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Wednesday, August 21, 2019 Big Brother 21 Live Feed Updates

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2:30PM BBT Bunch of discussiom in house about flipping or not. 

Cliff and Nicole talked about how if they votes Sis out, that would leave Tommy/Nick, Michie/Holly, Christie/Jess, Cliff/Nicole. Breaking up a group of 3.

If Christie goes, then you have Tommy/Nick/Sis, Michie/Holly, Cliff/Nicole, and Jess by herself. 

This preserves the group of 3.  They were then trying to figure out who would then drift together. 

Tommy is sketched out a bit about Cliff having gone to them to clarify they had agreement for just upcoming week. 

Bunch of them upset at Michie and Holly for orchestrating/egging on the blowup. 

Nicole is worried because Cliff apparently said cliff and Nicole should distance from each other. She wonders if that means Cliff has deal. 

3:12PM BBT Tommy says he can’t play with someone who is an emotional roller coaster. He said she (Christie) is not well. She is not emotionally well. He told her she should make this about her original targets not about Nick. She is blowing up someone who is just playing a good game. He doesn’t respect that. 

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4:23 PM BBT

Christie is talking with Michie and Holly in the HoH about how her odds are better if she were to work with them

Christie- even if I was a dud at this game, I am still not having Nick's back

Michie- this game is a sales pitch every week, but Sis could not sell me on one single pro

Christie-I know it's gonna kill Tommy but I can't recant what I said yesterday (about Nick being her target)

Christie tells them they want her to target Michie/Holly

Michie- if you stay, you are a number against him   Sis stays she has no target and she is sure not going after Nick


Christie is trying really hard to get this flip, and her argument is compelling

Christie- If you keep me I will fucking sit up here every day and review (study)

Michie- if you  are being honest you want to go 5,4,6,...before you even consider taking a shot at me and her

Christie- you have my word

Michie- as long as we are at the bottom of your hit list and stay there

Holly- I have to think the same way



4:36 PM BBT

Sis has been campaigning all day. She is now on her last person, Nick

Sis- you're my last person, let's go

Sis tells him it's cold in the Have Not room so he grabs a sweatshirt


Nick tells Sis that Christie put him in a position to have to show all his cards. He apologizes for it. "My back was up against the wall....my game was exposed by Christie"


Sis tells Nick that she is upset about the blowup because everyone was for her staying at the beginning of the week and now people have a reason to change their vote

Nick- I had to do what I had to do (in front of everyone instead of allowing Christie to do it sneakily behind his back)

Sis is concerned that she will be evicted on Thursday

Nick- I'm really sorry I put you in this spot

Sis- I don't know how it's gonna go. If you talk to Cliff, let me know. If you talk to Michie, let me know.

Nick- (if Sis is evicted) He will lose jury votes because he said you're a pawn. He promised he would break it in your favor the whole time. I'm voting to keep you no matter what.

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5:30PM BBT WED. Nick and Nicole talk about Christie wanting to bury him in her campaign regardless. Nick just doesn't want it to be a tie.


5:35PM BBT In the WCA, Jess discusses her size. She feels she has lost 10 pounds. They check the tag on her pants and they are a 16. So they are guessing she is a 14/16 now.


5:43PM BBT Tommy and Jess talking. He says he feels the same as when he won HOH and they had a discussion. He doesn't like what happened yesterda. He says it put a target on his back.  He says he wants to get to the end but he has to much respect for the game to blocw up someone's game for it. He says that he isn't even sure where his vote is going yet.


5:47PM BBT WED Christie having a talk with Nicole about that it looks like Nick had Nicolein his pocket. Christie is sorry for her part in saying things.


5:55PM BBT WED In the HOH, CLiff, Jackson and Holly talking about options for keeping each of the HG.They are discussing pros and cons of keeping Christie.

5:57PM BBT WED  Jackson tells Cliff that if it comes down to a tie, he will vote in Christie's favor.


6:01PM BBT Holly in the HOH telling Cliff that she and Jackson saved Nicole and the only one that has mistreated her has been Nick. They are discussingNicole and Nick's friendship.



