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Big Brother Season 21-Episode 23

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Julie says the last 24 hours have been a whirlwind with secrets being revealed and votes flipping. How the votes will go tonight is anyone’s guess! Previously, on Big Brother, it was a house divided. Christie, Tommy, Sis, and Nick were aligned, Cliff had his angels Jess, Nicole, and Kat, but Kat was also close to Michie and Holly.


With Tommy the head honcho, he wanted to target Kat, but when America sent three HG on a field trip, Michie won safety, Sis got a punishment, and Tommy’s bestie became a third nominee. At an all important veto competition, Tommy reclaimed control over his HOH week and he swiftly saved Christie from damnation. Will the house conspire to send Kat to jury or will the Cliff-o-maniacs send him over the edge? Plus, tonight, a slippery battle for HOH begins!


Julie greets us and says it’s day 58 in the BB house and countless tears have been shed while the alliances have continued to shift. So Kat or Cliff, who will be joining Jack in the jury. The Six Shooters alliance is officially done leaving a new six to emerge.


We pick up on day 55 after the veto ceremony. Tommy says Kat was originally his target, but he wants to make sure he doesn’t overlook Cliff. Cliff says he’s not surprised Tommy took Christie off, but now he has to focus on Kat and make sure she goes to jury and not him. Kat is more nervous this week than she’s ever been. She really thinks she has the potential to win the game, but first she has to get off the block. Nicole says Kat vs Cliff is worst case scenario for her, plus there’s still a giant chicken in the house. This is literally her worst nightmare.


Cliff is talking to Kat and Cliff says he has to campaign and they’ll be friends outside the game. Kat asks him not to throw her under the bus. Kat is sitting next to Michie while he’s sleeping and Kat is trying to talk to him but he’s slurring his words in his sleep saying Cliff is a bigger threat. Kat says she knows she has Holly and Michie’s vote, and Jess, she just needs one more vote to stay.


Tommy is talking to Nick and Christie in the HOH room and Tommy wants to make sure the right person is going home. Nick says he’s been mending relationships and he wants to build a new group to take out Michie and Holly and skate to the end of the game. Nick tells them he thinks Kat is working with Michie and Holly and he thinks Nicole is leaning towards keep Cliff. Tommy would love to work with Cliff and Christie agrees and mentions a six with Tommy, Nick, Cliff, Sis, and Nicole.


Christie says Cliff is totally a man of his word and he’s someone she trusts. Even though he voted out Jack last week, they have worked together before and she trusts him and would love to work with him. We see Nick talking to Cliff about Kat working with Holly and Michie and Cliff says he sees her gravitating towards them. Nick pitches a new six with Tommy, Christie, Sis, Nicole, himself, and Cliff. Cliff says he would do that in a heartbeat. Cliff says if Kat leaves, that just leaves Jess, Nicole, and himself and he’s not sure that will be enough to get him to the end. Cliff says if he takes Nick’s deal, then that could be his path to the end.


Christie goes to the HOH with Sis and Nick and Nick fills her in on his conversation with Cliff. Christie is excited and Sis says Cliff is sweet. Christie says she’s been solid on one thing, she didn’t want to go to the end with couples and this could be a manifested dream come true!


We see Nick talking to Nicole and he’s saying it must be a tough week for her. Nick tells her she’s the swing vote. Nicole says this week is extremely stressful because she has two allies on the block and now she has Nick telling her she will determine who goes home and this could be a $500,000 decision. Nick says he can’t work with Kat moving forward. Nicole wants to trust Nick, but he’s very hard to gauge. Nick says if Kat goes, then Cliff owes them for keeping him. Julie says as the swing vote, Nicole appears to hold the power. What will she do with it?


Julie says Cliff made a secret deal to keep himself safe. But in the BB house, secrets don’t stay secret for long. Holly says her and Michie have been doing their own thing, but she doesn’t want people to think their conspiring against either side. Holly wants Kat to stay in the game because they have a F2 and she’s genuinely the only one she trusts. Holly says she has to be careful though since people think they know each other so Kat is on her own on this one.


Kat is talking to Nicole and Kat is hoping if she does leave that Cliff, Nicole, and Jess continue their plan. But she does selfishly hope it’s her. Kat says Nicole has her word that she wouldn’t put her up and she’d protect her. Nicole says that means a lot. Nicole says from a game standpoint she has to make a difficult choice and she’s getting emotional. Nicole says she’s leaned both ways and she doesn’t want it to affect their friendship. Nicole says she knows you have to separate personal from game and she doesn’t have a lot of people who like and accept her for her and she found two of those in the game, Kat and Cliff.


Cliff is now campaigning to Nicole and she says she’s stressed out and wants them both to stay. Cliff fills Nicole in on Nick’s plan with the six person alliance. Cliff tells Nicole he has told her he agreed and Nicole says she’s concerned because Nick is very close with Tommy and Sis. Nicole feels bad for Jess and it’s not sitting well with her. Cliff says she had a chance to do something and it’s the game.


