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Friday, September 6, 2019 Big Brother 21 Live Feed Updates

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To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB21-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)

Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Target Bedroom (TBR)
Camper Bedroom (CBR)
Boat Room Lounge (BRL)
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...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

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12:05 AM BBT

Michie and Holly are in the kitchen

Michie- Holly, come here

Holly- un momento

Michie- Holly (he is elated)

Holly- you're so needy

Michie- (he gets all giddy) SHE'S GONE

Holly- I know

Michie- Christie is GONE....she's gone!....SHE'S GONE!


Nicole rereads her letter in the RV Room

Nicole- I'll never complain about Daddy eating corn on the cob again. (Nicole explained that she sits next to her dad at the dinner table and whenever they have corn on the cob, she gets squirted)



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12:41AM BBT Holly, Cliff and Michie are in the target room talking through what may be the next comp.  Michie said it was hard to bite his tongue about Christie, and they all agree that Christie was the epicenter of every blow up.  They're all so happy she's gone and that it was Nicole that got her out and that she won't have to deal with the stress of being HOH for a week.


1:18AM BBT In the target room, Michie "I was scared before I got in here, was scared of where my head was at"  to Tommy and Holly.  The three of them sit up and clap in synch and the lights go out.  They all cheer.  In the camper room, Nicole and Cliff do the same and their lights go out as well.  All go to sleep.

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1:19 AM BBT In the TBR, Tommy, Holly and Michie are getting ready to go to sleep. They make note that of the 5 HGs, 3 of them are the original six shooters. The 3 of them decide they are going to clap off the lights if BB is willing to play along. They go 1,2,3 and sit straight up in bed and clap in unison. BB has perfect timing and turns off the lights at the exact moment. This causes the 3 HGs to laugh out loud. Michie "I love you Big Brother." 


Cliff is in bed in the RV. He has a bandanna over his eyes. He asks BB if that means he can have do the same. He sits up in bed and claps. NOTHING. He tries one more time. BB cuts out the lights. 


1:35 AM BBT Tommy decides to move from the TBR bed back to his bed outside the RV. He grabs some of his belongings to take with him. 


1:46 AM BBT Feeds 3 and 4 switch from Tommy in bed to Nicole who must have just come out of the DR. She is standing at the sink drinking some water. She heads to the RV to find her pajamas.  She stops in the KT and shows us her HoH key. She kisses her key and does a little jig for us. She then goes to the WA to change. 


2019-09-06-01.48.48-Cam 1.jpg


2019-09-06-01.48.51-Cam 1.jpg


1:56 AM BBT Nicole is brushing her teeth. Cliff enters the WA heading towards the bathroom and calls her Miss Champion as he goes inside. After he exits the bathroom and washes his hands, they both head off towards the RV to go to bed. He asks her if she minds if he sleeps in there too or would it be weird. She said she would be scared to sleep in there alone and probably would have migrated to one of the other rooms eventually if he hadn't agreed to sleep in there. As they walk past Tommy in be outside the RV he whispers goodnight to them and then wave. As they crawl in bed Cliff congratulates her HoH win one more time and she thanks him for winning that veto. They say their goodnight's and she tells him that he has an HoH to win tomorrow.


2:00 AM BBT All the lights are out. Everyone is in bed. 


2:07 AM BBT Feeds 3 and 4 switch to Tommy who is no longer in bed but sitting at the dining room table studying the memory wall. After sitting there a moment, BB turns the lights back on. He gets up and heads back to bed. 


2019-09-06-02.07.34-Cam 4.jpg


5:32 AM BBT Cliff gets out of the bed and heads to the bathroom. 5 minutes later he is back in bed again.


7:57 AM BBT WBRB Wake Up Call

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8:11 AM BBT The feeds return. Cliff is in the shower. Nicole heads towards the WC. Jackson is in the SR rummaging through the fruit. 


