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Thursday, September 5, 2019 Big Brother 21 Live Feed Updates

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4:47 AM BBT

A MamaLong Update:

It's eviction day, and a double eviction, at that. Jess will be evicted tonight, but it's not crystal clear how these votes will actually fall. I'm thinking it could be a tie vote with Michie obviously breaking the tie to evict Jess. Christie is unpredictable, so while she says she will honor Michie's wishes, I just don't know if that's what is going to happen. You see, Michie/Holly/Cliff/Nicole have been telling Christie/Tommy/Jess what they want to hear (and vice-versa), meaning that Christie/Tommy, at times, do feel they are gaining some control. Yet, the quad alliance of Michie/Holly and Cliff/Nicole is loyal to the end. The quad squad is also well aware of the game attempts Christie/Tommy are making. They have determined that Christie/Tommy are trying to make Holly feel super safe so Holly won't target them or even try to win the HoH. 

Holly- Honestly, I just would be insanely, insanely upset with my entire experience in this game if Christie Lynn Murphy made it farther in this game than me...I would be physically sick

Michie- SAME

Holly- swearing on her sister and the bible????

Michie- that is unreal to me.....you swore to that....toxic

Michie/Holly have determined that if Christie or Tommy win the next HoH they will put up Michie and Holly and they will be screwed because the replacement nom would be either Cliff or Nicole.

[As spectators, we need to remember that Michie/Holly have no idea that Tommy and Christie were an instant duo given their preseason relationship. They would have never saved Christie if they knew about that. Now that they have saved Christie, they realize that she absolutely cannot be trusted. They fell for her campaign promises and it may be their demise in this game.]

Holly begins getting really pissed off about Christie and her dirty game. SHe is finding it hard to hold her tongue. She begins internally raging.

Michie- Holly, be careful [he does not want her to regret her words] Holly (with warning tone)

Holly- she thinks she can bully people and then have no remorse for it....UGH...I wanted to play Big Brother and I realize I signed up for Big Brother and we weren't guaranteed to play with good people....UGH

Michie- that's why they were casted [sic]...or cast, whatever

Holly- I know...I literally don't surround myself with people like that in the real world, let alone stuck in this house...that is why they were casted [sic]

Michie- I know

Nicole has solidified her allegiance to Cliff, again by saying, "Here's the thing. I don't trust anybody and all my eggs are in the Cliff basket." Cliff echoed that sentiment by saying, "My dream is to go to final two with you. I will do everything to protect you. I will take you all the way. If it comes down to it, I will take the bullet and let you keep going."

[This is the most admirable alliance of the season, folks]

As the night unfolded, Christie has determined that Michie is "the worst" by saying, "be a man and just say you are breaking the tie in your favor". She claims "he is using fear tactics" Christie plans to talk to Nicole first thing in the morning as "a last ditch effort"

My prediction is that Jess will go in a unanimous vote once Christie realizes that she won't be able to get Nicole's word on her vote. If Nicole or Cliff win HoH they will put up Christie and Tommy. Michie and Holly plan to do the same thing. Just like last week, the game is all dependent on who wins competitions.


Anyone wishing to hear Nicole's pop-off speech for Nick that she decided not to follow through on will find it at 12:48 AM on camera 3 [it's truly delicious, but I won't put the details here because Nicole stated that it was a great planned speech but she didn't do it because it was not true to Nicole. If someone else wants to transcribe, go for it.]



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9:03AM BBT THURS All HG still asleep and lights are out.


9:24AM BBT TH  Cliff if up and heading to the WA.


9:33AM BBT TH FOTH - Wake up time



9:48AM BBT TH HG up and doing ADLs.


9:52AM BBT TH Jess is snuggled up on Tommy. Christie comes in and tells them that her cycle has started so she feels so much better. Jess cheers that Christie has started. They joke about no BB baby.


9:55AM BBT TH Jess goes over what she wants to say in her speech. She doesn't want to beg. She just wants to be matter of fact. She says that she has been proud of her game and has no regrets. Tommy says he loves it.


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10:03AM BBT Tommy and Jess continue to whisper about what she wants. They discuss that CLiff didn't sleep well.


10:05AM BBT TH Jess tells Tommy that she understands that Cliff and Nicole are very tight.  Tommy says that he will talk to Nicole one more time.Jess says that he should tell her that Jess is the best for Nicole's game.