Nicole says it’s just not sitting well with her and she doesn’t really trust some of the people in the six, but she does trust Jess. She feels like she needs to talk to Jess. We see Nicole sit Jess down and Nicole says she could blow up her game, but she needs Jess to know because Jess is the only person she trusts in the game. Nicole then tells her about the six person deal made. Nicole says they want Kat gone, then Michie, and then Holly, and then Jess.


Jess says she definitely feels left out in this game and she’s kind of pissed off. They don’t include her in anything and it legit makes everything so much harder. She doesn’t know what to do with this information but she just wants to blow up everyone’s game. Nicole says she couldn’t leave this game without Jess knowing. Nicole says she could vote with Michie and Holly and Jess and keep Kat and then it’d be them against the rest of the house. Julie says the cat’s out of the bag.


Julie says it’s one thing to blindside your enemies, it’s another to blindside your friends. Jess is talking to Kat and filling her in on the information Nicole gave her. Kat wants to blow up Cliff’s Angels, he made a deal without Jess in it. Kat says of all the people she trusted in the house, Cliff she trusted most and to find out he made an alliance to get her out of the game is upsetting.


Kat goes to talk to Cliff and wants to know why he made a deal without Jess. Cliff says it’s a game. What was he supposed to do? Kat says stand up for what you believe in! Kat says she’s just disappointed and Cliff says he’s on the block with her and he’s told the only way he stays is if he goes with them. Cliff says it’s the only way to stay and keep Nicole and Jess safe. Kat says she’s so disappointed in and she believed in the plan. Cliff says he believed in it too and Kat is emotional. Cliff says it kills him to see Kat this upset, but this is BB and he has to do what it takes to survive for another week. Kat tells him it just really hurts.


Jess talks to Holly and now fills her in on the new six person alliance. Holly says that would be, she’s assuming, Christie, Tommy, Sis, Nick, Nicole, and Cliff? Jess says yeah and confirms. Holly then goes to talk to Michie and fills him in on the six person alliance. Holly says they all want to keep Cliff and that leaves her, him, and Jess on the outs. Michie says no and Holly says she doesn’t know whether that’s true or not. Holly says they have to make damned sure Nicole votes to keep Kat. Michie says or we’ll for sure get picked off.


Sis, Christie, Tommy, Nick, Nicole, and Cliff are in the camper talking and Christie says she just knows Holly, Michie, and Kat are working together she knows it. Nicole says if she goes with Michie, Holly, and Jess, then Kat stays. If she goes with the six, then Cliff stays. Nicole says whatever decision she makes could drastically change the game.


Julie says it’s now time for the live vote and eviction. Let’s head to the LR! Julie greets the HG. Kat says it’s been a great summer and she’s sad it’s her and her dad on the block. She’s proud of Cliff and fighting back from banishment, then Camp Comeback, then won HOH and he has still convinced everyone she’s the bigger threat. Kat says Cliff will march right up and make more deals with Nick right there with him. Conspire away b*tches.


Cliff shouts out to his family. He loves BB, and he signed up to play in the competitions and the mental strategy, and he signed up to show age doesn’t have to be a limitation. He says he wants to stay, he hopes they vote to keep him. Cliff tells Kat he’s sorry their paths went separate ways and he’s sorry. He does want to clarify one thing and he is NOT her father! Julie asks if this is Jerry Springer or Big Brother?


It’s time to vote!

Nick votes to evict Kat.

Christie sadly votes to evict Kat.

Sis votes to evict Kat.

Nicole votes to evict the kind-hearted Kat.

Jess votes to evict Cliff.

Holly hates that she has to evict Kat.

Michie votes to evict Kat.

By a vote of 6-1, Kat has been evicted from the Big Brother house. Kat grabs Jess’s arm, grabs her, hugs Jess, and then says she loves everyone and walks out the door.


Julie says that house is crazy! Kat says she wanted to wear a cute dress and heels, she knew she was doomed. Julie says she only hugged Jess on her way out. After last night and Jess’s information, Kat went to Cliff and confronted him. What did she want to accomplish? Kat says she had nothing to lose. She is loyal to a fault and she thinks Jess is too and knowing she was left out was...she had nothing to lose. Julie can’t confirm or deny anything.


Julie says when Kat was confronting Cliff she wanted him to stand up for what he believes, but what does Kat believe? Kat says she would have gotten rid of Michie first chance, and she’d have sided with Nicole and Jess over Holly. Kat says she knew Michie was using her as a pawn and she tried to flip the script. Julie asks about Kat’s F2 with Holly, Kat says she realized Holly had Michie’s back and that affected her game.


Julie asks if they had come to her instead of Cliff and promised her and Nicole safety, but not Jess. Kat says she wouldn’t have done it. She says she knows it’s a part of game, but you do build real relationships and you really appreciate those and she appreciated that Jess really was a friend to her. Kat says when she campaigned she kept Nicole and Jess in her mind the whole time. Julie says they’ll get to more after the show.


It’s time for the live HOH Competition. Let’s get things started. Today is August 15, so today is Augtoberfest. They will fill their mug with beer and slide down the lane and fill their stein at the end of the lane. The first HG to remove their ping pong ball will win HOH! Nick is moving quickly, with Sis right behind. Up next, the HG continue on the slippery slope to power!

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