8:15 AM BBT Jackson is standing at the fridge. He calls out to Holly asking her if she is going to eat this 3 day old tuna. She says no. He asks her "Then why is it still in here?" Holly "Because I haven't thrown it away......f***er." Jackson "Why did you get so offended this morning when I called you Kit Kat?" Holly "Because. Why do you think?" Jackson "Well". Holly "I can show off my nipples once in a while. Free them." 


8:20 AM BBT In the KT, Jackson is cutting up a watermelon. Holly and Nicole are also in the KT. Holly says to Nicole "Want to hear a fun fact? Since I drank this (her banana bag full of vitamins and minerals for re-hydration) the other day. It made my pee neon. It was fluorescent. I was like okay. Maybe I'm dying."


8:30 AM BBT The HGs are up and getting ready for the comp. They are doing their ADL's and getting some breakfast. Tommy and Nicole discuss that it's 8:30 so they have 30 minutes. But probably an hour. 


8:32 AM BBT In the KT Tommy is going over the days with Nicole. He tells her that is another reason they made the right decision. Christie was good with the days. No one would have stood a chance against her. 


8:34 AM BBT Jackson is in the shower and had been conversing with Holly. When Holly starts to walk away from the WA Jackson calls out "Hey Holls." She does an about face and heads back to the WA. She asks him "What?" He replies "Nothing." Holly "What do you need?" Jackson "Nothing." Holly "Use your words, what do you need?" Jackson "Nothing." "I'm about to go get ready. So, what do you need?" Jackson "I'm fine holy s**t. Calm down dude." Holly "Don't f***ing yell at me. I am asking what you need. Oh my God you are so annoying." Jackson "F***ing attitude this morning. Jesus." [I think when she did the about face and headed back towards him, he sensed some micro-hostility about being interrupted which caused him to abort whatever he was going to say. Both of these 2 are in a mood this morning and have not been particularly pleasant to each other. 


8:40 AM BBT Nicole, Tommy and Cliff go up to feed the fish. Jackson is dressing, having just showered. Holly is sitting on one of the beds outside the RV putting makeup on.


Jackson walks in where Holly is and asks what is going on with her today. She says she hasn't been sleeping and doesn't feel well. That's all. Jackson and Holly are arguing over Holly's nipples. Apparently during the wake up call, she had a slip because she wasn't wearing a bra. He told her about it and implies that she replied along the lines of: they are hers and she can show them off whenever she wants to. He says that fine but then she can't turn around be over protective of him in the same way. Holly "You showed you b***s last night. I'm just not wearing a bra." Jackson "Why are you getting so frustrated too? Would you rather me not communicate with you calmly or keep it inside and be annoyed and pi**ed off." Holly "Communication." Jackson "Appreciate it." He tells her to cool her jets and she tells him not to talk to her that way. He tells her that he just doesn't like the double standard and she says she did not see it that way and she gets it. He says he is not overprotective. He will be the first one to show her off and say how sexy she is. She tells him yes sir. He responds that she is being sassy and to lose the tude. 




9:02 AM BBT The HGs are up doing their ADL's because they anticipate the HoH comp to take place very soon. Holly is putting on her makeup. Apparently during the FOTH, Nicole was called to the DR. Nicole tells BB that she is coming. She just needs a moment. She says she doesn't want her face all shiny. Michie congratulates her and thanks her for sparing him. Nicole heads of to the DR. 


9:04 AM BBT While Nicole is in the DR Jackson, Tommy, Cliff and Holly are sitting together outside the RV. They are discussing that at this point, they are all targets. You either win the HoH or the veto or you can count on being on the block or going home. They all think that the veto tomorrow will be BB Comics. 


9:10 AM BBT Tommy and Jackson are playing Backgammon on the DR table. Tommy goes to sneeze. Jackson bops him on the side of the head and says "Pineapple". Tommy sneezes and sighs. When Tommy goes to sneeze again, Jackson repeats the slap against the side of the head while saying pineapple. Tommy doesn't sneeze the second time and yells "Yes!" They both laugh hysterically. 


