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Saturday, August 31, 2019 Big Brother 21 Live Feed Updates

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Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is West Coast Daylight Saving (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations or nicknames not used in the house.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB21-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)

Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Target Bedroom (TBR)
Camper Bedroom (CBR)
Boat Room Lounge (BRL)
Tree House Balcony (THB)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Storage Room (SR)

It only takes a few good posts to earn your "Live Feed Updater" badge and LFU status. 


Also, all registered members of the forums have access to our chat rooms, at http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?/chat.html/ Stop in talk to SMVanBoyz, Fuskie, and I'm in there from time-to-time too. It's fun to be able to watch the feeds at dish the HGs at the same time.  


Please feel free to post info for other updaters to let them know how long you can update, or when you're taking a break and you want someone else to take over.


...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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12:00 AM BBT

Nicole and Holly were the last ones up. They chat for a bit about Jess just recapping her game. They both agree that it doesn't really matter which girl goes this coming Thursday because they love them both. They feel Jess would win over Christie, and that is why she is Michie's target. Nicole is not so sure about that, but she still doesn't play favor to either. Their mutual goal is to get to final 4 with Michie and Cliff.


Nicole announces to Big Brother that she's going to bed, so if they want her in the DR they should call her now.


12:15 AM BBT

Everyone is now in bed and the house is dark. There is chatter between Tommy and Jess and between Holly and Michie. The lovebirds begin cuddling around 12:45 AM, making up after their quarrel. 

Holly- I am just dealing with the feeling that I am not good enough

Michie- same. I know I am 7 years younger One thing I have learned is that feeling inferior or not good enough will never get me anywhere. No one is going to hand me anything. If you feel not good enough, take it and make yourself good enough.  The people we may think quote unquote are good enough are not going to hand are not going to hand us anything...not on a platter. There won't be a white horse....just have to give it a 110% try.

Holly mumbles about good enough in her family's eyes


1:24 AM BBT

The house is quiet. It seems most are asleep. Holly has her eyes open periodically in bed and changes positions a lot.

4:00 AM BBT

Holly has been restless (not convinced she has had any substantial sleep), Michie sleeping soundly

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5:56 AM BBT We can hear a door opening and closing off camera. Feed 1 switches to Cliff who is heading the bathroom. Feed 2 remains on the HoH room. Feeds 3 and 4 are focused on the CBR. Cliff exits the bathroom, washes his hands, and heads back to bed. 


8:00 AM BBT Wake up call


8:13 AM BBT The feeds return. Feeds 1 and 2 are on the HoH room with the lights on. Feeds 3 and 4 are on Tommy in the WA brushing his teeth. Tommy finishes with his teeth and crawls back in bed. Michie is now up brushing his teeth in the HoH bathroom. He uses the water closet while brushing his teeth. 


8:17 AM BBT Jess is out of bed at walks out of the CBR. She says good morning to Tommy who is laying down outside the RV. They discuss the time. Jess says that sucks and heads to the SR to replace her battery. 


8:18 AM BBT Wakey Wakey House Guests. Cliff is now in the WA doing his ADL's. He has some small talk with Jess about what time BB woke them up. Michie and Holly are both up in the HoH. Michie mentions that this is the Saturday before Labor Day.


8:20 AM BBT As Cliff is about to hop in the shower, he and Jess discuss how sore she is. She almost couldn't roll out of bed this morning, her sides are so sore. He says he understands. He is still really sore too.


8:28 AM BBT Jess and Holly are chatting in the kitchen. They discuss their puffy eyes. Holly says that Preparation H helps with that. Jess says yes, she has heard that too. Holly and Jess say that one would think that BB would not give them a physical veto after their endurance comp. Holly remembers that they were chasing sheep after poison ivy so they can't count on that. Christie is now stirring as well in the CBR.

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8:40 AM BBT Everyone is up and around now. Holly, Christie, Nicole, Jess and Tommy are talking about music in the KT. Cliff has taken a shower and is dressing in the WA.  Michie is up in the HoH dressing. 


8:45 AM BBT Tommy tells Holly, Christie, Nicole, Jess and Tommy that he had a dream about his exit interview with Julie. He walks out the house and gets so many boo's from the crowd that Julie is speechless. He tells them that BB wanted real HGs in the house and that if he said anything offensive that they have probably said just as much if not more. 


8:50 AM BBT We get multiple WBRB's while the HGs sit around in the KT and chat about people outside the house. 


8:53 AM BBT Holly tells the others that right before bed she used Aveeno Bull Sh*t Lotion and she must have touched her eyes when she slept. She woke up and her eyes were burning and there was nothing she could do to make it stop. 