10:14AM BBT Jackson and Holly talking. Jackson says he spoke to Cliff. He wanted to make sure that Cliff wasn't going to thrown HOH. Cliff told him that with so few people that he wouldn't take the chance. He says Cliff gave him his word that he would fight for the HOH to have their back and hope that Jackson has his.


10:25AM BBT TH Christie, Tommy and Cliff chatting about the house being down to 6 tonight. Christie says or maybe 5. They are studying the HG pics. Holly and Jackson are cuddling in the HOH bed.

10:30AM BBT TH Tommy talking about how much he loves Nick. Christie says that Nick was annoying and she never wants to hear his name. Tommy says he loves him. Christie says she does too but not in that way. Tommy says that you love what you can't have.


10:33AM BBT TH Cliff goes to HOH and tells Jackson that Tommy/Christie are studying the wall. He says that he just wants them to know that he is going to play hard for HOH.


10:37AM BBT TH Holly/Jackson and Cliff continue to tak about Christie and how she wants Cliff to target Jackson and Holly.Clff says there is no reason not to take out Christie or Tommy.


10:41AM BBT TH Cliff leaves HOH and Jackson and Holly talk about how much Christie sucks.In the KT, Christie and Tommy continue to study the faces on the wall.



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0:56AM BBT TH Holly trying to fix the vacuum cleaner. Jess and Tommy telling her not to because she is sick. She tells the HG that her stomach still hurts. She tells Tommy that she wants to fix it because she doesn't like not being productive in the house.


10:59AM BBT TH Holly just pulled out a big was of hair from the vacuum. She says it's so gross.She says there was also a piece of tape. She is grossed out.


11:10AM BBT We have puppy reels - HOH LD.

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1:20PM BBT TH Feeds are back. Just HG packing up from HOH and cleaning up.


1:26PM BBT TH Christie is sweeping stuff from under bed. She says the guys make a mess (not sure what mess they made under her bed - kekila)


1:34PM BBT TH HG eating and getting ready. No game talk.


1:45PM BBT Jackson is telling Cliff and Tommy about when he was riding his bike in a pasture and picked up three different live wires until the third one blew him back.


1:51PM BBT Christie is taking a shower and washing her hair. She is asking Jess for help with getting shampoo open (she jokes she is so needy). The rest are in the KT eating.

1:51PM BBT Christie is taking a shower and washing her hair. She is asking Jess for help with getting shampoo open (she jokes she is so needy). The rest are in the KT eating.


2:11PM BBT TH Christie follows Nicole into the SR. She is telling Nicole that she really wants to get Jackson out and that Nicole is not her target.She tells Nicole that she wants to make Holly feel like she doesn't have to win it. Christie says that she feels Cliff and Jackson are both the same threats. She wants to put up Jackson and Holly and hopes that Jackson doesn't win veto.


2:16PM BBT THNicole says that she was told that Christie swore on her sister and the Bible that she wasn't gong after them. Christie says that was 2 weeks ago. She says that Jackson told her about how she promised she would go out 5th. She says she did say that but why would she stick to it. Jackson comes into the SR. Christie whispers somthing and leaves.  Jackson asks Nicole if Christie was hounding her. She says yes but that she told Christie that she was keeping Cliff. Jackson says that he hopes she is gunning for HOH. She says she is.

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2:25 PM BBT

Nicole talks to us in the Storage Room while she irons her blouse.

Nicole- Can I just put all four of them up? I'm over it.....If I am meant to be will be. I have faith in my god that if I am meant to win, I will and if not, no.


2:40 PM BBT  Michie and Holly are discussing Christie in the campsite area while Holly applies her makeup. Holly vents that Christie is a terrible person, "she sucks so bad."

Michie- I agree with that.....hypocrisy at its finest

Holly says that even when its someone she totally doesn't agree with as a person, she can respect them if they own who and what they are. Holly continues by saying that she can't stand people that preach and preach and preach but never own who they really are. She calls Christie a "bitch" several times.

Holly- Christie preaches that her word is everything, but her word literally means nothing  and I told her (Nicole) your word is....but Nicole said that she is still with us. And I reiterated with her that I'm not questioning her. I'm really kicking myself

Michie- why

Holly- that I should have gotten Christie out sooner

Michie- that's in the past...trust me I have questioned the past, but

Holly- I'm afraid it's going to bite me in the ass. She is like a roach that refuses to die. Nobody likes a roach.