2019-09-06-09.11.20-Cam 2.jpg


2019-09-06-09.11.21-Cam 2.jpg


9:20 AM BBT Holly and Nicole are watching Tommy and Jackson play Backgammon. They anticipate the comp will be very soon. They are discussing how the black and white photos are creepy. Holly says that's Christie's B&W photo is the creepiest and they agree that she looks like a witch in it. 


9:24 AM The feeds go to puppies so the HGs can play the veto competition. 

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9:16 AM BBT  Nicole is out of the DR and asks what time it is.  Holly is in the KT and says 9:16.  Tommy and Jackson are playing Backgammon at the table, Nicole goes over to watch.  Holly is finished putting on her make up and takes her coffee to the WA.  Cliff is not seen, might be in DR.

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9:22 AM BBT  Holly goes back into the KT, Nicole is looking at the memory wall.  She thinks Jess looks the best in black and white, Holly says Christie's picture is creepy, makes her look like a witch.  Holly was complaining about her hair, she didn't have time to change it before DR.  Jackson and Tommy say it looks good in braids, she wanted it another way.  She goes to the mirror in the dining room and starts to fix it.  They are all just waiting for the HOH competition to begin.


9:25 AM BBT We get puppy cam!

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11:10 AM BBT The feeds return. Jackson is seen coming out of the WC with the key around his neck. 


Jackson won the HoH.


2019-09-06-11.11.11-Cam 4.jpg


11:11 AM BBT Everyone but Jackson is in the KT discussing that BB Comics is tomorrow. Jackson approaches them. He apologizes for his adrenaline rush. Tommy tells him to celebrate and not worry about it. At the end of the day, we all got that boost. WBRB


11:16 AM BBT Jackson is carrying around a big bowl of watermelon. He says wow and tells them that he is not asking, but they have to try it. Jackson and Tommy decide to finish their Backgammon game. Tommy asks if they will get cards. Michie "No. I asked. That's a hard no." Tommy "So, Nick is a liar." 

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11:12 AM BBT  Feeds are cutting in and out. All of the HGs are in the KT  Jackson won HOH  Jackson apologized for being so pumped, he is shaking due to an adrenaline rush.  Cliff tells him they are past being upset.  Whoever won would have been excited.  Cliff said they got to meet Swaggy and Bayleigh.  They said that they were really nice.  Jackson said he told Swaggy he wasn't a fan of his on the show, he was shown as so arrogant.  (he was even in the feeds).  Jackson said that has changed and he told Swaggy so.  Holly said did you hear what Bayleigh said to me, then we get FoTH

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11:19 AM BBT Feeds are in and out as the HG discuss their interactions with Bayleigh and Swaggy C. Nicole says she can't believe Swaggy knew her name. Jackson was asked if he jumped the table and he says yes. He says he slammed the table and cleared it. He blacked out. Holly is so embarrassed because she got zero points. I hope they notice I got the answers right. Jackson explains that he was basically quick and aggressive and that's how he won. Holly says that's evidence of their different playing styles. Jackson played that HoH like he does his Backgammon. 


11:27 AM BBT Nicole is on feeds 3 and 4. She is kneeling down next to the dresser in the RV. She has her hands folded and her resting against the front of the dresser like she is praying. She looks at her pictures and says "Wow." 

2019-09-06-11.25.52-Cam 3.jpg

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11:19 AM BBT  Feeds are back.  Nicole was surprised Swaggy knew her name.  He gave her a hug and called her Nicole.  Holly said she got zero points.  She hopes they show she knew the answers.  Nicole said she won Pose In Ivy.  Holly said that didn't take a brain.  They are all excited and chatting about the comp, the house, etc.  Cliff is talking about having a BB worship room in his house and what it will have.  He said there will be an alter to BB.  Jackson is eating a large bowl of watermelon while playing Backgammon with Tommy.  Everyone is sitting around the table watching. 

Nicole and Holly leave.  Nicole goes to the RV room and is looking at her pictures.  She is crouched down next to them with her hands covering her face.  It looks like she is praying.  After a couple of minutes, she crosses herself and looks at the pictures.  She keeps saying wow, wow, wow!  She is now talking, saying she doesn't know how this is going to end, take it one day at a time, she is so grateful for this experience.  Back to wow, wow, wow.  Holly comes in, Nicole said she thinks she needs to change. 

