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Wednesday, August 28, 2019 Big Brother 21 Live Feed Updates

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To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB21-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

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12:28 AM BBT

Nicole, Christie, and Jess are talking about the RV bedroom. Christie says the room is girly and full of good energy, but the fact that there's vaginas all over the wall is a little weird. The girls agree that it is symbolic of being birthed into a fake life.


Conversation moves on to Michie. Christie says that she identified Michie as Dr. Jackson and Michie Hyde. Dr. Jackson is the southern gentleman full of heart and Michie Hyde is the aggressive douchebag.

Christie- Dr. Jackson cuts watermelon for he whole house and brings you coffee in bed. Michie Hyde pisses himself on the vines.

Nicole- Dr. Jackson says, "I'm sorry love" Michie Hyde says, "Where are you puppet?' (with creepy voice)

Jess- Michie Hyde is the comp beast who competes on a busted ankle.



1:12 AM BBT

Tommy joins the girls in the RV bedroom. He uses a Biore strip on his nose and then gets shocked by the results. All three girls look at the strip and let out an extended "Wow". The camera tries to zoom in and Nicole points out that the camera wants to see. Tommy looks at the camera and delivers a Biore commercial

Tommy- Who me? I don't have blackheads anymore, THANKS to Biore blackhead strips.

Tommy- it's crazy what you guys look like

Christie- did you just call them you guys

Tommy- yeah

Nicole- please don't leave that on my dresser

Tommy- I won't

Jess- has Nick tried that because he has so many blackheads and cysts

Christie says he has oily skin

Nicole declares she needs an HoH to get a basket with a new loofa and Biore strips




2:45 AM BBT

The houseguests are all sleeping


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10:12AM BBT  Feeds are back, lights are on.  Michie and Holly in HOH bed, he is talking baby talk to her, herro, anyone in there?  Cliff is in the KT making a bowl of Fruit Loops.  Says he has 28 days or so.  Cuts up a banana into his cereal.   All feeds showing Cliff and the KT, cut from the HOH bed.  Cliff shows us an egg, says one, one hard boiled egg.  Talking about Denny's Grand Slam and What-A-Burger taquitos.  Said they all sound good.  Cliff wants to practice dates. BoB comes on and say "Buenos Dias house guests, please change your batteries." The beginning is fine, but change your batteries was stern.  Cliff just chewing his cereal. Feeds 1/2 are on Michie and Holly cuddling in bed.

10:20 AM BBT  "Wakey, wakey house guests"  Cliff says no one ever wants to get up in this house.  He said he got up at 10:00.  Cliff is talking about football, then quotes a Beach Boys song about having fun all summer long. He says all good things must come to an end.  He says he has only 7 people to talk to all....day...long...  After tomorrow, it will be six people.  That is his whole world.  Dog days of summer, not sure what the official definition is, but that is the way it feels.  He says you can only talk to people so many times, game strategy, just tale.  SKD 143. Shout outs of love for his wife and kids.  He finishes his cereal, rinses out his bowl, then goes to the seat at the table facing the memory wall and says lets practice some dates.  He starts going over the days and what happens, nominations, comps, etc.    Tommy gets up and walks through.  Cliff says good morning to him, and gets up and goes back into the KT.

10:32 AM BBT  Cliff finishes his banana, washes his hands, and starts putting the dishes away.  Nick and Tommy in SR getting batteries, Christie is up putting on pants, chatting with Nicole and Jess who are still in bed.  Nick gets called to the DR upstairs.  Someone says get that medicine. Tommy goes to the RV, someone is singing, get brief FoTH.  Back to Cliff in the KT, going over dates again.

10:35 AM BBT  Cliff walks away from the memory wall and wanders around the KT, Christie comes in on her way to the WA.  She asks how he slept in response to his good morning.  He said he got to sleep until 10:00, that is always good.  Nick comes in next. Cliff asks if he is going to make it, he looks tired.  Nick said he was freezing all night, couldn't sleep.  Cliff said to come out where he is, it is warm.  Cliff now says good morning to Nicole, and we get FoTH.  Just morning chatter as the house guests drag themselves out of bed.

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11:05 AM BBT  HG's are in the KT and dining area.  Christie, Cliff Tommy and Jess are looking at the memory wall.  They are studying for the face mash up comp.  Talk then turns to other comps, and how hard they are.  Michie said he doesn't think he could do that hanging puzzle again.  Christie keeps getting off track, while Tommy and Cliff go over more.  Tommy gets up and gets close to the board.  He says it is a study day, if anyone wants to join him.  Holly isn't hungry, but feels she needs to eat.  Tommy is talking about things he notices in the different pictures, sharing all of his observations with all the house guests.  They joke about the clown popping up on the wall while they are studying, Tommy said he would freak out. 



I am out for now

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3:14 PM BBT

Both Nick and Christie are doing one-on-ones; campaigning to stay. Christie is currently campaigning to Jess. Nick campaigned to Cliff, and now he is waiting for "Nugget" (AKA Nickole) to finish her PBJ to deliver his campaign to her.

