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Monday, September 2, 2019 Big Brother 21 Live Feed Updates

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To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB21-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

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Kitchen (KT)
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Living Room (LR)
Target Bedroom (TBR)
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Boat Room Lounge (BRL)
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12:00 AM BBT

Michie shares his BB math with the houseguests saying: if you spend 2 hours a day with one person, uninterrupted on a 16 hour day, which is generous because they don't get that much sleep, it would take 2 years to equal 100 days in the Big Brother house.

Tommy- it's like we have been each other's roommates for 2 to 4 years

Cliff- on that note I'm getting away from you (he heads to bed) "Goodnight guys"



[APOLOGIES to anyone completely disgusted by what is to follow. There really wasn't anything else going on.  -MamaLong]


1:30 AM BBT

Poor Nicole! It's a pimple popping party in the bathroom (she is a willing participant....actually asked Jess but she wasn't having much success).

Nicole-  (screams) Ow! Mother Trucker

Production- Please be careful

Nicole- It's okay....I want them out...it just hurts

Jess was the only guest until she invited Michie which then included his plus 1 (Holly). Nicole tells Michie she doesn't want to punch him. He gets her a towel to bite down on. He gets a big one and she punches him in the side.

Nicole- I'm sorry I punched you

Michie- I don't care. It's okay. It didn't hurt.

Christie joins the party.

Michie- Oh Chris! Man, you missed the fucking show 

Christie- Wow! Nice

Michie is having too much fun busting all of Nicole's zits. Cliff joins the audience.

Production- You have got to be kidding me

Michie- Oh come on! Like you haven't popped a pimple in your day.

Nicole- Son of a Beotch

pimple party.png


Tommy sits to watch, too.

Tommy- How did this happen

Michie- I came down to get Advil for Holly

Jess- Nicole asked me to get one and I couldn't so I saw Michie and called him in

Holly- And I came down because I heard something and couldn't see anyone (on spycam) so then I heard "OW" and had to come and see

Michie tells Nicole to get in the pool tomorrow and get sun so they dry out








2:30 AM BBT

Everyone is in bed and the Big Brother house is dark and silent

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9:00 AM BBT Wake up call.


9:15 AM BBT The Feeds return. Feeds 1 and 2 are on the CBR. The lights are on but no one is moving. Feeds 3 and 4 are on the HoH. The lights are still out and Michie and Holly are also still asleep. 


9:20 AM BBT Feeds 3 and 4 are now on Cliff who is in the shower. 


9:28 AM BBT Jess and Tommy are awake and talking in the KT. Jess says that she hasn't been sleeping well. She thinks maybe it is because they are at a point where the future is so uncertain. None of them know what they next few days are going to look like. 


9:39 AM BBT Tommy is alone in the BY. With feeds 1 and 2 on him alone, he decides to speak to the camera that is pointing right down on him. He says that he has never done this before "so, bare with me if this feels a little awkward." He is going over the dates right now. Just in case there is a days comp coming soon. Down to final 7. He won the veto which means his is in the final 6. He is very excited about that. Today is the veto meeting. Being in the house, the energy completely changes about this time. It becomes less fun and more game. We can see the end in sight which makes it even scarier. He finds himself very excited to leave but in the same breath, as soon as it is over he is going to want to go back. Because this was a huge dream come true. He can't wait to go home and see his family. It is very hard. He misses his family.


Tommy goes on to say that they only get the BY two days a week and being locked inside makes you go a little nuts. But he is still grateful for being there. He is also excited to be done. It is going to be tough for him to get to the end. He is going to fight really hard. He admits that he is not optimistic. Well, he is but he knows that it's going to be hard. Whoever win is the one that protected themselves. He has a goal. He wants to get to the end, as far as he can.


Jess approaches him and offers to let him finish taking to the camera. He says no, he would rather talk to someone who talks back than to talk to himself. Jessica joins him on the hammock. He introduces her. "This is Jess, but I am sure you already know that." Jess "There are only 7 people in this house. If they don't know who I am then I am not doing a very good job." 


2019-09-02-09.42.35-Cam 1.jpg


9:40 AM BBT Tommy and Jess are laying on the hammock. Jess says that she won HoH on luck and now she is labeled as this mental game threat. She got lucky and it isn't like she got a perfect score. Tommy tells her that he understands. She wins one comp out of many and it is a shame they feel the need to justify why they won. "Like me, I hid mine in a mattress." He says that they should be able to celebrate their victories. Christie joins them by sitting on the ground next to the hammock. 