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6:04PM BBT WED Chrstie and Analyse talking. Christie is crying of course. Analyse says she is saving her tears for tomorrow. THey discuss going home etc. Christie tells Analyse she is so much more mature then her. 


6:10PM BBT WED Holly, Cliff and Jackson discuss. They are discussing Nick and Holly says she didn't come to play the game and let one person choose which place each person is going to be like NIck is doing.


6:16PM BBT Cliff and Holly decide that she will discuss with Jess and Cliff will discuss with Nicole about keeping Christie so that Jackson doesn't have to break a tie.  


6:23PM BBT Christie talking to Nick. Tells him that she is not done playing this game and that she knows he is not protecting her.


6:28PM BBT Nick and Christie continue to talk. Christie says that Nicole will vote with Nick. Nick says that Nicole is voting her own way. They are not a package deal. He tells her she is assuming.

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6:05 PM BBT

Cliff is talking with Holly and Michie in the HoH Room

Holly- Sis vows up and down that she does want to work with me and I think I can beat her in comps, but if it does get to that point and she wins, or Nick, not that I don't respect Sis but just I want to play with people who have played and who have fought and who have played with integrity.

Cliff- yeah, you're right

Holly- yes she is a freakin' threat (Christie) but I respect her gameplay and I don't want a floater to win

Cliff- Hell, I wouldn't call her (SIs) a floater, she's a tailcoater... a hanger-on

Michie- she's not a floater she's a flirter

Cliff- alright well I'm cool with it... if that's what y'all want to go, I'm onboard

Holly- I do really love them and consider them good friends but I'm playing a game...I want to make respectable moves

Cliff- well, we're going to have to watch out for each other. It's going to get bloody. Nick's gonna be out for blood. Tommy's gonna  be out for blood.

Michie- it's a risky move

Holly- it was a risky move putting Christie up and it's a risky move saving her ass

Michie- I like to gamble

Holly- it's amazing the things can change in a week

Cliff- I didn't come to play for 6th place

Michie- nope....6th, 5th or 4th

Holly- and I didn't come for one person to decide which place everyone gets...no thank you.

Cliff- well, it is what it is. I'm trying to think about Nicole

Holly- I'm always scared to say too much too soon

Michie- don't allow time for shit to leak

Cliff will talk to Nicole tonight and feel her out. It looks like there is a vote flip

Cliff- I think she will play ball...i think she will come over here to preserve her game

Holly- but still be safe over there, too

Cliff- we'll do it....Sis thinks she has my vote. She thinks she has Nicole's. 

Holly- this is all tentative until we speak to Nicole and Jess...I think this makes the most sense

Cliff- I'm okay with it. We're gonna have to make hard calls. Christie is a huge target

Holly- and I do hope that keeping her keeps a target on her back

6:30 PM BBT

Nicole is in the HoH Room talking with Holly and Michie

another flip.png




[The feeds are acting up tonight. Lots of frustrating freezes.  -MamaLong]

6:40 PM BBT

 I have pieced together that there truly is a flip in the works. 

Voting to evict Sis- Holly, Cliff, Nicole, Jess, Tommy

Voting to evict Christie- Nick


Michie- I asked Sis, if I have to break a tie who would she put up....she says she has no idea. She is literally saying she is going after Nick because  Christie is going after Nick. Too little too late. She said I will take 5th if y'all will keep me in this game...putting us in 1, 2, 3, and 4, in no particular order.

Nicole- but I want to ask you guys. Why am I always in the middle?

Michie- because you give off mixed signals...here we are 8 weeks and on the outside looking in you give off signals that you are kinda with Cliff kinda with Nick

Nicole- I don't want to be wishy washy

Michie- well, to be honest this is a great week to pick a side

Holly- yeah, it's been fine so far...but, I've said that throughout the game I have wondered where your head is at. It is confusing for people. But, by the same token, being wishy washy or neutral has been okay up until now. There was not a target on your back, so I'm not faulting you for that.

