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Monday, August 19, 2019 Big Brother 21 Live Feed Updates

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Around Midnight there was some cookie-decorating finishing up for POPTV. They were given Orwell sugar cookies to decorate.

Here are some of the designs:


2019_08_18_1155PM BBT.jpg




2:17AM BBT In the CBR Analyse realizes Cliff pranked them by putting aluminum foil under their fitted sheets.  Christie says not to pull it out, she wants to feel it first by laying down.  As she does, she says Cliff does sweet, innocent pranks, but they all do fucked up pranks.


2:20AM BBT Camera cuts to Boat Lounge where Nicole is inexplicably reading aloud from Mark 16 under her breath. [I have no idea why BB torments these HG with old school King James bibles which are very hard to read with all the thou hasts, saiths, ye peoples, untos, etc, and after all that work to comprehend what you're reading, not super-accurate. Give them a freaking New International Version instead and rock their world - BBLurkerPlus]


2:21AM BBT Nicole soon flips forward in the JC-sized bible and considers reading something random from the "Book of Luke" but decides against it, putting the book aside, scrunching up and saying "oooh....go to bed" and closing her eyes.


2:28AM BBT Camera cuts to the CBR with Anallice, Christie, and Jess. Christie lays down to get ready for bed and say her prayers to the prince of darkness. She literally asks for him to "enter someone's brain tonight to give them a sign to keep me."


2:34AM BBT Nicole comes in to the CBR with her BB20JC-sized bible and Christie asks for it and tries to read a passage from luke that says, "And, behold, thou shalt be dumb, and not able to speak, until the day that these things shall be performed, because thou believest not my words, which shall be fulfilled in their season." then tries to make sense of it, saying it makes her feel dumb the way it's written. [Well, again, the New International Version is MUCH CLEARER, as usual, "And now you will be silent and not able to speak until the day this happens, because you did not believe my words, which will come true at their appointed time." - throw these poor houseguests a frickin' bone with a NIV bible next year, Big Brother! - BBLurkerPlus]


In the CBR they continue trying to comprehend various random passages in the King James Bible.

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12:01AM BBT

Some time after midnight Tommy heads into the TBR but he notices the saran wrap and goes under it.  He says "No way" kind of loud. People end up investigating and see the saran wrap and all point out they should've done it at night and on the outside of the door.  Christie complains someone stole her saran wrap.  She was gonna do that and put cereal on the ground at the door too.


Sis keeps denying she did it.  People accuse Cliff and he points out, why would I do this to my own room.  Eventually, Nicole rats out herself and Sis.


Michie comes out of the SR(? DR?) and Sis scares him really well.  Everyone laughs.  He keeps talking about how close he was to punching her.  He says he also almost choked on the piece of watermelon.

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2:30AM BBT: The girls in the CBR pray to win. In the HOHR, Jackson and Holly are talking. Jackson talks about how he can't win back to back HOHs. He seems frustrated, but not with Holly. They talk about Kat and things she said. "No matter," Jackson says, "she's gone."


2:32AM BBT: Holly is starting to worry about Kat in the Jury House and what she may or may not say. She thinks it's a long time to be in the house and not bring anything up about them.  Holly questions Jackson about why they aren't getting Nick out. Jackson says it's his HOH and has told everyone that Holly isn't included in any of his decisions. He says he told Christie that she is his target and she is the biggest threat to his game. Jackson says he's making decisions that are best for his game and his game alone. 


2:47AM BBT: The lights are off in the CBR and the girls are asleep. Holly and Jackson are still up in the HOHR chatting and giggling. Holly says this week is Jackson's "golden opportunity" and his chance to "backdoor Nicole." They laugh really hard and Jackson says, "that's funny...I like Nicole." Holly says she could hardly say that with a straight face. 