2019-09-02-09.48.04-Cam 1.jpg


9:50 AM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 are on Christie, Tommy and Jess in the BY at the hammock. Feeds 3 and 4 are on Cliff in the KT. Cliff is making some breakfast. Christie and Jessica are talking about the different way that they try to control their anxieties. Jessica tries to control her breathing. Christie tries to imagine that none of this is real. Cliff joins them at the hammock. Feeds 3 and 4 change to Nicole in the CBR. She tells us good morning and Happy Labor Day. She hopes everyone enjoys BBQ's with their family. She misses her family but feels blessed to be there. She is going to get dressed for the day like a good little grasshopper. 


10:00 AM BBT Feeds switch from WBRB to puppies. 


10:14 AM BBT The feeds return. There is no obvious reason to explain the feeds being down. Holly, Christie, Cliff Tommy and Jess are sitting on/around the hammock. Nicole and Holly are in the WA discussing Holly's cramps. She isn't sleeping well because of the shooting pains. Nicole is trying to figure out what day the evil clowns were. She can't figure it out. Holly says that she can't remember either. 


10:25 AM BBT It's a quiet morning in the BB house. Feeds 1 and 2 are on Tommy, Jess, Christie and Cliff are in the BY discussing the TV Show Rugrats and Pinky and the Brain. Christie's mom didn't want her watching Pinky and the Brain because they called each other idiots all the time. Feeds 3 and 4 are on Holly and Nicole are in the WA discussing Holly's sister. Michie is laying down in there as well with his hat covering his face.

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10:30 AM BBT Nicole, Holly and Michie are still in the WA. The rest are still in the BY around the hammock. They are all discussing people and life outside the house. The feeds keep bouncing between the two different areas as they discuss different situations, people in their lives. Holly mentions knowing someone that drinks and drives and the feeds quickly swap. Christie decides to go inside to get ready for the veto meeting. 


10:37 AM BBT The group in the BY starts to split up to go inside and get ready for the veto meeting. This leaves Jess in the BY alone on the hammock with her coffee. She sighs and says "This is so weird. I don't know how in the world I am going to pitch how to stay. I don't know what anyone's thought process is. Hmm. Yep. This might be the first time that I am alone in the hammock. Day 76, Jessica sits in the hammock by herself and starts talking out loud. One of the most awkward moments in her life. I am trying to make sense out of everything that has happened.


Obviously, I could have won the veto. Yes, it was stupid of me to put the veto under the bed. That was not my first choice. That life preserver was bigger than I thought it was and I went into panic mode. This was not my comp. But I must say that I don't want Michie to win this game, no offense to him. He is probably a great guy outside this game. But on a game level, he has played this so dirty. I am just so over it. I am just wondering if anyone is working with Michie besides from Holly, obviously. That drama there is just, I can't deal. I wish there were no more showmances in this house. Everyone is playing so so nice. I wish there was someone to dislike. *sigh* I am wondering if Nick told Michie what he told me, being that Nick isn't here to be my target anymore. Maybe Michie automatically assumed that I would be his. 


Anyhow, I am just talking to myself. I am hoping that if Tommy takes Christie off, I may have their vote to stay. I may have to work on Nicole. I just don't know. I don't know if Christie and Tommy are working with Michie or Holly. I mean, they are still part of the six shooters so anything possible. They may have a final 4. I don't know why anyone would want to go into a final 4 with Michie and Holly knowing that he is the comp beast that he is. When I think about Cliff and Nicole, I have no idea how people consider me more of a threat than Cliff. Love him to death but this man has come back from banishment, got taken out, came back with a path of redemption, got an HoH, has been making deals for his safety all of these week. I can't image why they would want him to stay over me. Why do they think I am such a mental comp beast? So odd.


I don't even know how to pitch anything without it looking like I am speaking against the other person going on the block if they use this veto. So confusing. This game is so much harder than it looks like guys. You may think this is a piece of cake or walk in the park but it's not. Jessica then starts talking to specific people she knows which leads to WBRB. 


2019-09-02-10.37.20-Cam 1.jpg


10:52 AM BBT Tommy is called to the DR. The HGs think it is veto meeting time. Tommy asks BB for a few minutes because the girls aren't ready yet and he is cooking French Toast. Jess and Christie head to the WA to get ready for the meeting. 


10:57 AM BBT BB "Tommy, please go to the DR downstairs." Tommy "OK, girls are you ready?" "I'm coming." 


10:58 AM BBT The feeds go down for the veto meeting.