Holly- when they came out of the SR Christie came over to me and said, "I just feel bad....I just want to tell Jess....I can't even give her a sympathy vote."  That makes me nervous.

Michie- why

Holly- She was so adamant that she is voting out Jess, and I didn't even ask......like, Nicole wouldn't flip would she?


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2:28PM BBT TH Cliff is telling Jackson what Christie told Nicole about targeting Jackson and Holly. Cliff says that Nicole wants this HOH so bad Jackson doesn't have to worry about Nicole not going for it. Jackson says he figured what Christie was up to.


2:35PM BBT TH Nicole and Holly talking about what to do.  Holly wants Nicole to win HOH so she can see her family. Holly telling her that she appreciates Nicole. Nicole asks if she should go talk to Jess. 


2:42PM BBT TH Holly and Jackson whispering. Calling Christie a b**tch and how much she sucks. Holly tells Jackson how Christie went after Nicole about throwing the HOH or going for it.


2:55PM BBT Jess and Christie in the WCA getting ready and complimenting each otheron their hair. Jess says she isn'tsure if she wants to go back to modeling after the show.



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7:14PM BBT The feeds are back.  The remaining HG are packing Christie's stuff for her.


7:16PM BBT Michie, Holly, Cliff and Nicole are in the QA where they feel good about the double eviction and solidify their alliance.  


7:20PM BBT Holly picks through what they pack for Christie to make sure that they are hers.  She walks through the house with a pair of shoes to make sure they're not someone else's.  Nicole is called to the DR upstairs.


7:23PM BBT Cliff, Holly and Michie are discussing how close Tommy was to winning the DE HOH.  Michie said Tommy was about 10 seconds behind her after she missed her first shot at the ball. 


7:25PM BBT Michie laughs about how happy he was casting that last vote. Cliff said Christie was here several weeks longer than she should've been.  Holly regretted not getting her out last week.  Cliff was worried about that final POV comp question.


7:31PM BBT Holly is called to the DR downstairs.  Cliff and Michie are wondering if the next comp will be a face mash, and if they're individually taped where they can't watch.  Cliff said that since they can wear whatever they want to the comp that it's probably a questions related one.  Tommy eats cereal in the KT where the three of them are now deep in thought.


7:35PM BBT Tommy is excited to have been on the block and survived.  He was always afraid that he'd go home.  Nicole (who is now with them in the KT) apologized and says she really didn't want him to go.


7:38PM BBT Tommy cries in the KT with the realization that he is now alone.  Nicole comforts him and he tells her that he gets it and it is what it is. 


7:42PM BBT Tommy goes to the boat room by himself where he starts chanting "I did my best".  He then makes the sign of the cross and prays.


7:48PM BBT Michie and Holly are in the target BR where he is changing into shorts.  He strips down, changing out his underwear and she blocks (not very well) his bare a$$ from the camera.   Michie laughs that they left Bullwinkle upstairs and they joke about selling it on eBay for a profit they'll use for a vacation.  Tommy is now out of the boat room and helping finish off the packing of Christie's suitcase.


7:51PM BBT Outside the camper, Holly tells Cliff and Michie that she's gonna start talking to the feeds now that they're down to 5.  She will start in the mornings, when she feels she's prettier.  They're all relieved that there was no battle back with Jack or Nick returning to the game.  Tommy is sitting at the KT table studying the faces.






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7:20 PM BBT

Michie to Nicole- I'm so glad you're getting a basket

Nicole- you have no idea how much those 4 people mean to me  [she made me cry   -MamaLong]

Nicole got called to the DR upstairs

7:23 PM BBT 

The feeds cut back to Rancho Coastal Animals, then right back to the house

7:35 PM BBT

Nicole tells everyone she wants to sit down and explain her noms since she didn't get the chance to give a speech. Cliff says, "that's a fine idea."

Cliff- everyone understands...it was  a double eviction

Tommy- I know what it's like to survive the block (excited tone and puts his arms in the air)

Cliff- oh, yeah

Tommy- I was so scared to go up because I was so scared to not survive it...I'm glad I ripped the bandaid off

Cliff- Hey,  coming from the guy who has been up 4 times....welcome to the club


Cliff isn't feeling his best. He offers to fix Nicole something to eat but then says he probably shouldn't in case he has a bug (virus) or something. He keeps clearing his throat.