8:55 AM BBT Holly talks into her microphone asking BB to let her come into the DR for some superglue. Her nail is coming off. And it is raw and bare skin underneath it. 


8:58 AM BBT Cliff is eating a ham and egg sandwich. Tommy and Michie are playing Backgammon on the dining table. Holly is cleaning something up on the floor in front of the memory wall. Christie is making breakfast. Holly and Jess are just sitting at the KT counter talking with the others. 


9:00 AM BBT Everyone is up and in the KT area. Tommy is "crushing" Michie at Backgammon. Michie says they are going to have to rematch because he is not letting this be the last game he plays with Tommy today. The game is halted because Michie is called to the DR downstairs. 


2019-08-31-09.03.21-Cam 2.jpg


9:05 AM BBT WBRB changes to kitties. It is time for the HG to pick veto players. With 7 left in the house, only one of them will be sitting this one out. [And if that 1 spectator is Nicole, she really is going to question who stole her chip~Goldylucks]

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9:28 AM BBT The feeds return , Holly "I am worthless. Just f***ing bystanding." The veto players are Jackson, Christie, Jessica, Cliff, Nicole and Tommy. The lone spectator is Holly. Holly says that she better get to host.


The veto players are Jackson, Christie, Jessica, Cliff, Nicole and Tommy. The lone spectator is Holly.


9:35 AM BBT Most of the HGs remain in the KT area. Several of them think it will be Hide N Go Veto. Holly hopes that she gets to host. Or, even if she isn't hosting, she hopes she at least gets to get out of the house. Nicole was just glad that her chip was pulled for a change. Cliff has noted that this is his 20th competition. Holly tells them to check for bugs. She just swallowed one and spit it out. Michie and Tommy have resumed their Backgammon match where they left off. Christie "Please BB Gods, don't make us play Hide N Go veto." Holly "Just not a comp that I have been dying to play." 


9:40 AM BBT BB calls Holly to the DR upstairs. Christie "Already?" 


2019-08-31-09.44.08-Cam 2.jpg


9:50 AM BBT Jackson is upstairs listening to music while Holly is in the DR. BB asks Jackson multiple times to turn the music down but the music is so loud that Jackson doesn't hear it. He finally does and says okay. 


2019-08-31-09.49.59-Cam 3.jpg


9:55 AM BBT Cliff, Nicole and Holly are discussing the face morphing competition. Nicole laughs and says that she thinks that they all have the same nose. Meanwhile on Feed 3, BB zooms in on Jackson's large stash of watermelons in the HoH. 


2019-08-31-09.52.17-Cam 3.jpg


9:58 AM BBT Jackson is now downstairs looking all around the outside of the RV. He appears to be looking for a hiding place. He looks the RV over good including underneath it and on top of it. He then goes in the LR and checks out a few potential spots there as well. 


10:03 AM BBT Nicole hopes the comp isn't faces. She says that she won't even be able to pick out her own nose. Her nose and Sam's nose look the same to her. She jokes that Sam isn't her husband, he's her brother. 


2019-08-31-10.05.59-Cam 2.jpg


10:05 AM BBT Everyone but Jackson is studying the memory wall. Jackson was last seen going room to room looking for hiding places for his veto. Cliff leaves the memory wall and goes to Jackson. Cliff and Jackson are going to leave a coffee mug within 5 feet of where they hide their veto. The handle of the mug will be pointing away from where the veto is. Cliff will use the blue coffee mug and Jackson will use the red coffee mug. Jackson shows Cliff a few of his potential hiding places. 


10:15 AM BBT The HGs continue to study the memory wall. Cliff says they need to hurry up and play it because if they don't, they are going to end up just staring at that d**n wall all day. 


2019-08-31-10.18.05-Cam 1.jpg

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10:20 AM BBT Cliff, Jackson, Tommy and Christie are now lounging in the LR. Tommy tells Christie that she looks really hot today. They just want to get this over with. Christie "And now, we wait." Cliff notes that from now on, no one sits out of the veto. Everybody plays. 


They discuss Nick and says that wherever he is, he is probably dying for football news. Christie says that she is gay-er and gay-er the longer she talked to him. 


2019-08-31-10.23.32-Cam 4.jpg


10:30 AM BBT Christie tells Tommy and Cliff that she thinks Cliff was a real gambler of sports. She discusses how Nick never washed below the knees and how he was constantly in an inner turmoil between keeping things to himself and being a know it all. He needs to show off. 


10:31 AM BBT Cliff makes note that Nick being a prankster didn't help him in any way at all. They joke that he revealed during his eviction speech he revealed he was America's prankster which was crazy because he let everyone know after the veto. If he was smart he would have told them before the veto and used it to his advantage. 


