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Friday, September 6, 2019 Big Brother 21 Live Feed Updates

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5:30 PM BBT Nicole is up from her nap and goes to the WA where Cliff is. She tells him that she is going to take a shower because she forgot they had noms today. They discuss that the noms don't really count. Cliff says that it would be perfect if Cliff was on the block and Nicole won the veto. Then they are both safe. 


5:35 PM BBT Cliff and Nicole are talking in the WA. They are saying how much they trusted each other and how people must have known they were working together and let them do it. They identified each other as being loyal and a competitor that you easily overlook. Knowing they played together to the F5, they are going to be friends forever. 


5:37 PM BBT Tommy is out of the DR and goes back to his bed to lay down. Cliff and Nicole are still talking about their friendship and how they value each other. The discuss BB Comics. Nicole says she can't let her anxiety slow her down. She has to go go go. Cliff admits he is worried about catching his breath and his breathing slowing him down. 


5:41 PM BBT Cliff and Nicole are proud that 2 of the remaining 5 are members of Fellowship of the Zing. And 3 of the original 8 are here. But who would have guessed it would be the 2 of them still here. 


5:43 PM BBT Cliff tells Nicole that her HoH win changed the game. If Tommy had won it, it would be an entirely different game. There are people in here who have her to thank for their BB lives. 


5:46 PM BBT Cliff talks to the Anthony family about Nicole. He is so proud of her and can't even imagine how proud they must be. He is glad to be her surrogate dad in there for 19 more days. And he has 2 kids of his own but he sees Nicole as an honorary Hogg. She is the 1 person he played with all season that he felt like he could absolutely trust. Even when they were on the block together. We do what we do to survive, but they have been there for each other. 


5:51 PM BBT Tommy is raiding the fridge in the SR. He is fighting with a drawer that will only open halfway. Something is stuck preventing it from opening the rest of the way. Tommy throws out some items from the fridge that have gone bad. Meanwhile Cliff is talking to the cameras again. He wishes he was outside the house watching a movie musical like Jesus Christ Superstar or West Side Story. He a soft spot for movie musicals. 


5:57 PM BBT Tommy, Cliff and Michie are in the KT. Cliff is putting up dishes. Tommy is cutting up some boneless chicken. Nicole is showering in the HoH and Holly is napping in the LR. Michie asks if they want to drink tomorrow or maybe wait until Sunday where they may have the yard. Cliff says it would be nice to have the yard. Tommy says he is game. 

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6:00 PM BBT Michie has crawled on the couch next to Holly. Cliff calls out to BB to tell him that if BB is willing, he will crawl up under the sink and fix that screw which will fix the sink. He has done it before and he knows exactly what to do. Michie "Hey Holls." Holly "Hey Jackson." Michie "We made it to F4." Holly "Because of you." Michie "I am so proud of us." Michie says he slammed the table, jumped to clear the booth. He doesn't even know how. Holly "It was so high." 


The feeds switch to puppies at 6:02 PM BBT It is time for noms.


6:45 PM BBT Feeds return. Michie nominated Cliff and Tommy. 


2019-09-06-18.44.12-Cam 3.jpg


6:47 PM BBT Holly and Michie have a brief celebration in the SR. Michie informs her that he can't play in the next HoH. Holly is not pleased but not surprised. Meanwhile Tommy says this if the first time he was nominated in the regular nomination ceremony.

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6:49 PM BBT Michie, Holly and Tommy are in the KT. Michie mentions that no one has earned a penalty yet this season. Wouldn't it be something if they get all the way to final 5 and then someone gets a penalty nom or something. Holly "I don't even want to think about that." 


6:53 PM BBT Tommy "We made it to final 5. We are going to be remembered!" The others laugh at him. All 5 HGs are in the KT preparing something to eat or already eating snacks. Everyone appears pretty jolly. They all have mentioned that the nominations aren't what's important. The veto is. So no one appears to be upset about the nominations. 