Michie- but we are down to 8

Holly- we are half the house....it's a way to get yourself in trouble

Michie- there is now not enough people in the house to distract away from the middle. It's like a spotlight. We would love to work with you. ANd i know Nick wants to work with you. It's now...you gotta put your eggs in a basket...put all your money in one side and hope for the best. If it's not a decision you want to make this week, I mean I'm never gonna tell you what to do, but I would love your vote.

Nicole- yeah, my brain doesn't work that way. I can only deal with the here and now

Holly- same....things change on a dime and I don't want to go back on promises. 

Michie- if you are willing to stay true to what you said on Thursday when you said you would give me your vote

Nicole- yeah, but is that playing someone else's game

Michie- well, you're not playing my game. I don't want to put you in a position where you have to lie or be deceitful....so, if you like, I can wait to tell you where I want your vote to go until right before. Plausibel liability. 

Nicole- that's true

Michie- I'm never gonna tell you how to vote

Nicole- I will stay true to that

Holly- and if you want to stay up here and listen to music you can

Michie- I want to put you in the best position possible, but this is your game. I'm not gonna pressure you to do something

Michie assures Nicole that he is willing to "say less" and not tell her where he wants her to vote even though she has already agreed to vote with him. This way, she won't be lying to anyone asking her where her vote is. Nicole is onboard.

Nicole- I may be approaching this completely wrong, and look back and

Holly- I feel like that every day....literally every day

Michie- I have told you since day 1 that I have your back. Whatever you decide to do, I respect your decision.....going forward to next week, if Nick is on the block, it's a strong chance that it's you or Sis next to him simply because of how close y'all are to him. That's not me trying to be persuasive, it's me really looking at this game

Nicole- yeah that's why I was like oh my God, I'm gonna go down with the ship

Michie- that's why your decision can be like actions mean more than words

Holly- yeah, and we can talk more tomorrow

Nicole- I agree. And Cliff would want to know as well. Why is this game so hard? I respect you both so much...you are strong people

Michie- I appreciate that



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6:55 PM BBT

Holly- Christie said earlier that if the vote was 4-2 it would give her two clear targets

Nicole- I want to be in this game....the question of the ages, What is Nicole doing? It's very scary...... it sucks. The amount of people that have said, "Nicole is going to..." should be a montage because I have never said what I'm doing.

Holly- yeah I have told people not to say that because they don't know what you are going to do    

Holly- I have an insane headache. Holy fuck. It hurts.

Michie to Nicole- let me know if you want to chat

Nicole- okay. I don't want to chat, but I don't know if I want to chat

Michie- to be honest, I have made up my mind

Nicole- okay, tell me....I'm ready

Michie- if it's a tie, I am voting to evict Sis

Nicole- that's what I thought

They see Tommy coming on spycam

Michie- Right! perfect timing....literally right after I laid the hammer....Sick

Tommy comes in, "What's up guys?"

Michie- we were talking about Eminem


7:05 PM BBT

Michie has gone down to get everyone Frosted Flakes and Holly some meds for her headache. While out< Holly sang her Big Brother song. Michie comes back with bowls, spoons and milk

Nicole- Frosted Flakes Party!

Holly tells them not to tell Michie about her song because he will tell her not to do it

Everyone but Nick is now in the HoH eating cereal.

Now Nick has joined them. The cereal party is on.

Christie- me and Nick ruined Taco Tuesday so we can at least make up for it with Cereal Wednesday. To cereal and friends.

They all clink bowls

There is now a variety of cereal boxes to choose from.



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8:35 PM BBT

A male voice comes on over the tv in the living room "Welcome to the BB Bird Watching Tour"

The houseguests run to the living room

Michie- Sh! Sh!  We're watching


"We recommend you pay close attention to the names and calls of these birds"


Michie- Hurry  Hurry

"You never know when they might come in handy"

Christie- okay

The voice goes away. The HGs are waiting around

Michie- oh, it's going to be over a matter of time...you never know when it's going to be"

Michie- this could be for veto power, secret power, HoH

Michie- it's mutually important for everyone

Jess- absolutely. That guy's voice was creepy though.

