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Big Brother Season 21-Episode 29

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Previously, on Big Brother, Holly rolled into power, but with prank week under way a new twist threatened to jeopardize Holly’s HOH. After Nick became America’s prankster, he found himself on the block, but he secretly nominated his nemesis to sit next to him. With a Zingtastic veto on the line, Michie got the last laugh and he decided to leave two big targets on the block. Tonight, will Christie lose her shot at the half million dollar grand prize or with the therapist’s time finally be up? Plus, a week of pranks terrify the HG and a terrifying endurance begins tonight on Big Brother!


Julie greets us on day 72, and she says prank week has thrown the HG into a frenzy. The house is realigning yet again as everyone is really questioning who is loyal to who? Could Christie’s years long relationship with Tommy ultimately be her downfall?


We pick up on day 69 after the veto ceremony and Holly is thrilled Michie didn’t use the veto. She doesn’t want to fire a shot at Nick the second time and miss. Christie is feeling confident because Nick has displayed him as a huge threat and she hopes the house sees it that way. Nick feels super confident and he thinks he’s going to stay. If he were the sole reason Christie got out of the game it would be the biggest poetic justice.


Nicole tells us right now she wants Nick in the house because he’s loyal to her and an ally, but he’s also a shield. But she has to be careful in sticking her neck out for him because it could get her in trouble. Christie and Tommy confer in the Target BR and they still each other as the F2. Tommy says Christie is all he has left and they are going to make it to the very end. That is his goal.


Christie tells Jess that she’s not a big a threat as Nick. Jess agrees and says it will be the Nick and Michie show and Christie doesn’t want to compete against those two. Jess has never seen eye to eye with Nick and she can easily see herself as a third person in a pair, either Michie and Holly, Christie and Tommy, or Cliff and Nicole, and that could put her in a good position. Christie says she’d love to see herself in a F3 with Tommy and Jess because she thinks Jess would pick her to go to the end and she thinks she could beat her.


Jess, Cliff, and Nicole are told to make a pie and surprise someone with a pie in the face. Nicole says she’s getting so much enjoyment from smashing pies in people’s faces…but Michie’s been avoiding her lately and she REALLY wants to get him. Cliff gets Tommy and Jess gets Christie. Nicole goes to the HOH and Michie is hiding behind the door and smashes the pie in Nicole’s face. He yells plot twist. Michie says Nicole I love you to death, but if you think I’m going to take a pie in the face without putting up a fight, you’re mistaken.


Nicole says oh you want a war? You got one. We then see Michie and Nicole both with pies running around the kitchen and Nicole misses and Michie gets her in the back of the head with a pie. Nicole says I need to hit Michie with a pie and best believe I will. That’s a promise. We see Nicole going downstairs and saying she’ll be in the kitchen and she hides around the corner by the stairs and Michie comes out and heads around the corner. Nicole says vindication! I won! Michie gives Nicole a hug.


Tommy is in the backyard on the hammock. Nick is saying he wants to stay. Nick says he’s rock solid with Nicole, which means he should have Cliff too. And Tommy is his boy so he should be ok. Tommy let’s Nick know he might not be able to keep him and Nick wants to know why he’s fighting so hard to keep her. Tommy says he gave his word that he would vote out Nick. Nick says Tommy, are you kidding me?!? I’ve had your back this whole game dog! Where’s your loyalty? He needs to come up with a scheme to flip the vote or he’s toast this week.


Nick talks to Nicole and tells her he 100% had Tommy’s back and he made a deal to not keep him. Nick says Tommy does whatever pleases the house. Nicole says Tommy is supposed to be one of Nick’s closest allies in the house, but he won’t vote to keep him? There must be another piece of the puzzle why Tommy is so adamant to keep Christie.


We see Nicole go to talk to Holly. Nicole says she’s working with Holly and Michie, but she wants to keep Nick. She wants to test the waters very carefully and see if there’s a chance of keeping Nick this week. Nicole says she understand why Holly nominated Nick, but Nick and Christie is like choosing apples and oranges. Holly says she doesn’t want the vote to flip, but if it does she still gets out big target. Nicole says Christie survived the block because of a killer campaign and now she’s surviving it again. That scares her. Plus, Tommy promised his vote to Christie and Nicole doesn’t understand why Tommy wants to keep her so bad.  Maybe there is something she isn’t seeing. Nicole tells us she doesn’t know if Holly is picking up what she’s putting down, but it’s up to Nick to convince Michie and Holly to keep him.


As prank weeks comes to an end, Big Brother has one more trick up his sleeve. We see some scary clowns in the windows and the HG are freaking out. Jess says she knows it’s prank week, but she doesn’t think this is funny. Michie is laughing at the clowns. We see one in the SR, and then one in the bathroom mirror. Tommy didn’t think he was scared at clowns, but now he guesses he is.


Cliff and Nicole see one in the camper and it says Nicole and she’s freaking out. Cliff starts to leave and Nicole says don’t leave me! She comes out of the DR and everyone is upstairs in the HG and Nicole is freaking out. Tommy says the HG’s that are the most scared are Nicole, Nicole, Nicole, and Nicole. Nicole can’t find the HG and she’s looking around downstairs. She sees one by the DR table and she kneels down in the KT and the HG are upstairs in the HOH room watching her laughing. The lights turned off downstairs and the clown in the window makes bird motions.


