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Big Brother Season 21-Episode 31

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Previously, on Big Brother, showmance Jackson and Holly struck a F4 deal with Cliff and Nicole, but the couple also earned Christie’s loyalty when they agreed to keep her in the house. With only seven souls remaining, the power was back up for grabs and it came down to Michie and Tommy. So Michie promised him safety in exchange for the win. Michie wanted Jess out of the game, and he planned to cash in on Christie’s pawn promise to get the job done.


Jackson had a master plan to get him and Holly to the end, but Christie wasn’t buying Michie’s loyalty. At the nomination ceremony, Michie initiated his plan. Tonight, will the POV save one of the nominees? Plus there’s only three weeks left until someone leaves with the half million dollar grand prize, but with Holly and Michie’s showmance survive that long? Find out right now on Big Brother!


We pick up on day 73 after the nomination ceremony and Michie has just nominated Christie and Jess with Jess as the target. But if Jess came off the block and Christie went he wouldn’t be that upset. As long as one of them goes home, this week is a success. Jess thought she and Michie had a great game and personal relationship. She feels stupid and mad, maybe in denial. She feels played and she gets emotional. She doesn’t want to be up against Christie because she loves her a lot.


Christie is tired of being on the block. She’s up as a pawn and it’s stressful, this is four weeks now and it’s a lot. Hopefully she can Michie and stay and then her contract with Michie and Holly will be a million percent null and void. Jess is talking to Christie and Tommy and she says she feels like she can’t be mad at anyone but herself. She has fought since day one to prove she can do things that she’s never seen anyone do in this game that looked like her. Christie tells her she’s done that. Jess says she’s having her breakdown moment. Tommy goes to comfort Jess as she’s crying. She says it’s a feeling of being unwanted. Like getting picked last on the playground. Jess thinks these feelings could be turned around and used as fuel to win veto.


Nicole is talking to Michie and Holly are Nicole says they all like each other but don’t really know each other. Holly wants to do Q&A’s with everyone. She wants to call it “Hot Takes with Holls”. Michie doesn’t want personal stuff on feeds. Nicole says it’s a good idea. Holly says she’ll start doing it tonight and Michie says not tonight with veto tomorrow, plus it’s a holiday weekend. Holly says she wants to do it while she’s still in the house. Michie says he’s just making suggestions. Nicole decides it’s time to leave.


Michie and Holly start bickering. Holly says normally if she needed space she’d go for a hike, but here there is no space. There’s nowhere to go to get away from him. Holly tells him he sounds condescending and Michie says she’s snippy. Michie says he has no idea where Holly is coming from but she has a tendency to shut him down. He says having a relationship in the BB house is one of the most difficult things he’s had to do. Holly is telling Michie he is shutting her down and she wants to make an effort to let people to get to know them and he won’t let her. Michie tells her to find a way to change it and she says that’s what she’s trying to do.


It’s time to pick players for the veto competition! Christie and Jess join Michie to draw for players. Michie draws first and he draws Nicole and everyone cheers! Christie draws Tommy. Jess draws HG choice and she chooses Cliff. Cliff says getting picked for the veto competition is great so he can win and keep nominations the same. Even though he’s working with Michie and Holly, you never know who you can trust.


Michie comes down with a watermelon and Holly gives him a cup of coffee and he says thanks. Holly says she always does that, but now she feels like she’s being shut out and she’s not sure why. Holly is picking at her hair in the Dining Room and Michie walks by and she mumbles sick. Holly goes into the LR where everyone else is talking about Nick and says are you seriously not going to say good morning? He says he did and they start bickering again and Michie says they’ll talk about it later. Michie says she came at him and started talking at him aggressively and you don’t talk to people that way that you care about.


Holly goes to lay down and Christie goes to talk to her. Holly is telling her that Michie shuts down and Christie says guys don’t always know how to handle things and Holly says especially when they’re 24. Christie tells her to take time today and Holly says she has nowhere to go. Holly is saying she doesn’t want to be the girl in the showmance, she wants to be her own person. She doesn’t feel valued in the relationship. Christie tells her to just be her.


