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Tuesday, August 20, 2019 Big Brother 21 Live Feed Updates

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11:04AM BBT Sis IN WA doing her face. 


Jess decided to have leftover hamburger with egg for breakfast. Christie says it could be breakfasty because it has peppers in it [Peopers make it a breakfast meat? What? - rms]


WBRB is on. 



HG making big plans to do nothing today. 

Nicole is gone from fish tank. 

Christie says the feeders will be bored with us today. 

Cliff apologizes and says this is as good as its gonna get today. 

Tommy said they went to bed about 11 and they woke up at 10. 

Jess apparently asked Cliff how he was born so she plans to do that with each person. 

Cliff claims his dad was the first or one of the first dads to go in and watch the birth. [That is a bold and no way to substantiate claim, Cliff. - rms]

Sis says she was a premie. Supposwd to be born March 26 but came 8th and she was pretty sure it was between 6&7 either morning or night. [As opposed to all the other 6&7 options throughout the day, Sis? WOW!  - rms]


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12:03PM BT Fish feeding gong on in the house. Discussion about which fish are getting food.


12:13PM BBT Christie, Analyse and CLiff discussing people back home. Christine is descibing her friend Aaron to Analyse. Analyse wants to meet him. He lives in England.


12:19PM BBT Analyse and Christie talking about Christie being sad. She says she realizes it's all coming to an end. She says she has been thinking about hr ex a lot. Cams change to Jess an Nick playing backgammon.


12:27PM BBT Christie is a bit teary. Tommy comes in and give her a pep talk. She is just feeling emotional about the house and missing her family. Analyse says she gets a phone call when she gets to jury.

12:39PM BBTJackson telling a story about being a server. Tells Jess and Holly aboutthe time a guests left him a checkfor $1000.00 made out to the University of Tenn with a memo for his tuition plus gave him a $100 tip. He says he wrote them a thank you letter and looked them up to see where they lived so he could send it (I guess it didn't occur to him to look on the check for the address). Now he is telling the story how he saved the life of an elderly woman who was naked outside the restaurant. We get cam change.


12:44PM BBT Christie, Tommy and Analyse talking. Christie is upset but not at Jackson but at Nick. She says it should have been her and Nick on the block. She says that she will blow up the game when she starts campaigning. Analyse asks her not to talk about Nick being loyal to hr and Tommy. Christie says she won't.


12:49PM BBT Christie goes into the RV BR with Tommy. She asks him to tell her what happened. That "they" told her he could tell her and we get FOTH.


12:54PM BBT Tommy is looking for a hiding spot for his Veto. Analyse tells him that she has the perfect spot and does he want to know where it is. Tommy says to tell him later.

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1:01PM BBT Nick goes to HOH BR to take a shower. Nicole asks him if his day is better. Nick says he spoke with Christie and Christie is going to tell the house everything they talked about in private. He says he told Cliff that he did bring up his name when he was asked who he would bring up. Nick says that Chrsitie is going to bring up stuff from the first weeks because she is petty.


1:19PM BBT Tommy goes into the lounge with Cliff. Cliff says that he is just sitting there. Thinking about going home and having to find  a job and deal with the 9-5 grind. Tommy says that they will need a moment to decompress a bit. They discuss family.


1:35PM BBT Tommy and Cliff talk about how much they enjoy the game. Cliff says that he loved talking to Christie about S8 and how her eyes lit up. Cliff and Tommy agree that they have each others back and would be honored to go to F2 together.

1:49PM BBT Christie talking to Nicole and Cliff. Says she feels awkward being around people. Nicole says she understands because no one wants to be seenw ith someone on the block. Christie says it is obvious she is everyone's target.


1:53PM BBT Christie is crying to Nicole. She says she is going because she is the only one who didn't make deals. She says that she deserves to be on the block but she is frustrated because Nick should have been next to her because he is the one that created all this.



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2:03PM BBT In the LR, Christie is cryng to Tommy, Nick, Cliff, and Nicole. She is exhausted and can't eat. The game is hard.Nick says they need a movie. Analyse says that BB owes them something. They joke about a movie.