Nick goes to talk to Holly and Michie and says this is his most important together. He’s not making a deal, he’s making a promise. He’s not saying he wants to work with them, he’s saying he wants to work for them. He’s a shield for them and he promises he would help keep them safe. Michie says do you think Christie will do that for you? Nick says if he’s not here, then Christie or Jess will target Holly and Michie and he can help protect them. Michie says if I’m on the block with Tommy and we don’t win veto, who will he vote for? Nick says he has to keep Michie to keep his promise. Michie likes his pitch. Nick says he can help him, even if it’s for another week. Nick feels like he killed his campaign and they’d be stupid not to keep him for another week.


Time to check in with the jury house! Jack doesn’t think he played the game that well, he ran his mouth too much. He’s ready for another juror, there’s a few things he can use a partner in. We see him playing Marco Polo alone. He’d love to see Analyse walk through the door. Kat arrives and says she’s here for the conspiring b*tches meeting. Kat says she’s not bitter, and a lot of things happened to get her here. Jack says Kat was the least expected person, but he was clearly wrong.


Kat shows Jack the video and Kat fills him in on America’s field trip. Jack says who’s coming in next? Kat thinks it will be Michie, Holly, or Jess. Jack and Kat are doing fine in the jury house and we see them playing putt-putt. Analyse arrives and says hey guys! Jack says she looks so pretty. Sis definitely feels betrayed that Michie nominated her. She shows them the video.


Kat asks Sis what she was thinking when Michie won HOH. They watch the nominations and then see the veto. Jack says Michie won HOH and veto, stud move. He’s proud of him. Sis is confused how she went out over Christie and she tells them she blew up Nick’s game on Taco Tuesday. Sis doesn’t feel betrayed that Christie flipped the vote. Jack says Christie is an incredible player but he thinks Cliff plays an incredible game, but so is Tommy. They think Nick will be next, but Jack thought Christie or Michie would be next. Kat thinks Nick is playing a dirty game and flirting his way to a top spot.


It’s now time to check-in with the HG. Christie says for the last 5 years she’s been inspired by four life principals and she realized they can help get them through this game. She’s doing her best and she’s not playing a perfect game, but she’s playing a game she loves. She hopes they vote to keep her and she’s honored to sit next to Nick.


Nick says if anyone is dealing with mental help there are people that want to help them. He shouts out his parents and Sam Smith and loves Isabella. America he appreciates they gave him America’s prankster and he plays an honest game and Michie is his dawg.


It’s time to vote!

Michie loves him but he votes to evict Nick.

Tommy votes to evict Nick.

Nicole sadly votes to evict the noteworthy Nick.

Jess respectfully chooses to evict Nick.

Cliff votes to evict his friend, Nick.


Time to let the HG know the vote. By a unanimous vote, Nick has been evicted from the Big Brother house. Nick gives hugs and Christie tells him to remember no cursing. He heads out and dances and joins Julie.


Julie tells Nick his hair looks nice. She says she had a feeling he was going to be nominated so he chose to nominate Christie. Why does he think it didn’t work? Nick doesn’t know. Tommy told him he’d keep him if he were on the block next to Christie, but Tommy hasn’t been loyal on the votes and Cliff is going to do what’s best for his game. He says Christie does what she has to do. Julie asks about Nick telling Michie he had his back and Nick says he meant in the real world because he doesn’t know how he’s being viewed.


Julie asks if Nick thinks that was a smart game move and he says no. Nick says Tommy will have trouble with jury votes because he’s evicted three of his people and Michie is now the alpha male in the house. Julie wants to know Nick’s thoughts on Tommy and he says you think he’s loyal until you need a vote. Nick says he voted for people he wanted out and not the people the HOH wanted.


Julie asks about Taco Tuesday. Does he think that made him a target. Nick says she was already planning on doing that so he wanted to get it all out in the open. Julie asks if doing that and losing his emotions cost him the game and he says yeah maybe. But he wanted to get out in front of it and protect himself. Final thoughts? Nick feels like Holly and Michie have a shot at winning and he respects their game the most.


It’s time for tonight’s HOH to begin. It’s a haunted house theme and they are standing on wood planks. Prank week is officially over, but the scares have only just begun. Tommy yells oh my gosh! Julie says the last HG left standing will be the new HOH. It’s hold on and don’t fall off. Hold on fright, because this competition starts now! Julie says she thinks some clouds rolling in and Tommy says do you?!? Julie thinks it’s going to be a stormy night.


We’re back and all HG are still on. Sunday we’ll see who becomes the new HOH and who they nominate for eviction. Wednesday we’ll see the POV and next Thursday will be a double eviction night! Julie checks-in with the HG and she tells them they are all hanging in and well done. She does want to leave them with this, they didn’t call this hold on for fright for nothing! They have ghosts come up and hit them in the chests. Cliff says SKD143!

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