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Saturday, September 7, 2019 Big Brother 21 Live Feed Updates

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Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is West Coast Daylight Saving (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations or nicknames not used in the house.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB21-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)

Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Target Bedroom (TBR)
Camper Bedroom (CBR)
Boat Room Lounge (BRL)
Tree House Balcony (THB)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
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Please feel free to post info for other updaters to let them know how long you can update, or when you're taking a break and you want someone else to take over.


...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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12:00 AM BBT

The houseguests are all in bed. Nicole is sleeping alone in the HoH room.

Michie and Holly are in the target bedroom face to face, whispering. Big Brother tells them to put their mics on. 

Holly- no, we are actually going to bed, if you will turn out the lights we are not talking.

Michie- we won't talk...see we are going to bed. Good Night Big Brother. We will just look.

Some time goes by as they just stare at each other. The lights are still on

Michie-  (he grabs his mic) I still think it's best if we throw the HoH

Holly- really?

Michie-Law of probability. There's 4 people. One will be HoH and cannot vote. Would you rather have 2 vs. 1 or 1 vs. 2? Because realistically, we have the same chance of one of us going home.

Holly- I know

Michie- we have the same chance of one of us going home if you're HoH 

Holly- I know

Michie- if one of them is HoH it's only 1 person versus two because whoever wins the veto determines who stays

Holly- but if one of the is HoH and that same person wins...

Michie- it doesn't matter.....because if that person is not HoH and that person wins, it's the same outcome...so, we have a better chance....right?   or no?

Holly- well, if one of them wins yeah they can't vote but both of us would be on the block. So, if one of us wins the veto we swap places and then the other person comes down. So, it's gonna be a one voter anyway

Michie- you need to go for it

Holly- so either way it doesn't matter.... if I win, I put up Cliff and Nicole, let's just say in any scenario, Cliff wins veto

Michie- we are all competing in the veto so if you win the veto you keep it the same

Holly- Cliff wins veto he takes himself down you go up, Cliff comes down and he is voting Nicole....same outcome either way. I have reworked it in my head and it's the same regardless

Michie- yeah, now that I think about it.  And what will the comp be?.....The HoH just means that person is safe....it doesn't mean their plus one is.


12:08 AM BBT

Michie There is two outcomes. Either you are guaranteed safety and I'm not. Or, we are both guaranteed safety.

Holly- or you are guaranteed safety and I'm not

Michie- I can't play in the HoH

Holly- yeah, but you can play in the veto

Michie- I'm saying in the HoH. If you win Ho you are fine and it's me versus them two

Holly- oh yeah, I'm half asleep. I'm not really half asleep, I'm full of anxiety....I feel like I did at the beginning of the season....just massive, massive anxiety. It's debilitating. It's weird. I have like Benjamin Buttons myself....well, wait. That didn't make sense.

Michie- I like your hair when it's natural without the extensions in

Holly- well, let it grow some more and I won't wear the extensions

Michie- I like you just the way you are

Holly- Thank you, Baby



Holly makes an analogy of their relationship to seeds, weeds and a garden, "We have a garden"

She calls it a "Jacksonalogy" that he will be proud of. "When you are like scrambling with bad intentions you plant seeds and you get weed. But when you nurture over time and truly care, you grow a garden."

Holly- we re going to bed, Big Brother. Please turn off the lights

Michie- we have a big day tomorrow, PLEASE turn off the lights Big Brother

Big Brother- Jackson, please go to the Diary Room downstairs

Holly- Noooo

Michie- Ugh....I just wanted the lights turned off

Holly- I'm sorry Baby

Michie- it's okay. (he reluctantly gets out of bed)

Holly talks to the cameras.

Holly- Man, this experience is crazy. I can't believe I'm here...still here. Good night world.

Big Brother turns out the lights

Holly- thank you



12:17 AM BBT

Nicole gets out of bed and brushes her teeth. She stares at her pics then says, "Goodnight Georgia Peach, Mom, Dad" then proclaims she will win the veto tomorrow. Nicole goes out to the treehouse and gets the checkerboard. She returns to the HoH and practices the days using the board. Each square represents a day and she places the checkers down for the competitions. She reviews everything aloud for us to hear, and she has a solid memory.


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Nicole uses a brilliant rhyming method to remember all of the events in the house. Extremely impressive! It's worth listening to on camera 3 all the way through 12:50 AM. She then puts the headphones on and begins listening to the Backstreet Boys while drifting off to sleep.


1:00 AM BBT

Everyone is sleeping in the BB house with plans of getting solid rest for today's veto competition.

The target is clearly Tommy, but if he wins veto, the quad squad will end up losing an ally.