Michie- I'm staying up all fucking night

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9:05 PM Holly must have cut her finger. SHe tells Michie and Jess, who are talking in the HoH Room that she's going to DR to get the super glue to glue it shut

Jess- you are going to super glue your finger (shocked)

Michie- it's like liquid stitch

Jess has pledged to vote the way Michie wants

Michie- if I were voting, I would vote to evict Sis

Jess- duly noted (in agreement, not sarcasm)

Michie tells Jess they have it if she is in....it will be a majority

Jess- I'm already ...I honestly am saying that I want to respect what you want because a lot of  people did that for me

Holly returns and Jess asks if she got super glue. She said they won't allow her to bring it out of the DR, but it was dried out. Production must be giving her more because she explains to Jess how she will use it.

Okay, scratch that...the glue is for Michie. He cut himself shaving. Holly is planning to apply the glue to his cut.


9:12 PM

Jess- I'm drinking coffee. We're not going to sleep tonight.

Holly- it makes me think it's a double (the BB Bird Watching Tour Comp)  [Me too, Holly. Me too!  - MamaLong]


The houseguests just got the Blackbird call.  Voiceover- "The Blackbird has just landed"

Jess- oh my God! I'm so stressed!



[Sorry guys, but these feed freezes are beyond ridiculous tonight...like every minute or so I have to refresh then they go right back out. I'm done for tonight.   -MamaLong]

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9:15PM BBT Christie campaigning more with Cliff.  

Cliff says he would prefer her (Nicole) over Jess at the end of it.

Christie: Jess is "really smart."  With me and you equally as mental, that's challenging to get past because she is smart, too.

Cliff: I guess what I am asking is if it comes down to a vote between those two, do you have a hard time going one way versus the other.

Christie:  So far, Jess has had my back but she has also been middle man between Holly and me many times.  From this point on, that could completely change.  [Take that as her picking Jess. - rms]

Cliff: I am not asking for a commitment.

Christie:  I am just being honest with you because I'm not just saying Jess 100%.  If Nicole kept me, to believe in me more than Nick, that would speak volumes to me.  When you choose someone else, when you have someone so strong backing you it means a lot to choose someone when you have no-one.  So for her to have my back, that would prove a lot to me.

Tommy calls out for Holly and Christie.

Cliff: I got it.



She leaves and is sniffling a lot.  People ask if she is crying.  She says, no I am just so emotional.


9:18PM BBT Jess, I could not honestly tell you.  Some how Nick has a big strong hold on that girl (Nicole).  Tommy wanted to circle back to me to talk.  Jess says she wants to disarm Nick.  


BoB says, "No sudden movements, a blackbird just landed.  Now's your chance to hear the call. (bird squawk twice)."  Goes on to the Crow.

Jess had big eyes and open mouth like she was surprised.  [It's ok, Jess, you can move.  No birds are in the house.  - rms]

Bob repeats the same 2 birds.



Holly says, "The crow is one of the smartest birds in the jungle."  Then she asked what they said about the blackbird.  They say, a blackbird just landed.  She says they could ask us what is one of the smartest birds in the jungle.  "Which doesn't make sense because crows don't live in jungles, but hey, whatever."  

[Ok, MISS Ornithologist, what about the Jungle Crow(Corvus macrorhynchos) is a very widespread Asian species of crow.  Also, the Indian jungle crow (Corvus culminatus) is a species of crow found across the Indian Subcontinent south of the Himalayas.  And what about Ko, in the Jungle Book, you gonna inform him he isn't a crow?  His parents lied to him! - rms]


Jess says two conflicting things which seems to be a theme for her. In this case, they are even in consecutive sentences:

"I don't think he (Tommy) wants to vote IN the minority."

"Tommy, out of everybody, would not want to vote AGAINST the minority."  These are two girls he loves dearly.

Michie: His loyalty to Nick is what scares me.


