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Big Brother Season 21-Episode 27

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Previously, on Big Brother, HOH Michie had Christie in his sights, but Christie couldn’t understand why Nick wasn’t in danger and relations with her former ally became rocky. After Michie won the veto, it looked like Christie’s fate was sealed, so Christie manifested a plan to pull off a hail mary. Christie told Michie her intentions, so he fanned the flames with Nick and it led to all out war on Taco Tuesday!


After the spicy showdown, Holly reconsidered her vote leading the universe and the HG to save Christie kicking the soccer start to the curb. With prank week under way, the HG were rolling for power. Cliff, Jess and Nicole earned punishments while Holly got a perfect shot! Tonight, find out how Christie changed her fate before the live eviction and who will Holly nominate? And find out who you voted for America’s prankster and what they do with their power. All this right now on Big Brother!


We pick up on day 65 after the eviction ceremony. Michie says he knows what America is still thinking, he knows what it looks like. Trust him, he was on board with this and it might help him more than sending her home. Holly says first repeat HOH and it feels so good! But prank week terrifies her because Julie said it will impact her nominations.


Nick says it sucks that Holly won. He’s probably going to see the block this week. He doesn’t know what prank week entails, but it said it will affect nominations so maybe this could be good for him. Christie says she’s freaking the h*ll out! We see her go and pray and say thank you God. She’s devastated because she feels like she had a hand in ruining Sis’s game and it kills her but in order to keep herself safe this week she cut a few deals.


We see her talking to Cliff 28 hours before eviction and he tells her she has to go through Nick and Holly and cut a lot of deals. Cliff says he’ll vote the way Holly and Michie go and he says selfishly, he also needs a promise for her that he won’t a be a target. Christie goes to talk to Michie and she’s going to make clear that Michie is not her target and she’s going to have make a deal with the devil. She makes her pitch and says she has no one right now. She’d be willing to be a pawn and she’d be willing to honorable take fourth or fifth and she means that. On her sister, she is good for her word and someone has to combat Nick. Christie says it won’t be Sis, Nicole, or Tommy and she wants to take a shot and make moves. Michie says if she’s guaranteed to not be against him, then he might go with it. Michie says she really has nothing left except to turn to him and offer herself as one of his assets. Michie says she has a lot more to offer than Sis does.


20 hours before eviction Cliff talks to Christie and he tells her he and Nicole are tighter than people assume and he needs her not to go on the block next to Nick because he cares about her. Christie says if Nicole would go along, she’d go with it. Cliff says he’s been bouncing it around upstairs. We then see Cliff, Nicole, Michie, and Holly and they agree to work together. Michie says if he loses to anyone, then he’d prefer it to be someone in this room. Nicole says Cliff is her guy, her #1 in this game, but she needs more to get further. She doesn’t mind working with Michie and Holly so if that means voting Christie, then that’s what she’ll do.


Christie says hopefully those deals work in her favor this week because she feels like she’s good with them now. Nicole tells Cliff she doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry and Cliff says Holly won so this could work in our favor. Nicole is concerned about the pranks and Cliff says he is too, but there’s nothing they can do about it.


We see Michi slide into the BR and he picks Holly ups and hugs her and says he’s proud of her. Holly says she’s nervous of the pranks. Like if she doesn’t have control. Michie says she’s safe though so that’s worth it. Michie says he has three options, Nick, Christie, and if that doesn’t work there’s Jess they can vote out. Holly says she has a target this week. She’s had a target. She wants Nick in this game and she doesn’t want to miss a golden opportunity to get him out. She’s afraid this will be a bloody HOH and Michie thinks the pranks will be targeted towards him. He says watch me go home on your HOH. Holly says that would NOT be funny!


Jess, Nicole, and Cliff say this punishment will be delicious! They will make pie and smash them in the face of whoever he tells them to! They need to go make a pie right now and smash it in their own face! Their pies are pie crusts and whip cream and they hit themselves. Jess says she feels sticky and it smells. Cliff is ok with it.


Nicole, Jess, and Cliff go make some pies and smash them in each other’s faces!  Nicole, Cliff, and Jess, go make a pie and smash your face in slow motion! Jess is not looking forward to waking up in the middle of the night to make a pie and Cliff can’t wait for all of it. Nicole, Cliff, and Jess, go make a pie and wake someone up with a pie in the face. Jess sneaks in the camper and Nicole and Cliff go to the Target BR. Nicole says Nick I’m so sorry and he says are you kidding me? Tommy says what’s happening and Cliff hits him with the pie. Jess tells Christie I love you so much and hits her. Tommy says oh my gosh!


Cliff and Nicole are going to talk to Michie and Holly and Cliff asks if anything is ok? Michie asks if they are ok going up as pawns because of the pranks. Cliff and Nicole both look like a deer in headlights and Michie says he’s just kidding. Cliff says they control the vote now. Cliff wanted to make sure they were good and comfortable. Holly says she’s not comfortable, but she’s good with him and Nicole. Cliff says they seem like they want to follow through with this alliance. Holly says she’d like their support because she has no idea what is about to be thrown at them.


Christie goes to talk to Holly and she says she deserved it. Christie says Holly and Michie were a big part in her staying so she’s going to step in and make sure things are ok. Holly says she really wants Nick to go home and she pitches putting Christie up as a pawn. She says she prefers not to. That sucks. Christie says why her and right now? Why do this move so early in the game. Christie says she’s just concerned if he came down would she have the votes to stay against whoever she’s sitting next to. She says she’s not thrilled about it, but she’s ok if Nick’s definitely her target. Holly is not surprised Christie is reacting this way and now she’s wondering if she made the right move.