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11:30 AM BBT Holly and Nicole walk across the LR and see that the TV screen says Nominations Today. 


2019-09-06-11.30.07-Cam 3.jpg


11:31 AM BBT The HGs are in the KT discussing that it doesn't really matter who is on the block. Because it all comes down to the veto. The one who wins the veto is the one who is off the block. Jackson says that he would be perfectly for any one of them to win this game. He was not able to say that until today. 


11:34 AM BBT Tommy tells the others that he feels blessed that he survived the block. It is like ripping the band-aid off. He won't be as scared now and hopefully he can come off the block again. Tommy apologizes for being awkward yesterday. He is blessed and proud to be here with them. 

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11:28 AM BBT  Nicole and Holly are talking in the room outside of the RV.  They celebrate Jackson winning.  Holly swipes her head and says shwoo.  Nicole said they need to win the veto,  and keep the nominations the same.  Holly starts to say something, and then says one step at a time.  They go back to the KT.  The group is talking about it is now down to winning competitions.  He said two people go up, whoever wins veto is safe.  Jackson said he always goes all out, but if he doesn't win, he has no problem anyone still there.  They all agree.  Jackson said there is no one that he really wants out.  Tommy is thankful he survived the block yesterday.  They said does it count, it was only a few minutes.  Jackson said then does Nicole's HOH not count?  Nicole says yes it does!  Tommy said it was scary, but it was also scary not being on the block.  Holly said she hasn't been on the block, and is afraid if she went up, people would think twice about it.  Michie gets called to the DR.  Cliff and Nicole go to the SR, Tommy is talking to Holly about how thankful he is to still be there, and he gets to play BB Comics. 

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11:35 AM BBT Michie is called to the DR downstairs.


11:38 AM BBT Tommy and Holly are now alone in the KT. Tommy is getting particular emotional. Tommy "You know how I feel about you." They agree that nothing game-wise is personal. She tells him that she never really regained trust with Christie. But he was not about to let Tommy walk out the door before her. 


2019-09-06-11.38.43-Cam 2.jpg


2019-09-06-11.39.19-Cam 2.jpg

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11:30 AM BBT  All feeds are on Holly and Tommy at the KT table.  Holly tells Tommy she has always had his back, he gets emotional and starts crying, but keeps trying not to.  He says that because of the game, he couldn't be as close to her as he wanted, but he loves her.  Holly said Christie broke her trust and never got it back, but she was fine with Tommy.  She said she wasn't going to let him go before Christie.  He keeps agreeing.  She said it is nothing personal in this game, it is all game moves, he agrees. Cliff and Nicole start to come back, and we get FoTH


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11:43 AM BBT Jackson is in the DR. The rest of them decide to go and hide from him. They decide to go to the HN room. As they head upstairs Holly wonders how long it will take Michie to find them. Holly says he will probably be typical to himself and just wait it out and play Backgammon by himself.


2019-09-06-11.46.33-Cam 2.jpg


11:48 AM BBT Everyone but Michie is in the HN room. They are hiding from him. They discuss how blessed they feel and how lucky they are. They not only competed well but they are all friends too. 


11:52 AM BBT Jackson comes out of the DR. "Hello?......Funny.....Very Funny Ha Ha Ha." He walks into the HN Room. Ya'll are so funny...you little fu**ers." 


11:54 AM BBT Cliff is called to the DR. The others are in the HN room discussing how they are not as messy as other seasons. However Jess was messy and never did dishes. Sis wasn't messy but she never cleaned either. Tommy asked Jackson if he had been leaving his dishes out on purpose this past week because it drove Christie crazy. He said no. He would put them up for later and just forget about them. 


