff, Nicole, and Christie answers false. The correct answer is false. Cliff, Christie, and Nicole each have 5 points.


Video #6 is Sam’s veto speech from his second veto win. The bleeped out word was waves. Nicole and Holly answer true. Everyone else answers false. The answer is false. Christie and Cliff have 6 points. Nicole has 5. Holly, Tommy, and Michie each have 4 points.


The last video is Bella’s eviction speech. True or False: The bleeped out word was pick. Everyone answers True except Nicole and Christie who answers False. The real word was pick and Cliff has won the veto!


Cliff talks to Nicole and confirms he’s keeping it the same and probably take out Christie. He tells Tommy he’s leaving noms the same.


Time for the veto meeting. Cliff says he loves them all and at this point in the game there are limited choices and he’s going to honor Nicole’s nominations.


Time for the second eviction of the night. Tommy says he didn’t even think about this. He’s happy to be here and no matter what happens he’s so grateful for the last 79 days. This experience has made this Staten Island boy’s dreams come true and he’s proud of Nicole.


Christie loves this game, she loves every one of them. She loves this game and she clearly didn’t play well she didn’t win much. She says she’s so proud of any of them winning. Julie is so beautiful.


Time to vote!

Michie votes to evict Christie.

Holly votes to evict Christie.

Cliff votes to evict his friend and fellow BB fan Christie.

By a vote of 3-0, Christie has been evicted from the BB house. She hugs Tommy and tells him to do good. She gives everyone hugs and she tells Nicole she’s amazing. She tells them to keep fighting and please someone pack her stuff.


Julie says she looked surprised when Nicole said she might find herself up there. Christie says she has to do what’s best for her game and she doesn’t see how getting her out is best. She says Michie is going to win. Julie asks if they made the right decision to evict her over Tommy and Christie doesn’t think it was the right choice, but she wants him to stay too and win.


Julie asks Christie how big of a mistake it was for her to say she didn’t want to go to the end with couples and she says maybe she shouldn’t have been so vocal, but it felt right in the moment. She’s proud. Julie asks Christie about her and Tommy’s relationship and if having him helped her game or hurt her game. Christie says she felt like she had a piece of home all the time and he kept her sane and talked her off the ledge. She thinks he helped her but it also might have made them appeared close. Julie wants to know why the universe evicted her tonight and no one else and she says it was her time and she was supposed to get to a F6 and maybe Tommy is supposed to win and her leaving will help him get there.

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