2:18PM BBT All HG except for Cliff are sitting in the LR. Just chatter about being bored.





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4:00 PM BBT

Christie is in the HoH Room talking with Michie...not any new conversation....just Christie praising her game play and trying to make Nick the next target. 

Christie- I told him I was going to call him out and he started panicking. So then I told him, okay I won't blow up your game but let me ask you a question.....you threw comps...you're trying to stay to the end. But, my question is, who are you planning to go to the end with (because he is working with three different pairs)... like, who are you really loyal to.  

Christie is trying really hard to convince Michie that she will gun hard to get rid of Nick, thus good to keep her in the game [it won't work....Michie knows she is dangerous for his game   -MamaLong]


Nicole and CLiff were chatting in the Boat Room about Kat and wondering where her head is at

Nicole- I don't know if she is mad at me or mad at you. I don't know, the way she went out...I just don't know where her head is at

Cliff- yeah, I know

Nicole- I hope she has cooled off after thinking about things


The rest of the houseguests are just hanging out fighting boredom


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5:30 PM BBT

Jess has been giving the houseguests 45 minute massages. Sis said she is amazing. 

Jess- I want a 5 star review, but say that you would have given 6 if it weren't for the unsanitary conditions.

Jess is currently massaging Tommy

tommy massage.png

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5:45 PM BBT

Sis and Christie are talking in the RV Bedroom about the people the miss . Analyse says she misses her mom and best friends because she normally spend so much time with them

Christie- to be a hundred million % honest, and I hate to admit it at all

Sis touches Christie's shoulder as she gets teary

Christie- the person that I really miss the most out of anyone is my ex. (her voice is shaky)  but it's weird because I was already missing her. We broke up in January. I left (for BB) missing her. It was so bad

Sis- but it didn't....you were distracted by this

Nick comes in and starts listening in

Christie- I was so distracted by this process...for me, I was already so used to that and so distracted by getting myself ready, packing, buying clothes ...this...that.So I didn't have that chance to like..... I mean I did, trust me, ..living in the house we got together was rough

Sis- you guys got it together?

Christie- well technically....technically, like, whatever, yeah...like we did everything together. I hate to even admit that. I miss my family but the one I think about the most is her. Like she would be the first one I would want to call the second when I get out of here ...but I won't because I know she doesn't want to talk to me.

Sis- but how do you know

Christie- I just know...well, I guess I don't know

Sis- she could have taken this time to realize she misses you

Christie- or she could be in a full blown relationship right now

Christie asks Nick what singularly one person does he misses the most

Nick says he can't say and doesn't know if that answers the question (insinuating his ex) 

Cliff comes in and Christie tells him what they've been talking about

Christie- I know yours is Sharon

Cliff- she is

Christie- she is your anchor...your everything

Nick- I don't know who I miss the most. I mean my family...but the m=people I think about most are Bella and that person I can't mention





6:05 PM BBT

Tommy and Nicole are in the kitchen making dolls out of fabrics, sticks and yarn. They begin laughing about how Big Brother will take their conversation and show it on the television show while they are making dolls. Nicole says she can't forget what Kat told her in the storage room...that she needs to play her own game and not someone else's

Nicole is talking about how all the stress is making her sick...run down feeling, her body is aching, sore throat.

They begin playing with the dolls. Nicole's is named Amber. TOmmy's is named Azule.

Tommy as Azule- there's actually just 11 of us now (using a British accent)...just because we are dolls doesn't mean we aren't people

Nicole as Amber- we are doll people

Tommy as Azule- yes, we are doll people. Should we go say hi to the other houseguests

Nicole as Amber- okay





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7:54 PM BBT

Nick and Christie are fighting in the kitchen

They are throwing words at each other; talking over each other; being dramatic....while the other HGs just watch.


Nick- Oh, let's blow my shit up now. I'm running the game I'm throwing fucking competitions. You say I haven't played a loyal game. Let's talk about the unloyal things you have done...he spills all of Christie's game and the things she has said



8:03 PM BBT

Both Nick and Christie are simply screaming the things at each other that they have been threatening for the past few days. It's a massive game of he said/she said.