12:04 PM BBT Cliff is in the DR. The rest are hanging out together in the HN room. They are discussing the difference between when Kaycee and Tyler visited the house and  today. When Kaycee and Tyler came, they were all new and Tyler and she were like up above them. Today, they have been in the house 80 days. They are equals. Jackson admits his first impression of Swaggy was that he was very arrogant. He doesn't feel that way now. Tommy tells Jackson that his pompous douchebag zing was probably from pre-Jack eviction. He was more of a pompous douchebag before Jack. If he had only played the game with Jackson after Jack, he would never see a douchebag. Because this Jackson is not a douche. 


12:10 PM BBT Jackson and Holly talk about how they felt like they were playing Christie's game. She would talk over all of them. Their ideas were never good enough. She was very controlling. Jackson said he couldn't be himself because he had to stay where the numbers are. He was not happy as a result. Then, she was there with Jack, another big personality. So he conformed to what was not natural to stay safe. When he heard she was playing both sides of the house, he knew something has got to happen and Day 44 happened. He decided that day screw. All he had was Holly and she was going to be himself. 


12:13 PM BBT Cliff is out of the DR. He was just at the top of the stairs when he heard Michie leaving the HN room. Cliff hid in the corner and jumped out when Michie past by. He scared Michie. "Cliff! Cliff! I almost f***ing hit you. Oh. Oh. Sh*t." They are both laughing hysterically. Michie tells Cliff to feel his heart. It is racing. "Oh man." Jackson heads towards the WA. He is still impressed with Cliff's scare. "Wow. Wow. Oh man. Got my heart racing. Sh*t" 


2019-09-06-12.13.31-Cam 3.jpg


2019-09-06-12.13.32-Cam 3.jpg


12:26 PM BBT Jackson and Cliff are playing Backgammon on the LR sofas. They are discussing how they are glad they played that HoH comp fairly. Jackson said it was almost like counting fair but with Jess' strategy of everyone flopping. Cliff said he could have robbed Tommy again, but then he wouldn't have had any chance at all. Jackson said it wasn't a bad idea but people would have hated them for it. They would rather lose with their heads held high. 

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2:00 PM BBT All 5 HGs are lounging in the LR. Nominations Today is displayed on the TV. They are discussing today's youth and how the schools no longer teach them about grammar. Kids don't know what a preposition is or the difference between a synonym or antonym. 


2019-09-06-14.08.38-Cam 2.jpg


2:12 PM BBT The HGs are discussing that the schools need more real life classes like how to open a bank account and how to file taxes. They need to learn more business skills. BB calls Michie to the DR downstairs. 


2:17 PM BBT Michie comes out of the DR aggressively and holds his key up. "Alright. Who wants to see my HoH room?" Michie broke the door leading to the HoH room. Michie "Sorry!" Cliff "And the new HoH for the week is." As they head to the top of the stairs, Michie tells Nicole he asked BB about her pictures and if she couldn't keep them and had to turn them in early, would they be willing to let him swap. BB is letting Nicole keep her pictures for the week. Michie is struggling opening the HoH door. Cliff "How many times have you opened that door?" BB is not letting them in the HoH yet. Michie knocks on the door. 2 attempts, 3 attempts. They still can't get in.

2019-09-06-14.17.47-Cam 1.jpg


2:20 PM BBT Michie is finally able to open the door. He got a picture of "his boys". He got a picture of his dog, Maggie too. He has watermelons everywhere. Michie "Nicole, I got something else for you. The Backstreet Boys Hits." Nicole is celebrating. Michie got a piece of pottery from his grandmother.  

2019-09-06-14.29.13-Cam 3.jpg



2019-09-06-14.30.39-Cam 3.jpg

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2:20 PM BBT

Michie gets his HOH Room


Tommy counts 9 watermelons. Michie's music is Backstreet Boys.

Michie's letter is from his friend Duff.

Some of Duff's comments were blacked out. Michie wants to know what he said.

Michie offers the HoH room to Nicole. She says no that he won it fair and square. He said that he just had it, so he would like for her to take it, and the only reason he is still there is because she didn't put him on the block. She agrees that she would like it for just one day. They all encourage her to take it for the week. She agrees, and they decide to work it out later.

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2:33 PM BBT Michie is trying to talk Nicole into splitting the HoH room with him. He tells her that he is here because of her and because she didn't put him on the block. She agrees to stay up there one night. 


