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America's Got Talent Season 14 Live Results Show 4


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The finals are in two weeks, tonight we reveal the first acts to make to thru. We see replays of the acts. There are 11 acts up on stage but only 5 can go thru.  The top 3 acts on last nights vote will go straight thru. First you get to save one act. Here are the 3 acts in danger Light Balance Kids, Ndlovu Youth Choir and Robert Finley. Here we go, get your votes in.  Simon says he is surprised but America controls the vote now. 


There is so much at stake this week...we get to see the after party in the Dunkin lounge last night. Alright let's get serious. Let's get the first results, Kodi Lee and Greg Morton please step forward. The first act going thru to the finals is Kodi Lee. Gabby says Kodi is doing exactly what he was put on this earth to do and thats being you. You got this kid, you got it. We see a clip of Preacher and Darcy Lynne from season 12. 


Two years ago there was a performer who lit up the stage, let's hear it for Preacher Lawson. Preacher says his life is amazing now! AGT magician Jon dorenbos wows the LA Rams with his magic. Here's one of the greatest champions AGT has ever had, please welcome back the sensational Darcy Lynne and Patunia.


Want to be on AGT? go to AGTauditions.com Who will make it thru to the finals next? Benicio Bryant, Eric Chien and Ansley Burns please step forward. The next act going into the finals is...Benicio Bryant. Juliann tells him you are it, you are a star. Simons says you have made a drimatic increase from where you started. Now there are 3 acts left on stage...Messoudi Brothers, Tyler Butler-Figueroa and Jackie Fabulous please step forward. The next act going into the finals is...Tyler Butler-Figueroa. Tyler is greteful to be here. Simon says you got to this place tonight because of your talent last night. This is all building up to what could be a mega mega finale. 


Time to find out who your Dunkin vote saved tonight. We have Light Balance Kids, Ndlovu Youth Choir and Robert Finley. The act you put into the finals is Light Balance Kids. Howie says WOW, last night he was so impressed. You are worthy of the finals, worthy of a career. We starte with 11 acts and are down to 2, this time the judges will decide the final stop. Who will it be, Ndlovu Youth Choir or Robert Finley?


Next Tuesday 11 more acts will be battling for more spots in the finals. Don't miss it. There is one spot left from tonight. Gabby chooses Ndlovu Youth Choir. Juliann chooses Ndlovu Youth Choir. Howie chooses Rober Finley. Simon chooses Ndlovu Youth Choir. Tonights 5 acts going into the finals are Kodi Lee, .Benicio Bryant, Tyler Butler-Figueroa, Light Balance Kids and Ndlovu Youth Choir. 



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