Nicole had a little makeover by Christie [unneeded IMHO because  she's already adorable just the way she is -MamaLong]


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3:53 PM BBT

Campaigns continue. Christie is with TOmmy and Nicke is with Michie and Holly.


HoH Room (Holly, Michie, Nick)

Nick says he will present 5 points

1. He consoled Michie when he was down and out and didn't put him up this week as prankster.

2.  I am an upgrade. Holly for you this is like trading a pony for a stallion

3. I am loyal. I did not abandon ship like someone else. I am an ally you can trust.

4. Are we really going to allow Christie to escape the block 3 times in a row. If she gets to the end...she will use that in her argument. When my back is against the wall, I'm not going to blow up games. I will stay loyal to the end.

5. Most important point. This is not a deal. It is not a promise..... I AM YOUR PROTECTION.  (he pulls out a condom and puts it on his hand) This blocks you from being put up

The condom then breaks

He tells them he would not put them up and when they are done with him they dispose of him (he throws the condom to the side)

Nick continues by saying the following week, (pulls out a second condom) he will still not put them up. "I will still be your protection."


Nick- it's going to be hard for you guys if I'm out. They have to find a new target.


[Nick's campaign is solid and quite funny. We won't know if there is a possible flip until Michie and Holly chat post Nick's campaign.  -MamaLong]


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4:15 PM BBT

Michie and Holly discuss Nick's campaign

They decide his campaign was great, but it shows that he needs to go. If he takes those points to the end, he will win.

Michie- he just turned on Tommy

Holly- yeah, but...

Michie- I can't. It's way too risky

Holly- but I'm still uncertain because of Christie

Michie- but if he stays...huge red flags with Jess...huge red flags...where does Nicole stand?....but if he is gone we are good with Tommy...Jess...Nicole

Holly- No, I feel good. I still want a one on one with Tommy...here is the other thing.... .he and Nicole are so close and A.  he has no idea that we have agreed to work with her and B. he told her to work with us. If she was hesitating before, she isn't anymore.

Holly- we he kept reiterating that all we have is each other






4:20 PM BBT

Christie comes in to the HoH to use the bathroom. While she is in there, Michie and Holly confirm that they are sticking with Christie

Christie tells them that she spoke with Jess and determined that Michie/Holly are not her target.

Michie- but you aren't putting us up if you win? I just want to make sure

Christie confirms with him that of course not and tells him "shh"...I don't want her to know that


4:26 PM BBT

Christie confirms that Jess' target is Cliff/Nicole and then she leaves to continue her campaign

Michie- I am fucking throwing it

Holly- it sucks because that's three people going after Cliff and Nicole

Michie- that's three people not coming after us...if you and me survive and are in the final 6...if we are both competing for the HoH....WE CAN DO THIS

Michie- I can't win this next HoH after hearing Tommy and Christie today...I'm throwing it. I'm going out in the middle. If Nick goes, we have Tommy, Jess, Christie. We're set. [they already have Cliff/Nicole  -MamaLong]


4:43 PM BBT

Nick is telling Nicole that he doesn't think he is going. He feels really good that he is not the one going.  (he has said this to everyone in his campaigns...reverse psychology...he is not stupid)


4:48 PM BBT

Nicole sees CHristie and tells her about a bad fall she just had

Nicole- I was walking over there and did a little hop then my feet swept out from under me and I fell flat on my ass. 

Cliff- oh no! the comp beast is injured

Nicole- I'm so embarrassed

Christie gets her some Advil

Cliff- Nicole, I was kidding but are you okay

Nicole- my tailbone really hurts but I'm okay

Jess compliments Nicole on her hair (Christie styled her hair) Tommy likes it too

Nicole sees Cliff walking where she fell and warns him

Nicole- be very careful. It's slippery. I stepped off the platform and then fell.

Cliff- I know, now I'm worried.  (It's close the same area where Kemi fell when she came out of DR in her Camp Comeback outfit)

Nicole- my butt hurts. The slip and slide hurt less.

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WED 4:46PM BBT Christie and Cliff talk. Christie tells him that she feels like she oly has herself in the game. They agree that Christie will tell Jackson that she gets the feeling that Cliff will vote for her to stay. She tells him that she is safe with her.


4:42PM BBT Holly and Jackson snuggling onthe HOH bed. Holly says they are acting like teenagers. Jackson said there is noting else to do in the house. Holly says she didn't mean it in a bad way. Jackson says he goes after what he wants and then proceeds to clean somthing from Holly's ear. Holly asks in a baby voice if she has somthing there. Perhaps conditioner from her shower yesterday.


4:59PM BBT WED Holly says that Cliff told her about Nick's campaign. She said Cliff told her that Nick never bad mouthed Jackson and Holly. She says she has a lot of respect for his speech.


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5:30 PM BBT

Nicole went to the boat room for Christie's campaign then straight back to her bed. SHe is in a lot of pain in her tailbone and lower back. She lets out intermittent moans and can't find a comfortable position.  [this girl needs a doctor  -MamaLong]


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WED 506PM BBT Holly and Jackson put on sunglasses in bed to avoid the lights (or sleep as they think they are being creative - kekila) Jackson leaves the room to go find darker sunglasses. Big Brother calls Holly out for sleeping and she talks back to BB telling them that others stay up there longer and don't get called out.