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11:30 AM BBT The feeds remain down for the veto meeting.


11:40 AM BBT The feeds return. Tommy has used the veto to save Christie. 


2019-09-02-11.40.36-Cam 3.jpg


11:41 AM BBT Michie apologizes to Cliff and says this is just the stage that they are at with this game. Jess to Cliff "I guess we are kind of used to it." Cliff "4th time, your 3rd. I would rather be on the block because I'm a threat and not because I am expendable."


Tommy used the veto on Christie and Cliff went up in her place.


11:44 AM BBT Cliff has noticed that someone has given him a little payback and put beef bullion in the 2 liter bottle of coke. Cliff goes to take a swig and can smell it. At first he goes to Christie because he had put some in her coke yesterday. Cliff asks her about it and she has a look of complete surprise. They then decide that it had to Nicole or Michie. 


11:48 AM BBT Cliff, Nicole, Christie, Tommy and Holly are sitting on the patio. Nicole says that with the pranks, pies, and Hide-N-Go veto, she found out that she has a naughty side. "And I like it." Meanwhile Jessica is pacing in the KT. 



2019-09-02-11.49.48-Cam 2.jpg


11:50 AM BBT On the back patio, Holly is telling them that she did an April Fool's Day prank at work. She made them think that the big male water buffalo got out of his pen. Because of some technical difficulty, the message that it was just a joke didn't go through. So she was amazed that she wasn't fired that same day. 


12:00 PM BBT Michie is in the DR. Everyone else is sitting in the BY on the patio discussing different high school courses and clubs they were in. 


12:05 PM BBT Nicole discusses one of her favorite elective classes in high school was about Counter Culture. In that class she learned about things like the Manson family. Tommy asks if it was a music class. Cliff explains that it is Charles Manson, Helter Skelter. Tommy laughs. He had been thinking about Marilyn Manson, not Charles Manson. 


12:10 PM BBT Cliff tells the others about the book "1984". It was written several decades before that year. The basic plot of the movie is that the main character is from the future. In an effort for the government to have complete control, he goes back in time to erase people and events from history. They also eliminate words like freedom and liberty. They use language as a way to completely control people and how they think. 


12:15 PM BBT Christie, Holly, Jess, Cliff and Nicole are sitting at the BY patio. Nicole is talking about how she has done things in the house that she never would have thought she was capable of doing for the world to see; like sitting there with her leg in the air while she shaves her pants, or letting the entire house pop pimples on her back. If you had told her ahead of time that she was going to do those things, she never would have believed you. Brief WBRB and the conversation has switched to things that they have dreamed in the house. 


12:20 PM BBT Michie is out of the DR and goes outside to where the others are sitting. He asks who finished off the Coke. Cliff "It was me Michie, why would you ask that?" Cliff laughs at him. He knows that Michie put beef bouillon in the 2 liter of coke. BB calls Tommy to the DR downstairs. 


12:29 PM BBT While the HGs sit around the patio, Christie is shaving her sweatpants. She shaves them so aggressively that she puts a hole in her pants. Michie "Did you just ruin your pants?" Christie "Yeah, but this gives me so much satisfaction, you have no idea." 

2019-09-02-12.26.35-Cam 4.jpg

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12:33 PM Michie is in the pool and asked that Holly come over to him. She kneels down by the pool. He asks her what's wrong. She says nothing. "Do it seem like something is wrong? He says "Your eyes are really pretty". She replies "Thanks boo".


He is not wearing a microphone so he says something that we can't hear. She replies "We have to." They discuss that if this works, this could result in them winning this game. Michie "We have to make sure none of them get spooked or become wise to the whole situation. If this works we can take 1st or 2nd. If it blows up, we get 5th and 6th." Holly "all we have are each other". He asks her if his speech was okay. She says it was fine, short and sweet. Cliff acted a little bummed, but not too much. Michie "We cannot let personal stuff get between them and winning this game. We have worked way too hard for this. One of us can win this game. Holly "It's a 30% chance one of them will win this game." 


Holly tells him that they have to be really careful and watch what they say. They cannot appear to be too comfortable. That's why she wants to plan things to keep them busy, like a talent show. That way they have stuff to focus on instead of scheming. 


2019-09-02-12.39.11-Cam 3.jpg


12:46 PM BBT The group hanging out on the patio has scattered. Nicole and Christie are cleaning up in the KT. Michie is alone in the BY and in the pool. He appears to be just gazing at nothing in particular. He looks like his is deep in thought. 


