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Friday, August 30, 2019 Big Brother 21 Live Feed Updates

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Just before midnight, Michie got his HoH room. His basket had chocolate milk, steaks, hazelnut chocolate bars, chocolate ice cream, University of Tennessee gear, various other items, and his room was decorated with 5 large watermelons, of course.


12:00 AM BBT

Michie- they take such good care of us, it's not even funny.

Holly- I cannot believe they gave you freakin' steaks

Christie and Tommy think his mom looks like Jamie Lee Curtis. Michie says his, "mom turned 57 in that picture."

The HGs continue talking about how difficulte the wall comp was, and they all congratulate Michie on being a comp beast.



4:15 AM BBT The houseguests were up late chatting, but everyone is now in bed and the house is dark.


5:00 AM BBT

MamaLong recap and prediction: I expect Michie to put Jess and Christie on the block with Jess being the target. Michie and Holly plan to study for a memory competition as the POV competition (I think it could be Hide and Go veto), as they want to win veto and keep the nominations the same. Cliff and Nicole are both wishing they could win more comps and contribute more. 

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8:50 AM BBT  FoTH  Seems like wake up call.

9:00 AM BBT  Cliff is in the SR getting new battery.  Feeds 1/2 are on sleeping Holly and Jackson in the HOH room.

Cliff rummages through the fridge in the SR.  He has a pair of shorts under his arm.   He gets a gallon of milk and takes it to the KT. He yawns as he walks past Jess at the table. She was talking but it sounds like she doesn't have her mic on.  Cliff answers her, then heads to the WA to take a shower.


9:11 AM BBT  Jess exchanges her battery in the SR, Cliff is in the WC.  Holly and Michie still in bed with lights out.  Jess gets her cup and goes to lounge on the couch in the WA, where Cliff is still in the WC.  She is still messing with her mic, and doesn't have it on.  She yawns as we hear a flush.  Cliff is out.  Jess said today is a very strange day.  Her face looks like she is thinking really hard. She said they got them up early, they all got called into the DR last night, and it doesn't say nominations on the TV in the LR.  Cliff said he didn't think about it, but now he is concerned.  They talk about Tommy sleeping alone last night 9in a room by himself).  Cliff said he might try the TBR tonight, it seems cooler and he doesn't mind the beds in there.  He gets into the shower, lots of water and drain noise.  Jess is still on the couch, no talking as Cliff showers.

9:17 AM BBT  Jackson gets up and turns on the lights in the HOH, then heads to the HOH bathroom.  Holly is still covered in the bed.

9:19 AM BBT  Jackson is out of the bathroom, Holly gets up and heads in.  On her way she gives Jackson a hug/kiss.  He tells her they told them to get up and get ready.   Jess is in the KT while Cliff finishes his shower.  Jackson gets aprotein bar while Holly goes back to bed.  All feeds switch to Jess in the KT.

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10:36AM BBT HG doing ADLs

In HoH, Michie talking to Holly WITHOUT HIS MIC ON!  Bob already told him to and he is taking his time.


Cliff came in to do early campaign.  

Michie: I am trying to figure out how to play this with Jess.  I don't want to tell her she is a pawn.  Jess has voiced to me in the past that me, you and Holly have different strengths.  He thinks Jess thinks that they are all good.  Jess plays with so much emotion that he is nervous with her on the block for a week.  He is planning to put up Jess and Christie.  He wants Jess to go but is fine if either go to Jury.


Cliff says be careful, Jess is very observant.  She is smart on these things  She already came in and wondered why we have DRs already and we are up early.  There is no nominations today on the wall.  She is usually up campaigning early.  I have never been able to figure out her game.

Holly echos the same thoughts.  She wonders if they should bring up the men thing. 

Michie and Cliff both say no because a whole scene would ensue.  She is the only one who has voiced a male/female thing.

Michie again says he is planning Christie/Jess.



10:49AM BBT 

Cliff says he has to trust them and that they would break the tie.  With both of them not up there to start, it would be risky with so few people left.

