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Friday, August 16, 2019 Big Brother 21 Live Feed Updates

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1:05AM BBT  people left HoHr. Jess stayed behind and recapped with Michie and Holly the past day. 

Lots of rehashing what was said by Jess about Holly. 

1:30AM BBT Holly and Michie trying to decide if he should backdoor Christie or put her straight up. He wants Christie out. Now he says he will put Cliff up to take his vote out of play. He thinks part of the deal was to target Michie. 

Holly starts trying to get him to talk to Cliff before deciding. She says if they are siding with Jess and Nicole, she sure would like Cliff. 

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1:51AM BBT Michie asks Cliff to come by earlier rather than later. Cliff says he gets up early so he will. Michie didn’t want to be up late and risk being called into DR. 

Holly sees the Shepherd pie without a cover in fridge. Michie says we live with animals. [Again, another pot, kettle moment tonight. - rms]

1:57AM BBT More penis talk. [Wow, such children! -rms]

Now Jess said she broke up with someone because his balls hung too low and swung.  She mimics how it hing and sounded. 

[i am GONE!!!!  Gn -rms]

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12:30 AM BBT Tommy is listening to Michie’s music and Nick is talking about how he wishes his hips could move like Tommy’s. Michie, Tommy, Holly, Nick, Nicole, Christie, Sis, and Jess are in the HOH room. Michie’s CD is Eminem’s Curtain Call. Michie says it’s a great album and he’s so excited. Michie got sunflower seeds. They are talking about flavors of sunflower seeds they like. Michie is so happy, he got protein bars, Gatorade, and watermelon…and beer. Michie swallows the sunflower seed shells. Tommy goes to share the music with Nicole and we can faintly hear it so we get FotH.


12:35 AM BBT Michie took his retainer out during the HOH comp and now they can’t find it. Tommy thinks he left it outside. Tommy says he had it on the front of the arm rest. Christie says Michie will need America’s favorite player to pay for a new retainer. They are talking about if they get up early, then they know something will be up. Tommy says he can’t sleep with Nick tonight because he’s had too many nuts. They are talking about Jack bringing in the sex stool. They put a towel underneath it so it wouldn’t slide. Sis says he knew what he was doing. Tommy says he’d be frightened to see Jack naked.


12:40 AM BBT They say they don’t care anymore about feeds, they make penises out of playdough. Michie’s dad’s name is Jim and his mom’s name is Colleen, but they call his dad fish. Sis says one of the best times in the house was them laying on the bed and Michie doing animal noises. They are spitting sunflower seeds in a Gatorade bottle. Michie tells everyone the HOH is room is theirs too, just don’t eat all the protein bars. Michie is telling Jess what to look for in a perfect watermelon. It’s solid and tight and it has a yellow spot. The little round ones are always good.


12:45 AM BBT Michie is glad he got the three pictures he did. Tommy is ready to go to bed and he’s so happy Michie won. Nicole heads out as well. Nick follows behind them. Nicole says why is this game so hard Tommy as they head downstairs. Tommy says the worst case scenario is they fail and get evicted. Nick says they made it pretty far, but he’d rather go further. Nick says whatever happens happens. Michie is excited they all made it to the slip n slide comp. Christie is starting to think they won’t have a double eviction, or maybe it will be closer to the end. They think it will be Zingbot this week. Sis wants to know why they can’t do Zingbot and noms the same day.


12:50 AM BBT Michie says he never paid attention to any of the details when watching. Christie wishes they had a screen door and she wants to know why they can’t have that. It’d be nice to be able to have air in the house. Nicole is hoping they can sleep in tomorrow. Nick and Tommy are talking about the dishes and they aren’t doing anyone else’s dishes. Jess is talking about Elissa and season 15 and that it was the racist season. Michie wants to know if they aired the racist stuff and Christie says not everything. Christie is talking about someone making Asian comments about Helen about her messing up her nails. Jess is talking about Candice being bullied and she was evicted in a punishment suit. Jess says it wasn’t Aaryn, but Gina Marie said something about her own mom didn’t want her. Jess says that was the meanest, most racist season ever. Michie starts talking about the cameras and all feeds to go to the TBR and Tommy, Nicole, and Nick are talking about Kat being evicted.


12:55 AM BBT Nick is talking to Nicole and Tommy about how Kat was evicted for game and her campaign was so good. Nick says Kat was upset that she spent all that time campaigning and he already had a deal. Nick says he did want to keep her and Nicole says she did make some very valid points. Tommy says he talked to her last night and she almost had him convinced. Tommy says when he went to talk to Holly and Michie and they fought so hard for her he changed his mind. Nick says he’s not going to throw anyone under the bus, he doesn’t want to play that way. Holly says Michie is a picky eater and he wakes up so early it’s hard to make him breakfast. Nicole says she felt horrible all morning trying to choose between them and then Kat yelled at her and said Nicole was playing Nick’s game and that solidified that Nicole had to vote her out.


