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Monday, August 19, 2019 Big Brother 21 Live Feed Updates

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Yep. At 10:10PM BBT in the kitchen, Holly just confirmed "the thing" was heard, but Jackson doesn't know what it said (he wasn't outside).  Only Cliff, Tommy, and Nicole (in the Hammock) could have heard it for sure. Analyse was in the WA putting away towels when the feeds cut, so she didn't have a chance of hearing it outside.



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10:33PM BBT Christie plotting with Sis in CBR for a prank on Cliff.  Christie says he will probably be looking at the floor.  The reason we have to do it together is he would be distracted by the saran wrap and not look at the floor. 

10:36PM BBT Cliff is in bed with Orwell.  Tommy and Nick are in the other bed in TBR.  


11:00PM BBT Sis is talking to Christie to see what she can do to help her.  [Sis aka Deer in headlights - rms]

Sis seems to be trying to cheer up Christie for no reason.  Christie wasn't upset.

Sis says there is no way BB is gonna f'n just leave us in the house. There is no way. [Ummm, WHAT? Do you mean let us leave? - rms]

Christie then says she feels like America hates her.  

Sis says, America does not f'n hate you. I am telling you that you haven't done anything for America to hate you at all.  If anything they love you for the fact that you stand up for what you believe and you stick up for what you think isn't right and you call people out on their sh*t.

Christie: I  don't know because then I think like what if Michie is like a f'n favorite.  Like what if Michie is literally fan favorite and America hates me because of the things I said about him.  I ended up in that competition for a reason.  Then the songs that day, I know it is so insignificant but that felt like really weird to me, too.  Like, I felt like I was like being like tried.  I don't know it's like weird.  [Are you now setting up an accusation that BoB was targeting you with those songs to mess with your head? - rms]

Whining continues on for a good while.  She is playing with her mic cord during bunch of it making it crackle.

11:06 PM BBT Sis just asked her what cynical means.


11:11PM BBT Flipping through people asleep,  Michie southing words to music with headphones on.  Holly back from DR.  

11:30PM BBT They crawl in bed.

11:40PM BBT Cliff heads to toilet.

Feeds on the memory wall across the table with fake fire in middle glowing and suit basket on the DT

11:42PM BBT HoHr make-out time.


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