Michie practices his speech to Jess.


He plans to emphasize that upcoming comps may be memory and other mental comps and she is good at them.  He is afraid of that and expects the next comp to be mental.

He says with BB Comics coming and she is good with photographs based on the HoH comp she won. 

Holly suggests that a mental comp could be the PoV and she could fight her way off.

Cliff warns them that she may ask that Christie is up there again and was as a pawn before, is she there now as a pawn.

Michie plans to keep it focused on her and him, not the other player on the block.


Michie says this is second time he may have to break a tie. 

Cliff says with Holly, Nicole and me voting one way, that would be enough.

Cliff says to keep using the two of you and both of you to group them.  Both of you are good at mental comps so are equals, etc.

Cliff says Tommy is pretty down.  Cliff doesn't think Tommy realizes they were together (Cliff, Nicole, Holly, Michie).

Michie agrees.  He says if he wasn't loyal to them, he would have thrown the comp and let Tommy take his shot at you.  [Michie still thinks Tommy and Christie would have put up Cliff, but we hear more that they are targeting Michie and Holly.  - rms ]

Michie thinks he will talk to Christie first.

Holly is afraid of her (Jess?) spiraling. She went after me with personal things.  Stuff having nothing to do with the game.


Nicole isn't nearly as close to Jess as she was before the whole Kat thing.  (Jess went after Nicole about the deal Cliff made that didn't include Jess.)


Nicole came up.

Apparently, Tommy had a dream where Nicole had a head injury.

Michie says they are trying to figure out how to play this with Jess. (Holly starts to interrupt him and stops.) [Typically, she tends to do that a bunch and they usually ignore her when it happens. - rms]

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Nicole points out that they got them up early and last time this happened was America's field trip.  She is worried.

Michie wondered if they are getting videos from home.

Nicole says she asked BB if they loved her.  Later, Christie and her were in the "RV" room crying and BB said, "Big Brother loves you."

11:26AM BBT Christie thinks people see her as a free agent and doesn’t want people to see that they are working together. 

She asks where their vote lies if Jess wins Veto and comes down and Cliff goes up. 

She also wants to know how they, her and Tommy are or how they and her are. 

Michie avoids answering in his responses. 

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Tommy is up there now and it is on Jess. 

Christie says, As long as I have your word that I am not the target.

Michie replies Jess is. 

Tommy and Christie say that with our votes and Holly’s we decide who goes out. 

Michie and Holly have both the other “couples” (Cliff/Nicole and Tommy/Christie) believing they are each the ones that are their partners. [I believe Cliff and Nicole are the real partners. -rms]

Christie leaves.  Michie discusses how he does not want Cliff to go home. Cliff leaving and Jess staying would be lose lose. 

Michie re-emphasizes he wants Jess to go. If someone comes down, Cliff goes up as pawn.  [Note that then Nicole would vote to keep Cliff and then up to Holly to vote to keep Cliff and Michie to tie break. That would expose the group if the evicted person is Christie.  - rms]

Michie tries to make sure Tommy feels like he is included. He says he can do what he wants with veto if he wins. 

Not sure who is asleep at the controls but Michie goes into the HoH toilet. Mic wasn’t muted until after he flushed. Thanks BoB!

12:04PM BBT They discuss Nick and how genuine they thought he was. Michie says he could have been almost everyone’s #1 and that’s why he had to go. 

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12:15PM BBT Michie pitching to Jess how much she threatens him in the comps he expects to be coming up. He repeats a bunch how Cliff, Nicole and Tommy don’t really threaten him and he won’t put up Holly. 

Jess presents it as though she is surprised that he is threatened by her. She acts like she is honored by his belief that she is a big threat. She says she is disappointed because she doesn’t think she has done anything to make him think she wouldn’t protect him. 

She says she would not have put him up as HoH. [She forgets that she did put him up before, I guess. - rms]

She tries to spin it to if he feels like she isn’t a number for him. He has to assure her that is not it. It’s just that he sees her as having strengths that don’t match his. 