2:54AM BBT: Jackson and Holly try to figure out who everyone else in the house will target if they win HOH. Holly says she's still worried about Analyse even though they've made up. Jackson watches the HOH cameras, he says he saw Cliff. "I really worry about Sis," Holly says about Analyse. She says Jackson's reasoning for putting up Christie and Analyse isn't personal and Holly is worried if Analyse were to win next week she would put up Holly and Jackson and say it's not personal. 


2:57AM BBT: Jackson talks about what's best for his game. He says he doesn't need Nicole to leave yet, he says he needs Christie to leave now and he doesn't care to "entertain other ideas."


3:00AM BBT: Holly circles back around to what Analyse may or may not do. Jackson says Analyse said she wouldn't go after them. Holly says they "say a lot of things" that haven't been true. "They're all my friends," Holly says, "that's what I hate about this game."


3:10AM BBT: Jackson says he thinks Cliff would rather be evicted than "break his word." Jackson says he would rather go out "being sent out" by someone he admires and has played a good game than the people who have "f***ed me over three times before this." Jackson says he would look dumb if he had Christie on the block, won the veto, and then took her off the block.


3:11AM BBT: Holly and Jackson cuddle, Holly tells Jackson that he is her "man." They talk about how they're being edited. Holly jokes that this will be edited so Jackson is just talking and talking and talking and Holly is just sitting there. Holly says Jackson "talks a lot." 


3:27AM BBT: Holly and Jackson get up and start to get ready for bed. Everyone else in the house seems to be asleep. Holly starts to give a shout out and BB cuts the feeds.


3:29AM BBT: Feeds are back and Holly is talking about how "guys in LA have a lot of face products." Jackson brushes his teeth. Holly calls Jackson a "ding dong." BB cuts the feeds again. 


3:38AM BBT: Jackson and Holly get into bed with the lights off. They kiss and cuddle. Jackson whispers to Holly.  


4:30AM BBT: The lights are off in the BB House and all is quiet. 


5:23AM BBT: Jackson is out of bed and in the SR eating. He walks to the KT, the lights are all still off. He makes something to eat and then goes to the HOHR. He sits in a chair and eats in the dark while Holly sleeps. 


5:33AM BBT: Jackson is back in bed and all is quiet. 

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9:52AM BBT Michie talking to Cliff in BY.  He says they have been making pitches but when he says he is gonna do something, he does. Cliff says he has no problem with that. [Plan still is to take Christie out. I think PoV is still gonna not be used. - rms]

Michie tells Cliff he has coffee brewing. 

Cliff apparently has caught him up on what he has heard. 

BoB asks for them to put up the awnings. [BoB, tip, awning tech has improved! See RVs. They can get remote controlled ones and adjust as they wish throughout day. - rms]

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10:27AM BBT Cliff and Nicole are in the backyard, sitting on the couches. 

Cliff:  Nick is worried about Jess.  Nicole: I know.  Cliff says he's almost positive Michie is keeping things the way they are (the block).  Cliff and Nicole still can't believe they're on Big Brother.


10:30AM BBT Cliff tells Nicole that he and his other brother tried out for amazing race once but it never went anywhere.

Sis goes into the target bedroom where Tommy and Nick are laying.  Nick says if a nominee comes down, he hopes Jess goes up. 

Nick says that Cliff doesn't like Jess either.  Sis leaves the room to get her mic. 

Tommy says whoever wins the next HOH, he will make a deal with them.  Tommy doesn't know who he would want to go home next week.  Nick doesn't know who he would put up next to Jess if he wins HOH next week.  Tommy says Nick would just throw the HOH and Nick says he would because he wants Jess out.  Tommy says, "are you sure you want to win? because whoever you put up next to Jess is probably going to go."

10:38 AM BBT:  In the kitchen, Sis tells Christie she hates feeling nervous like this.  She asks Christie if she wants to go to the target room and talk.  They walk into the target room with Nick and Tommy.  Christie says her talk with Jackson last night went well but she has no idea what he will do with the veto.  She says it's out of her control.  Christie basically told Jackson she will do whatever he wants, she will throw the HOH or anything he wants.

