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Big Brother Season 21-Episode 28

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Previously, on Big Brother, Christie made a deal with Michie and Holly to be a pawn if she survived the eviction. So Michie and Holly flipped the house and sent Sis to jury. With prank week under way, the HOH was on the line and Holly rolled into power. While Cliff, Jess, Nicole and earned a pie-riffic punishment. Wanting to target Nick, Holly considered cashing in on Christie’s pawn promise, but the enlightened one wasn’t having it.


A new twist pranked Holly’s HOH reign, and America chose Nick to be their prankster. At the nomination ceremony, Holly chose her target and the prankster’s secret nomination was revealed. Tonight, will the POV save Nick or Christie? Plus, the master of Zings is back to roast the HG. Plus, what other pranks are in store? Find out right now on Big Brother!


We pick up on day 66 after the nomination ceremony and Holly nominated Nick because he’s a big threat in the game and America’s prankster nominated Christie. One of her or one of her allies needs to win this veto because if Christie comes down she has zero control over the replacement. Nick says sitting next to Christie gives him the best chance to stay in the game. Christie is assuming America’s prankster is Nick, but she has a veto to win. If she can bounce back from last week, she can bounce back from this!


Michie tells Holly she looked damn good up there. She says he looked good last week. Holly says the fact its Nick and Christie is heaven. Holly hopes she gets Nick out. Michie says if he gets picked to play veto he’s keeping it the same. He says it scares him America’s prankster could put him up and he doesn’t like not knowing who it is.


Tommy joins the HOH room and Holly asks who he thinks the prankster is and he says he thought it was Christie until she went up. Michie says the scary part is if it’s used. Holly really, really doesn’t want Christie come down for that reason. Tommy says he feels like he has to win this veto just to make sure he’s protected.


Christie joins Nick and Nicole in the camper and he says sorry you have to sit next to me. Nick says it was the smartest move for her game. Nick says they’ll both go out and fight for the veto. Nick tells us he doesn’t really want her to win. Nick hopes he wins and pulls himself down and she goes home like she was supposed to. Christie feels like Nick must think she’s stupid. She doesn’t believe him when he wishes her well because he put her on the block.

The HG are sitting around. Jess, Cliff, and Nicole need to make enough pies for the entire house and make sure everyone gets a pie to the face! Nick says he has to stay in the DR because they are about to pie everyone in the face. He says he doesn’t get hit with it now because he’s in the DR right? The HG are gathered outside of the DR door and Nicole is let in. Taco is talking about what he ate and Nicole comes in and pies him in the face. We then get a slo mo! Nick says are you f’ing kidding me?!? Everyone is laughing and Michie has brought him a towel.


Nicole says this is so much fun. Nicole says punishments tend to be horrible, but this is the perfect retaliation for all the things these people have said or done to be rude to her. We see Michie get hit in the face, then Cliff get Holly. Tommy and Christie get pies next and Christie eats hers and says it tastes good. Michie hits Nicole in the face with a pie and Jess gets one in the face and Cliff too.


It’s time to pick players for the veto competition! Christie and Nick join Holly at the front of the LR. Nick really wants Tommy and Nicole because he thinks they’ll take him off the block and he doesn’t want Michie or Jess to play because they won’t take him off. Holly sticks her hand in to draw first and her hand comes out covered in good for prank week. Holly has drawn HG choice and she selects Michie. Nick is next and he says the goo is disgusting and he draws Cliff. Cliff is glad he got drawn to play. Christie is making a face because of the goo. Christie really wants to draw Tommy. Christie draws Jess.


We see Christie talking to Michie and Holly and she says she’s really gunning for it. Michie says he’s going to because he doesn’t know what will happen. Holly says she just doesn’t want HIM to win. Christie says Nick is a swindler and he’s good with his words and she’s concerned people won’t see through his flattering BS. She wants to prove herself and take one for the team. She’s going to give it her all and Michie says the same and Christie heads out. Holly says she hates Christie thinks this is them cashing in on their deal, but they didn’t put her up. Michie says this doesn’t make us square on their deal and they still might cash in down the road. Holly says the more she talks to Christie the more she thinks it’s not the worst thing in the world if she goes home.


The HG are sitting around chatting and Zingbot enters from the DR door. Holly comes down from upstairs. Zingbot says follow me brainless humans. Nicole says as a BB fan, she can’t believe she’s in the presence of Zingbot. Please don’t go too hard on me Zingbot.


Zingbot says he’s visited the BB house a lot and he has to say this is the biggest group of losers he’s ever seen. Zing! Tommy, with all your constant singing and dancing this summer, you remind me of my favorite musical. Little shop of Attention Whores. Zing! Holly says Zingbot nailed that on the head considering Tommy’s reaction! We then see Tommy sitting in the DR doing the splits and he says he’s not an attention whore.


Nicole, you say you’re afraid of birds, but you’ve been living with an old buzzard all season named…Holly! Zing! Michie says Holly has a couple years on him. He likes cougars. Christie, you sure got loud on Taco Tuesday! I don’t mean your fighting, I mean your…chewing. We then see her eating in DR. Tommy says he thinks she got off easy. He didn’t mention anything about the tears, emotions, paranoia, the crying, the tears…


Zingbot almost forgot, he has something for one of them! Wait here! Zingbot comes back with a gift box for Nick. He brought Nick a present. Open it up! It’s a bowl. Time for a new…haircut. Zing! Hail Caesar Zing! Nicole, it must be tough for you in the BB house with no friends, no boyfriend, and no contact with the outside world. Actually, you must feel right at home.