If Tommy is able to pull himself off, Michie will put up Nicole as the replacement nominee and Cliff will be evicted.

If Cliff saves himself, Nicole goes up as replacement and Tommy is evicted.

Michie will not be allowed to play in the next HoH, so Holly plans to gun for it and put Cliff/Nicole on the block (or Tommy, because if he survives this week, he remains the target). 

The BB21 game is completely dependent on who wins competitions.

[I'm hoping for a Final 2 of Cliff/Nicole with either winning the game and all being right in the BB World  -MamaLong]

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1:20 AM BBT Everyone is in bed except Michie who has been in the DR. Michie exits the DR and goes to the bathroom. He doesn't wash his hands when he exits the WC and then proceeds to look into the HoH and put his hands all over his face as he closely examines his face. Afterwards, he rinses his hands off and heads into the KT. He stops at the memory wall and stares at in the dark.


1:23 AM BBT Holly comes out of the TBR and heads towards the WC. BB turns on the house light. She passes Jackson who is still looking at the memory wall. With the 2 of them up, BB tells Jackson to put his microphone on. Jackson goes to bed instead. Holly exits the WC, washes her hands, puts on some lip balm and heads back to the bedroom as well. 


1:30 AM BBT Everyone is in bed. Jackson and Holly are laying down in the TBR. Tommy, wanting to sleep in the cold, has gone to sleep in the HN room. Cliff is in the RV. Nicole is asleep in the HoH. 


8:00 AM BBT Everyone is asleep. BB has been waking them up at 8 on veto Saturdays this season but is apparently letting them sleep in this morning. This is most likely because they don't have to pick players anymore. 

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9:20AM BBT SAT Tommy gets up from bed.  He goes to the storage room to exchange his batteries then to the WCA and brushes his teeth. Cliff is in the shower.


9:33AM BBT SAT Tommy roaming a bit with a blanket and back to bed.Nicole in the HOH bed. She says out loud to BB that she is coming and just needs to pull herself together.


9:55AM BBT SAT Holly gets out of bed and crawls in to snuggle with Tommy.Tommy tells Holly it was good to just be alone (he slept in the HN room). Holly complains how hot it was in the Target BR and they didn't sleep well.Jackson went from the BR all the way up to HOH to use the WC.

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10:07AM BBT SAT Jackson in the HOH BR praying. Holly and Tommy chatting about clothing.


10:20AM BBT SAT Cliff and Nicole having breakfast. Holly in the WCA putting on make up.


10:28AM BBT SAT Cliff, Tommy, Nicole and Jackson talk about the comp and Jess' dream of zip lines and a plastic bucket. Holly brushing her hair out in the T BR.


10:35AM BBT SAT Jackson drinking out of the chocolate milk carton and puts it back in the fridge. Nicole talking about a concert she went to where the performer looked over and waved at her. Holly putting in her extensions in the BR.


0:45AM BBT SAT The HG sit in the KT discussing if this season has good ratings or if there will be a new season of BB next year. Cliff says it's possible there won't be. Tommy says he is sure that they have good ratings. They joke about no jury house and the HG were just sent home.

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12:00 PM BBT Cliff is sitting at the KT table. Holly is standing by the memory wall. They are looking at the faces. Tommy, Nicole and Jackson are in the HoH. They are discussing who they have outside the house and how many of them know what BB is. Jackson is happy that Duff wrote his letter because he didn't know what Big Brother was. So they must be informing him. 


12:13 PM BBT Everyone but Cliff is up in the HoH. They are discussing their trepidation about watching the show when they get out. They wonder who the villains are. Cliff is pacing in the WA saying to himself quietly "You can do it, breathe, fight. Whatever it takes. If you can't catch your breath go on anyway. Show them you deserve this. Muscles, who cares. Tendons, who cares. Pretend your life is on the line. Visualize lives on the line. No sacrifice you make today is too great. Do whatever it takes. Fingers, bones, muscles, air."


12:18 PM BBT Cliff is still pacing the WA and pumping himself for the veto. The others are in the HoH. Nicole asks where Cliff is. They discuss that they last saw him stretching in his croakies and that he is ready to go. 

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12:16 PM BBT

Cliff is pacing and talking himself up in the bathroom... getting mentally prepared for the veto competition.

Cliff- you can do this.....fight....show you belong here...show them that anyone can do anything for a short period of time.....muscles, tendons? who cares.....you can do this....catch your breath...run like hell...you have ziplined before. Your eyes are fine. Your memory is fine....make sure they are correct. You don't win, if you do win...either way...you've got nothing left in your tank when you're done. You leave every single thing....you fight...fight for survival. You throw up, throw up. You pass out, pass out. Your heart explodes.....you can do it. Make people proud. Let them know you came here to fight. You will not be taken out of this game! Fight!  You do it! You do it! You do it! You can do anything....push your body.