She says she has not thrown comps and tries to prove she deserves to be here. 

She claims she doesn’t see him as her competition. 

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12:20PM FRI BBT Jess and Jackson talk in the HOH. She is aking her pitch. Jackson says that she is entitled to fairness. He doesn't believe in blindsides or backdoors. He tells her that if she is on the block she deservesto be able to fight for the Veto. He loves her and he doesn't have any ill feelings towards her. She understands.


12:29PM BBT FRI Jess tells him thank you for thinking of her as a big target to get out. Jackson tells her that last night's comp was a cake walk.He says it may be the last HOH comp he wins. He says it would have been very easy for him to throw it and we get FOTH.



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1:30PM BBT Cliff is crawling around on hands and knees and laying on KT floor counting stuff. 

Might have seem something unusual and thinks there may be a tie to a comp. may also be looking for hiding spots. 

He’s expanded his search to the DT.  Live Feed camera is following closely. 

He checked for anything under the tree, rock thats under tree. [The deer looked a little worried he would check him too closely. - rms]

Michie comes into KT and Cliff says BoB told them to clean all the grease off floors. He says it made him think they may want floors clean for hide and go veto. He found some places and maybe later they could go over places they thought of and if others thought of it they wouldn’t be that good. 

1:47PM BBT Jess comes into KT and Michie says he thinks it will be hide and go veto. He says Sam was spectator and Zingbot was host. So if they had outside host they would have one spectator  this would be the week it happened. 

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2:35 PM BBT

Michie talking with Holly and Nicole in the RV Bedroom. He tells them that he talked with Jess and told her straight up that she's going up....that he has to put up 40% of the house and he won't put up Holly. They feel something will happen today.

Nicole- the last time we got woke up this early we had America's Field Trip


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3:57 PM BBT

The puppies from Rancho Coastal popped on the screen, but only for a  few seconds.

All HGs are just waiting for something to happen....any....thing.....

They all seem painfully bored.


4:00 PM BBT

Michie called to "Diary Room Downstairs"

4:06 PM BBT The puppies are back. Not sure if it's another tease or the real thing. 

Just before Michie went to the DR he said it couldn't be nominations because he hasn't had his pre-nomination DR session yet.

4:11 PM BBT Feeds are still on cute critters

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5:10 PM BBT

The HGs are eating various things in the kitchen. They start joking around about discovering their castmates "real careers"

Christie- Tommy is an investment banker

Holly- on my gosh that's hilarious

Tommy- my dreams of being a Broadway dancer didn't pan out so I came here to pretend like I have 

Cliff- you're actually just a bit player in the Hoboken Community theater

Christie- Staring in the "Decent Looking Woman"...an off broadway  original

Holly- "Decent Lookin' Gal"

Cliff- Staring in the Off Broadway, "She'll Do"

Tommy- oh my God....that's so funny




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5:30 PM BBT Most of the HGs are sitting around the dining table. Michie and Holly are playing Backgammon downstairs while Jess, Holly, Christie and Cliff watch. Just lots of general chit chat. 


2019-08-30-17.59.58-Cam 2.jpg


6:04 PM BBT Nicole and Michie are still playing Backgammon. Jackson says that Nicole is getting blessed with her rolls. She admits that this has not been her best game. She has caught herself making mistakes after the fact. Jess, Cliff and Holly continue to sit by and watch. 


6:05 PM BBT Nicole loses to Michie and asks him to play again. Jackson "Because you got a goose egg?" Nicole "Because I got a goose egg." He says he may play her again later. Jess says that she wants to play Michie. Nicole "Well then". Jess "This may be the last time in this house so this is my last request." She says this loudly but jokingly. 


6:10 PM BBT Jess and Michie are now playing Backgammon. Nicole, Cliff and Holly are watching. Michie makes a  move. Nicole "Eww, that's risky." Cliff "He plays his Backgammon like he plays Big Brother."


