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Big Brother Season 21-Episode 26

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SHE (Christie) thinks she’s the target, SHE (Analyse) thinks she’s the pawn. But the Universe hasn’t weighed in yet! Previously, on Big Brother, Michie conquered the slippery road to power and he wanted to take out his #1 nemesis. Sis told Michie that it was Nick who started an alliance to go against him and Holly, but it was Analyse not Nick who earned a spot next to Christie. Christie assumed Nick made a deal with Michie to stay off the block as she expressed her distrust to her former ally.


With a deep sea veto on the line, Jackson found gold in Davy Jones’ locker. At the veto meeting, Michie set the stage for Christie’s farewell tour. Tonight, will the Universe end Christie’s shot at the grand prize, or will Sis be sent to jury? Plus a new HOH will be crowned and the house turned chaotic on Taco Tuesday! All this now on Big Brother!


Julie greets us and it’s day 65 and it’s been a crazy 48 hours as the votes continue to flip between both nominees. Plus, a brand new twist is about to be unleashed. It’s called Prank Week. It will change the new HOH’s power and it will affect the HOH competition. As Michie’s main target, Christie’s fate seems all but certain. Time to manifest a plan…


We pick up after the veto ceremony and Michie is confident the house will honor his wishes to go meet Julie on Thursday. Christie is frustrated she’s on the block next to Sis. Nick made the deal against Michie and Holly and he’s just skating by. She needs to find a way to shift power in the house. Sis doesn’t want to campaign against Christie and she thinks she has the votes to stay.


Tommy says it’s not looking good for Christie, but it’s better for his game if she stays at the end of the week. If anyone can pull off a miracle, it’s Christie Murphy. Michie and Cliff are talking about what Christie’s campaign will be and Cliff thinks she’ll blow stuff up a little bit.


Tommy is comforting Christie and she says she will campaign and she’s going to fight. She’s not throwing HOH’s and she’s valuable to keep here. Christie says Nick is going to stay in the middle and watch Sis and Nicole shoot at each other and Cliff and Tommy shoot at each other. She needs to make Nick public enemy number one. It’s the only plan she’s got but at least if she’s going, she’s going to take off the head of the snake as she’s going out the door.


Christie goes to talk to Michie and tell him she’s going to go after Nick and not him and maybe they can work together going forward. Christie tells Michie she doesn’t have a campaign against Sis, but she does have a campaign against Nick because he’s a swindler and playing both sides. Michie says that’s a good angle to campaign. Christie says she sees Nick going to the end. Michie says her best shot is to blow his game up in front of everyone. Michie says if her plans puts a target on Nick and still ensures her going, that gets the target off his back. Michie tells her it’s Taco Tuesday and she should go out with a bang.


Christie is talking Nicole, Tommy, and Jess and telling them her plan to put everything out on the table and blow-up Nick’s game. Nick is listening outside of the camper. Christie says she’s going to make a great argument why it’s valuable to keep her. As long as she’s speaking the truth and her heart and she won’t be able to go wrong. Nick says he’s tired of his game being drug through the mud. He can only hold his tongue for so long. Nick goes to talk to Michie to complain about Christie and says this is why she’s going home and he can’t wait. Michie tells him Christie feels like he’s running the game. Michie says she’s up against Sis and Nick says then why is she campaigning against me. Michie says Christie is good with her words.


Michie says Nick wants to blow up Christie and Christie wants to blow up Nick. This is great! He’s fanning the flames and he’s going to enjoy an extra spicy Taco Tuesday! Nick says she wants to call me out? Let’s go! Two can tango. Nick heads downstairs and Michie mouths to Holly that Nick is angry. Taco Tuesday is about to blow up!


It’s Taco Tuesday and Holly and Sis are making the food. Nick is in the DR and says he’s tired of people dragging his game and you know what? He’s ready to confront her right now! He leaves the DR and goes to the HOH and tells Christie to keep his name out of her mouth. They decide to go downstairs and have everyone in the kitchen.


Christie starts laying out Nick’s game and says he’s very manipulative and says she’s sure Cliff and Nicole feel like he wouldn’t put them up, and Tommy and Sis feel secure. Christie says that’s why he’s been throwing HOH’s. Nick says he hasn’t been throwing HOH’s. Christie says he threw slip ‘n slide and he yells he did not. Christie asks Nick what he would do if he won HOH? She says he’s playing all sides and she has her back against the wall and she is the biggest target and maybe that’s a reason to keep her. Christie says Nick is her target because he isn’t anyone else’s. She hopes everyone has their blinders off now and see who Nick is. She’ll be the biggest target in the house, but she’d love to stay and take a shot at him.


Holly and Michie are in the HOH and Holly wants to know if he wants to chime in on any of that. Holly says she doesn’t know what’s best for her game. She says Nick is not good for her game. She says he’s a mental threat, he’s a good game player, he has Tommy, Sis, and Nicole. Holly says if he no longer has Sis, that’s one less person he has in his arm. Sis could easily float through the next few weeks and never have a target on her back, which increases the target on Holly’s back. Sis KNOWS she’s not a target, Christie would be a bigger target if she stayed and she’d be desperate and so grateful to them.