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12:24 PM BBT Cliff continues to pace and pump himself up in the WA. The others are in the HoH discussing the wall comp. The ghosts hitting them was bad but the icy blast from behind was the absolute worst. 


12:26 PM BBT Those in the HoH are now discussing the Poison Ivy hanging comp. Jackson said that their stirrups were designed for them and that those that complained that individuals with smaller feet had an advantage are making excuses because the stirrups were made for your foot size. Holly agrees and said there is no way those guys could have fit in hers and no way she could have fit in theirs. 


12:30 PM BBT Nicole goes downstairs and gets a big spoonful of peanut butter. She is talking to Cliff in the KT. Cliff tells her that he is going to go hard. Leave nothing in the tank. Nicole says she is doing the same because she can't think of Cliff staying on the block. Meanwhile upstairs Tommy jokes with Jackson and Holly that they found love in a hopeless place. 


12:33 PM BBT Nicole and Cliff are discussing their strategy for BB Comics. Nicole is going to focus on 4 or 5 five at a time. Get the order nailed first and then find the differences on the duplicates.


12:37 PM BBT Jackson has joined Cliff and Nicole in the KT. They discuss their BB strategies. Cliff says the location of the button is going to be relevant. When you get down to the last few comics, it might be quicker just to guess the order and hit the button every time because the options are going to be limited and you eventually will get the order right. However that only works if the button is close. 


12:42 PM BBT Nicole watches Jackson cut up some watermelon in the KT. She asks him what happened to his other bowl of watermelon. He shows her an empty bowl. She asked him in total shock if he had eaten it. He smiles and says yes. Nicole "No!" Jackson "Why? What did you put in there?"  Nicole "Salt. A ton of salt." Jackson laughs and admits that he threw it away. Nicole "Good because I was worried we may need to hydrate you because that was a ton of salt." 


12:50 PM BBT Jackson, Holly and Tommy are talking in the HoH. They are telling Tommy why they felt that Christie had to go. They explain her promise not to ever put up or vote against them. And she did this while swearing on the Bible, her sister and blood. She then swore on these same things to Cliff and Nicole that she would go after Holly and Jackson. Holly thinks that Christie might eve be a sociopath because she says her lies with such a passion that it makes you wonder if she might actually believe them. 

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12:59 PM BBT Nicole is talking to the cameras in the RV. She talks to her family and Cliff's family. She is going to win this for her and Cliff. She wants it. She can do it. She has seen it. It is happening. 


1:01 PM BBT Nicole "There is no way I am letting this happen. There's no way. Let's get ready. Big Brother, I am ready. Let's do it." 


1:05 PM BBT Holly, Jackson and Tommy remain in the HoH. They continue to justify to Tommy why they had to target Christie and that regardless if she ever admits it or not, they know she was coming after them. Tommy continues to say that he understands. However the 3 of them are proud that half of Six Shooters made it into the F5.

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1:11 PM BBT

Tommy- I want to tell y'all something

Tommy tells Michie and Holly that he knew Christie before coming in the house     [MIC DROP]

Holly- I am sorry...I was dogging her...I thought that might be the case, I feel bad

Tommy- No...no...no....no (telling Holly not to apologize)

Michie- really?

Tommy- her ex girlfriend is my aunt

Tommy begins crying

Tommy- this is so freaky

Michie and Holly hug him and apologize

Tommy tells her no, that it is okay [Tommy clearly wants them to understand his position with Christie...that he felt he had no choice]

Tommy- I had to go with it because of who she was 

Tommy begins hyperventilating a bit

Michie- are you okay

Tommy- yeah....sorry

Holly- Holy shit

Michie- come her dawg

Michie and Holly console Tommy who is visibly shook

Holly- your aunt from the photo?

Tommy- no, she was...  [it's my understanding that his aunt (the one formerly with Christie) did not sign a disclosure agreement  -MamaLong]

*feeds cut




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1:10 PM BBT FLASHBACK ALERT FEEDS 3/4 Jackson, Holly and Tommy are in the HoH. Tommy just confessed to them that he knew Christie before coming into the house. 


1:11 PM BBT In the HoH, Tommy just told Holly and Jackson that he knew Christie before coming into the house. Holly is apologizing profusely for dogging Christie for the last hour. Tommy starts to get emotional and says "Her ex-girlfriend is my aunt." WBRB. 


1:12 PM BBT Tommy is crying to Jackson and Holly. He continues to say that he had no choice. He had to go with it. They hug him and it goes back to WBRB. 