2019-09-02-12.46.19-Cam 3.jpg

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12:52 PM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 are on Nicole and Christie in the KT. General chit chat. Feeds 3 and 4 show Michie alone in the BY. Christie steps outside for a moment. He asks her why no one is outside. She said that they don't want to get sweaty for their DR's. 


12:57 PM BBT In the KT, Nicole tells Christie that she has mixed emotions of what she is going to sound like and look like on TV afterwards. She says that when she hears herself played back, she sounds a lot more high pitched than she thought that she did. It's going to be very weird.

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1:14 PM BBT

Holly is complaining to Jess that her Lulu bottoms are too big. She thinks they are Bella's


Jess is afraid to wash her Free the Zing tshirt because it's her favorite. "This is a handwash situation."

Holly- yeah, I'm obsessed with the color and the cut  (many of the HGs cut their tshirts in a personalized fashion/style) I kept the scraps so I can make something from it. Be careful.....Jackson's Camp BB shirt is peeling.


1:26 PM BBT

Tommy- I'm trying to get super tan today.

Holly complains that it is so hot outside. Michie says that's why he is in the pool.

Tommy says he is excited to watch the show. At first, he was nervous about it, but now he is excited. Holly says she knows not to take things too personally.

Holly- I really want to see Nick's commentary from early in the season.

Tommy- I've never spoken badly about anyone in this house. I've never said anything that I wouldn't say or haven't said to their face.

Michie says that he said some bad things about David because he was so sketched out by him.

Holly- I was so sketched out.

Cliff is called to the DR.


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1:07PM BBT MON Jess and Nicole cleaning up their areas. Jackson just hanging out in the pool.


1:14PM BBT MON Holly comes into the KT and is wearing Bella's bikini bottoms that she found. She and Jess have a discussion over how good they look. Holly says that they are a little big on her. She found them in the house about 2 weeks ago.


1:20PM BBT MON Holly tells the cam - Bella if you are watching, I am pretty sure these are your bikini bottom.  I found them in the SR and I am pretty sure you would let me wear them if you were here. She then gets in a  convo with Jackson and Tommy about her bottoms that were taken away because they showed too much cheek. hey then discuss how Kat had a bunch that showed way to much cheek.


1:28PM BBT MON Holly, Jackson and Tommy are by/in the pool congratulating themselves on making it this far. Jackson says that 1 of them has a 50% chance of wnning the entire season.They talk about ow they feel about watching the season at home.

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1:32 PM BBT

Production- Nicole, please put on your microphone

Nicole- yes, I was doing it.....it is on my bosom (in British accent)

Holly- I love her

Tommy- Love her!

Tommy suggests they should have houseguest favorite instead of just America's favorite, "Nicole would win"

Michie and Holly agree

Nicole asks them to stop because it's embarrassing her

1:40 PM BBT

Nicole mentions that she misses her hair when it was shaved on the side. Tommy tells her that she can get with his family (the hair stylists) and they will do her hair however she wants it. Michie asks if he should got there and get frosted tips. Holly says YES....FOR VEGAS. Holly then asks the people running their social media accounts and the live feeders to post polls as to whether or not Michie should get frosted tips. Michie says to keep in mind that Holly wants him to have frosted tips so that there is no chance he would get another girl in Vegas. They are all laughing. Tommy says YES....do it!


Christie joins them in the backyard and Michie tells her about Holly's idea for a repellant (the frosted tips).

Tommy- I'm a yes man. I say yes to everything.

Michie is not down for the frosted tips in Vegas at all

Christie tells him it's a proven fact that if you change your hairstyle before you gamble there is a higher chance of winning.

Christie- I will be the repellant for the guys because I'll catch the girls before they can.

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1:36PM BBT MON Jess and Christie talking. Jess wants Jackson out. Christie tells her that Jess is going to have to pitch a deal to Jackson about she is going to gun for HOH. She will then have to throw the HOH to Christie so she can take out Jackson.


1:39PM BBT MON Christie tells Jess that if she can get in Nicole's head then Jess won't need ot make a deal. Christie says Tommy and her are very close.  Christie gives her steps on how they go about this. She tells Jess to keep on Nicole.


1:47PM BBT MON Christie goes outside and the others are discussing Vegas. Christie says that she heard that when you change your hair right before you go gamble, you have better luck. Jackson calls BS. Christie says no she heard it on snapchat.

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1:55 PM BBT

Nicole asks whose birthday is next. Christie says Jess is in October and so is she.