10:36 AM BBT Holly has gone to lay down outside the RV. Christie goes in there to talk to her. Christie asks if she knows what is happening. Holly tells Christie that she doesn't and informs her about her argument with Jackson the night before. As a result, he didn't say good morning to her today. He barely touched her last night. He shut her out. She says that she is a private person and the damage is already done.


10:40 AM BBT Outside the RV, Holly tells Christie that she feels like she was cast for a showmance and that it was really pushed on her. "Showmance, showmance, showmance." And Jackson being petty right now adds insult to injury. Christie says that in this house, you don't even have the opportunity to react when things like this happen. You are stuck here. Christie says that the only advice that she can get is to try to just do her own thing today. Holly "How, I have nowhere to go?" 


10:45 AM BBT Holly continues to vent to Christie outside the RV stating that Jackson is being a f***ing a**hole. 


2019-08-31-10.45.11-Cam 1.jpg


10:55 AM BBT Christie has rejoined Tommy and Cliff in the LR. They are discussing Everybody Loves Raymond. They love the scenes with Frank and Marie. They are so typical of the average family. 


10:58 AM BBT Just general chit chat in the house while they wait to play in the veto. Cliff tells Christie and Tommy about his crush when he was a teenager. He had a big crush on Demi Moore when she was on General Hospital. He had a big thing for brunette's as a teenage boy and his wife fits the bill. He found his girl. 


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10:52 AM BBT

Cliff, Tommy and Michie are sitting in the living room chatting

Tommy- We're the boys left

Cliff- yep, started with 8 guys and we are the only three left

Tommy to Michie- is Holly okay

Michie sighs

Cliff- it's going to be a long week for all of us guys

Michie- well, I've gotten about 4 or 5 "you're such a fucking asshole"  so

Tommy- you're not...

Michie- whatever

Tommy- you're not

Michie- I'm not sweating it...clearly

Tommy- that's fine...you don't have to apologize for that...or feel sorry for that

Cliff- we may need to just find a room and lock ourselves in

Michie- I'll be upstairs if y'all want to join me

Tommy- it's funny because yesterday I had every one of them sad at some point....it's a real thing  (PMS)...it's crazy

Cliff- I know. I have witnessed it for many a year

Michie- yep

Tommy- you want to be like...just don't (frightened voice)

Michie- get in the closet....get in the closet  (like hiding from the girls)

Cliff tells them about the Everybody Loves Raymond episode about PMS (Bad Moon RIsing season 4)

Christie joins them on the couch



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1:00 PM BBT We are already 2 hours into the veto competition. We may be expecting a long competition since the feeds went down several hours earlier than what we come to expect with BB. Expect the unexpected. 


2:00 PM BBT The HGs are still competing in the veto competition. They have been competing for 3 hours now.

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3:00 PM BBT The feeds are still down while the HG's continue to compete for the veto. It has now been 4 hours. 


3:30 PM BBT It has been 4.5 hours since the feeds went down for the veto. 


4:00 PM BBT The HGs have been playing for the veto for 5 hours now. 


4:30 PM BBT 5 1/2 hours and counting since they started playing for the veto. 


4:37 PM BBT The feeds return. The house is trashed. The veto competition was Hide N Go Veto. Tommy won the veto. 


2019-08-31-16.41.48-Cam 5.jpg


2019-08-31-16.43.12-Cam 1.jpg

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4:45 PM BBT The house is completely trashed. Cliff congratulates Tommy. Jess says that she doesn't even know where they should begin. The couch in the WA may be broken. Cliff is on his hands and knees looking to see if it can be salvaged. Tommy is helping him. Christie says that she doesn't even know where to start. Michie is hard at work in the TBR cleaning up. Jess and Christie are walking around and basically watching Tommy and Cliff. 


4:50 PM BBT Everyone appears to be working while Jess talks and points. Nicole and Holly are working together in the LR. Michie is working in the TBR. Cliff, Tommy and Christie are working in the WA.


4:52 PM BBT Tommy goes to help Nicole and Holly in the LR. He says the bathroom is too scary. Christie, Jess and Michie discuss the rugs. They are debating on just throwing them out but don't think BB will let them. 


4:54 PM BBT Tommy tells Nicole that he found one in "Plain Sight" around the rocks. Nicole says that she had the perfect hiding place but BB told her that it was out of bounds. She explains that she had planned to hang it in the shower curtain. Tommy says that no one would have ever found that. 


4:57 PM BBT The dining room and living are essentially restored. The bedrooms remain completely wrecked. Holly, Nicole, Michie, Cliff and Tommy move on to the KT. Christie and Jess remain in the WA now that the sofa is put back together. 