2:34 PM BBT Tommy "Man, I freaking love the Backstreet Boys." Tommy is listening to the music and dancing. 


2:38 PM BBT Michie's letter is from his college buddy, Duffy. Michie grabs two of his pictures and holds them up for us to see. "My boys." 

2019-09-06-14.37.41-Cam 3.jpg


2:40 PM BBT Michie gives Nicole a piece of (what looks like) jerky. She says she sees pepper on it. He encourages to try a small piece. She puts it in her mouth. It is too spicy for Nicole. "Oh. So hot. What do I do? Who eats that?" They all laugh at her. 


2:44 PM BBT Jackson some Goo Goo Clusters in his HoH baskets. He tells Nicole it's not hot. Nicole "What's a Goo Goo Cluster?" Jackson "It's a Goo Goo Cluster. Oh yeah, you are from New York." 


2:45 PM BBT Jackson got Caramel Chocolate Cheesecake Truffle Ben & Jerry ice cream. He reads the ingredients to them and it does not contain nuts. Tommy "I need that. That is right up my alley." Jackson "Go get a spoon." Tommy "No I can't, not right now. Okay yes, yes I can." Tommy takes off at a run to get some spoons from the KT. Tommy returns with a spoon. He gets the first bite. "My favorite ever. This is insane. This is the best ice cream that I have ever had." Jackson takes a bite "That is sinful." 


2:54 PM BBT Michie "4 bottles of wine for 5 people. I'm not going to complain." Tommy "Tomorrow night, it is on. I won't even remember my name." 


2:59 PM BBT The HoH contained former HGs on movie posters. Brett was on one of the posters. They all agree that the next person that goes to jury is going to tell Kat that they "saw Brett". Afterwards they will fess up that it was just on a poster. 


3:02 PM BBT Nicole gets called down to the DR. Tommy goes to leave so that Michie can start having his pre-nomination chats. First up to speak to Holly and Michie is Cliff. They discuss that based on Tommy's comments, they are sure he is expecting to go up on the block. Tommy could be very good at BB Comics tomorrow. The 3 of them are going to play like their lives are on the line. Jackson commits him and Holly to further the Final 4. It will be 4 against 1. Only 1 person has to get a better score than him. If Tommy doesn't win, no matter who goes up, Tommy goes. Cliff "Today means nothing. Tomorrow is the battle." 


3:12 PM BBT Cliff and Michie are alone in the HoH. They share that they both feel like the other deserves to be here and they are glad that they finally matched up. They discuss that there is no room for error anymore. It has to be perfect to see finale night. 


3:15 PM BBT Cliff tells Michie that he got banished and came back. He got voted out and came back. Regardless of what happens, he has those little victories. 


3:20 PM BBT Cliff and Michie are talking about how peaceful the house is without Christie. It is a completely different house. It's amazing what 1 person can do. They wrap up their conversations and Cliff heads back downstairs. 


3:24 PM BBT goes to the RV and speaks to the camera. He does a dance for his wife. He says it is Day 80 and he survived the vote yesterday. Nicole won the HoH. He won the veto. He is very very happy. "What a 24 hours. Amazing." Michie won HoH today which should be as long as Tommy doesn't win veto. If Tommy wins veto, Nicole and myself go up and 1 of them goes home. He says that he doesn't want to talk about that right now. 


3:26 PM BBT It is now Tommy's turn to talk to Michie alone. Tommy admits that he and Christie were targeting him and Holly and vice versa. Michie says it was only Christie. It is hard to sit there and watch Christie lie on her sister and on the Bible that she was not coming against Michie and Holly. He knows none of that is true and she turned right around and told everyone she was coming after us. Tommy "How do you know that is true though? Those that were saying things were saying things to us too." Tommy says he knew something was happening between Holly, Michie, Cliff and Nicole. Every time Michie or Holly won an HoH they saw Cliff and Nicole coming upstairs and waiting it out. Michie smiles and doesn't deny anything. Tommy tells him that you get mad at the one that plays both sides. Tommy tells him that the double playing does not stem from him. He did go along with it. Michie says it was 3 duos pointing guns at each other.


