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America's Got Talent Season 14-Live Shows 3

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Tonight, we have the last set of acts before the semi-finals begins! The semi-finals start next week and tonight the last 7 acts will be moving forward! Let’s get it started!


Terry says it’s hard to talk about the next act without choking up…it’s his golden buzzer, the Detroit Youth Choir. These are a group of kids who have faced adversity and their voices are going to be heard tonight! The take the stage and perform The Champion by Carrie Underwood. They get an ovation from the audience and all four judges.


Gabrielle can barely be heard and she’s showing they are unbeatable and invincible and thank them for inspiring a nation. Howie says they are wonderful and inspiring, and the director’s voice spoke to the world and this is the message! Julianne says this is bigger than AGT, this is a movement and they are better when they are together and they should think about that. Simon says they stepped up from the previous audition, and they were better tonight than their first audition!


Up next are Lukas and Falco. Falco is getting older and Lukas wants to make memories and fight to make it to the next round. The more time they stay in the competition the more time he has to perform with his best friend. Falco performs various tricks, including jumping a rope.


Simon says this dog is unbelievable. Falco was better than Lukas and it’s his kindness that made the act so special. Gabrielle says she has five dogs at home and they don’t do anything. They actually upped the ante to an incredibly high standard. Julianne says he pulled out all new tricks and included parkour. It was unbelievable! Howie says he’s the judge from a different show because he didn’t say new tricks and Simon and Julianne buzz him. Howie says it’s an old dog and no new tricks.


Dom Chambers is set to take the stage next and he’s a magician. He likes to use every day items to make his own magic. He’s interacting with a screen with extra Dom’s. 13 in total. He hands cards with the faces of various former AGT acts into the screen and he calls Terry to the stage. He asks Terry to place four notes in each glass. He tells him he can switch any he wants and he does make a last minute change. He wants everyone, including those at home to point at any AGT face. He then he wants us to slide our finger in various directions given to us. A hole is blown in Tapeface and the audience cheers. He also Simon wouldn’t stand up and he was the only one in the room who didn’t. He has a big sign that says everyone will choose Tapeface and when he drops it, Tapeface appears.


Julianne says Simon is so lost which makes it really cool. He makes magic cool and they all felt apart of it. She says that was the best performance by him so far. Simon says he loves the fact he looked stupid made him looked better. Simon says that was genius. Howie says Tapeface said it best. There are no words to describe how wonderful he just did. Gabrielle says she has to reassess Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy. He makes people believe.  


Benicio Bryant is our next and he will be performing an original song tonight. HE’s a singer and we see him singing the national anthem at a baseball game. His dad talks about how shy he is and how amazing it is that he can take the stage and sing the way he does. He’s so proud of Benicio. He takes the stage and he gets an ovation from Julianne and Gabrielle and the audience.


Julianne says she’s been waiting for this moment and she thinks he took a risk but he did an unbelievable job. Simon says he loved him. He has a natural talent and his advice would have been to strip the song down. The song just need his voice and maybe one instrument, no production. Howie didn’t respond to that song, but when he was a superstar in his package. Howie’s not sure this choice was the right choice. Gabrielle says he’s a rockstar and he has “it”.


Gonzo is preparing for his performance. He says he was at karaoke one day and he was a terrible singer, but he seen a tambourine and it was a dream. He wants to share with America. He is in a pit of yellow balls to start and he comes out with a tambourine and he has four back up dancers. He’s performing to Juice by Lizzo. Gonzo jumps on a trampoline and he dances on stage. Simon hits his buzzer.


Howie says he loves Gonzo! He says Gonzo is so much less and gives so much more. There’s a million singers and people who are acrobats, but who does this? Simon says the good news was it didn’t last very long. Simon says he actually did nothing there. Gabrielle says oh Gonzo! There is so much about this act to love, like the other four dancers he brought out. He is special and unique. Julianne agrees with Gabrielle and that was his best performance because of the four little guys that were crushing it. She was thoroughly entertained though.


The next act is a young musician who does cool things with a guitar. His name is Marcin and he’s been writing music since he was 12. He takes the stage and plays Spanish style music and he gets an ovation from the audience and the judges.


Gabrielle says Marci is revolutionizing the guitar for an entire new generation. Julianne says her body just wants to move and she hears music and she wants to move. She says what he does is so important is what other creators pull from. Simon thinks technically he is one of the best performers they’ve ever had. But he’s a contender. Howie says he is like a one man band. He asks if he’s ever thought about the tambourine?