Yet again, Jess brings up she was not a part of the deal (of the 5 at end of last week).

She again replays that she has tried to respect people's HoH's.  She recaps them.  

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9:28PM BBT Christie explains how she has had to campaign to SIs with Tommy in the BRL.  I couldn't campaign against you but with not campaigning against you that means not campaigning.  She says she loves this game even more than she could love anyone in this game.  [WOW!  People who spend all their days telling each other they love everyone should key off on that, but WHOOOSH, right over their heads. - rms]

She loves THE game, being here, the opportunity more than the idea that I was gonna get voted out unanimously. I had to make it more of an even playing grounds. [field?!!! or are we playing CRICKET? - rms] 

It wasn't to make everyone flip against you.  It was to bring to light why I could be valuable, rather than just this f'n target who is volatile. Yes, I am still that.  I am still the volatile target, but at least I am a target.  You know what I mean, I am a target.  [If I hear target ONE MORE TIME! Oh, and Sis, she is saying you are nothing.  Not a target, just nothing in this game.  She IS you AREN'T!  You SHOULD be OFFENDED!  - rms]


9:32PM BBT Tommy says he told her off in her campaign speech.  Christie says it's ok, I can take it. I am tough as nails. [Then why are you crying all the time? - rms]

Now, Christie claims the aim of her campaign against Nick was to have him tell people to just vote how they want and not how Michie told them to (vote).  

She says Nick pulled her into that room and was trying to get me to tell him that I wasn't gonna target him and I would still go after Michie.  He said I just want you to know that if I win HoH I still am not putting you up.  I want to work with you.  I want to work with you.  You are really gonna make a deal with Michie, your mortal enemy?  He was baiting me so bad for the words to leave my mouth to say I am not gonna be loyal to Michie so he could go up and tell Michie I said that.  He is smart.  He is very smart.  She says, I literally just said to him (in a condescending voice), "Oh, Nick, I love you, but I'm a Psychologist Major.  I study Psych."  [Do you mean a PSYCHOLOGY MAJOR? Or do you really study Psychologists? - rms]




9:36PM BBT Nick talking to Nicole in CBR.  You know if Christie wins tomorrow, she will put the two of us on the block next to each other.  She told me that.  You will have the votes to stay, so it will be fine.  I don't want you to think like that but I have ruined too many people's games.

Nicole:  You haven't ruined anybodies' games.  We are all intertwined and responsible for ourselves.  

Nick: I know but me trying to protect you put dark and sunny glasses (?) out there.  She does not deserve to go tomorrow.  She does not deserver to lose her spot.  


[PoPTv code: DAVID - rms]

Nick thinks Cliff will flip.  He doesn't see how that is beneficial to him, though.

Nicole said what she doesn't understand is what Tommy said that Christie said about the group of people.  She said it was Christie, Tommy, Michie, Holly, Jess. 

Nick, didn't he say his (Cliff) name, too?

Nicole says then it would be 6.  How did me and you become enemies 1 and 2?

Nick: I became enemy 1, I don't know how you got associated with me because I spent more time with Tommy than you.



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9:42PM BBT Christie crying in the BRL talking with Tommy. [Looks fake to me but they won't see it. - rms]

Because he was the only person that I don't know what to do(?).  All I said to him was.  It almost felt like he was baiting me to see if I was like oh, Tommy's keeping me.  So I said to be really honest if you asked me 3 weeks ago, I would have said Tommy is keeping me but I know he's really, really close to Sis, so he hasn't told me.  Just to hopefully debunk anything that was said outside.  If you want to go to talk to him.

Tommy: Nicole has said to me I want to talk to you.

Christie: Tommy, I can't believe this.  I want this so bad.  I want this so bad.  I am not happy I blew up somebody else's game.  I deserve to be here.  

Tommy:  You do.  You're a genius.

Christie: She laughs.  I am not a genius.  I mean Michie is like.  I have been gunning for you for weeks.  Everybody in America knows it.  Looks like we are gonna make lemonade out of lemons.  I don't want to work with him.  I don't have a choice.  I am not taking 9th place in this game.  We are taking 1st and 2nd.