Michie tells him the reason he got Jess out was not to get Jess out. It was to take a person away from Christie. It was the same thing with Sis. 


3:34 PM BBT Michie tells Tommy that it doesn't matter who is on the block. The one who wins the veto is the one not on the block on Thursday. They both recognize that man played both sides of the house. Tommy says he gets the position that he is in. He is going to fight tomorrow. Now that this is over, he knows that he has to win. And he is going to enjoy every minute of this week. Michie "We are about to compete in BB Comics." Tommy "And I got a job to do." 


3:39 PM BBT Michie tells Tommy that he just didn't want to leave this house with Christie in there saying bye to him. He came here to win it. But right now, he is happy with whoever wins it. Tommy says he feels the same and they hug it out before Tommy goes downstairs. 


3:42 PM BBT Michie comes out of the HoH and asks where Holly is. Cliff "She napping on the LR sofa, I mean she is resting but she is wide awake." Michie and Holly start discussing the events of 9/11. Michie mentions that some think its a conspiracy and says he doesn't take stock in conspiracies. He does not think it was internal. Nicole comes out of the DR and is having a happy cry in the RV. 


3:45 PM BBT Michie is called to the DR. Nicole goes and lays down with Tommy outside the RV. They discuss how they are just going to enjoy the next week. They are going to have fun playing BB Comics. Tommy and Nicole hug and snuggle. They continue to talk about BB Comics. Tommy says it will be fun, hanging from the thing. Nicole "Do you think there will be a mat because Nicole can't be injured?" They wonder if the comics are make fun of each other for things that they have already said about each other or if it is going to be new stuff. 


3:57 PM BBT Michie comes out of the DR. Cliff "That quick." Michie "I have to change and get my key." Tommy and Nicole continue to talk outside the RV. Nicole says she almost prefers going home right after the show and being with her family and then coming back to visit everyone afterwards. She doesn't see herself staying for another month. 

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4:10 PM BBT

Just a lot of napping going on


4:12 PM BBT

Cliff talks to us from the bathroom couch.


Empty house. Who would have thought that me, 54 year old Cliff Hogg, would get cast on this show....would then fight my way back from banishment, fight my way back from getting evicted from this house...survive multiple votes to get sent home and on Day 80 I am sitting in a house that only has four other people.

I don't have nearly the information that y'all do. I don't know how y'all perceive me; what went on behind my back; who y'all's favorites are; who y'all hate; I don't know any of that. I just know that I am damn proud I'm still here. I feel like I have made some decisions that have allowed me to stay here. I got a little  lucky at times. I hooked up with the right people at times, obviously. Part of it...part of reading people and figuring out where you need to be. I feel like I have kept my character in check.

I feel I made big promises to Christie that I didn't break even though it could have furthered my game. I have done everything I can to protect my agreement with Nicole. I am proud of how I have played this game.

Now, maybe y'all have seen things or there's things I have done you're pissed about. Or the people I work with, y'all don't like so you are pissed that I am working with them. I don't know. There is just a small amount of information inside this house that I work with. I just do my best. But it's day 80. I am such a huge fan of Big Brother.

Since season 8 I have watched this show...every episode. WHo know how many hours of live feeds. I've always thought I could do something inside this house. And I'm here. And I've done it. 

Sharon, Kelly, Daniel: Please tell me you are proud of me and how I have played this game...because that matters more than the way I place in this game any day of the week. 

How surreal. I'm a fan. I'm not a houseguest. I'm a  fan who somehow fell down a rabbit hole and woke up a contestant inside the Big Brother House. How? There were 16 of us.

