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Wednesday, September 4, 2019 Big Brother 21 Live Feed Updates

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12:29 AM BBT

Jess, Christie and TOmmy are talking in the RV bedroom. 

Tommy- I feel good for tomorrow (Thursday eviction)

Jess- I do too. I already talked with Nicole. I plan to talk with everyone individually. I don't know what to say to Michie and Holly. I don't want to lie.


1:25 AM BBT

Jess is trying Thursday night outfits on for Cliff, Tommy, Christie and Nicole. They all love the orange outfit, but Jess is a little self conscious in it...says she will be tugging and pulling it. They all like the dress, too. Jess is going to wait until a few hours before to decide which one.



1:31 AM BBT

Tommy has spent a lot of time braiding Azule's hair. He is braiding each individual strand of yarn. It took him until about 3:00 PM to get half of his head braided. Christie took over and did some of it for him. It's pretty funny when Nicole/Amber and TOmmy/Azule tour the house for adventures.


2:00 AM BBT

Everyone is in bed. The house is dark and silent.

5:00 AM BBT

The feeds went down with WBRB fish on the screen...still out at 5:30 AM

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10:23AM BBT HGs are slowly waking up. Lights are on. Christie in KT. Cliff to WA. Jess sitting up in her bed staring straight ahead. 


11:15AM BBT Jess and Cliff talk some about their kids. Cliff mentions how he was not as outgoing until he got into sales and had to start talking more to others for work. He would still prefer staying home with Sharon than being out in social situations.


He says he is afraid of heights, not in buildings or in planes but where he is exposed and gust of wind could take him. He wants to skydive thinking it would help him face his fear but Sharon won’t let him. 


She doesn’t want to lose him. He explained stats and how safe it is but NOPE. She isn’t having it. 


Jess suggests zip lining and he said he has done that. 

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11:43AM BBT Holly and Jackson in HOH bed. Jess and Tommy come in. Holly has been sick and throwing up since 4:30am. Lights are hurting her head because she feels terrible. Tommy and Jess trying to help. Holly just wants her mom. 

11:52AM BBT Jess finally leaves HOH. Michie apologizes to Holly that she is hurting. Holly tells him thank you and that he is her go to person. She is getting hot and cold so she takes her sweatshirt off and feeds switch to the kitchen. 

11:54AM BBT Feeds switch back to HOH bed with Michie and Holly. They are just laying in bed with silence. 

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6:34AM BBT The HG are sleeping when Jackson rolls over in HoH and asks Holly if she wants water. She gets up and heads to the WC. FotH.  Feeds return 10m later with Holly sitting up in the bed feeling ill. Apparently she's having stomach cramps and doesn't know why. 

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12:45pm BBT Jess says she's worked with different kinds of people and knows how to remain cordial when personalities clash. Nicole says she's stuck in her life and needed to get away to figure things out. She feels like she preaches but does not practice what she preaches. She tells people to be quirky and embrace your true self but hasn't done that. When she couldn't control everything in her life, she put up a hard exterior for protection.

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12:50pm BT Cliff beats Tommy at Backgammon twice in a row. Nicole says she always put her self worth in what her parents, sisters, teachers and coworkers thought about her but being in the BB House has forced her to look inward for validation. Tommy expects he'll reflect back on his experience in the house and learn from it. Jackson tells Holly he wasn't convinced by Christie's argument and is upset about Frederick's eviction.


1:00pm BBT Christie wants to make a child for Tommy's Amber and Azul dolls. Nicole is reading the Bible. Cliff doesn't feel like reading. Christie gets tired when she reads the Bible. Nicole wants to finish it before she leaves the house. Nicole reads a verse apropos to Big Brother: "now the brother shall betray the brother to death, and the father the son; and children shall rise up against their parents, and shall cause them to be put to death."


1:05pm BBT Tommy, Cliff and Christie are discussing BB9. Cliff liked Chelsea. Christie remembers that James had gay porn come out during the season. Cliff points to a bed and jokes that a gay porn star slept there. Tommy says his old boss, Alex [Coladonato, owner of a DJ company], was on BB9. 


1:45pm BBT Nicole and Tommy say there was always consent with Nick. Nicole says she never initiated cuddling with him though. Tommy can't say the same. He says Nick's arm pits smelled like roses. Jess says they were always sweating. Tommy isn't drawn to Nicole's arm pit. He says Nick never lied to him. Jess says she loves Nick but would never play Monopoly with him. 


2:15pm BBT Cliff is packing in the Target BR. Tommy is washing dishes in the KT. Holly gets up to use the HoH BR while Jackson sleeps in bed. She was ill all night and this morning and BB has been letting them rest in HoH.