Tommy: I really am here for you.  I don't want you to ever question it.  

Christie:  I was.  I definitely was.

Tommy: You never have to ever.  I really mean that.  I just have to put myself first.



9:45PM BBT Nick telling Cliff and Nicole in CBR that Christie told him if she stays she will put Nicole up next to me.  Then I know if I win the Veto, she will put up you next to her.  She's not gonna put up Tommy and she is next to Jess.  (Cliff clicks his tongue just a little, small sigh and barely shakes his head in a no motion.)

Nick: I don't care if I go home next week, Cliff, honest to god, I literally don't.  I just don't want her to go.  I don't want her to f'n be in the crosshairs like Sis is already taking it.

Cliff: No, I know that.  That's not gonna work (really stressed like on his face, thinking HARD!  He chews some on his lip.  hacking his head slightly and sighs.)

[I assume he realizes this will put him and Nicole DIRECTLY in the crosshairs.  Nic is right and has opened his eyes to how noms will likely fall if ANY of the others win. - rms])

Nick: What do you mean.

Cliff: I don't want Nicole in the crosshairs either.  (He shakes his head yes, deep in thought.)

Nick:  That's what I am saying, like I don't even care.  (Cliff leans over on one arm, turned a bit more towards Nick.  Opens his body up more towards Nick in the process,  glances up at him as he has mostly been staring over at Nicole.) If Sis stays, and like you guys win, you can f'n all put me up next week.  I don't care.



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I don't want you and f'n,...  I would literally offer myself up for anyone next week that wins.  I just don't want you to f'n go. I don't want people to think we had a 4 person reliance.  That was not true.  

Nicole and Cliff both say I know, I know.

Nick: I just had individual relationships.  I had it great.  I had a great relationship with you.  

Nicole: I went up there and told them that.  There's this depiction that the 4 of us are together and that isn't the case.

Nick: I just don't want her to get in the crosshairs.  She told me that me and Nicole were going up, I assume others would too,  because they see us as a pair for whatever reason.  Honestly, I feel like I am closer to Tommy than Nicole.

You have to do what is best for your game. I know I am a target next week regardless.  I just don't want her to f'n take the fall for me.

Cliff and Nicole both, I don't either at same time.

Nick: I literally, I don't care, I will go up every week either as a pawn or as a target.  I don't care.  I feel like I already put Sis in danger.  

(Cliff looks down, pushes his glasses up with his fingers as he grabs and rubs bridge of his nose like he has a headache now and sighs deeply.)




Nicole: That's what I tried to tell them upstairs.  There's this illusion that me and Nick are together or the 4 of us are together.  They are saying to me that you have to see it for what it is and how everyone else perceives it.  Obviously, everybody else is gonna see you guys as together. 

Cliff: Aw, geez.  

Nick continues that you guys do whatever, ...

Cliff says you shouldn't give up your game either.




9:48PM BBT Holly in HoH struggling to say what she wants to Tommy and Jess.  On a personal basis, like how the f' do you choose, you don't.  So you think of it purely, ...  (She starts to look like she's gonna cry,  looks like she may have been.  You hear Tommy speak up and he is crying).

Tommy: I know, that's why it,...  Aw man it sucks.  (First part sounds like he's crying but then at the Aw his voice is different like he almost isn't.  He may have taken a breath and that changed it.)

Jess is sitting there with no expression on her face through it all.


Michie talking to Sis in HN room: ... 1) have made a decision and 2) have heard everyone out.  

Sis: So now you are like rethinking it.

Michie: I am not rethinking it.  I am just telling you that Christie could ask me the same question and I am not telling her yes or no.  I am keeping it internalized util I hear from people what they want to do.  Then, I will make a decision.  Christie can come in here 5 minutes from now and ask if there is a tie, how are you gonna break it.  He will tell her the same thing: 1)  I don't know and 2) even if I did, I wouldn't say anything because I don't know.  I haven't heard everyone out.  Everyone else in the house doesn't know, they are torn.  This is a tough decision for everyone to make.  They love you both the same.  I'm not saying it to be mean.  I have been told I am on my own and have to play my own game and wants everyone to play their own game and do what's best for their game.