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7:25 PM BBT

Tommy is making Asian stir fry for dinner with chicken and vegetables. Holly recommends he adds water chestnuts. Tommy said he has never had them and isn't sure he can have them (allergic to nuts). Michie said they are a root, not a nut. Holly goes to the DR to check. They tell her they will get back to her. Tommy decides it's a vegetable, not a nut so he eats one. The DR calls him in and we get WBRB fish. When the feeds come back, Tommy says, "It's weird. I can't have them. I ate one but I feel fine."


[The feeds are messing up a lot tonight. Lots of skips, pauses, and loss of audio.  -MamaLong]

Michie- I would have bet $100 that water chestnuts are a vegetable

Nicole- why? what are they?

feeds cut then come back (seems BB doesn't want the HGs to talk about this)

Michie- If I had a slim thought or ever...I would have never

Tommy- it's fine. I feel fine

Michie- so is it that It's a possibility?

Tommy- I don't know. Maybe I'm allergic, maybe I'm not. Maybe I'm just allergic to tree nuts. But I feel fine.

Nicole- are you sure?

Tommy- I have my epi pen, so I'm fine


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7:26PM BBT After laying in the HOH bed and watching the monitor by herself, Nicole joins the others for dinner downstairs.  Michie explains to them that wasabi in restaurants is usually horseradish and water dyed green.


7:39PM BBT While eating dinner, the HG are guessing that the comp tomorrow will either face smash or BB comics.  Michie explains how the comics comp works.


7:57PM BBT The HG head to the couches in the LR after dinner.  Nicole ran back and grabbed her blanket from the RV.   Tommy is commenting on how different Julie Chen Moonves looks now from the first season.  Michie wants to watch seasons 1 through 21 to see the progression of the show.



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9pm BB Time


House guests, with the exception of Tommy, are in the living room talking about past events in the house.


Cliff tells about David when they were banished to the dark forest. He says that David was in the pitch dark while they waited for signal to “go”. David was muttering “let's do this.” “let's do this.” and other phrases. Everyone could hear him pumping himself up, but could not see him. Cliff says that when the “go” came David ran into a tree so hard the set shook. They are all laughing at the comical way Cliff tells it.


Topic changes to the pie war, and all of them are laughing at the absurdity of waking up house guests to hit them with a pie, they reminisce about the mayo pie, the watermelon pie, Jackson and Nicole chasing each other and the plots against him by the pie throwers.


While they are talking Holly begins to giggle hysterically. She tells them she felt a huge sneeze coming and “pineappled herself”

Everyone cracks up laughing.


[When someone sneezes in the Big Brother house this year, Jackson will run up and smack them (not hard, just playfully) in the forehead and yell “pineapple”. It has become a thing and everyone has laughed and encouraged it whole heartedly...unless they are the ones to sneeze of course. They have a great time telling someone they have been 'pineappled”--Grannysue1154]


They have also been talking about different competitions, how comical they were and have been wondering what we have seen when they blundered.


Everyone shares their feelings on their first day in the house, and how surreal this experience has been.


[This is a fun conversation, especially for the feeders who have seen so much of these things they are talking about. I find myself laughing and nodding with them.--Grannysue1154]


Tommy is not with the group, he is in the kitchen alone, looks like he is washing dishes (again). Tommy has been the primary dishwasher this season, maybe because he has cooked so many meals for the house guests, but he has never restricted it to only his messes, he does it for everyone and never complains..(I need Tommy to come and live with me forever, especially if he will make those stuffed peppers we watched him make last week—Grannysue1154)


Tommy has joined everyone now, and they thank him for finishing the kitchen chores.


All of them agree that they are in the final five, and the worst that can happen is that they will go home, it has been a game and is fun.


They talk about Christie and how she caved when she was under pressure. Tommy says that her fear kept her from winning some competitions.


