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America's Got Talent Season 14 Live Results Show 2

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Welcome to AGT results night. Tonight it gets real. 12 act performed last night only 7 will move on to the semi finals. Also tonight Susan Boyle will perform, its been 10 years!!! Howie is celebrating 10 years with AGT. Simon pays Howie a tribute with a billboard on Sunset boulevard. (It has Simons pic with just a little bit of Howie on) We see clips of auditions. 


Show some love for the AGT judges. Howie says this is the best show, the best job! On  to business, here are the acts on the bubble, Charlotte Summers, Chris Klafford and Ndlovu Youth Choir. You have 30 minutes to vote to keep one of these acts. 


We check out the craziness that went down last night in the Dunkin Lounge. We see what the acts were doing 10 years ago (to honor Howie's 10 years) Lets reveal our first resutls: Tyler Butler-Figueroa and  Joseph Allen  please come to the center of the stage. Simons golden buzzer vs Howies golden buzzer...the first going into the Semi finals is Tyler Butler-Figueroa. Tyler says he is proud of himself. Simon says he Tyler had such a moment last night. You have a god given gift. 


Here are the next results: V.Unbeatble and The Sentimentalists please step forward. The next act going to the semi finals is V.Unbeatable. Juliann says ??? (can't hear her over the crowd) Congratulations! Let's keep it going...Light Balance Kids, Robert Finley and Nick and Lindsay please step forward. The next acts going to semi finals is Light Balance Kids. Howie says they are wonderful, glad they are here. Also going thru is Robert Finley. Robert says Thank you. Gabriel says who you are is exactly is what we need, don't change a thing. 


Five acts have gone into the semi finals that means there are only 2 more spots to fill. Who will you save with the Dunkin Save? 


10 years ago a shy singer stepped out on the stage of Britains Got Talent, she is back. Please welcome Susan Boyle. The audiance is on their feet. Susans new album 10 is out now. We see some of Howies puns over the years. Howie says that in these times there no one more worthy then ....him. 


Auditions for next season of AGT will be starting soon. But lets find out the next results for this season. Marina Mazepa and Ryan Niemiller please step forward. The next act going to the semi finals is Ryan Niemiller. Ryans says woooo. Simon says we have all been a fan. You had a moment last night. It's all in your hands....uhhhh Ryan says You want to try that again? Simon says You know what I mean. I don't know why I do live shows. 


Lets see you saved with the Dunkin Save. Charlotte Summers, Chris Klafford and Ndlova Youth Choir are in danger. The act you put thru to the semi finals is Chris Klafford. Chris says Thank you so much. Howie says America gets it right, you are an amazing talent. You do you. Now we are down to just 2 acts. Charlotte Summers and Ndlova Youth Choir and its up to the judges who will go thru.


Next Tuesday the last 12 acts will take the stage, it's going to be fabulous. Don't Miss it! Tonight, 6 acts are on to the semi finals lets find out who the last act going thru is. Gabriel says she is going with Ndlovu Youth Choir. Juliann says she feels the same way, this is so hard...She says Charlotte. Simon says that Charlotte has an amazing talent. The youth choir has a glow an enthusiasm. Simon goes with Ndlovu Youth Choir. Howie says his heart bursts for the youth choir, Charlotte you made a wrong song choice but you have such talent. Howie goes with Charlotte. Its tied so the act that got the most votes from you goes on. That act is Ndlovu Youth Choir. See you next week!

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