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7:38 PM BBT

Nicole- Tommy, you know I love you

Tommy shakes his head and begins crying

Nicole- I know you are probably mad at me

Tommy- no, I'm not mad at you. I'm just wondering if I am not alone or am I truly alone

Nicole- you are not...deep down, you are not alone. Go out there and win HoH.



Nicole- the whole season has been poetic, so I know you can pull this out

Tommy- I know... I want to, but...

Tommy to Cliff and Nicole- I love you both. I'm gonna go chill

Nicole- love you too Tommy

Tommy leaves the kitchen

Cliff to Nicole- it's hard...but, we cut people down one at a time. You did what you had to do. I don't regret it at all. 

Nicole- I know. I went with my cut. I had to go with it.

Cliff- I'm so proud of you


7:45 PM BBT

Tommy whispers to production to call him in, then he begins meditating in the boat room. Michie asked Holly to provide coverage for Bullwinkle while he changes. She throws her arm out to cover his ass.

Holly- booty...booty

Michie- better booty than Bullwinkle


8:08 PM BBT

The feeds cut to Rancho Coastal

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EDIT - Turns out, the HOH hasn't been played, despite a 2 hour feed cut.


10:00 BBT Feeds are back.  Maybe Holly won HoH?  Don't see the key anywhere else (Nicole still has her key, but since she can't play this HoH, it has to be the one from the short HoH tonight)...


99% sure Holly won HoH now, but she has to appear (confirmed by Snackson to be in the DR) or someone mention it to know 100%.


10:10PM BBT Holly comes out of lower DR, but no key is visible, so I dunno who won.


10:14PM BBT Tommy says to Nicole in the archery room he has $5000 for 5th place (so he doesn't have HOH).  That means it's either Cliff, Snackson, or Holly that won HoH.


10:18PM BBT The way Nicole is talking to Tommy it sounds like the HoH comp actually hasn't happened or there was some technical issue to delay it?


10:19PM BBT Tommy says to Nicole he needs to get a good night's sleep for the HoH comp, so it seems like it's been put off until the morning.

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10:05PM BBT TH Feeds are back. We are not sure who won HOH as Nicole is still wearing the key. No one is talking about the comp.


10:10PM BBT TH In the KT, Tommy asks Nicole if she knows when she will get her basket. She says tonight but not sure hwo she gets it.


10:15PM BBT Nicole comes in and chats with Tommy. He gives her a hug and says they just gave hm 5K more for getting at least 5th place. Nicole says she didn't even think of it that way. They talk. Nicole says she understands how he feels. She says she doesn't want to be a hypocrite talking to him since she sent Christie out.


10:21PM BBT TH Tommy and Nicole talking. Tommy says he needs a good night sleep for the comp tomorrow. He says he wants to see her basket when she gets it.

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11:24PM BBT TH Nicole is called to the SR to get her basket and pictures. Cliff helps her carry it out. She got unicorn slippers. She is crying over her pictures. She is pointing our her family to the HGs. The HG ae so happy for her.


11:27PM BBT TH Her letter: To my little peanut. Hi its mom and dad dropping you a line to tell you how proud of you we are. The accomplishments that you are making and the way you handle yourself make us feel that we did a good job raising you. We miss you a lot and we know it's hard being away from us for so long. It's like part of our familiy is incomplete without you.(she breaks down crying) I still go on walks to the store but it's not the same without you. I came to realize that this momma bird had to let the baby bird leave the nest and fly solo and you did just that. We miss you so much and can not wait to see you again.  We miss your smile at the dinner table especially when Dad is eating corn on the cob. (she says she sits next to her dad at the table and when he bites the corn, it squirts all over her) You are always on our mnds and in our hearts. Do not worry, Dad and I are doing great and so is Meg and Ken. Take care and remember how much we love you and how you are making Long Island proud.  Hugs and Kisses, Mom and Dad P.S.The animals says hello and ruff ruff ruff. I know they miss you.

11:38PM BBT TH Nicole is showing her family pictures to the cam. She is talking so kindly and positive her family.She calls them her best friends. She also has one of her grandmother and her dog. She is in tears being so happy.

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