Jackson says he functions well under pressure, he doesn't do as well when he feels safe in a competition. He says Nick is also a person who performs well under pressure. They all agree that he did not handle being America's Prankster as well as he could have.


Holly was called to the DR quite a while ago, she is just now going in, says she has to have fresh makeup. Nicole says she can't even comprehend that (makeup worries) Jackson tells her he loves her because of her attitude and is glad to be her new older brother. Nicole tells him yes he is but she is “wiser, older and more mature.” Jackson laughs and says Nicole keeps him straight.


[This has been a fun, lighthearted conversation and is a good one to watch back to gain insight after watching them all summer)


Jackson offers Nicole the HOH room tonight, he tells her he would not be her if it weren't for her, he also tells her not to forget her photos. (When Jackson ordered his music he asked for some of her favorites so she could enjoy them)

Jackson: “do you mind if I shower up there?”

Nicole: “yes, it's my room now.” She laughs and says “of course, it is your room, you are just loaning it to me.”


Cliff is teasing Nicole about her having his blanket. He tells her not to worry about his shivering, he is used to it. He tells her to continue to enjoy her warm blanket. Everyone is teasing her now about it while Cliff finds a blanket. Things like “Nick cold”, and “Wrong Island”.

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10PM BB Time


House guests are still talking about competitions, veto wins, and the lack of back doors this season.


Holly comes out the diary room door and Jackson jumps from behind the door to scare her. Holly screams.





Holly and Jackson are in the HOH, Holly is complaining about tingling in her feet and fingers.


Holly says she can relate to Swaggy and Baleigh's showmance. Holly says it is because both couples have had very public romances. Jackson and Holly agree that they should connect with them outside the house. Jackson calls Swaggy “very cool”.


Cliff is in the rv talking to the cameras about what needs to happen at this point in the game. He says winning competitions is critical in the game going forward. He says the drop to five people was drastic. He says if Tommy wins the veto tomorrow he knows it will be him and Nicole on the block. Cliff says the next HOH is protected at the final four, the veto winner will send the other nominee home. He thinks the veto this week will be BB Comics, and he thinks he has a good shot at it, he has zip lined in the past, but the running back and forth will be a challenge. Cliff says Jackson and Holly are still here because he shook hands and in addition Christie and Tommy would be strong players. Cliff says he did not trust Christie as a player, and her and Tommy together would have been tough. He says they stuck to their guns and now they will have to see if they make it to four and three.


Meanwhile Tommy is getting his bed ready in the have not room. He talks to the camera about the last 48 hours in the house. He says Nicole successfully landed a blindside, he verbalizes that he is upset, but is having trouble figuring out if it was because of the game move or not. He says he needs to win the veto tomorrow, he says he can do it, he wants more time in the house. He says this veto allows him to compete against himself. He goes over his strategy. Tommy says it is hard on his ego to be in a house where four people blindsided him,he feels like he is surrounded by the shock. He says he is angry and disappointed in himself, he feels he could have won it, but he choked. He says he is okay, is good with what he has done in the game, and fifth place is great. He does want more though, and he will fight. Tommy says he is proud of his game so far. Tommy says it will be over soon, so he needs to enjoy it. He will miss the game when it is done.


Tommy smiles, but has tears in his eyes, he promises to fight until the very end, he insists he well enjoy this, and work past his bitter feelings about being fooled. He plans to just be himself. He says it is hard to hang out with the other four, they are an alliance, he is the only other person in the house, and this is difficult. He says he has seen this develop for weeks but never had a chance to take a shot. Tommy says he still has hopes, he will get a good night's sleep and he can win the veto tomorrow. He says the iconic competitions are his forte, and he can do it.


(Tommy seems very disheartened by what has happened over the last few days, he is solemn, and seems tense.)


Tommy says he loves his family, he will be glad to be home with them soon. He wonders how he is being portrayed in the house, he says feeling alone is difficult. He says although he loves the game he will be glad to come home. He says if tomorrow is his last competitions he will give them h**l.