There is one HG this summer who is very voluptuous and if you don’t mind him saying, quite busty…pleased to finally meet Cliff! Watch the sideboob zing! Jessica, with the game you’re playing this summer, fans are already planning a convention in your honor. They’re calling it…snooooooozefest. Zing! Hello, we haven’t met yet. His name is Zingbot. What should I call you? Michie, Jackson, or how about douchebag? Chess not checkers zing! Christie says he’s kind fo a pompous douchebag let’s be real.


Ok HG listen up. The scandals and fake news about his presidency forced him out of office and now he’s on the run. He’s decided to hide out in the BB house and they will never find him…we hear sirens and a guy with a space helmet goes on from the department of Zingland Security and Zingbot is under arrest. Zingbot says HG, meet him at the Zingatentiary and help set him free. Nick says it was nice playing Zingbot and all but it’s not going to keep him from going out and winning that veto and keeping Christie on the block.  


We see Zingbot behind bars in the backyard. He needs the HG help to escape the Zingatentiary. Holly is still mad at Zingbot. Nicole says Zingbot is counting on them to bring him out. On go, they have to maneuver their ball through the penitentiary and knock out cameras. The first player to knock out all 27 cameras and hit their button will free Zingbot and win the golden POV. Christie is on the block for the third week in a row and she needs to make sure she survives another week on the block.


Nick says being America’s prankster is amazing because he got to pick a nominee. Unfortunately for him he’s still on the block and he has to win because it’s the only chance to be 100% safe. Nick has his first camera out, and then his second. Jess has gotten one and Michie got one right behind. Christie and Cliff are struggling to get use to maneuvering the bar. Cliff wants to go nice and slow to not make any mistakes. Michie is getting used to it and he’s maneuvering pretty well. Michie has 24 left. Nick also has 24 left. Michie says he’s working from the top down. His dad always said do the hard things first and he’s going to live by that.


Holly says she’s had so much of her HOH control ripped out of her fingers and she wants to win to keep noms the same. Holly has 25 cameras left. Zingbot tells them to move faster because he needs to get the Zing out of here! We see several HG dropping their balls. Christie says her balls are all over the place. She says this competition is a complete mess. Jess is struggling. Nicole says some people are really struggling. Cliff and Christie keep dropping their balls and Jess and Holly are moving so slow. It’s obvious Michie or Nick will win.


Nick has 9 cameras left. Michie has 11. Nick gets another. Holly says she realizes this is not her comp to win. She’s hoping Michie can win so they can take Nick out of the game. Nick has 6 cameras left. Michie says Nick is doing well but he’s focusing on this competition and his strategy is paying off now. Michie now has 4 cameras left and Nick has 4 also. Nick says he just needs to stay focused and keep a steady hand. He’s going to help Zingbot escape and in return he’s going to help Nick escape eviction. Nick has three cameras left and Michie gets his last button and hits his button. Michie has won the POV!


Michie says Zingbot called him a pompous douchebag but you’re welcome for helping you escape. Michie says sorry America, but Holly and Michie have the power back in their hands and he’s sorry to take it out of our hands. Christie says she’s ok with Michie winning as long as she’s still not the target. Nick says this is rough, but he’s not ready to go anywhere and he’s going to fight. The Department of Zingland Security has just realized Zingbot has escaped and he says noooooooooooooooooo!


The HG are heading inside and Christie tells Michie nice job. Nick goes and lays in the lounge room. Nick tells Michie he didn’t have to go for it. He says it wouldn’t have been him going up. He says the best way to show loyalty is to show it when no one is looking. Michie says he realized Nick was America’s prankster. Nice to meet you. Michie says he was sorry, he didn’t know it was him. Nick says the veto didn’t go the way he wanted to. He wants to plant a seed in his head so maybe he’ll save him with the veto, probably not. But he also wanted to plant a seed he can be loyal and he had his back all along. Nick tells him Christie hasn’t always had him.


Michie goes to the HOH with Holly and picks her up and they celebrate. Michie tells Holly he just found out who the prankster was and it wasn’t Nicole like they thought. Michie says he still can’t risk it. Holly says even if they decide to cut a sick deal with him and Michie says no they aren’t cutting more shady deals. Christie joins the HOH and she celebrates with them. Michie tells her he can’t use it and he’s not about to risk Nick being in the house and going after Holly. Christie is so grateful for putting the trust in her. She really doesn’t want to be on the block for a third week in a row, but Nick is his best shot and Michie is pompous and does like to feel like the man in charge so she makes sure he knows she’s grateful.


Tommy and Nick are talking and Nick says Michie won because he was worried he’d have gone up, but he wouldn’t’ have gone up. Nick tells Tommy he’s America’s prankster because he needs Tommy to know he has his back going forward. Nick needs to let Tommy know he trusts him and vote to keep him. Nick says he needs Cliff, Nicole, and Tommy’s votes. Nick thinks things might be ok if he can get the three votes. Nick says if he gets kicked out over her, that’s crazy.


It’s time for the veto meeting. Cliff, Nicole, and Jessica each of you make a pie to congratulate the veto winner with three pies to the face!!! Cliff hits Michie first, Jess takes the second shot, and Nicole goes to get Michie but he shoves the pie away. She says every time! Michie has decided NOT to use the POV!


Nick says Michie didn’t use the veto but he put Christie on the block next to him for a reason. What she doesn’t know is he already started campaigning. Holly says Nick is her target this week and she feels pretty good she’ll be able to get her shark this week. Tommy says the thought of evicting Nick or Christie really hurts him. The idea of losing one of them will hurt him, not just in the game but personally. Either way, his numbers are dwindling.

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