Michie tells Holly Christie made some very valid points. Holly says Taco Tuesday was definitely spicier than usual, but it did shine the light on some important things. And after thinking about it, she DOES think Nick is the bigger threat to her. Do they stick to the plan and get Christie out? Or keep her to go after Nick who is probably a bigger threat? When we return a live vote and eviction!


Time to go talk to the HG. Sis does her shoutouts and she says it’s been an amazing summer. As an athlete she’s competed her whole life and she’d love to stay and compete. She’s play a very loyal game and she has no promises and ties with anyone in the house and every decision she’s made has been for her own game. Christie is her best friend and being on the block was very hard, but being next to her was 10x harder.


Christie does her shoutouts. She says the HG have made this experience gratifying and challenging and she wouldn’t change a second of it. She loves each and every one of their souls. All she has is her word and she’s a fighter, she will give 110% to everything. She wants to keep her deals and win comps and she wants to give them nothing but the truth. If they will trust her and she will trust them. Think of their longevity in the game and do what’s best for their game.


Time to vote!

Jess sadly votes to evict Sis.

Nick votes to evict Christie.

Tommy sadly votes to evict Sis.

Holly is sorry to evict Sis.

Nicole votes to evict the amazing Analyse.

Cliff votes to evict Sis.

By a vote of 5-1, Analyse has been evicted from the Big Brother house!


Julie is ready to deliver the news to the HG. Analyse gives everyone hugs and tells Tommy not to cry. She heads out the door. Julie says Sis thought she was the pawn, what does she think happened? She thinks it was the blow-up between Nick and Christie and if she was in there she’d still have his back. She wasn’t really a target or on anyone’s radar.


Julie asks if she would have protected Nick if she’d stayed and she says she would want to be loyal back to him. Sis was going to tell Christie she loved her and she was her best friend in the house. Julie asks who she feels most betrayed by and she says probably Michie. She really believed Michie that she wasn’t a target and she was disappointed when she was nominated. Julie asks if maybe he was genuine when he said that and she says maybe. She says it doesn’t make sense and she’s really confused about everything.


Final thoughts: She hopes Tommy wins this HOH and she’s so grateful for everything. Julie will give her the goodbye messages in the after show interview and talk about her feelings about Jack.


Last night the HG had a chance to study for what they believed will be tonight’s HOH comp. Little did they know, Prank week has started. We hear a voice telling them to memorize the calls of Birds. We hear a pair of parrots, then the red throated falcon. Nicole says birds! Why does it have to be birds!?! The Crow is next and Tommy mimics the crow. Tommy says this is insane! Cliff says this will be darned near impossible. We hear birds in the middle of the night. Tommy says they keep coming and coming and it’s happening all night! He’s exhausted. Time to head to the backyard and officially kick off prank week.


Julie says they studied all night and watched them study for this competition. Unfortunately, it was all for nothing. Because tonight kicks off a brand new twist to the game called Prank week. Tonight’s HOH competition has NOTHING do with birds or the audio tour. This HOH competition is actually a skill game. Nick says that’s why it’s only half the yard.


A wall slides open behind them and Julie directs them to circle markers and they are all shocked and confused. Julie says they will be back to get this game started. And again she’ll remind them this competition has nothing to do with the bird sounds you stayed up all night studying!


It’s now really time for the HOH Competition! Time to head to the BY. As they prepare to battle to become the new HOH, they need to know America will be voting to prank whoever becomes HOH. Even though the HOH will be completely safe, their HOH duties will be affected. Now, this competition is called Prank Shot. One at a time each HG will roll their ball down a yellow prank. Beneath the prank are numbered slots. Their score will be wherever their ball comes to rest. The longer the roll, the higher the score. The HG with the two lowest scores will receive a punishment appropriately themed for prank week.


Holly is up first and she scores a 50, the highest score possible. Cliff is up next and scores 18.


Nick scores a 34. Nicole also scores an 18. Christie is up next and scores 21. Jess is up next and scores a 3.


Tommy is the last HG and he scores a 41. Holly is the new HOH!


Up next, find out how YOU can affect the nominations this week!


Julie goes to congratulate Holly and she didn’t really want to win this one because she doesn’t know what they have in store for her. The three people who will get a prank punishment will be Jessica, Nicole, and Cliff because they had the lowest scores. Julie tells them good night.


Prank week is in full swing. You will get to give another HG half her power. One HG will become America’s Prankster. They will secretly control one of the nominees for eviction at this week’s nomination ceremony and they will also choose a replacement if their nominee is taken down during the veto meeting. Tune in Sunday to find out the results!


Sunday you’ll see the results of the vote and who was nominated. On Wednesday, Zingbot returns to roast the HG and then Thursday, we’ll have another live eviction and send someone else to the jury house!

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