5:10PM BBT Christy telling Nicole that she is a free agent. She feels that HG should be able to go week to week and make the deals they need to make. She tells Nicole. Christy says that part of the deal was that she offered herself up as pawn.


5:16PM BBT Christie tells Nicole that she doesn't have Tommy or Jess vote for sure but possibly Cliff's. She told Nicole to think about it. She says she does have Jackson's vote out of respect to Holly. She keeps pushing she doesn't necessarily have Tommy's vote.


5:36PM BBT In the KT, Tommy is holding Nick in his arms.They discuss with Jess that Nick sweats so much which is why he doesn't like to wear shirts. Christie tells them about her friend using baby powder and it didn't work.



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5:50PM BBT In the KT, HG chatting about video games and sports. Nicole laying on the bed because she fell earlier and hurt her tailbone.


5:56PM WED BBT Nick and Tommy still in the KT. Nick tells Tommy that he has done his campaigning and he feels good about what he said. He says they can compare notes if they like. He says he is just going to enjoy his time left in the house.



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6:00 PM BBT

Jess asks how Nicole is doing. Nicole says it hurts pretty bad. Tommy is offering to stretch her back thinking she jammed her tailbone. Cliff suggests ice. Nicole decides to try the ice. SHe is worried about manipulating it and making it worse. She doesn't think BB was able to film it.

Cliff- if you're hurt they may not show it. 

Cliff and Nicole head to the RV

Nicole- how are you doing Cliff

Cliff- I want them both to go home, but I trust Nick more than Christie.

6:05 PM BBT Michie and Holly have been asleep in the HoH Room for a while now. They got one warning that I heard, but have otherwise been allowed to snooze in their shades.

6:28 PM BBT

Holly joins CLiff, Christie, Jess, and Nicole in the RV Room after hearing about Nicole's fall. She asks Nicole to go to the DR and request the medic. Nicole is too proud and comments that she doesn't want to cause any trouble. They all encourage her to go and tell her that the medics are hired to take care of them. Cliff then speaks up, "Big Brother, please call Nicole to the DR" Nicole gets up and decides to go. 


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6:45 PM BBT

Nicole is out of the DR. Cliff checks on her in the RV Bedroom.

Cliff- full body cast? (Nicole laughs)

She said they applied Zim's Max-Freeze and gave her orders to apply ice for 10 minutes on and off and continue taking Advil. They told her no heat...it will make it worse.

Cliff heads out, "Alright, well I'm gonna come check on you every once in awhile."

Nicole- okay, see ya in a little bit Cliff


7:05 PM BBT

Tommy, the "attention whore" is at it again. While studying the HG pictures on the memory wall, Jess asks (from above in the treehouse) why he is on the floor. 

Tommy- oh, just practicing the splits. (He puts on an impromptu floor dance routine full of impressive moves)

Jess and Holly tell Tommy his Zing was the nicest. He says he is kind of worried about it, though.



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8:24 PM BBT

Michie shows us a spider he found in the kitchen sink. He shows Christie, "Ew, it's alive. Get rid of that." He takes it into the RV bedroom where Nicole begs him to take it away since she can't move quickly. Christie tells him to kill it.

Michie- Spiders are my biggest fear in the wild. I fucking hate spiders and I just played with one.

Nicole- my biggest fear was dropping my pants in the DR, but apparently that happened


[As it stands now, Nick will be evicted tomorrow. It looks like it will be unanimous, but you know a lot can happen in the span of an hour. I'm out for the night, but I will try to post a recap in the morning  -MamaLong]





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9:27pm BB Time


A group of house guests are in the rv bedroom. Nick tells them that he does not want to know how the vote will go tomorrow, he just wants to enjoy this time in the house. He says they all need to vote individually the way that is best for their own game.


Christie hears him say this and tries to say then she doesn't want to know either.


Jessica, “we can't tell you anyway.”


Christie, “well, you know.... like...you could say you are leaning...”


no one responds so the subject moves on to where Nick is planning to sleep. He decides he wants to sleep in the target bed tonight.


Nicole is called to the DR, and is moving slow, although she says she does feel better. (She fell earlier in the hallway near the DR door and has been laying on her bed since.)


Jackson and Holly have come to the rv room.


Cliff makes a comment about the dumbest person in the back yard followed by Bob, who says, “ZINGGGGGGG”


For whatever reason, house guests are talking about the bird calls and counting birds. Nick seems to have a list in his head. Intermittent bird sounds....


More general chatter...

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9:52pm BB Time


House guests still in the rv bedroom with the exception of Jessica, who is in the bathroom lounge and Nicole, who is still in the DR.


Subject is their concerns and worries about re-adjusting to real life after Big Brother. Several of them think that their time in the house has been a reset for some life habits and might be a good thing. Several say they don't have many thoughts of family now, and wonder what it would be like to come back into the house with new people and new décor.


Most of them say they would come back to the Big Brother house if there were opportunities.


They start talking about Derrick Levasseur's game, and how well he played under the radar.


Nicole returns from the DR and Cliff is called in.

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