6:20 PM BBT Nicole has realized that no one fed the fish yesterday. She goes upstairs along with Tommy, Holly and Cliff for the "fish feeding ceremony". 


6:29 PM BBT Michie is still playing Backgammon with Jess. He makes another bold move and justifies it to Jess by saying that it is about the odds. Her likelihood of rolling a 1 is very low. Jess rolls a 1. F**k.

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6:39 PM BBT Nicole and Holly are talking in the HoH room. Holly was worried about how the girls were going to take the noms. Holly says that Michie told them about it ahead of time, but he never told her if he told the others too. So, she didn't know if she was supposed to act surprised or not. Michie has beaten Jess at Backgammon and has joined Holly and Nicole upstairs. 


6:44 PM BBT In the HoH, Michie is telling Holly and Nicole about his conversation with Jess. He said he walked a very fine line and was very delicate. However he was surprised how well she took it. Meanwhile Jess and Christie are talking in the RV. Christie says that regardless of the veto, one of them is going home. 


6:47 PM BBT Michie tells Nicole and Holly that he would rather go up against Christie than Jess. He watched her crumble during the coop competition. She cannot handle pressure. They agree that Jess performs better in comps under pressure. 


6:53 PM BBT Christie and Jess are talking in the RV. Christie says that even if one of them comes down with the vet and votes for the other to stay, they are still going home. Even if they have each other's vote and Tommy's vote too. Because Michie breaks the tie. 


6:58 PM BBT Tommy, Christie and Jess are in the RV. Jess is crying. She tells them that this is not about the money for her. It is about proving to herself that she can do things. She says she has been on block every f***ing week because she doesn't have anyone. She is competing for herself and against herself. She had a hard time connecting with people until the numbers got smaller. She has just been swimming above water. 

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7:00 PM BBT

Jess is crying in the RV Bedroom to Christie and Tommy. She said for this game it's not about the money to her. It's about proving to herself that she could do things that others thought she couldn't


Michie, Nicole, and Holly are in the HoH Room chatting. Holly is complaining that "nobody cared" about the stories she had about her family and friends like they did for Michie's 

Michie- why are you so annoyed with me

Holly- Because I never get to talk about my family and friends

She moves on to complaining about her Zing and how what is being put out there is beyond their control and she wants to do Q&A sessions so they can talk about themselves and what makes them tick  

Michie- a lot of conversation that gets America to know us to the core is not what I want out there...I don't want 5 million people hearing that   


Holly tells Michie she wants to know the best time to do the Q&As so she will ask Cliff when the most feedster will be watching. Michie suggests not Friday night and not weekends..."It's Labor Day weekend". Holly then gets pissy and chatters back that he is telling her no time is a good time "I'd like to do it while I'm still in the house." 

Nicole leaves [a very smart girl]

Michie- why so snippy dude...I'm not shooting you down. I'm just giving advice

Michie- you're in a shit mood with me the last few minutes

Holly- because you are annoying

Michie- why am I annoying

Holly- because you're bossy

Michie- but you were saying you wanted to have people watching

Holly- it's the way you say...like I'm stupid  [she has a point, but she does this very thing to him, too   -MamaLong]

Michie- duly noted

Holly- don't sound condescending...I know you don't mean to;  but then you do that

*feeds cut

7:14 PM BBT

Holly is still complaining about how nobody cares what she has to say because she is fucking boring and doesn't cause drama

Michie- I was the one who came up with the name Hot Takes with Holly. I was just saying it doesn't make sense to do when no one will be watching

Holly- yeah, I know, but I'm just saying it's how you said it. You literally said like I am an idiot 

Michie- and then I didn't understand why you got pissed off when I was asking, "Oh you got to talk about my mom",  (using a mocking tone) "that's great because"  *feeds cut out again

All 4 feeds move to the RV room while BB holds up their agreement to not stay on personal things between Michie/Holly [my observation given the cameras always move away from their intimate encounters...both physical and emotional, and especially their arguments -MamaLong]