2:45pm BBT Jess says she's worked with different kinds of people and knows how to remain cordial when personalities clash. Nicole says she's stuck in her life and needed to get away to figure things out. She feels like she preaches but does not practice what she preaches. She tells people to be quirky and embrace your true self but hasn't done that. When she couldn't control everything in her life, she put up a hard exterior for protection.

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2:37PM BBT Christie talking to Nicole in Wa about Cliff. [Christie and Tommy are working on Nicole for this eviction. Heard they are trying to flip her to get Cliff out. I have not been on to hear for myself. - rms]

Christie asked Michie how Holly was doing. He said, not well. Christie and Tommy are making homemade chicken noodle soup. 


2:40PM BBT Nicole catches Cliff in TBR as he is packing. She asks how he is feeling. He says, you tell me. She says he has been her guy and still is. Jess has given her campaign to Nicole and she said it was very enticing but she had made her choice with him and is sticking to it. 

They talk some about the future in the game. She tells Cliff that Christie was asking her about Cliff and she had told her Cliff is a deals guy so maybe approach him with a deal. 

Cliff says if you and I progress, they will target me. Nicole says she would rather be second to Cliff than 4th in their group. 

Cliff wonders if he is gonna have to promise things to someone and then go back on it. 

Cliff says if Nicole and Holly are voting to save him then he doesn’t want to promise anything to Christie. They talk about how Nicole should respond when asked who she is voting for. They decide to say she is leaning towards Cliff today instead of waiting. 

They also debate if one of them wins and it is a DE who should they put up. 

Nicole did tell Cliff that Christie has a lot of questions for him and he said he would go campaign to her next. 

[This is the most game talk there has been in days. This is how it goes as we near the end, I guess. - rms]


3:00PM BBT Holly very sick in HoHR. Michie getting her 4 ibuprofen.

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4:00 PM BBT

Jess is packing alone in the RV Bedroom. Cliff is watching Michie and Nicole play backgammon. Holly is resting in bed next to them with Tommy and Chrsitie lounging around in the HoH Room too.


4:09 PM BBT

Nicole beats Michie at backgammon which she is really proud of since Michie has been on a winning streak lately. Nicole tells Michie she wants to make a lantern out of a watermelon tonight. "I want to cut off the top and scrape out the middle....Like a Jack-o-lantern"

Michie- A Jackson lantern?

Nicole- Yeah!

Holly- we could make the BB House

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4:06PM BBT WED Nicole just won a game against Jackson. Jessica is packing.


4:12PM BBT WED Ciff asking Nicole if she has a credit card and she says no. Cliff says he will loan her his card if she gets stuck with overweight baggage on the way home. He says she can pay him back later. She says she only brought cash. Tommy says he has one as well if she needs it. Cliff says it cost him $100 for overweight luggage coming out.

He says he is hoping to fly Southwest home.


4:35PM BBT WED Jess and Tommy talking. Tommy telling her that Jackson studied law for 4 years.  Says he isn't dumb at all. They are interrupted by Christie coming into the WCA.




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4:35 PM BBT

Jess talks with Tommy on the bathroom couches. Tommy tells Jess that she needs to get Nicole. 

Tommy- Nicole is not an emotional player.

Tommy says that the HoH puts the nominations up but it's the people who decides. Tommy suggests that she ask Michie if she is still his target. If he says yes, she tell him that she won't bother campaigning to him then...that it's the people's decision and she will let the people decide.

Tommy- scare hi a little bit. What will he do if he's scared? This is our one chance to get him out. If any of us are sitting next to him (Cliff), we would lose.

Jess heads upstairs to talk with Michie and Holly



4:55 PM BBT

Jess pitches Holly who tells Jess that she has heard a lot of people promising CLiff their vote. Production calls Holly tot he upstairs DR (probably for meds) so she leaves and Jess waits for Michie to get out of the shower. Jess tells Michie she is not a deal maker but what she can say is that she is an easy pawn and is willing to be put up next next week. "I just want to play. I want to compete."  Holly comes back into the room and joins the conversation. Jess goes on to say that she is a third wheel no matter what, and that can be valuable. She said she will not throw Cliff under the bus. Holly tells her she really respects that. 

Jess- I'm a Lone Ranger

Michie- I love you Jess....let me talk to them and I will

Jess- yeah, talk to them and tell them....yeah, my campaign is "Put me on the block"

Holly tells them the DR gave her a Banana Bag for rehydration (it has IV fluids in oral liquid form)

Holly- I'm excited because I can't swallow pills, so this will really help




5:05 PM BBT

When Jess leaves Michie and Holly say they can't keep Jess because Christie has her.....they agree that they can't understand how Christie has such a hold on people.