Nick tells Christie that he has revealed everything about his game and owned it, but she won't own what she has said and done.

Christie- you are playing a sick game...you don't have to take shots because everyone will take shots at each other. You make deals...you're good. You tell them ....and you tell them....I have to bring it to light because you will get to final 3... manipulated it all... and coasted down the center.

Christie asks Sis a question

Sis- I'm not getting involved in this

Christie- I'm sorry Nick but you are the biggest target because no one is coming after you


Tommy looks like he is going to barf




Christie to Holly- I'm sorry! I wasn't gonna do this, but..

Holly- it's okay. We got dinner and a show.

Nick has left the kitchen and headed to the Target Bedroom. Christie is now crying.

Sis is in the Target Room telling Nick that she's scared now and thinks she will be the one to go because Cliff hadn't heard that stuff before.. Nick tells her that he told Cliff everything.

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8:22pm BBT


During the last half hour Christie and Nick had a loud confrontation in the kitchen with the entire house as an audience.


Accusations flew around between the two of them, Christie shouting at Nick, Nick shouting back. Most of the information tossed out was not new to feeders, and it seemed that very little of the information was new to the house guests who were listening.


Afterwards Christie tried to get encouragement from the other house guests but their reaction was lukewarm at best. She exited to the loo, then to the target bedroom. She was called to the diary room.


Most of the irritation seems to be from the house guests who are not happy that taco Tuesday was ruined.



A few of the house guests are making use of the buffet Holly has made for them, they make jokes about having seconds since the house is scattered.


Nick and Tommy are talking in the target bedroom, Nick continues to defend himself, Nick insists he has not lied, Tommy says she is bringing up things and they are not sticking. Nicole is also in the room. Tommy says he warned Christie when she was talking about Jackson, and that is why she is in this position. Tommy says Christie's game is over and she is bitter...Sis comes in and interrupts. Nick tells her he wants to be alone...(alone with Tommy and Nicole?). Tommy tells Nick nothing was said that no one knew, that all that was said has changed nothing. Tommy tells him this was a tough thing to go with, but it is all the same.


In the kitchen a few people are starting to enjoy the taco Tuesday, Jackson says it is good they are quiet, it means they are chowing down. They all chuckle. Jessica says that the pork is a good change.


Christie comes in and acts like she has just tried to toss a bomb in the house, she wants to discuss whether or not she drinks tea. Then starts asking questions about the buffet that is waiting. She asks if everyone has eaten, they tell her no. She tries to apologize again, still lukewarm response from the others. No one seems to be interested in petting her. They studiously ignore her attempts by continuing to talk about Holly's great meal. The chatter is loud and is directed towards each other.


Sis tells them Christie is moving to LA with her. No one answers. Christie keeps expounding on a move to the area.



Christie gushes over the food, Holly thanks her.


Jackson starts talking about different cuts of meat, and Sis offers to make Nick a plate for later. She says she knows when he is anxious he does not eat. Christie tries to insert a comment, house guests change it back to their food clinic.



Everyone says the meal was great, but the floor show could have used some work.


Christie goes over her decision to tell all about Nick, and says “if it helped me stay, but if it doesn't that's okay.”


Conversation takes a hard turn toward the meal and spices again, no one responds.


[I think this is the worst move Christie could have made for her game, but we will see, I have been wrong before...Grannysue]


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Nicole tells Sis while they are in the rv bedroom that she is staying away from the whole mess, she thinks people should talk civilly. Nicole says some people may have thought the fight was funny. She whispers “Michie”, and says it seems weird and awkward. Nicole leaves the rv bedroom


Holly is talking to Nick, he is telling her that Christie's talk about him throwing competitions is not true. He says he is sorry that had to happen, Holly tells him it doesn't matter, it was at a breaking point.


Nick says he came from the bottom after being on top, Holly says she understands.