Nicole- so no Septembers?

They all say there are no Virgos on the cast. Nicole asks what are the traits of a Virgo

Christie says she doesn't get along with Virgos so she's the wrong one to ask. She begins stating her experience with Virgos  [Careful, Christie!   MamaLong a Virgo]pool_labor_day.png

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2:33PM BBT MON All HG except Jess are outside in the BY. No talking.


2:39PM BBT MON Holly calls out to Jackson about a cucumber. Jackson asks for coffee.Holly inside making coffee for him.


2:48PM BBT The HG are discussing the dentist. Holly loves the dentist. She says she would like ot go into cosmetic dentistry. Christie talking abouthow she was a dental assistant and having to show people what they needed.


2:56PM BBT MON HG talking about flying and tickets. Jackson says when he moved to LA he dropped $1000.00 in 24 hoursat Target and TJ Maxx for his new place.

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2:57 PM BBT

Jess is still in the DR, but all the other HGs are enjoying the backyard.



3:15 PM BBT   Cliff and Nicole chat in the kitchen. Cliff says he got assurance from Tommy and Michie that they will vote to keep him.

Nicole tells Cliff that she is just telling Jess she is still thinking about her vote. Cliff tells Nicole that he knows Michie is smarter than he lets on, but he would rather play with Michie and Holly than Tommy and Christie. They hear someone coming inside so they stop their conversation.


3:25 PM BBT

Michie and Holly come inside. Holly heads to the DR. Michie tells Nicole that Holly has Cliff and so does she and that's all they need. Michie mentions that Tommy was pushing hard to keep Jess. Nicole says that Tommy scared her because he was telling her that if something happens and Cliff goes that she will still be okay.

Michie- Tommy and Christie just scare me next week

Holly- me too

Michie assures Nicole that he would break the tie against Jess

Nicole- I just worry how much they are gonna push

Holly- I am too because Christie has Jess

Michie- granted they have no idea about us four but it's still scary


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Nicole- if one of us wins we put them up and one comes off

Michie- we still have the votes....the shitty thing is if one of us doesn't win

Nicole- don't say that


Holly- I feel like Christie has it in her mind that I put her on the block because it was my HoH because she made remarks that allude to that but "Nick put you on the block"...she has it in her head that I put her up

Michie- every competition counts

3:39 PM BBT

Christie has fallen asleep on the backyard couch


Jess is enjoying the Labor Day sunrays.


Cliff looks nervous about this week's vote. He has stated that if he leaves this week he would still be happy about his game, but he really wants final two with Nicole.


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3:58 PM BBT

The houseguests get a warning about napping

Michie- Cliff, Nicole, Jess, Christie!

Nicole- I'm awake

Christie- I'm just insanely comfortable. This is Heaven.


The houseguests smell something really good wafting in from outside the BB yard

Christie- I want that. It smells so good.

Cliff- it smells like Korean BBQ

Christie- those little ribs

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5:51 PM BBT

Tommy mentions that production told them not to make dinner. The houseguests are waiting around for their surprise and are hoping it includes video from home.

Tommy- I think it's just food. They heard us planning Thai night and told us not to make dinner.

6:20 PM BBT

The Houseguests are still awaiting their surprise from production. They know it will include dinner. The girls are anxious with excitement.

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7:37 PM BBT

Michie enters the backyard saying he can smell BBQ in the SR

The houseguests are excited.

They have not been given their "surprise" yet.


[I'm out for the night. Hope someone can capture the details on their surprise.  -MamaLong]

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9:13PM BBT POP-sponsored Labor Day BBQ Time in the backyard! Beer and wine are stacked up with lots of BBQ meat items, beans, macaroni/potato salads and (Tommy exclaims) Rice Krispie Treats! There are also brownies Nicole gloms onto.  On realizing this is a POP-sponsored event, Cliff walks back in and gets Orwell to join them in the backyard.

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Michie is ecstatic about the grill. He wants to grill up all the meat in the house along with their BBQ (burgers and hot dogs)


Letter from Pop TV:


All summer long it's been no work and all play but today is different because we're celebrating Labor Day. So kick back with a cold beer, a juicy burger, and some hot buns around the pool. Happy Labor Day!

Your friends at Pop


The houseguests got 8 beers and a bottle of wine. They told Michie to take the 8th beer since he grilled the meat.

Michie- I will not contest it!

9:58 PM BBT

Nicole makes a toast- Cheers to the final 7

Holly- the lucky 7

Whoops and Hollers!


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