7:28 PM BBT

Nicole and Tommy are chatting in the Bathroom area about comments  regarding BB they heard....about people wanting to leave

Tommy- I was like, who would want to leave

Nicole- I know, who would do that

Tommy- they said, oh you will....it gets bad and you will want to leave

Nicole- and they said to me  *feeds cut*


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7:36 PM BBT

Tommy and Nicole are trying to figure out if there will be a need for a Battle Back. Nicole is counting the days "Three Thursdays and then a short week....if 93 is 4 people they will have to get rid of someone...it's either gonna blaze through ... we probably won't have a Battle Back. So, no double. Why would there be no double if Cliff Battled Back?

Tommy- I think we started earlier. I remember someone saying that to me

Nicole- three people on finale night....4 Fridays means three Thursdays we will get to. So 7 of us then 6 of us, five of us. Wait what's the date?

Tommy- 30th of August

Nicole- Wow. This whole time it's been July to me. I don't know what the "f" happened to August

Tommy- so there's 4 weeks left

Nicole- Sunday is the 1st and we said three Wednesdays. The 4th is a Wednesday. The 11th is a Wednesday

Tommy- the 18th plus 7 is 25th. I bet we finish September 25th

[Tommy is right. The finale is scheduled for September 25th.  -MamaLong]


Nicole- yeah, so with the move in week....September 25th...no one has figured this out, but we did

Tommy- well, mostly you. I was just sitting here


Tommy sees a member of production

Tommy- oh I just saw a ghost

Nicole- huh

Tommy- not a real ghost but a ... *feeds cut....feeds return*  

Nicole- it's weird because there are people behind those walls

Tommy- We are not alone



7:59 PM BBT

Jess is still crying in the RV. She tells Christie that she waited for Christie to get beyond Jack so she could work with her. She cries, "this may sound weird, but I was waiting for you for so long."

Christie grabs her for a bear hug. They cry together.

Jess jokes that it sounded like a sappy romance novel



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8:15 PM BBT

It's a Taki party in the bathroom

Michie tells the group he is in the dog house with Holly, but she does not comment.


Michie- we have an hour and 45 minutes to kill

Tommy- before we go to bed

Christie- there is nothing to talk about

They decide to go to bed at 10

Cliff- Tommy you keep moving around. Everytime I look, you are in a different bed.

Christie- I'm going to have ice cream because I'm on the block

Michie asks if it's okay for Tommy to eat the Takis (nut allergy)

They read the package and it says it is made in a factory that also deals with nuts. Tommy says that's okay. Holly asks if sunflower oil is okay, and Tommy says not really.


[I'm out for the night  -MamaLong]

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9:00PM BBT 15 minutes of Jess talking and crying to Nicole.

9:16PM BBT Alcohol.  Jess says no way because they have Veto tomorrow.


Now they wonder if they aren't gonna play in a veto tomorrow.  

They got a bottle of wine and 8 beers. Jess complains because they used to get 2 bottles. [Umm, maybe because there were MORE PEOPLE. - rms]


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BB Time 9:20pm 

House guests are called to the storage room and find alcohol.


Jackson demonstrates to Tommy how to shotgun a beer. Tommy tries it and chokes a little.

Jessica is left out of the wine pouring by Christie (who grabbed the wine and took charge immediately, telling them who and how much they could have). Christie says she didn't know she left Jessica out and rectifies it. Jessica is not appeased but takes her share without making a big deal. (Earlier Jessica was talking to Nicole in the rv bedroom about being left out of the house, decisions and so on, and this happened within a very few minutes after that observation.~Grannysue) 


Meanwhile Holly is watching with obvious disapproval as Jackson repeats the shotgun with the extra beer. 