2019-09-07-13.11.32-Cam 4.jpg


2019-09-07-13.11.28-Cam 4.jpg


2019-09-07-13.11.43-Cam 4.jpg


2019-09-07-13.11.45-Cam 4.jpg


1:25 PM BBT The feeds remain on FOTH as Tommy shares the details of his relationship with Christie outside the house. [Either auntie hasn't signed the release of BB is saving the good stuff for the show~Goldylucks]


1:35 PM BBT The feeds return. All the feeds show Nicole pacing in the RV. She just quietly pacing from one end of the room to the other. 


1:39 PM BBT All 4 feeds are still on Nicole who continues to pace the RV. She is whispering her strategy for BB Comics. She has a plan in place and is ready to put it into action. 


1:42 PM BBT Tommy has come down from the HoH. Tommy claps his hands and says to Cliff in an excited tone "Are we doing this or what?" Tommy notes that he has not heard construction today and BB has never officially said they were playing the veto today. Cliff "Then the pranks on us then." Tommy is called to the DR downstairs. 


1:45 PM BBT Cliff tells Nicole that it is weird that Tommy got called back to the DR. He must have a little something to redo. [Only Jackson and Holly know about the reveal]  Meanwhile Jackson and Holly are talking in the HoH. Holly says "It must be really tough and they thought they had it hard. The person I knew blabbed about it on day 3. What a tangled web indeed." Jackson said that Holly's was before the feeds. Jackson sneezes. Holly doesn't respond. Jackson "Why didn't you get me?" He taps his own forehead and says "pineapple". 


1:49 PM BBT In the KT, Nicole asks Cliff if he has heard anything outside. Cliff responds that it has been quiet for a while." WBRB


1:54 PM BBT The feeds return. Holly tells Jackson that he is a good liar. She asks him if he knew Kat. He says no, he promised that he does not know Kat. Holly says that this makes her knowing Kat (she does a raspberry) nothing. Jackson says he wonders if America knows and we get WBRB again. 


1:57 PM BBT Jackson and Holly are still talking in the HoH. He wonders why BB woke them up at 9 if the comp isn't starting until 2 or 3. He then starts telling her that they need to watch how they talk to each other. He says that when she calls him an idiot and is snapping back at him, it doesn't sound good. It makes her look mean and b**ching. She says she hadn't thought about it because she was always just joking. He says it is not because he is easily offended. He doesn't want her to add on to stuff about her image that she is already worried about. In real life, he wouldn't care. But this isn't real life. 


2:07 PM BBT Tommy is out of the DR. He yells "Gah. Are we doing this or what?" He starts dancing and singing "Are we going to play this veto, veto, veto?" Nicole replies in song "I don't know, don't know, don't know." 

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2:10 PM BBT Jackson is called to the DR downstairs. Jackson yells down to Tommy, Cliff and Holly as he exits the HoH "Alright, did you hear me get called? Yeah Buddy. Give me those BB Comics. Love this intensity." 


2:12 PM BBT The feeds switch to Kitties. It is veto time.

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5:12 PM BBT The feeds have now been down for 3 hours as the HGs play the BB Comics Veto Competition. This particular comp is almost always played one at a time, so we expect that the veto could take a while. 


6:20 PM BBT 4 hours and counting since the feeds went down for the veto. 

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6:57PM BBT Feeds are back. NICOLE WON!  With a time of 10:58, she beat second-place Tommy by almost 5 minutes, but is still lamenting wasting a minute she didn't have to!


7:03PM BBT Nicole says she will use the Veto to take "her one" (Cliff) off the block, and give Holly her first taste of the block.  Cliff and Nicole shout out to Ovi with a "Fellowship of the Zing" screen zap.





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6:57 PM BBT The feeds return. Nicole has won the veto. 

2019-09-07-18.58.18-Cam 1.jpg


6:58 PM BBT Everyone is giving hugs to Nicole and are telling her how impressive that was. She got a time under 11 minutes. She goes into the RV and celebrates alone. She is wearing a yellow BB Comics shirt and a green cape. She picks up her veto that is hanging around her neck and kisses it. 


7:00 PM BBT In the RV room Nicole celebrates alone. She looks at the camera and puts up 4 fingers and says Final 4. She exits the room and meets up with Cliff in the hallway. He tells her that she is the reason they are making it to Final 4. He is so proud of her. She is building her resume and this was a huge win. Michie can't compete in the HoH so it will just be the two of them and Holly. She tells him that he is not going to be on the block eviction day. He thanks her. Cliff looks to the camera and talks to Nicole's family that he will be the surrogate dad, mom and sister and say we are so proud of you. "You are something else." 

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