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Saturday, August 17, 2019 Big Brother 21 Live Feed Updates

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To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB21-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)

Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Target Bedroom (TBR)
Camper Bedroom (CBR)
Boat Room Lounge (BRL)
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12:02 AM BBT Feeds 1 and 3 are on Sis, Christie and Jess. They are sitting up and talking in the CBR about potential veto competitions. They discuss the counting competitions where you guess quantities, there are the card competitions where the key to winning is to keep folding until everyone else is knocked out, and BB Comics. 

Meanwhile on Feeds 3 and 4 Nicole is in the WA. She is alone. "What time is it? It is time for a random dance party." She dances alone in the quiet WA. "We're dancing. We're dancing. Why? I don't know...." She heads to the WC. 
12:09 AM BBT Nicole has exited the WC and continues her solo dance party in the WA while she washes her hands. She finishes and heads to the BRL. Nicole looks at the camera and says to America "Cliff is such a great person. Not only did he console me, when I was having an utter breakdown on live night, but he also allegedly went to Michie and said that Nicole had such a rough time, been dragged through the mud and please don't put her up. Put me up. That is what Cliff said. Why? Because he is perfection. He is one of the most genuine, nice, great people I have ever met. Cliff is awesome. And I just want to leave on that. Yes, and I think I am awesome but I am a little biased because I'm me. I don't know why I am hyper but I am and now it's time for bed. Let's go to bed." 

2019-08-17-00.11.07-Cam 4.jpg

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12:13 AM BBT Christie, Jess and Sis are talking about what makes an ugly game. Christie says that a grown woman with nieces and nephews and a daughter and say things like on live feeds? Gross. Gross.


12:14 AM BBT Sis and Jess are now alone in the CBR. Jess tells her that she knows about anything and some of her former conversations were just to try to get information. She admits that she said some things in confidence to Holly. Sis says that Holly is disgusting. Holly is a 31 year old woman making things up about a 22 year old girl/woman. Sis says that she would never make fun of an older person. She would never make fun of someone like her grandparent. Jess tells her that it is not worth a blow up. It isn't worth it.


12:20 AM BBT Nicole has joined Sis and Jess in the CBR. Nicole asks Jess if she is sad. She looks sad. Jess says no, she is just thinking that she probably looks like a hot mess. Nicole "Thinking is bad. Don't think. Thinking makes everybody sad." Christie joins them. She tells them that most of everyone else is in bed.


12:22 AM BBT Feeds 3 and 4 show Holly and Michie in bed in the HoH with the lights out. She tells him that he has to be careful not to say too much, especially in front of Tommy and Nick. Michie says that the reason why he said Sis was not his target to them was 1) Christie and Sis won't go home. 2) They are both competing for Sis. So the odds of Sis leaving aren't good. So, he is setting up for the future. 


12:25 AM BBT Christie, Sis and Jess are in the CBR.  If Christie goes into the DR, Sis tells her to ask BB to shut off the lights, thanking them, ask them to favor us tomorrow, and make it colder in there. Sis says they will give good content tomorrow. Jess says "and the serenity and peace not to knock the bi**h out tomorrow". Sis and Christie laugh. Jess says no, we are not like that. They are classy women.


12:28 AM BBT Nicole has joined them in the CBR. Christie says it is going to be weird going home and watching this on TV. She doesn't know whether to be excited or dread it. Jess says that she will probably get her first clue from the expression on her husband's face when she sees him. His face will tell her if she trusted the right people or if she should brace herself. 

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Christie tells Jess that Michie and Holly were telling them that she (Jess) stumbled into the SR in the middle of the night and stared at them

Sis- they said into their soul

Christie- and they mimicked how you were walking and insinuating that your mental state was..... She said she started noticing you were spiraling on Steve's birthday

Jess- Steve's birthday? WHat happened on Steve's birthday

Sis- she said you were staring into space

Jess- so people can't think?

Christie- just if I go, I want you to know

Sis- you're not going

Christie- I'm not gonna go

mental state.png

12:31 AM BBT   They are reviewing their criteria for the winner of BB21

Christie- I can't wait to go to jury and compare notes

Jess- personally, you won't get that money from me if you were a dirty snake

Christie- if I saw you two timing everyone, you're not winning

Sis- yeah

Jess- whoever is going to be in jury is probably going to be like  (Christie talks over her)

Christie- after season 19 and Josh won, I was bitter. Like how could Josh win. I thought they were a bitter jury. But then I thought they all just realized how much a snake Paul was and when everyone pieced that together they were like you are not going to win...being in it I can see how Josh won. Okay, that's my piece

Sis- let's go to bed. I love you bitches.