Michie is going into the KT and Holly stands by the counter. Michie says nothing and heads upstairs and Holly follows. Holly wants to talk and Michie says sure. Holly says Michie says he’s being mean and he says he’s not going to be talked to that way in front of four people in the house. They sit down. Michie says she came over to him and she called him an ahole a couple of times and his family will see that. Holly says she feels bad for that. Michie says clearly I can’t make you happy and Holly starts to say something and Michie says do you want to talk? Let me talk. Michie says he’s not going to talked to like that and Holly says he’s been shutting down and it feels like he’s done. Michie says he’s done now. Michie says he’s been there and done that. Holly starts crying and she says she hates this house. She hates it here. Michie says he’s sorry she’s upset. Holly says she never felt worthy and then he didn’t even tell her good morning. Michie says he always tells her how proud of her he is how much he respects. He doesn’t know what else to do.


Holly has considered whether the showmance was a good idea and if she wanted to continue this outside the walls. But she’s wanted to be here and play for so long and she doesn’t want to waste this chance. Michie says this morning is exactly what every one of his exes have done and she says she’s not his exes. Michie says clearly you are. He says hopefully in the next 25 days you can make this experience you thought it could be. Holly starts crying and she stands by the door and Michie opens it and she goes out. Michie says he has a job to do and that’s to make it to finale night. Holly is outside the HOH crying on the couch upstairs and Michie picks up the picture of his mom and says I love you mom. Holly continues to cry and Michie heads out and heads downstairs.


We have a beach theme and some cabanas. It’s surf camp. They each have a live preserver with their name locked in it. They have 2 and a half minutes to hide their life preserver. After everyone has hidden theirs, they will take turns getting three minutes to make an attempt to find someone else’s life preserve. After five have been retrieved, they’ll reveal who’s preservers were found. The person who’s preserve is not found will win the POV.


Nicole is up first and she wants to win this veto. She wants to keep noms the same and she wants to build her resume. She is the only one who hasn’t won anything. She needs to build her resume. Nicole hides her under some logs in the camper. Michie is next and he doesn’t want to win. He hides his in the logs in the LR. Cliff hides his under the bottom drawer in the WA.


Jess is in next and she says she needs this veto. She goes to the camper and she hides her under her bed wrapped up in a pillow case. After all she is a snoozefest! Christie says she’s escaped eviction the last three weeks and she’s nervous. She hids hers in the WA under the rug. She feels like that’s inconspicuous. Tommy is in and he heads toward the Target BR. He needs to win this veto to ensure his safety and then he’ll figure out what to do with it. He hides his under the mattress in the Target BR. It’s not the most inconspicuous spot, but we’ll see what happens.


Nicole is in first and she knows people hide things in pillows. So step one is pillow squeezing and she finds nothing. Michie wants to eliminate Jess from the competition. So he needs to go where she spends the most time which is her bed in the RV. He finds the first life preserver and he’s hoping it’s Jess’s. Cliff is in and he wants to check on his life preserver and then tear stuff up so people think it’s been searched and they move on to another location.


Jess is sticking to the KT because she wants to stay close to rooms close to the BY. She opens drawers and the oven and nothing. Christie starts in the main BR and she says she’s just picking things up and throwing them all over the place. Tommy heads to the boat room because there aren’t many hiding places there and he wants to cancel that room.


Michie says he’s not going to lie. He’s been waiting to trash this house. He knocks all the cereal boxes off of the refrigerator. He heads back to the camper and flips mattresses and he finds the preserve in the logs. Jess heads in next and she says the camper is a disaster. She says how rude! She’s pretty sure Michie was the one throwing all the stuff around. That was a douchebag thing to do.