I know there were a lot of people who deserved this spot. But I got it. I hope I have done it justice. It is surreal....not just that I am here, but I am over 30 years older than every other person in this house. There are a lot of times where I don't feel like. Inside I have the soul of a 25 year old....other than the pimple popping, hip hop music and bowel movement songs. But, hey. You do what you have to do to fit in, and here I am. SHout out to Kevin from BB19. I don't think we played exactly the same game but you lasted longer that I have so far. Shout out to you. I feel you Brother. I feel you. I love this game so much. WHat an incredible experience. So here's the deal Live Feeders, and Sharon you will probably hate this, but I said it before...the better I do the bigger the tattoo I'm gonna get. FYI, I have no tattoos. This will be a first. Any live feeders who no tattoo artists with ideas. I would love to get a cool design. Tommy and I talked about getting one together, and I would do it. Get tattoos...do a fundraiser to help some charity out. So Sharon, I'm gonna get a tattoo when I get out. But I really need celebrate my wedding, my wife, my kids. So, I'll be getting  a few tattoos.

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But what an experience...once in a lifetime. Some of these people I've been playing with may come back another season. I can't see that being me. Would I come back if asked.....yeah, I don't turn down any adventure. But, realistically, this is a once in a lifetime situation for me, and I have 19 days left. Then I go back to the real world.


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4:45 PM BBT It's all quiet in the BB house. Michie and Cliff are playing Backgammon in the LR. Holly is napping on the LR sofa. Nicole is laughing in Tommy's bed outside the RV. Tommy is in the DR.


4:55 PM BBT Michie and Cliff's game is over. They talk about how Michie came out of the DR so quickly that he broke the door. Michie "I didn't mean to do that." Cliff "Well, you never do anything halfway." Michie "Even exiting the DR." 


4:58 PM BBT Just in case we forgot, BB gives us a little reminder that nominations are today by zooming in on the LR TV Screen. 


2019-09-06-16.57.13-Cam 4.jpg


After zooming in on the TV screen with Camera 3, BB then zooms into Michie's face as he lays down on the sofa with Camera 4.


2019-09-06-16.58.42-Cam 4.jpg


5:00 PM BBT Cliff is back in the WA talking to the cameras again. He talks about the Aggies Football. He then gives some shouts out including to BB fan sits. He says that he imagines we have a lot of down time watching them sleep. But he knows that he and Sharon have spent many a nights going to bed with the feeds still on. 


5:05 PM BBT Cliff talks about how he read Orwell's 1984. That's probably why he feels so strongly about individual liberties. He says that he leans more towards being Libertarian but he isn't going to go into politics right now. He has said enough. 


5:08 PM BBT Cliff continues speaking to us in the WA. He says there are a lot of important dates in September. He says that 9/11 is coming up. He remembers that dau. It was very sad. 9/16 is, he thinks, the anniversary of when his brother Robert was killed by a drunk driver. He doesn't try to remember dates of death. He would rather focus on their birthdays and celebrate that. It's the same reason he is never been really big on putting flowers and things  at the place where someone died or visiting cemeteries. I am about celebrating life, not celebrating the end of life. They don't do anything special on the day that he died, but he does remember it. That was a bad day. Robert was only 15 months younger than I was. We went to A&M together. We lived in the same dorm. Had families close in age together. To lose him so quickly is a lot of what made me who I am. 


5:13 PM BBT Cliff continues: He is proud of what he has done in this house. He has a lot more years in this house than the others and he knows what is important to him. Regardless of what happens in here, it is not as important as what he has back home. And he wouldn't trade it for the world. I already won. I already have the prize waiting for me back home. This is just a fun diversion.


5:18 PM BBT Cliff continues: he and Sharon are no longer 2 separate people. They have been together too long.   


5:25 PM BBT Cliff is still talking to the feeds. He says he would probably be napping too if he hadn't drunk so much coffee. At least he has the feedsters. He wants to know about life outside the house: the big movies, big political events, about July's earthquakes and hurricane season. 


5:27 PM BBT Cliff says that Free the Zing and its skit about the president being on the run got him wondering what is going on outside the house. Was that a skit or did something happen that he isn't aware of? He says that he noticed that after evictions, the fans didn't clap as loudly. There were times he felt like Julie was distracted. Did something happen? He says paranoia can be a killer in there. It applies to the outside world too. Because the lack of information. 

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