Nick says that Christie is the reason Jackson was on the field trip, it was because of the things she said. [that could be partially true, but Jackson also invested behavior that caused that—Grannysue]


Holly says some things he told them earlier today was new information, but this evening was not new information.


Nick insists that Christie was worried about being back doored by Jack. (she was). Nick says he heard her say she was going to blow up on taco Tuesday, although it was going to be in the Gr8ful circle (that is true, I heard it too).


Tommy comes into the room, tells them there is broken glass in the kitchen so wear shoes.


Holly, “Who did it?'

Tommy, “Jackson”

Holly, “Why am I not surprised?”


Tommy tells Nick that Christie is still leaving Thursday. Nick is relieved that the outburst has not changed her position in the game.



Nicole comes into the target bedroom to check on Nick. She tells him it is awkward.


[so far no one has gone to check on Christie]


Nicole also tells Nick that she believes he is no worse position, however she thinks Jackson believes this may have affected her (Nicole's) feelings about Nick because he made a non-verbal gesture with his head and raised his brows.


Nicole says game respecting game, that Nick's game is respectable, and that although others are hoping this has made his allies feel differently, they are not.


Nick says her warning that she would blow him up gave him opportunities to talk to Cliff ahead of time.


Nicole calls it all 'hypothetical”, and that players cannot make decisions on moves on day 1. She says you cannot map the game out in your head because it changes so much. Nicole tells Nick that Jackson seemed to have encouraged it, that Christie told her so, and that Jackson's reactions seem to prove that was true.


Nick says he was so angry when she threatened him that he decided to go with it. Nicole says she is glad that he tried to be “nice”, he says he would never be otherwise. Nick says he gets the game, he knows he can be put up and go home. He adds that he has no real idea where his position is in the game with any other player. Nick says Sis is worried now about where she stands in the vote, but Nicole tells him as far as she knows Cliff will vote to send Christie out. (the votes are against Christie at least with Nicole, Cliff and Holly)


Nicole says the people who trust him heard nothing new, and the people were after him have just agreed silently that they were indeed, going to put him up. Nick says he warned Sis that Christie was going to blow up his game, and that worried Sis, and further Tommy was not happy about it. Nick says he has the people he is trying to protect and he still wants to do that, he does say that at five he would want Cliff out.

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In the kitchen Christie is still trying to talk about what she believes is a successful “outing” against Nick. The responses are non-committal and subjects are changed.


They are all laughing about Cliff pulling out the envelope on eviction night. They say that Kat seemed shocked, they thought he had some kind of power.


Holly has made virgin pineapple margaritas (of a sort), and they are making refills. Holly tells us to watch out for her new cookbook some day, but she hates measuring so...


We can hear Cliff in the background say he didn't really hear anything he didn't know already. He is not on camera, it was audio only.


The audio is coming from the target bedroom, Tommy, Sis, Cliff are discussing the earlier confrontation. Cliff says he cannot fault Nick for being friendly with everyone in the house. Tommy makes a comment they laugh at, Nicole says they can't play ahead anyway, there are too many changes. Sis asks if she still has their vote, she is worried that things have changed.


Nicole says the emotional component bothered her, Tommy says even though he said something first, Christie started it earlier by the things she was saying. Nicole says when two people are on the block one is emotional and one is level headed. Tommy says “We don't want that in the house.”


Cliff asks Sis if they can work together, and Sis says she would like that. Cliff says their backs are against the wall, but the four of them can make it together to the final five. He says they are due to win.


Nick comes into the room, Sis tells him she made him a plate, he says he is not hungry. (He ate earlier while Tommy was in the room, I think he said that to not make Sis feel bad). Sis says she wants to know if she is okay, Nick agrees with the others, saying she is okay.


Cliff says Sis would not deserve to go on the basis of that.


Tommy says they are all in agreement that Sis stays, Nick agrees.


Tommy tells them they are all together, and at the final five they are sending him (Nick) home. They all laugh.


Sis and Cliff leave the room, and Tommy stays/ They know the four votes will stop a move by Jackson on a tie vote because a tie vote would give the opportunity to do that.