Nicole- love you

Christie appeals to production to turn off the lights.

Christie- production, it's after midnight. It's Christie, Sis, Jess, Nicole and Sis here in the RV. We have a had a rough day. Me and Sis  are on the block but it's okay....it's just a game and we have a veto tomorrow (Sis interjects with "AMEN"). Jess has gas. Nicole has a bad rib. It's a mess in here. So, I have a couple of requests.

1. Please turn off the lights. If we could get the lights turned off in the next minute or so that's amazing because we're ready. So, one-lights off.

The lights go out. The girls squeal.

Nicole- oh my God

Sis- so amazing, what the fuck

Christie- First off, thank you so much. I'm going to continue my speech anyway

2. It is like a teeny tiny bit hot in here so if you could pump up the air a little bit more...I'm not trying to complain because I am so grateful to be here. If not, Sis will take off her sweatshirt

3. Give us a veto in the favor of us tomorrow so that we can win (Christie snorts)

Jess- I don't think they could do that. You should be like honk once for Hide and Go veto, twice for Zingbot, honk three times for Counting Fair

They all giggle and laugh

Christie- I know that's unreasonable

And 4. If you could give us some good jams in the morning. Preferably Miley Cyrus, Shawn Mendes, One Direction, or Lady Gaga.

Nicole- Yes

Production tells Christie- Please don't hold the microphone in your hand

Christie- oh, sorry

Sis- maybe one of Ed Sheeran's new songs....that would be so tight

Christie- no don't play anything on the Ed Sheeran album. He likes that too much. No, I'm sorry I'm not playing that

Sis- you're right

Christie- wait this is a gratitude thing...don't...don't....

Sis- I am being ungrateful

Christie then begins talking to production as if she is saying a nightly prayer

Christie- thank you for keeping us fed, a roof over our head rent free for three months. I love you so much and I really want to win tomorrow. Peace and Love....XOXO CHristie Murphy Bye

Sis- I love that you XOXO....giggles

Christie- I love you girls. Goodnight


12:40 AM BBT

The lights are out in the house and everyone is drifting off to sleep.

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12:30 AM BBT Christie and Jess continue to talk in the CBR while Sis and Nicole listen in. Christie is looking forward to getting to jury to compare notes and find out who the snake is. Christie says she can't vote for anyone who is two-timing everyone. 


12:33 AM BBT Christie tells them that the reason that Paul lost to Josh was because everyone talked in the jury and pieced out that Paul screwed them all. He acted like he was their best friends. It makes sense now. Being outside the house, it is easy to say they were just salty, a bitter a** jury. Now, being in the house, she can see why Josh won. 


12:35 AM BBT Christie speaks to production directly into her mic that she is holding. She requests several things: 1. Please turn off the lights. We are ready for bed. Jess has gas, Nicole has a bad rib. Sis and I are on the block. So yeah, lights off would be great. (The lights immediately go out and the girls cheer.) Christie thanks production. She continues and says that 2. it is hot and asks if they can increase the air a teeny tiny bit. 3. Give us a veto that we can win tomorrow. 4. Give us some good jams in the morning; like Miley Cyrus, Shawn Mendes, One Direction or Lady Gaga. BB "Please don't hold your microphone in your hand." Christie puts down the mic and thanks BB and rolls over in bed to go to sleep. 

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6:30 AM BBT

[A MamaLong recap: Everyone is still sleeping. I imagine Big Brother will wake these HGs by 9:00 AM since it is veto day. FIrst, we will get the veto picks and the competition will be later this afternoon. It's an important veto competition today, as Christie's Big Brother life is truly on the line. Christie realizes that it is unlikely anyone would use the veto to pull her off the block, maybe Tommy but she isn't sure about that at all. Tommy has plainly stated to Christie/Sis and Michie/Holly that he does not agree with the way Christie and Sis are making negative assumptions in  the game...the personal comments and such, so I wouldn't expect him to use the veto on either of them. Christie has expressed that she knows she has to win or she will be evicted. She says she would choose Tommy if she gets houseguest choice. Sis has stated she will choose Nick, as he promised her that he will take Christie down (that is Sis's request even though he didn't like it and he swore to Michie and Holly that he would leave the noms the same or take Sis down). The houseguests are expecting Hide and Go Veto, Counting Fair, Zingbot, or the Sequence/Order comp today. Yet, these houseguests have only predicted one competition correctly, and that was the OTEV competition.]