Eric Chien is the next act and he has always loved magic and when he had to return to Taiwan for military service he felt lost without cards. He really believes magic is everywhere. Julianne will be joining him on stage. Eric has a tube and he pours chocolate candies into a bowl. Julianne takes one. He pours some candies into his hands and he has a rubiks cube and he asks Julianne to mix it up for him and he wants to add a little more chocolate and he has a second cube and then he pulls a second cube from the first one. She has three cubes that she’s mixed up.


Eric places them on the table and he takes the first one and it has become solid colors on all sides and he repeats this with all three. He then drops more candies and he has a larger rubiks cube. And he shakes it and the colors go solid on each side. He says the cubes were made out of chocolates and he crushes one and the chocolate pieces fall. Then he tosses the large cube down and it falls into chocolate pieces too.


Howie says Eric upped it from his previous performances and he deserves a spot. Gabrielle says he is one of the best in the world and he did not disappoint. He raised the level of the entire competition. Simon says he thinks Dom was better than him on the night and that didn’t wow him. Julianne says she was gasping because she was right there and she was eating the chocolate and she doesn’t know how he did that.


Berywam is up next to the stage! Individually they are good beat boxers, but together they can make magic. When they’re on stage it’s just their voices and four microphones. They take the stage and begin their performance. They get an ovation from the audience and the judges.


Julianne has been a fan and this performance seemed more intimate and showed more of their technicality. Simon says people are going to love it and some will think what the heck was that. But he thinks they needed to take a risk and they are great guys as well. Howie says that was so much more than beat box. He loves them. Have they ever thought about a tambourine? Gabrielle says they can sing! They put all of their talent on display. They killed it.


Matthew Richards is the next act and he is the wildcard who was brought back. He’s doing something he’s never done before but he wants to take a risk at the live shows because he doesn’t want to be eliminated again. He has his hoop on a white flooring that has water on it. He also has water pouring on him as he does his tricks and Simon hit his buzzer. He then attaches his hoop to a rope that raises him in the air and he does tricks in the air in the water. He gets an ovation from Julianne and the audience.


Julianne says Matthew does belong. He says America wanted him as the wild card. Simon likes Matthew very much, but he doesn’t think this is going any further. Julianne argues and Simon says last time it was him with a hoop and this time it was him with a hoop getting wet. Gabrielle says he and some hoop and some water, that’s a spicy Tuesday night in her book. Gabrielle says this gave us spice and fire and she was here for all of it. Howie agrees with Simon, it was more of the same but moist.


Mackenzie is up next. He says every year he gets older and chasing this dream has been hard, but he has faith. When he auditioned it was a huge leap of faith and now he gets to be on that stage and he wants to go all the way. He takes the stage and performs Life on Mars by David Bowie.


Howie says he’s a huge David Bowie fan and a huge Mackenzie fan and he has an amazing instrument and he thinks maybe this year, they need something special. He thinks he’s special, but it’s just singing and just that song, was it enough. Gabrielle says he is enough, his voice is enough, and his talent is more than enough. They just need America to vote. Julianne she loves his voice, it’s effortless, but there was something she was missing. She wanted to connect with him, but there was something missing. Simon says he doesn’t want to be a downer, but the last 20 seconds of the song was by far the best part of the performance. Julianne says America needs to vote.


Jackie Fabulous is a comedian and she’s next. She is speed dating in her package and one of her “dates” says he hopes she doesn’t bomb. Jackie takes the stage for her set. She jokes about online dating and some of her experiences with dates. She gets an ovation from all four judges and the audience.


Gabrielle says Jackie was absolutely fabulous. She’s a star! Simon says she’s his favorite kind of person. Very naughty and unpredictable. It just felt like she belonged here and it was one of his favorite performances tonight. Howie says she’s real, authentic, and funny. He thinks she deserves to go further! Julianne says any references to Law & Order SVU is amazing. She’s a star and she loves her!


Our final act of the night is Emanne Beasha and she was Jay Leno’s golden buzzer. She’s an opera singer and she says every note can be so powerful but also so soft. She takes the stage for her performance and Julianne and Gabrielle are on their feet before the performance ends. She gets an ovation from the audience and three of the judges.


Simon says Emanne wasn’t just in another league, she was on another planet. He says it was like watching the Olympics when someone with a God given talent does something amazing. If she doesn’t get through he will eat the judging table. That was unbelievable. Julianne says what she did just transcended anything she’s ever heard. She says she is an icon and people will be trying to follow in her footsteps. Gabrielle says the opera world should thank her because they just got new fans. Howie doesn’t like opera, but she is purely an amazing talent.

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