All three of them seem honestly ready to work with Sis and Cliff moving forward. Nick says if you make final five, zingbot and comics you are talked about. They agree that if there is a battle back they would want Jack to come back. They call him honest, and fun and he didn't make crazy deals.

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9:07PM BBT Holly talking to Michie in the SR about the blow up.  She says Christie claimed Nick said Cliff was gonna be out fifth.  She wonders if that was defined as part of the deal.


9:18PM BBT Nicole says Michie's probably gonna want to talk to her.  I can tell.  His wheels are spinning.

Nick: Why, does he want to see if you still trusts me.  What are you gonna say?

Nicole: Probably No.

Nick: Are you serious?

Nicole: Yea.

Nick: No you're not.

Nicole: Yea, we'll see how the conversation goes.

Nick:  That's gonna make me a target isn't it? (as she said above line.)

Nicole: I'd rather have people think. Keep people on their toes.  You know I trust you, that's all that matters.



Nick continues to claim he told everyone how he feels about the others.  Details some things we have written about bunch before.  Liking Nicole, Cliff, etc,..  

Nick now expresses concern if she says No, then maybe Michie might keep Christie.

He talks about how the showmance and Jess will still be targets.  Jess, she sat there saying I didn't know I was your target. Girl (Jess), who the F' would I go after.  You've been talking about me the whole time.  Am I gonna not go after your?

Nicole says Jess doesn't even talk to her about anything any more.

Nick: Good, probably me and you p on the f'n block.  He complains again about emotional players.  We have to get rid of them.

Nicole says if it is a DE it will be absolutely insane.

Nick says, yep, I could be going an hour after Christie goes. She would be so happy.

[PoPTV code: KEY - rms]

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9:30PM BBT As was mentioned above, with Nicole, Cliff, Sis, Tommy in the TBR room, when Tommy says “We don't want that in the house.”  It really seems she sank herself with this blow up.  Sis is worried he might go but they go over the votes and said she is good.  All of them don't respect what she did and also don't want the emotions like that in the house.  They blame Christie for getting this all rolling earlier in the day.


Tommy says they are all in agreement.  Tommy, Sis, Nick, Cliff and Nicole working together to final 5.  Sis left, then Cliff leaves. Nick is still worried about Cliff voting sis out.  He figures Jess and maybe Holly might vote Sis out.  [I am guessing it will be a 5-1 vote evicting Christie at this time.  Jess is likely only vote against Sis. - rms]


9:49PM BBT Nick says he knew Christie was gonna blow it up during her campaigning so he figures he may as well do it when every one is there.

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Cliff is with Jackson and Holly in the HOH room.


They are talking about the blow up earlier this evening, Jackson and Holly says there are a few things they learned from the argument.


Both Holly and Jackson know that Nick has been trying to cover himself with other people in the house since he was warned that Christie planned a confrontation. Cliff agrees that Nick has been trying to cover himself, and do not fully trust him.


(I am not sure where Cliff is in this, earlier he agreed to work with Nick.)


Jackson and Holly are telling Cliff that Nick did, indeed want him and Nicole to go after targets for them, and that the two of them were considered disposable soldiers.


Cliff says game related he agrees that Christie needs to go, but he would rather on another level, keep Christie in the game. They all agree that is the case, but because Christie is a dangerous player it has to be her that goes. Cliff tells them that Christie had decided to campaign one on one and not follow through with the threat to blow Nick's game up. He wonders if Nick decided to push a little to get it happen.


Cliff defends Nicole when they wonder what her involvement or knowledge in this is questioned.


Meanwhile back at the ranch (the boat bed lounge)


Christie is talking to Jessica.


Christie insists that she will still try to get Nick out of the game. She asked Jackson to push people to vote to keep her. She says Jackson pushed her to “air it out”.


Jessica tells her that there was not a lot of things.....


Christie interrupts her with an unrelated comment about Nicole Christie says she is not talking to anyone, but Cliff says he want s to talk to her. She says it is good that he wanted to talk to her right after the argument.