Holly and Tommy crying still in HohR.  They hate that this is even a situation at all.  I don't still know.

Tommy: None of us know.  Things may still change.



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9:54PM BBT Sis crying in the HN talking to Michie.  Sis says there is literally one reason why you are keeping her, because you know she is going after Nick when you literally could have gone after Nick yourself.

Michie: I have never said I want to go after Nick.

Sis: Then what would be the point of keeping your target.

Michie:  I don't have to answer that.  I'm not answering anything.  I am not telling anyone who I want to keep or don't want to keep.  I am not being a dick but honestly, like, I don't have anybody in this game.  I have heard people say it.  It's been made clear through actions.  The has been a deal made to get me out of this house.  [Back to this same discussion from after the noms. Not gonna type it all again.  - rms] 


9:59PM BT Sis and Michie finish.  She goes downstairs.  Christie gives her a hug.  She goes into the CBR but then leaves and heads to BRL to cry.  Holy comes in.

Sis tells Holly that she hates being in this situation when she didn't do anything to get in this position.  She feels like she is in Kat's position.

Holly says she still doesn't know what's happening or what will happen, so don't...

Sis wants to go off on people but she knows there isn't a point.


10:03PM BBT Michie and Tommy in HoHR talking about Sis.  Michie says she doesn't know what Sis is gonna do.  She knows she isn't gonna put up Nick.

Tommy is saying when he came up after Veto that he didn't mention including Nick as people to work with.  He is saying he isn't working with Nick.


10:11PM BBT Cliff talking to Christie trying to separate Nicole from Nick.  He says he will bet his game n her loyalty to me and vice versa.  Christie says if she votes, she won't put her up with Nick.



10:11PM BBT Michie says, I said it in the nomination speech.  She will be the biggest obstacle between me and winning, straight up.

Tommy:  Now that makes a lot of sense, F'''''''.  (very drawn out f word).  I get it.  No, I get it.

Michie: I want to work with you.  I want to work with you.

Tommy: Jackson, I have never given you a reason.  Of course, yes, I am on the same page still, yes.


Christie joins Holly and Sis in BRL.

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10:16PM BBT Cliff comes into the HoHR with Michie.  He makes brief smalltalk about the bird calls.  I have an issue I need to talk to you about.

Michie:  What happened.

Cliff: Nicole.  Nichole has heard that Christie's first target, if Christie were to win HoH would be Nick and her going up together.  I gotta tell you,...

Michie: I haven't heard that from Christie so that is kinda new to me.

Cliff: Christie confirmed it.  I talked to her a little while ago.   She said, yeah, because she,..

Michie: I haven't even asked Christie about what she was gonna do.

Cliff: I hadn't asked her before intentionally.  Nicole had heard that.  Let me find out.  Because I don't want her going home early.  Christie said she would probably go up as a pawn next to Nick who would be a target.  And I told Christie Nicole and I have been working  together closer than that.  I know that there is some concern about her and that she makes for an easy pawn.  I can't have her go up like that, I just, I feel closer to Nicole and I wouldn't want that to happen to her.  It got me to thinking when we are talking about final 4s or 5s or whatever.  Are y'all cool with Nicole.  

Michie: Me and Holly and Nicole are talking about that and that is kind of what I was hoping for.

Cliff: I don't know what your discussion with Jessica was like and where that goes.

Michie: I kept that vague.  She wants to respect my HoH and vote in which ever direction I would like for her to.  I kept it vague because I know she can run back and forth and I really don't want to blow.  Shit to hit the fan tonight or tomorrow on a game level or personal level.  I don't want people's last hours to be drama.  She said she would vote however.  She also is a proponent of keeping Christie.   Holly is leaning that direction.  I just talked with Tommy.