Michie and Holly are alone and Michie says it didn’t sound like Christie was a fan of being a pawn. Holly says she just back pedaled. Michie says he just spun his HOH to keep Christie and now she’s questioning the deal SHE made. Holly considers backdooring Nick because putting him up last time didn’t work for her. They also discuss maybe taking Christie out.


Cliff is watching Michie cut a watermelon. Cliff says Michie is a watermelon addict. Michie says it’s the best snack. We see about 20 clips of him eating watermelon. He says you can’t eat too much watermelon. You can’t get sick of it. He keeps eating more watermelon, including in the HOH in the dark. Cliff wants to know where are all these watermelons coming from .We see Michie in DR requesting watermelons, including a request after the alien smashed one. We see Michie explaining how to find the perfect watermelon and smacking it.


The HG are all asleep and we hear goofy laughing. The voice says they need everyone in the bathroom. Everyone to the bathroom downstairs! Tommy says last night he got awakened by a pie in the face, now he’s being woken up by circus music and a jester telling him to go to the bathroom What will happen when they get there?!? The prankster then says just kidding, go to the LR!


Holly reads a card explaining America’s prankster. America is voting to name one HG the prankster. The prankster will secretly be nominating one HG for eviction along with the HOH. AND, if the HG comes down the prankster gets to name the replacement. Holly says really America? You couldn’t just vote to let me prank the HG? You have to take one of my noms away?


Christie says America is giving someone so much power! They get to name a nominee AND replace them if they come down? She really hopes America names her the prankster, but she knows she’s not America’s sweetheart and she could cry every time she thinks about that! Michie says well, things will get interesting!


Holly says now that she’s only putting up one nominee she has to handle Christie with care and not scare her off from working with them. Holly says at least she doesn’t have to go up, unless America’s prankster puts you up. Christie says unless America likes Nick and the way he’s been playing and he gets up. She wonders who he’d put up. Christie hopes she gets it, it would be ideal and then they’ll figure it out.


Nick says whoever America’s prankster is could put Michie up because he’s a big target. Nick says he needs to try and make a deal to stay off the block and he says if Michie does get put up, then he can win veto and use it to save Michie. Nick and Holly talk about Christie blowing up his game and Holly says she’s not sure what the route will be. Nick makes his pitch to save someone she wouldn’t want to leave. Holly is worried about that and she’s considering her option. Nick says she was your archenemy and now I am? Why? I’m not against you? Nick says he’d save Michie and Holly says if it’s someone who’s not Jackson, then yes I’ll take them off. Holly says Nick is claiming if she doesn’t put him up she’ll save the other nominee if she wants him to. Holly says she does think America’s prankster might put up Michie to mess with her HOH. But there are a lot of If’s in the scenario. Nick leaves and Holly says oh Nick. Trustworthy Nick.


Christie says she’d rather be bored and eat, rather than just be bored. She loves herself enough to get a little chunky. Nick tells us Christie is an aggressive eater. She aggressively chews and we get clips of her chewing. Nicole says she has some jaw action going with those chomps. Tommy mimics her in the DR. Nick says Christie’s chewing is kind of like a car accident. You want to look, but you don’t want to look. He just doesn’t know what to do with it!


We see Socks going into the DR and then we see Nick celebrating and running around the DR. He finally sits down and reads Congratulations Nick! America has named you America’s prankster. You get to name a nominee in secret and if your nominee comes down you will get to replace them. It is up to you if you want to reveal this to your fellow HG. Nick says this gives him life in this game and he has a chance to sit next to someone he might not get sent home against. He thanks America so much and he promises he will not let us down. He leaves the DR and says he’ll never win anything. He’s in the WA and thanks America.


Christie is called to the DR and Nick tells her to let him know what the power is like. She says knowing her she’ll come out and tell everyone! Nick tells her to just bring the envelope out with her. Nick thinks maybe putting up Christie might be better than Michie because he needs her gone. Nick tells Nicole it’s going to be home next to Christie and she says wait, how do you know that? Nicole tells us a light bulb went off because how would he know who he’s going on the block against.


Michie and Holly are talking and Michie says if I were the prankster would it be dumb for me to put myself up? She says are you and he says no. They think the prankster is Nick or Christie. Holly tells us she only gets one nominee. One shot. And she needs to make it count. Holly says if she can’t get Nick, then Christie has to go.


Nick and Nicole are talking and Nick says he’s not ready to leave. Nick says he’s pretty sure he’s going up and he’s not sure if Michie or Christie is the better option. He wants to do what might help him stay in the game.


It’s time for the nomination ceremony! The HG sit down at the smaller table that has been brought in. Holly’s nominee is…Nick. She turns the only key in the box and says she’s nominated him because apparently all she does is nominate him and apparently she’s not a great shot. She is a straight shooter and she commends him for being a powerful player.


Now it’s time to reveal America’s Prankster nominee. We hear circus music and see a slot wheel and hear laughter and the nominee is…Christie. She says ok. Cool. Holly says he nominated Nick because he’s one of the strongest competitors in the game and he has zero loyalty to her. Christie was the prankster nominee and Holly is fine with that.


Nick says being on the block is not fun, but being able to name Christie on the block and give himself a chance to stay is great. Michie says not knowing who the prankster makes him nervous and he wants noms to stay the same because he doesn’t want to be a replacement nominee. Christie says she thinks the prank must be on her because it seems like America wants her to go home. She just wants to make her friends, family, and America proud of her. Who will win the Power of Veto? And will it be used to save a nominee? Plus, Zingbot returns to roast the final 8 on Wednesday!

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