In the rv room, Cliff is snoring, his eyes are covered. And then...he is called to the diary room. He grumbles.


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10:50 PM BBT While Tommy continues to talk to the cameras downstairs, Holly is up in the HoH dancing to her music. Holly keeps singing along very quietly. She doesn't seem to realize that she is not mouthing it but the words are actually coming out. She also doesn't appear to hear BB calling her out on it. Jackson laughs at her and says she is such a goof. 


11:00 PM BBT Jackson has offered the HoH room to Nicole. Before he goes downstairs, she asks if she can talk to him. She had meant to talk to him pre-nominations but he got called to the DR while she was in the shower. She wanted him to know that she didn't intentionally not talk to him during his one on ones because of any type of entitlement or assumption. She just fell asleep and didn't get her shower done in time. Jackson says he has had her back from Day 1 and so has Holly. And you had our back yesterday. And it was a contribution in the biggest way. Jackson says on a game level, not putting her up was the best thank you he could do. On a personal level, he adores her. He tells her that at F5 he still has a choice. If he has the choice, he will not put her up. He promises that the 2 he wants next to him is Holly and Nicole. If the veto is used then Holly or Nicole will have to go up but that will not be his choice. They have 80% chance. Pretty good odds. 


11:13 PM BBT Cliff has joined Jackson and Nicole in the HoH. Jackson informs Cliff that he cannot play in the HoH. They discuss that if the veto is used, the only person safe is the HoH and the veto winner. And he is bummed that he can't play next week. Even if Holly wins next week, he knows that he is still not safe. They discuss that next week's veto winner picks who goes to final 3.


11:26 PM BBT Tommy is in bed in the HN room. He chose that room because it is the coldest room in the house. The others are up in the HoH. Jackson says that each of them have looked down the barrel of a gun and the ones holding the guns are all gone. They continue to hope tomorrow is BB Comics. Jackson says he will not do well on the faces comp. He didn't recognize his own eyes. 


11:45 PM BBT Nicole is sitting up in the HoH bed. Jackson is offering her everything in his HoH basket and tells her to knock herself out as he and Holly head back downstairs. Nicole offers them her snacks that are in her basket in the RV. They hit the lights out for Nicole and she cannot contain herself: "Wow. I am alone in the HoH at night. Wow. Technically it is not my HoH room but technically it is. It was nice of him to let me borrow it. I just need to take this all in. I won the DE HoH. I hope the next HoH loves me. And he let me have the room. This is amazing.


I am very much hoping that I win the veto tomorrow. I had some hard times in this game in the beginning, in the middle and leading up to now because of the empathy part of my brain. I do feel sorry for Tommy. I think I had a less difficult time sending Jess out this week because Cliff is my guy. That's why I was able to take that eviction better. And when I was HoH, I knew I had to put on my big girl panties. Nicole the BB contestant and competitor does not want to leave. I do not want to leave. And I don't want Cliff to go either.


I want to win this veto and take Cliff down because you never chance anyone being up there. If Cliff wins the POV, I would be so happy but I would go up. I just have to have faith that I would stay. If Michie or Holly win the POV the nominations will stay the same. The empathetic person in my feels terrible for saying this, but I pray one of us 4 wins this veto. I have seen Cliff and I sitting in those F2 chairs. I can feel it.


It is very important not to get arrogant or cocky in this game. This games changes by the minute, hour and day. I do know one thing. Things work out the way they are meant to. What will be will be. I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. 


Meanwhile Jackson and Holly are in the TBR trying to get BB to turn the lights out. Jackson says BB, we have a big day tomorrow.


Holly leaves the TBR for a moment and Jackson kneels over the bed and says a goodnight prayer. Nicole continues to talk to the camera from the HoH in the dark justifying why she had to win the DE HoH and do what she did. 

2019-09-06-23.58.05-Cam 5.jpg

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