Nicole says the house is an absolute pigsty. You don’t waste food! That’s rule #1 in the Anthony household. Actually, rule #1 is don’t leave lights on if you’re not in the room, rule #2 is don’t waste food. We see more HG going in and someone has flipped the mattress on Tommy’s bed. Tommy can’t find anything and he remembers he was going to hide his preserver in the logs in the LR and he searches and finds a life preserver.


Michie is flipping all of the couches in the LR. He goes back to the Target BR and searches the dresser. Jess has Tommy’s mattress lifted but she can’t see it. She searches under the rug in the WA and she finds the life preserver there and she’s hoping it’s Michie’s. Christie says this is her least favorite comp. She has no idea where else to look. They’ve torn the house apart. Michie flips all the benches around the BR table. Tommy is in the closet messes with Jackson’s clothes and he apologizes. Michie comes in and he throws his clothes from the closet. Nicole finds a hair tie. Nicole looks under the closet in the KT. Tommy searches the WA next to the dresser.


Christie says omg, this house is a disaster! Tommy is going through Nicole’s clothes and he says so sorry. Nicole comes in and says heck no!!! Nicole stops and looks for a minute and then tells herself to walk away. Tommy is looking somewhere the life preserver won’t fit. Michie says he’s flipped everything upside down and then it dawns on him. The one place he hasn’t checked as thoroughly. Christie says Michie is an animal and she’s worried that preserver might be hers.


It’s time to find out who’s preservers have been found. Michie has found the first life preserver and it’s Jessica’s. He found the second one too and it’s Nicole’s. Tommy found the third one and he eliminated Michie. Christie says so far so good. The fourth preserve found by Jess is Christie’s. She says this really sucks and she’s praying to every God in the universe right now.


It’s down to Cliff and Tommy. Michie found the last life preserver and it’s Cliff’s. Tommy has won the POV. Tommy says another iconic BB comp. The fan in him is over the moon with excitement. Christie says omg she’s screaming! Holy crap! Tommy won and now she has a shot at staying because she thinks he’ll use the veto on her. Things could not be better right now.


The HG head inside and Holly is getting her first look at the house. Tommy takes them to where his was hidden. Michie says he threw his mattress! Jess says Tommy won the veto and that’s heartbreaking because she’s positive he won’t use it on her. Jess says she needs to figure out where to go from here because she does not want to meet Julie on eviction night.


Michie is sitting in the downstairs BR and Holly comes out of the Target BR. He asks if she’s better today and she says yes. She’s just emotionally drained. Holly is hoping Michie isn’t turning on her because she made him mad. Michie says they have to work together, they don’t have a choice. Holly wants to ask questions but she doesn’t know if she wants the answers. Michie says he doesn’t want personal stuff to bring either of them down. Holly says she just doesn’t want to lose him and he says give me a hug. She goes to sit on his lap and they hug. Holly says she adores Michie and she feels blessed she got an incredible personal relationship that blossomed throughout the game. She wants to keep him in her life, she doesn’t want to lose him. She tells him she doesn’t ever want to hurt him. They cuddle in the bed. Michie tells us people mistakes and he is far from perfect and he really likes Holly.


It’s time for the veto meeting! Tommy has decided…to use the Power of Veto on Christie! Michie has to name a replacement nominee. He says there’s not many options left and they have to look for people who hinder our chances on making it to finale night. Cliff, please take a seat.


Tommy says weeks ago he would have been worried to use the veto, but at this stage of the game it’s crunch time. All his other allies are gone and it’s just him and Christie and they are going to fight to the end. Michie says Cliff is the pawn and the goal is to evict Jess. She’s the last remaining wild card. He’s hoping the other two duos will take shots at each other while he and Holly play in the background. Jess says it sucks. It’s the hardest thing to figure out how to stay here and she’s going to have to start getting scrappy. Cliff is hoping being a nominee will throw suspicion of his connection to Michie and Holly. Christie say thank you Tommy! Thank you universe for having my back! Christie says Cliff is the biggest boulder standing in her way to win the game, besides Michie. And Christie wants to take a shot at Michie next week.

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