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4:04 AM BBT Jackson gets out of bed and heads to the HoH bathroom. While he is off camera, he can be heard rummaging around the room. We hear the sounds of him opening a wrapper. He munches on what looks like a cereal bar while he crawls back in bed next to her. He asks Holly if she wants a bite and she declines. After finishing his snack he kisses Holly and tries to go back to sleep.


5:49 AM BBT Feeds 3 and 4 show that Tommy is awake. He brushes his teeth in the WA and then heads to bed in the room outside the RV. 


6:44 AM BBT Cliff gets out of bed, leaves the room and heads off camera. The cameras do not follow. Someone (probably Nicole) is coughing in bed.


6:46 AM BBT Cliff is seen coming back into the camera as he heads back to the bedroom. (Most likely to go back to bed)

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7:00 AM BBT Everyone is in bed. [Jackson had a 4:00 AM snack and Cliff went to the WC recently so we likely won't see any movement again until the wake up call. BB has been waking them up at 8:00 AM BBT the last 2 Saturdays in a row for the POV so we might see some scurrying, and most likely rounds of severe Holly bashing, very soon.~Goldylucks]

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8:14 AM BBT The feeds are back. House lights are on.


8:17 AM BBT Michie is up. He gets dressed and grabs a small watermelon and heads to the small table in the HoH. He eats from a variety of items from Holly's HoH basket. Most of the HGs remain in bed. 


2019-08-17-08.17.33-Cam 4.jpg


8:20 AM BBT While lying in bed, Holly tells Jackson that she had a weird dream. They had a BB like experience where they were gone for 3 months. However it was all like an experimental study done at great depths under water. She continues to talk about her dream and how the people in there knew her friends from outside the house so the feeds go to WBRB. All 4 feeds are now on Tommy and Nick laying in bed together outside the RV. 


8:26 AM BBT Cliff is up and heads to the TBR to grab some clothes. He mouths SKD143, and then says good morning to his family. He makes note that he is the only one awake. It is day 60 and veto day. BB tells Cliff to put on his microphone. Cliff changes his shirt first. 


8:29 AM BBT Cliff gives us Cliff notes from the TBR. "So, what does it mean that Michie puts Christie and Sissy on the block and not Christie and Tommy. It would seem that Tommy can now win veto and pull Christie off. That's not what Michie wants. And yet, that is the way that he has got it set up. Why did he do that? Michie's not crazy. He knows next week he can't compete in the veto (HoH) and he is exposed as a result. I think that he and Tommy have made a deal where he agreed not to put Tommy up on the block in exchange for Tommy agreeing not to go after Michie and Holly next week if Tommy wins HoH. It makes sense from both sides. Michie is protected from an athletic and powerful player. Tommy is protected from going on the block this week and Tommy gets rid of another powerful player that he won't mind leaving and will not be getting blood on his hands, which helps when it comes to a jury vote." 


2019-08-17-08.31.08-Cam 1.jpg


8:31 AM BBT Cliff continues "What does that mean for me? Next week, he can't put up Michie or Holly. There are very few targets left. I can easily see him putting up myself and Nicole for eviction knowing that I will be the one to go. Michie and Holly will say they had no choice and have to pick between them and send me out the door with no blood on their hands. I think that's the case. If it is, what can I do to fight it? Obviously I need to win HoH the next week and/or the veto. I may also approach Tommy after this veto and before the next HoH and see if he wants to deal. I won't put him up if he won't put me up. I don't know if he would agree to it or not. It would keep me safe and I could get Sis out instead and have Michie available for HoH next week and maybe there is still a deal there. Deal making only goes so far. I think if you present any kind of threat at all, which I do, you can only make so many deals. You have to win comps to stay alive. I think I am at that point. It is going to be up to me to do it. If I don't, I will have to fight to stay here. I think I am going to be in trouble next week if I can't pull out a competition win or work a deal with Tommy. I think I am right. Maybe it's paranoia. Hope for the best and prepare for the worst. That's what I am doing today." Cliff then greets his family and live feeders. "I love Big Brother, even during the bad days, I love Big Brother." 


8:47 AM BBT Tommy and Michie are standing in the KT looking at the vegetables. Tommy is frustrated that things like the broccoli are going bad before they even have a chance to eat it.


 8:54 AM BBT Sis is whispering to Nick who is still in bed. Sis tells him that if Tommy wins it, he will take Christie off. Nick says that if wins it he will pull Sis off. She asks. He says that he doesn't think she will stay. He has a weird feeling. She asks if he talked to anyone and he says no, but he is just scared. He thinks it will be harder for her to stay. We don't know who he will put up next to you. Sis "Are you working with him?" Nick "Did you just dead serious ask me that?" She says she is confused and doesn't understand how she would be at risk to stay. Nick "If I was HoH I would want the noms to stay. Pick whoever you want but if I win it, I am taking you off. You do whatever you want to do." 