10:40AM BBT Christie says Jackson is scared of her being better than him in mental comps.  Jackson comes in and says they have ten minutes- feeds cut.

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10:46am BBT HG are awake doing ADLs. Christie wants to practice her POV speech. Cliff tells Sis and Christie he sympathizes with them, he knows its a hard spot to be in.

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Mostly been kitties today. Puppies are doing fine. Getting big but not in as big of a space.  They are mostly eyeballing and poking their noses at something behind camera. 


11:40AM BBT Feeds back. Michie didn’t use veto.

Michie explaining his decision to Tommy in HoH. 

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1:50PM BBT Michie, Holly, and Tommy talking about how hard the game is now. They weren’t as stressed when they were in the alliance controlling the game. [Welcome to the real BB!  So much better for the fans without an all powerful alliance! - rms]


Jess and Christie in CBR talking about how much time there is left before eviction. Plenty to take today to relax before figuring out strategy. 

Now oil talk. (Lavender seems to be the selection.)

They go in and out of game talk. Jess says she can’t even say his name (Nick).  

Christie says Jess is only his #1 target because she is the only one, besides Christie, that doesn’t fall for his BS. 

2:09PM BBT Everyone but Nicole (in HoHr listening to music) and Christie (in CBR) is outside tanning or in the pool. 

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3:05PM BBT Nick explaining to Sis some of what happened the past week. Who he would put up on the block. Whether or not he would put Holly up. He says he doesn’t have a deal with Holly. He isn’t sure who he would put up against Jess. (Jess is who he says is his big target.)

He is having to explain that he was gunning for the HoH but Michie wouldn’t slow down. The. He knew he would likely have to play a PoV to save himself so he eventually gave up. 

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3:21PM BBT Nick’s convo with Sis is getting heated. She is upset with him telling her they are good when they are not. She claims she is hearing things that shows he isn’t watching out for her. 

He even implies at one point that he is tired of everyone challenging his loyalty when he doesn’t doubt theirs. He adds that if it continues she may lose his support. 

Yet another endless circular conversation with the same things being said by both people over and over. 

3:33PM BBT [This is what happens when you play both sides and they know it, Nick - rms]

More time spent apologizing by Nick.  I'm sorry for this, that and the other,...

Then they spend some time arguing over when Sis got mad at him for something he told Nicole.  

[Seems really smart, remind someone why they were mad at you and argue with them about it. - rms]

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4:05 PM BBT

Sis is crying in the bathroom area to Christie, "This is so hard"

Christie- you're going to be fine in this game. You are good as fucking gold.

Sis- it's just so hard

Christie tells Sis that she will not be campaigning. She will just tell everyone there is no reason to campaign against Sis.

Christie- I'm gonna put him right on the spot...say who exactly are you loyal to (talking about Nick) I could just chicken out, too, but probably not; he is pathetic

Sis- I just hate this fucking game and I don't want one of us to go


4:13 PM  BY  Michie, Cliff, Nicole, Nick, Tommy

The camera pops on to the houseguests talking about a survival situation

Nick- he (Michie) wouldn't be the best of the list then

Tommy- he'd be at the bottom of the list

Cliff- his body has got to be about 80% watermelon anyway

They all start laughing

Michie walks up

Cliff- we were talking about if they stopped feeding us who we would kill first and eat

Michie- shit....well the rate the fish are dropping we'd be fine...they wouldn't have to feed us

Nicole- don't say that

Nick- yeah she is all eaten and shit

Nicole- poor Nicole fish is up there dying....her eyeball is hanging out...I want to scoop her out. It's so depressing.