Holly- I don't understand how people couldn't see through Nick and can't see through Christie

Michie- same

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5:10 PM BBT

Michie- at this point, we have nothing to lose. She's either gonna go with them. We say nothing and she goes with them or we say too much and it scares her (Nicole) that way or we say that (that Christie and TOmmy are trying to lure her) and she stays with us. It's worth a shot

Holly- she doesn't want to go against Cliff and that's great

Michie- Tommy and Christie are going to try and play nice, though. I truly don't think they know we have a final 4 with Cliff and Nicole

Holly- and if Cliff and Nicole went back on their words with us that would be really rotten

Michie- there's multiple times we could have gone after them

Michie tells Holly she shouldn't throw the HoH 

Holly- I can't throw it

Holly says she wants to get better before tomorrow's competition, and if it's a memory competition she is very scared

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4:43PM BBT WED Holly laying in the HOH bed. Talking to Jess. She hurts everywhere. She is nauseous and sick. BB calls her to the DR upstairs.


4:50PM BBT WED Jess talking to Jackson. She says there isn't much of a campaign but she wants to talk to Jackson and see where his head is at. He breaks a tie. Jess goes on and on without making a clear point. She feels she has been up front. She isn't sure if she was Jackson's target. Jackson is just listening.


5:01PM BBT WED Cliff tells Nicole that he spoke with Christy and Tommy and neither would promise a vote. He says that he told Christie that if they won HOH and wanted to take a shot at Jackson he would not go after them. Nicole says she spoke with Jackson and Holly and that Jackson told her that he would still protect Cliff. Cliff tells Nicole that if she should win HOH he will support whatever she wants to do.


5:16PM BBT WED Jackson and Holly talking.Holly says she has always thought Nicole was great. She says that Christie and Tommy wanting to use Nicole now is dirt



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5: 14PM BBT

Tommy asks Holly and Michie about dinner. He has been making a homemade chicken soup for Holly and wants to know her opinion on what to add: spaghetti or macaroni. Holly says macaroni would be better because it can fit in the spoon. He agrees and plans to add the macaroni to the soup 

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5:19PM BBT WED Holly continues to bash Christie. She says that when she was on  the playground as a kid, she probably stole other kid's candy. Holly wants to take a shower. They both tell each other they are happy they have each other in the game.





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8:35PM BBT Nicole telling Michie that Christie says she has completes her deal with them. They both reassure each other that they are solid. Michie says how Tommy and Christie are trying to play Michie/Holly against Cliff/Nicole. They may be planning to throw the HoH and try to get them to target each other thinking thye (Christie/Tommy) are safe. 

[Sounds like they all know what Jess/Tommy/Christie, JTC, are doing. All of them have sniffed it out and are talking about it so sounds good for Cliff.  Holly/Michie are fed up with Christie.  They also know that Christie has control of Jess. - rms]

8:49PM BBT Cliff and Michie playing backgammon on DT, no game talk with others in KT. 


Jess campaigning to Holly. She is promising to work for people as described earlier in day. Holly telling Jess that she thought Michie was gonna want to get Cliff out this week. The Jess offering to be a pawn pitch they already fell for with Christie so not expecting this to work.  Holly says she wants Jess to stay here. 

[More likes and drug out words and sentences. Ugh. Hard to stay on the feed.  No real pitch. - rms]


Holly repeatedly says Yeah and Yep all throughout. 

Holly asked if Tommy and Christie said how they were gonna vote. Jess said they were gonna check with Michie and honor his HoH.


9:00PM BBT  A barrage of likes from Christie and then Christie complaining to Tommy about how they have to walk on eggshells around Michie, so frustrating.  [Karma, they all had this problem during the reign of the 6/8/9 alliances. - rms]

Tommy speculating Cliff will throw HoH because he wants Michie and Holly out. 

Christie is sick of Holly complaining that she isn’t playing her own game and is seen as Michie’s girlfriend.

She claims Holly doesn’t clean a dish and only makes tuna salad. She can’t live with them any more. 

Christie says she isn’t washing his dishes or bowls any more. She will wash everything else but not his. 

Christie claims Cliff told her that Michie said if you hear that we are working with Tommy and Christie that it isn’t true. He is just telling them what they want to hear. Tommy claims he was told that as well. 

They try to figure out how to call them out and make Michie and Holly vote Cliff out to prove it. Christie says she has a hard time believing you see Jess as a bigger threat than Cliff. 

They practice a few attempts at ways to approach Michie. 

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She plans to say something tomorrow. She thinks she should lay low tonight and both of them get a good nights sleep. They want to try to go to the final four with Cliff and Nicole. 

Christie claims he (Cliff) gave me his word. She gives more of her f this game. Then she yells in out ears after whispering so long that she is late and its the stress. 

Tommy says they are throwing this HoH to us. We need to just make sure that Holly is out. [They brag on each other. I’m out to other feeds. - rms]

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