8:56 AM BBT Nick tell Sis that he promised he would protect her and he promised Jack he would protect her. So, that's what he is going to do. He asks her if she trusts him. She said "I trust you and I hat this game and I hate him (Michie)". 

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8:53 AM BBT

Jessica says she feels gross because she needs to wash her sheets and she still feels a little gassy.

Cliff is making breakfast.


Tommy says that production played one of his favorite songs this morning: Kasey Musgraves' Golden Hour

Sis tells Nick in the campsite area, "I hate this fucking game and I hate him"

Christie, Tommy, Sis and Nick in the RV Bedroom talking about veto

Nick- I told him if I get picked I'm going after it

Christie- and you will use it

Nick- yes that's what I told him. You can ask him

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9:00 AM BBT Sis is now sitting by Tommy in the CBR. Tommy is not wearing his mic so it is hard to hear. Sis tells him that Christie is going to pick him for veto. She tells him that Nick thinks Tommy wouldn't use the veto. He tells her that if she (Sis) picked him, and he uses it on her, then that will likely solidify her going home.


9:03 AM BBT Nick is talking to Tommy, Christie and Sis in the CBR. Christie asks Nick if he is being straight with her. If she picks him, she has to know that he would use it. Nick tells her that he will gun for it and take off whoever picked him to play. Christie says that Michie is targeting her. Tommy says that if Christie comes down, then Sis is probably going home. Sis "Why do you say that?" Nick "Sis, that's exactly what I just told you."


9:05 AM BBT Nick tells both Christie and Sis that whoever picks him, that's who he is taking off. So if Christie wants him to take her off, then she has to pick him. If not, then he will go after it for Sis. And it has nothing to do with Christie. She says that she understands. Nick leaves and Tommy says tells Sis that she really needs to play smart this week. Michie is called to the DR. 

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9:26 AM BBT The feeds return. Sis is hugging everyone. Most of the HGs are sitting around the KT. 


9:28 AM Tommy and Sis are whispering in the CBR. Sis says she is pi$$ed. Tommy "If Nick wins, he is taking you off." Nick is playing.  

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Sis- I'm so mad


Christie- it sucks, but

Sis- you are winning

Christie- I'm not talking with a soul today

Cliff- interesting that in the draw today we didn't have a single houseguest choice

Holly- Nicole and I are tied for the least amount of games (being played)

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9:29 AM BBT Sis tells Tommy and Sis that Nick has made a deal with Michie. He throws HoH's. He has thrown vetoes. He is working with him. He is a snake and playing every single person in this house. Nick has no one's back. She never trusted him and she isn't surprised.


9:31 AM BBT Sis tells them that Holly is weak. She complains that Holly complains when people talk about her but doesn't notice that she will say 3 or 4 things at the same time. Sis says that it is clear that she is playing one game and that is with him. 

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9:34 AM BBT Sis tells Tommy that Nick says he has her back. But he is working with Michie. So, why is she on the block? If you are working with me, and working with him, why am I on the block. Obviously because it is about getting rid of her (Christie). She says that Holly promised she would never pick Michie over them. She no longer believes that. 


9:36 AM BBT Christie rejoins Tommy and Sis in the CBR. Christie tells Tommy that he (Michie or Nick) never had any intention of getting the 5 back together. They just said that until one of them won HoH and then they are going to get me out. Tommy asks them why they are so quick to jump ship again. 

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Nick to Holly- I told you that you were gonna get picked


Sis pulled Holly's chip

Michie- did you see her face when she pulled your chip? She's a sore loser

Christie to Sis in the RV Bedroom- how about we both just go this week? I'm sick of these fake ass people

Sis- I'm down


Playing for Veto today: Michie, Christie, Analyse, Cliff, Holly, Nick

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9:38 AM BBT Michie asks Holly if she saw Sis' face when she picked her chip. Holly says that she is bummed that they hate her all of a sudden. They have been close this entire game. And now they can't even say good morning to her. The veto players are: Michie, Sis, Christie, Nick, Cliff and Holly.


The veto players are: Michie, Sis, Christie, Nick, Cliff and Holly.


9:40 AM BBT Christie says that she doesn't mind that she is on the block. He beat her and won the comp. That's fine. But just the fact that she is up with Sis is what is so disappointing. Tommy leaves the room and goes to talk to Nick. Tommy asks Nick if he made a deal with Michie. Nick says he talked to them, but no new deals were made. 

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