Michie- they don't give them enough food

*feeds cut abruptly back to the kitchen


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5:05 PM BBT

Holly and Tommy have prepared a BB-cue. All the food is being set out on the pool table and they plan to eat outside: hot dogs, burgers, potato salad, broccoli salad, corn on the cob. Everyone says it's delicious


Holly- Oh the beans. I knew I was forgetting something. She grabs the beans and brings them outside.


5:17 PM BBT

The houseguests were just called to an outside lockdown. They speculate it's either to fix the camera (not sure about the details on that) or to remove Nicole the fish from the tank.

Everyone thanks Holly and she responds that "it was a family ordeal. Literally everyone helped."

Sis- not me.....well, I did wash some dishes

Holly- yeah, and that's help

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This seems to be why the feeds dropped out at around 8:26PM BBT for an hour.  Someone (from "Big Brother Fans for Fairness") played this near the yard over a loudspeaker exposing that Tommy and Christie know each other while Tommy, Cliff, and maybe Anallice were in the backyard.  Feeds popped in and out a couple times for a couple seconds around 8:30PM BBT and everyone was in the kitchen, seemingly on indoor lockdown.


9:32PM BBT Analyse and Nicole are talking to the cam in the CBR about hearing "sirens" (maybe to overpower the loudspeaker?).  Anallice is back on thinking that America is somehow behind it and it's to help them with the block situation.



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People re speculating that the clip having been played may just be a rumor but who knows:

The audio clip that was played has a male voice saying, "Big Brother Fans for Fairness" Then Christie saying, "Tommy being in this house could be an amazing thing for my game or it could be a horrible thing and blow up in our faces if anyone finds out that we know each other ".  The male voice continues, "Christie and Tommy have been close fr..."  (maybe: friends for 8 years?  It sounds like the clip starts out with 3 years then may loop to the BB fans...)


9:30PM BBT Feeds are up.


9:38PM BBT The cameras show a close up of all 18 decorated cookies of Orwell and a blob cookie.

Cliff describes them all.1629606859_OrwellCookiesBB21.thumb.png.ccb71e8b3647c122978c68f5e3599d8b.png

9:42PM BBT Snackson/MicFridgie (Jackson) combo appeared again tonight as he drank directly from the EGG WHITE carton.  They all say gross.  Though seems more like the fact it was egg whites he drank bothered them than him drinking from the carton.

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9:33PM BBT Nicole and Analyse talking to the feeds. Asking for a power.HG are on inside LD. Oddly wandering around and chatting.


9:38PM BBT Nick comes out to the KT. He tells Cliff that BB said they would move his stuff in the laundry. He says Jackason didn't get to ask if they were getting the yard back and cams change.


9:42PM BBT Jackson  drinks egg whites directly from the carton.NIck says it's gross.


9:59PM BBT HG talking tot he cams about cookies and cookie dough. HG just chatting. ck tells him that it is gross. Holly looks over and says she has never seen that.



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10:04PM BBT Holly, Cliff, Tommy are showing off the cookies to the cameras


9:30PM BBT 

Why did Nicole let herself get sucked into a begging America on the camera for powers with Sis.

Sis keeps asking for a power or button.  She says, us, Chicken (Sis) and Nugget (Nicole).  We are ready to get this game rolling.  It's been rolling already but we are bored now.  Sis says we want to stir this house up.  The only way we can do that is if me AND Christie are here at the end of the week...  pause ...   with Nugget.  [OOPS, way to forget that Nugget is there and she is helping you beg.  Oh, and here's your answer - NO! - rms]

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[PoPTV code: HAVE-NOT - rms]

10:10PM BBT Holly asked Michie if he knew what the thing said.  (BBAD switched feed or feed switched.)  Could be reference to the rumored audio.

10:14PM BBT Christie shows Tommy a trick where you start like doing a thumb war.  keeping fingers curved and pull against the other persons hand.  Stay that way a while, then separate your hands but keeping the fingers curled.  Wait 30 seconds or minute like that then try to extend your fingers slowly.


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