(Earlier Holly and Jackson were in a spat in the HOH room. Holly felt that Jackson was in the wrong about something about a pretend blog she had been wanting to do. Cameras moved from the room so we missed that entire fun conversation. When Holly and Jackson came downstairs there was tension. Not long after Jackson was going to whisper something Holly told him—he indicated it was three words—Holly got very irritated and told Jackson they have very different ideas about the privacy of romantic information. That catches us up as much as I can glean out of the house sweethearts ~Grannysue) 


Cliff begins a story about antics at Texas A&M. He says they were their own version of “Animal House”. 

Holly plays with her split ends (she tends to do this when she is irritated). She is not on the bench with Jackson, she is one bench away from him and he is posed with his back partially to her although she is nearly completely facing him. 


Nicole is sitting beside Tommy while he plays backgammon with Jackson (not much playing, much talking)

Nicole is entertaining herself by reading the beer label. 


Cliff says he will teach them the Texas A&M cheer with the motions for each class. He says on Fridays at midnight there is cheer practice and he will do this for feeders. 


Cliff says they have “yell leaders”, not cheerleaders, they are men voted for by the student body.

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Michie says he has a bottle upstairs.

Michie asks Tommy if he wants to shotgun a beer.  He says, sure.  They ask Cliff and he says  no, I value my beer too much for that. 

[To clarify, A&M does not do CHEERS, they are yells.  The yell leaders can be men or women but as of yet no woman has been voted as one.  Midnight Yell, is the yell practice Friday, midnight before home games at Kyle Field where 10-30,000 people show up.  For away games, Yell practice was Thursday night at the Grove, an old amphitheater that is now gone, but was there while Cliff was. In addition, after being outscored, the Yell leaders conduct a y'all practice in the stands following the game.  After a win, the freshmen cadets chase the yell leaders and, upon catching them, carry them to the Fish Pond (a fountain by Sbisa dining hall) and throw them in.  They then lead the cadets to the YMCA building where they gather with the band and a yell practice occurs for the following opponent.  The different ways he showed by class are their ways to "wildcat."  Also, Cliff forgets that the drinking age was still 18 when he was in school.  It changed while he was there but after he likely turned 21. He missed Yell practice by 2 days this week since the game was Thursday.  A&M BTHO (beat the hell outta) Texas State 41-7.  Okay, I refuse to correct the rest of this.  He gets most right.  A&M was originally "The Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas" but overall his info was pretty correct.  Not military until 70s, the Corps membership became voluntary in 1965.  Come civilians went well before then, even women went while an all male college.  They were family members of faculty, military after their service using the GI Bill. Formal admission of women came in 60s.  - rms]


Jess says the handbook says there will not be alcohol the night before a veto.

BoB says you are not aloud to talk  about production.

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10:03pm BB Time


Jackson says he had planned to go to bed at 10pm on the dot. He hugs everyone (except Holly) and goes up the stairs to bed. Holly continues to work on her split ends, but does not go upstairs.


Everyone else in the kitchen continues to talk, no one acknowledges that Holly has not moved.


A few minutes after going upstairs Jackson comes to the railing and looks down at the kitchen. He says nothing and goes back into the HOH room with his toothbrush. Holly remains at the table and continues to work on her hair until she is called to the Diary Room.


They all wonder (for the 100th time) if there will be a veto competition tomorrow.


Holly has stopped by the bathroom lounge and is talking to Tommy about her disagreement with Jackson. She calls Jackson dense, and says he has dated girls in the past, mentions his age and his lack of non-disclosure. Tommy commiserates then Holly leaves the room for the HOH room to get ready for her Diary Room visit.


She enters without speaking to Jackson, who is tossing pillows onto the floor by the bed. He doesn't speak to her either while he works on the bed pillows—it looks like he is replacing pillowcases on those remaining on the bed.




Holly goes to bathroom area to brush teeth, “why not???” then mumbles.

Jackson: silence—puts on headphones.




/Finally at 10:25pm Holly has finished her makeup ritual and leaves the bedroom.


Jackson, “can you get the lights?”


Holly flips switch and leaves the room.


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