Jessica tells Christie that Nick called Nicole “a piece of s**t”, then she says she isn't sure if he was talking about Nicole or Kemi. She says she might be sure, but he was mad at both of them at the time. She doesn't understand why Nick would say that everyone liked him.


Christie, “He said it five times, dude.”


Christie wonders how no one else sees how Nick is, she says Bella told her that Nick's strategy is to flirt with everyone in the house.


Jessica says he is disingenuous, Christie calls it something that makes her “cringe” Jessica says Nicole sees Nick as the underdog, Christie thinks Nicole has a crush on him. Jessica says if they bring Nick to the end he will get her vote to win, even though she doesn't like him. Christie says she would too.


Christie says that Nick claims not to lie, but he puts people in the position that they lie. He tells them plots and has them go to other people, or pitch a plan. Christie says he has done it to Sis over the Bella eviction.


In the HOH room Holly is telling Jackson that she hopes Nick is the next person evicted, she doesn't understand why Nicole is so attached to him since he has been the sole person in the house to drag her through the mud. She wonders if they know each other outside the house or are they related? Holly says that is another reason to get Nick out.


Holly wonders if Nick was in on the plan presented by Christie to put Nicole up. If that were true it would be good leverage.


(Jackson is being bugged by a bug).


Jackson tells Holly to just ask Christie, and she says she might just do that right away. Holly says all the stuff that was going on, her name only came up once (Holly), and that was related to Nick putting her on the block (Holly).


Jackson also say he was mentioned once related to Day 33.


Holly wishes Tommy and Sis had been dragged in a little bit more.


Jackson thinks he will be evicted during the double, and Holly will remain in the house.


In the rv bedroom Cliff is telling Nicole that Jackson and Holly want to stick with evicting Christie.


Cliff tells her he defined agreements that Nicole and he (Cliff) have made. He tells her the agreement is that the two of them will not go after Holly or Jackson this week to allow them to keep their word.


Nick comes in to say goodnight. Holly comes to hang out.

Cliff says he is in the rv room because the target bedroom is still...full. He wants to give them all time to talk.


Nicole verifies with Holly that all of them are good. Holly agrees that after Thursday they will continue the agreeement.

Nicole says blow out days are a weekly ritual. She thanks Holly for the tacos.


Cliff says Jess will go after Nick, Nick will go after Jess, and that makes them good. Cliff says she has never mentioned going after Nick, but now he would be happy if either one of them won HOH.


Sis comes in, Holly tells her that Tommy is in the DR. She says it is about “taco Tuesday!”. Sis is upset because she has already removed her makeup. Nicole is shocked, she had no idea Sis is makeup free because she still looks good.


In the boat bed lounge Christie and Jessica are still rehashing Nick.

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10:17PM BBT  Cliff comes out of the HoH shower and recaps the latest deal at end of Tommy's HoH with Michie and Holly.  Christie mentioned and Holly says she claimed you would be 5th place.  They say Tommy slipped on them throwing the comp so Cliff or Nicole could do the dirty work.  They then rehash some of the Slip and Slide.  Michie told Cliff he was safe as they were starting it.


10:23PM BBT 

Christie says to Jess in the BRL that she thinks she can convince people she is the bigger threat versus Sis so they should keep her to be the target. [Umm, WHAT?  They are going for the bigger targets using the non-targets for votes, duh! -rms]

Jess admits she doesn't talk game with anyone and complains for the BILLIONTH time that she doesn't know what's what.  [Jess, you are admitting you are useless to her at intel now.  IS that wise? - rms]


Cliff still in HoH telling Michie, Holly that he doesn't know what his top targets are in the game after this.  It may not be the same a what Nicole's are.  

Michie: Nicole also plays on a very personal level.  She doesn't want to go after people she likes.  

Cliff:There's not enough people in this game left that you can just co after,...  She doesn't really talk about going forward.  She feels she doesn't have anyone to pick.


Christie tells Jess that Sis stays, she would go after Michie.  If she (Christie)stays, she would go after Nick.


10:31PM BBT Nick tells Sis in TBR that I can't be friends with someone who says they love me but then try to bury my game because I played a better game than them.  She claims she isn't campaigning against you, but she is by campaigning against me.  She is trying to stay.  

