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America's Got Talent Season 14-Semi-Finals Live Show 1

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Tonight, the semi-finals begins! Sean Hayes is visiting tonight and he’s joining the judges for the show!


The first act of the night is the Ndluvo Youth Choir and they are so excited to be here. Their director says when they perform they burst with joy and life and their lives have been changed so much already, and they are only getting started. They perform Higher Love by Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood. They get a standing ovation from all the judges.


Gabrielle says they are the pride and joy of South Africa, and the world. She’s incredibly proud of them. Gabrielle says they are bringing the love and they made the whole audience dance. Howie says beautiful. They sound beautiful and they look beautiful. Sean says they are just infectious and he doesn’t see how they couldn’t go through to the finals.


Ansley Burns can’t believe she got the Dunkin’ Save and she recaps the craziness of her journey. She takes the stage and performs Cry Pretty by Carrie Underwood.


Julianne says Ansley is a ray of sunshine in this world and she thinks that why America wants to root for her. She thinks the song overpowered her a bit, but she’s proud of her. Sean thinks she’s amazing and he can’t believe how good she is. He compares her to Karen Carpenter. Gabrielle says Ansley is one of her favorite acts. Howie doesn’t think that song did her justice but he loves her. Simon says her story before summed up everything about her. She’s gutsy and adorable and he wants America to judge her on her entire time on AGT.


The Messoudi Brothers are ready to take the stage next. They’ve been performing together their whole lives. They are going to attempt a trick that one of the brother’s broke their foot on. Julianne has joined the act and she put on one of the brother’s backs and he balances with her on him.


Julianne thanks them for allowing her to join and they did a great job. Simon says he puts the entire performance down to him because he thinks his advice gave them inspiration and it was so much better. Gabrielle says it’s going to take a lot for her to forget Magic Mike, but Magic Messoudi! They wowed them from start to finish. Howie says they ended up doing something so fantastic. Sean says he’s blown away and seeing them in person, everything is bigger.


The next act is Tyler Butler-Figueroa and we hear from his little brother Adam who wants to be just like him and play the violin. His brother is his superhero. He thinks he’s way better than Batman. Tyler takes the stage and performs Break Free by Ariana Grande. He gets an ovation.


Simon says Tyler showed what a great showman and musician he was. He put on a performance that defines joy and talent. Gabrielle says what they’ve done for this audience has been truly magical. He is brilliant. Sean says the fact he can jump up and down and still hit the right notes is amazing. He says he makes the violin look so easy, he’s brilliant. Julianne says his performance went above and beyond what they’ve seen. She says his greatest trial has become his greatest triumph.


Greg Morton is up next and he says as a kid he was different and bullied a lot and all he ever wanted was to be liked. He takes the stage and he’s doing cartoon characters. He does some old cartoon characters, some new, and then he finally gets around to Disney characters. He gets an ovation.


Julianne says she’s hoping animators are watching. She loves Greg Morton! Simon says he’s been a fan of him throughout the competition until tonight. Simon thought tonight was a mess and it was all over place. Julianne says it’s because he didn’t know who the characters were. Howie says he thinks he nailed it, but some of the characters weren’t current. Sean says he doesn’t know he’s not going to work for the rest of his life, that was amazing.


Next up is Kodi Lee. We hear from his siblings and how much he inspires them and how proud they are of him. He performs You Are The Reason by Calum Scott. He gets an ovation from the audience and all of the judges and everyone is chanting his name.


Gabrielle says Kodi just keeps changing the world. He makes the world 1000% better. Simon says that took him back to his very first audition and his story is unbelievable, but his talent is special. Simon says his breath was taken away. Sean says he has tears in his eyes and he’s so lucky to witness it this close and be part of it. He’s nothing short of extraordinary. Howie says Kodi is magic!


Jackie Fabulous is ready to take the stage. She was saved by the Dunkin’ Save and she’s back and she’s ready. She wants to win! She takes the stage to begin her set. Howie is enjoying her set.


Howie says Jackie is fabulous and comedy is subjective and he found her funny and authentic. Gabrielle says every time she hits the stage she delivers. She’s funny, fabulous, she makes them think, and she’s really hot. Sean says she has something a lot of people don’t have beyond funny is she’s so likable and people are drawn to her. Julianne says she has an energy and an essence and she fills the room. Julianne says she her standards should be high because she is hot stuff. Simon says semi-finals are very different where this is the moment where people are at the top of their game and Simon didn’t think she brought it. He hates to be a Debbie Downer and he hopes he’s wrong.


Robert Finley is next and he thinks everything happens for a reason. He’s the oldest in the competition. He’s bringing the guitar out and he’s ready for this moment. He takes the stage and performs another original while playing his guitar. He gets an ovation from the audience and two judges.


Sean loves Robert so much, he’d give anything to be half as cool and hip as him. Sean loved that it’s him and he’s so different. He really stood out. Simon says he is so cool and classy. Age is completely irrelevant. He thinks he would have connected better if he hadn’t had the band behind him. Howie says he doesn’t know the blues world but it felt authentic and real.   


Eric Chien is our next act and he says magic is his life. He was in shock and thought he was going to go home. Close-up magic has been his act for a long time, it’s like the only thing he knows. He’s torn between taking a risk like Simon suggested, or stay true to what he does like Julianne said. He hopes he makes the right choice. He takes the stage and there’s a table with a small globe and a book on it that turns into a bag and he takes out some blank cards. He pulls something from the globe and we now have pictures of famous landmarks on the cards.


Eric reaches back in his bag and pulls out a rolled up map and opens it and lays it flat. He takes the first card and puts the Kremlin in Russia. Mount Rushmore has the faces of the judges, and then it’s changed to the presidents. He lays out various landmarks on the map where they are in the world. He picks up the Statue of Liberty card and he pulls off a miniature statue and the map is now full of statues instead of cards.


Julianne says she didn’t know at first what they were watching and she’s a little confused. She thinks that was a massive reveal at the end. Simon says he thought something ginormous was going to come at him. Howie says he did an entire city skyline. Simon hates being negative tonight and he didn’t have a bloody clue what was going on there. Howie says he thinks Eric is one of the best close-up magician he’s seen. Gabrielle says they might have been confused because of their vantage point but he pulled out something unreal!


Light Balance Kids is ready to perform a Marvel Superhero act. The kids talk about how amazing it is to be in America and it’s a dream come true. They talk about the war going on in the Ukraine. They perform to Rock You Like a Hurricane by Scorpions and then the music switches Livin’ on a Prayer by Bon Jovi. They get an ovation from the judges and all of the judges.


Simon is delighted he was a complete and utter idiot last time he judged Light Balance Kids. He says that was a semi-final performance that will get them in the final. Howie agrees with everything Simon said he could clearly see this act as a Vegas act. Gabrielle says every time they up the ante and let their imaginations run wild and they enjoy it all. Sean says he’s blown away by the choreography and the sync of all of it. He wants to go backstage and talk to them, it’s unbelievable. Julianne says she’s enjoyed previous performances. She doesn’t think they needed to go into the Marvel universe.


Benicio Bryant is our final act and we see his parents talk about his growth and how proud they are of him. They’ve always known how talented he is and they are excited the whole world gets to see it. Benicio takes the stage and performs another original. He gets an ovation from the audience and all five judges.


Simon says Benicio was pretty outstanding. He says it was very cool and relevant. Julianne hands down agreed with Simon. He just created an entire world for them to join. Sean is completely obsessed with him and he wishes he could call him Benny and he was a jet. Gabrielle says he is a world class talent, he is a star. Howie says he loved this song and he loves him. He truly believes the biggest star that could come out of this season.

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