Cliff: What are you thinking on that.  I know Holly is.  We talked before so,...  And I am ok with that.

Michie: Nicole will not go anywhere.

Cliff: I think Nicole is ok with that even though Nick is gonna be the sacrificial.  She gets that and she doesn't want him up, but we understand it's the game.  I told Nick it is nothing personal.  He said if it comes down to Nicole and I, I want you to vote me out.  I said, I would,  to be honest with you I would.  It is what it is.

Christie came back and said I didn't know it was that important to you.  I just thought because she was tight with Nick, she would make for an easy pawn.

If you didn't, she feels a lot closer to Jessica perhaps, but if that is what it took get the votes to continue to stay in then she is willing to make that promise.  I said ok, but I wanted to take to y'all so you can say accordingly to Nicole and give her some comfort.

Michie:  Yep, me and Holly are watching our words because of how wishy washy she is.


Cliff: ... and says I swear and I promise and she did that.  I'm ok and I trust you.  I just want to make sure Nicole feels welcome.

Michie: I got your back.  Especially hearing last night that he doesn't to an extent.

Cliff: I respect the guy,  We're friends but there is limit to it.  That's all there is.  As there is with you.  I don't expect you to take me to number to.  You have someone picked out.

Michie: I don't have a final 2 with anybody.  I kept it that way. I know what you mean.  Who knows what will happen.  I don't have to go against a final 2 if it's best for my game.

Cliff: I have never asked anyone for a final 2 because it is too far away and it's crazy to expect anything.

Michie: Only person I had a final 2 with was Jack the first day and see how that turned out.

Cliff: If you give Nicole a handshake promise we are a group of 4.  

Michie: Yep, ready to roll.

Cliff: Then you will have her loyalty.  I told you before, I spent sometime looking for a place to land.  She is a lot the same way.  She thought she had a little bit with those guys over there just because she thought that may be her only spot for a while. I think she would jump over here.

Michie: I will go talk to Holly.  I know where I stand and am fairly confident where Holly stands and that is with y'all.

Cliff: I just need Nicole to hear that.  If I do that, I don't have to worry about her crying,... I get it.  I get it.


10:26PM BBT 

Michie:  I agree. It's a tough decision.

Cliff: She feels like she is abandoning Nick.  She is ready to come on board over here.  I don't expect Nick to be around very long.Especially when he's gone, then it makes it real obvious how that's gonna be set up.

Michie: Because this, if he can memorize logics versus word for word, he can memorize a bird call.  If he has a fire under his ass, he can do it.


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10:37PM BBT Michie talking to Nick in TBR.  Nick says he is trying to watch his words because they are getting him in trouble.  Nick says, for me personally,  I have a better relationship with you so if I had to put up one of you it would most likely would be her.

Michie: That's fine.  

Nick: I am gonna shoot it straight with you.  If I won, it would probably be one of them 3.  If she goes out, I have you coming after me when I am not paying the next week.  


10:52PM BBT Michie, Holly, Cliff and Nicole all meet in HoHr to discuss a lot of the latest discussions.  They end up agreeing to go forward together.

Bunch of the same things are discussed as have been the past week.  

Michie brings up that Christie wants to beat Nick.  She is willing to go out 5th.  Cliff poi's out he expects the people above her may be picked off some to move her up.  [Cliff doesn't bring up Nick's offer to them to be put up all the time, basically, if Cliff and Nicole are HoH. - rms]


11:11PM BBT Cliff comes back up and says he neglected to ask about your conversation with Nick.  Michie didn't bring much of the convo in and misquoted it.

Cliff asks some about Jess again but she is kind of brushed aside.


11:21PM BBT Michie asks Holly which do we go with Cliff and Nicole or Tommy.  Holly is paranoid as to if it is still a WE.  


11:23PM BBT Cliff down in RV talking with Jess.  Usual pros and cons.


BoB playing bird calls and people repeating what is said and trying to remember them.  


More Jess, Nicole.

[As of now, about my guess is a 90% chance of flip to keep Christie. - rms]

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