Sis: I know I have your and Tommy's votes but I want to make sure I have their vote, too.  (Cliff and Nicole)

Nick says Cliff knows that if they kept Christie that Michie, Holly, Christie and Jess would all come after us.

Nick says Nicole was gonna put up Christie and Jackson if she won.

Sis: Smart girl.

Nick: I shouldn't have told you that, whoops.


10:33PM BBT Jess trying to figure out how Christie would be able to keep Nicole.  Jess claims Nick called Nicole a piece of sh*t when she was on the block.  

Christie: What a douche.

Jess: Let me take that back. I don't know if it was her or Kemi.  [I figured out Jess' tactics, Obfuscation! - rms]



10:37PM BT Tommy comes into TBR with Sis and Nick.  They bring up some of what they have been saying to him.  He disagrees Christie is campaigning against Sis by saying what she needs to to keep herself in.  He would never blow up someone else's game that I think is playing a good game to get myself to stay.

Nick says Cliff is honest.  If he says he will do something, he will.  If they want to work together, why would they want you out.  Nicole wouldn't want you out because I would go out earlier.  Cliff wouldn't want me out because I am a bigger target than him.

Sis: I just don't want to be blindsided.


Sis is worried if Michie flips that they (Cliff and Nicole) need to be ok with not voting the way Michie wants them to.

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10:48Pm BT Cliff goes to see Nicole in the CBR.  He tells her they want to stick with Christie.  He told them he is glad to hear it but if they wanted to change we are both fine with that, no worries.  Cliff then told her they asked him if they had a final 5 with Tommy and them,... during the blow up.  He said no.  He laid it out that it was just for one week.  If it was a double eviction, they were supposed to come back to them to talk further.  It never went any where.  In here, just a second ago, I told Tommy and Sis and Nick were in there.  Look , just to be clear, we have no agreement.  We have one that we are not putting people up over there and you are not putting people up over here.  There is nothing else at all. I just want to make sure that's clear, right. They said, yeah, yeah, yeah.  So is that ok with you.


Nicole says, wait. so what did you tell them?

Cliff: They talked earlier about this idea about us being together.  I said, look, there is no agreement about any kind of final 5 or anything.  The only thing that we have in place is that we won't go after y'all if you don't go after us this coming up week. That's it.  They said, no we get it, we are good.  That's all we agreed to.

Are you Ok with that?

Nicole: I think so.

Cliff: It let's us stay honest with them upstairs.

Nicole: What happens if we win HoH.

Cliff:  I am not planning to come for y'all, but I am still looking for targets.  I think y'all may know who targets are that I would go after.  Then we kind of diverted a little bit talking about,...


10:50 PM BBT Nick sticks his head in. 

Cliff: I was just updating her on what we said.

Nick: No, it's fine.  I think it is smarter that you said it like that, too, to be honest with you.  We just never know what's gonna happen.  Why even put ourselves in bad spots like that again.  That way no one feels like they are going against their word.  It's better that way.

Sis comes in and is getting ready for bed.




10:55PM BBT Christie tells Jess, I have to get in Michie's head.

Jess: Michie's so tricky though because he lies so much.  You never know what he's gonna do.

Christie:  Wouldn't he want someone here that will take a shot at Nick.  Doesn't he want to be the strong male in here with a bunch of girls.  [WOW, a bit sexist, Christie?! - rms]

He wants to be in the end with Nick? He's gonna lose.  That's the way I see it.  [So the girls don't have a chance? Sexist confirmed!- rms]

Jess: The way the guys look at it is basically guys versus girls and I don't understand that.  [WOW!  You are the one trying to only have girls left!   - rms]


Jess: He never told me I was his target. He always told me I was safe.  [You do know this game changes week to week, right?! - rms]

Christie then discusses a conversation they had before PoV as to who to put up, ...  Also stuff like, I know you are scared of me in mental comps but take it and make it your asset.  