5:00 PM BBT The HGs are saying that this is going to take hours to clean up. Jackson says that at least this gives them something to do. Everyone is doing their fair share except for Jessica. She is doing half as much and working at half the speed of others. 


5:04 PM BBT We keep getting WBRB while the HG call out to BB for direction on things such as can they just toss the carpets. 

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5:04 PM BBT

The houseguests are cleaning the house. The living room is finished and the couch in the bathroom has been put back in place. The bedrooms are completely trashed. They are all afraid to look. Michie tells Tommy he got a warning call and then the feeds abruptly cut to fish.


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5:05 PM BBT The feeds return again. Cliff and Tommy have restored the BRL. Jess and Christie are still working on the WA. Holly, Michie and Nicole continue to clean the KT.


5:06 PM BBT Michie and Cliff are talking in the SR. BB has provided them cleaning supplies. Michie "I thought you said buck room." Cliff "I said Bathroom". Cliff says that he he thinks they are okay. Cliff doesn't think Tommy will do anything with the veto. 


5:08 PM BBT Michie and Cliff are now in the CBR. They appear to be the Furniture Restoration Crew. They go from room to room and put furniture back while the girls and Tommy do the general cleaning and putting things away. 

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5:08 PM BBT

Cliff suggests they move the mattress back in the bedroom. Michie says they need to move the box spring first.

Tommy- that was me. I got in trouble for that *feeds cut abruptly


Jess hid hers under her bed and Michie found it. Christie hid hers under the bathroom rug and Jess found it.

5:15 PM BBT

Cliff says that Christie commented the competition was broken because there weren't enough hiding places, but it still took 6 rounds plus.

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5:20 PM BBT Cliff says that he told Michie where his veto was and he still found it. 


5:25 PM BBT Jackson and Tommy are talking. Tommy promises that Michie has his vote whatever happens. Tommy then talks to Christie in the WA. Tommy tells her that it was luck that he won. "I put it in a freaking mattress." Tommy says he left the zipper on the mattress open because it was not working right. Christie says because the zipper was open already, she assumed the mattress was already searched so she moved on. 


5:30 PM BBT Tommy tells Christie that Cliff's was in the WA. He said that Cliff had gone to the WA and raided it to cover the fact that the veto was in there. It was his intention to make the room look thoroughly searched before the veto was actually found. 


5:36 PM BBT A majority of the house is back in order. Some of the HGs are sitting and taking a break. We keep getting WBRB because of Tommy's humming. 


5:38 PM BBT Tommy, Jackson and Holly are resting in the WA. Christie is in the shower. Jackson said that he knew exactly where to go to find Jessica's. She spent too much time studying faces that she wasn't thinking of hiding places. So he went right to her bed and flipped it and he found it. Meanwhile Nicole is still working on the CBR. She and Jess say that the door into that room is broken. Christie says that she thinks she did more complaining than actual seeking. She went in there and would say "Are you f***ing serious right now? Is this real?" 


5:41 PM BBT Nicole and Jess are in the CBR. Nicole tells her that Michie got in trouble because he almost broke a mirror. 


5:42 PM BBT Tommy is in the HoH with Michie. Tommy tells him that he knows that Michie has Holly. For Tommy, Christie is his other person. So, he needs to know that Christie is completely safe and he will be seriously considering to use the veto on her. Michie says that he doesn't care what happens as long as he doesn't have to break a tie. Michie says that he would rather go against Cliff or Nicole over Jess. Tommy says he 100% agrees. Tommy says he will respect his HoH and he will vote the way Michie wants in exchange for letting him make his own decision on the veto. He isn't saying for sure yet, but it is very possible. 


2019-08-31-17.45.06-Cam 4.jpg

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5:47 PM BBT Tommy is talking to Jess in the CBR. He apologizes to her that she didn't win it and she is on the block. She says that it is okay. Her hiding spot sucked anyway. She says that everywhere she thought was a good spot was thoroughly searched. Her spots were so predictable. She tells him that his spot was clever. He says no, it was luck. 


5:49 PM BBT In the CBR, Tommy tells Jess that he is likely going to use the veto on Christie and hopefully that gives Jess a shot. She tells him that makes her very happy. He tells her about his conversation with Jackson and that he just needs to make sure Christie is safe. Jess says that makes sense and she is very happy for him. 


5:52 PM BBT Nicole tells Tommy that she can't wait to see this episode. She had that mattress up and felt it. She is going to see herself looking up and down that mattress with the veto right there the whole time. 


5:54 PM BBT Things have calmed down in the BB house. The house is essentially put back together with the exception of the clothes. Jessica is sitting alone in the CBR and just looking around. Tommy and Cliff are working together in the TBR. The others are off camera. 




I am out for the remainder of the day.

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