She tells Jess that she is the only sane person in here honestly.  She used to think Tommy was her person and she feels like she lost even him to Nick.  She thinks its still even there.  If she can paint it to him that she would be the threat before him.  They both say he is game wise.


11:08 PM BBT Christie comes up to HoH to talk to Michie.  


Everyone one else but Michie, Christie and Nick are in the CBR. General chat.


Christie says Cliff, Nicole, Sis and Jess were all in the RV when she said she wanted to "send it" but she was gonna wait and do it with integrity.  She say Nick coming across the Kitchen wondering if he was coming there.  Maybe I was not ballsy enough. 

Michie says it just isn't in your DNA.  He said it may have worked out in your favor.

Christie:  If nothing else, she thinks it opened up people's eyes. Even if she goes out, she at least knows she took the head off the snake  He has an army.


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Christie she knows he was lying.  She claims he is throwing comps and that's how he is lying.  


Nick talking to Tommy in the TBR while Tommy lays on his mic and we hear the heartbeat.  [Bill Cosby's Chicken Heart routine anyone? - rms]

BoB must have gotten freaked out, too.  Called him out.  Tommy, Please do not obstruct your mic.  [They should play back really loud some of what they do to the mics and maybe they would stop - rms]

11:20PM BBT Cliff comes back in to TBR and says he was talking to Sis.  She is still worried about a flip. He believes once Michie decides, he sticks with it.

Nick: Even still, we have 4 votes.


11:21PM BBT Michie, Holly and Christie still talking about Nick.  She says over and over how much she loves him in this whole convo and yet hates on him. They all hope others wise up to Nick.  Christie wants to tell Tommy that Holly and Michie love him and he would be better off with her there.  She is bigger target, same spiel.  

Christie has referred to people as someone's "person" many times in this conversation.  

Michie says that Nick is running this house.  

They spend a bunch of time saying what they each heard Nick say he would do with the veto. 


Christie says that she was the one wh wanted to have it out in front of everyone now instead of up n the HoH room.  Michie described how Nick came up to HoH while she was in there.  She supposedly took it downstairs where everyone can hear it.

Holly claims she has been warning everyone from the beginning that Nick's job is to get people to trust him. He was using his training to manipulate everyone.

Christie says if I stay I will just put up Nick and Nicole, there, there's my second nom. I didn't even have to think about it.  I won't get her vote anyway.

Back to everyone bragging about the slip and slide and how hard it was, ...


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11:51PM BBT Jess interrogating Tommy and Sis in the CBR.  Tommy told her that he had said to her before he had a close relationship with him (Nick) and he couldn't put him up that point.  But he sees what everyone sees, too.

Sis agrees, Me too.  I don't know if he necessarily has any final deals.  I don't have ay final deal with him.

Tommy:  I don't have anything with anybody.

Sis: Me either (as she yawns). I don't even know when you start making those.   Like what are you supposed to make those.

Jess: (Laughs) I don't know.

Tommy: Wait, what? What did you say?

Sis: I said when(laughs) do you even make (laughs) those.  [Do you think Jess is that gullible? - rms]

Jess: I assume early in the game.

Sis: pfflltttt, I don't f'n know.  (throwing her arms back on the bed) Zero

Tommy: I have zero, I promise.  

Sis: I also, Zero

Tommy: I had one with Jack that's it but he had, ...  (implied a lot of them)

Sis:  No but he told me.  He said my final 2 deal was... you (Tommy).

Tommy: What?

Sis: Did you say you had a final 2 with Jack?

Tommy: Yeah.

Sis He told me his final 2 deal was you.  I think he would have honored it.  Who did he have a final 2 with.

Tommy: I just assumed you, Christie.  I know he had one with Jackson, too.

Sis: I never had one with him, which  made me so sad.  (She is grinning and giggling so much through this convo and yawning as if to cover up a grin.)

Tommy and Sis say they miss him a lot but Jess says she can't say the same.


Jess is back on the nobody is giving me anything whine.



[Save me, Orwell,...  between Jess, Christie, Michie, Holly, Sis,  ugh, ...  FFWD gn  - rms]

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