1:00 AM BBT Christie gives Michie a hug and she’s going to bed and she’s so proud he won! Michie says he looked down and was worried about Christie, Holly, and Nick. Michie says he didn’t want to get beat by Christie and Holly. Sis and Christie head out and Jess gives hugs to Holly and Michie and she feels bad that Kat didn’t say goodbye to Holly and Michie. Cliff has joined the TBR. Michie says the reason he didn’t vote for Kat is because Nicole told him she wouldn’t flip, but also they were already on the outside and Michie says he’s had a huge target on his back for two weeks. Christie and Sis are getting ready for bed. Michie says he couldn’t vote against them knowing he was on the outside. Sis is told to put on her microphone. Jess says Kat knew she was leaving. Sis talks into her microphone asking for make-up wipes. Sis is nervous that Jack and Kat are in jury together. Christie says have you been thinking about that? Is that why you want to go home now? Christie doesn’t think anything would happen between them. Christie says someone is going back upstairs.


1:05 AM BBT Michie says whatever happened in the SR is that Kat told Nicole she would be a disappointment to her family and all her kids for not doing the right thing and playing Nick’s game. Michie says Nicole took it personal and he doesn’t think Kat meant it like that. Michie says that might have been what pushed Nicole over the edge. Holly says Nicole was torn all day and then she seen Nicole crying and it was because of that. Jess says Kat played very emotional the last few days. Sis has another very special request. She does not want to be called to DR tonight unless it’s to take off her chicken costume. She’s really, really tired and she won’t be able to answer question and she’ll be so boring so please, please, please don’t call her unless it’s to take off her chicken costume. Also, there are grease footprints on the floor.


1:10 AM BBT Christie and Sis go to the TBR with Nick, Cliff, and Nicole and talk goes back to Kat and she didn’t hug anyone. Jess is still talking to Holly and Michie and they are talking about conversations with Kat. Sis says Kat was petty as heck. Nick hopes Kat won’t hold a grudge personally and Sis says she’ll get over it. Christie will think what a monster she was and she will feel bad she did that. Jess says that sometimes she’d tell Kat she wasn’t into the mean girl stuff, like laughing at Cliff when he would run and Kat would say she didn’t want to look like a mean girl. The TBR is talking about when they’ll talk to Michie. Cliff says he feels mentally tired right now. Nick says he’d had nothing to eat or drink so he didn’t have any energy. Jess is talking about being excluded from alliances.


1:15 AM BBT Christie, Nicole, Nick, Cliff, and Sis are in the TBR talking about the HOH comp. Tommy is in the DR. Michie, Holly, and Jess are in the HOH talking. Nick says Michie’s built for endurance and Christie says he killed it. Sis thinks Jack would have won that because he was taller. Holly is saying she doesn’t know where she stands with Kat anymore. Nick says Sis fell a lot and she says she had no strategy and she couldn’t move. Holly is telling Jess that she never pushed for Kat to stay, but she thinks she deserved to stay. Christie says the fact Cliff did that comp with his leg in that bad shape was impressive. Sis is going to bed and she heads out. Nicole apologizes for making a scene and Christie says she didn’t. Christie is heading off to bed to right behind Sis. Nicole thinks they will call her again to DR. Cliff thinks he’s done. Nick hasn’t been called.


1:20 AM BBT Jess and Holly and Michie are still talking. Christie and Sis are in the camper. Jess, Holly, and Michie are talking about Jess’s conversation with Nicole. Christie and Sis are saying they’ve seen a change in Tommy. Michie says didn’t Sis or Christie say that it’s those two vs six because they don’t win comps and Jess says yes, that was said. Michie says they lied to him about that conversation and comment. Christie says she doesn’t think Tommy is against her, but he doesn’t seem to want to play as a team anymore. Christie says she’s not going to defend herself anymore, it is what it is. Christie says it’s a game and Tommy has to play his game too. Christie says Tommy is so lovable and so liked, and now he’s afraid he’s become a target and now he’s going to distance himself and she’s so disappointed in him. Christie tells Sis not to say anything to him.


1:25 AM BBT Michie, Jess, and Holly are still in the HOH talking about the alliance of six and that they were the next three targets with Michie being first, then Holly, then Jess. Christie and Sis are in the camper talking. Sis felt in the beginning like all of them were all about the six and then she would feel nervous about Christie. Tommy is in the DR. Cliff, Nicole, and Nick are in the TBR. Sis says Christie came back more during Jess’s HOH. Michie tells Jess to tell everyone that her and Holly were hashing it out and then he needs her to act paranoid and not even come up to talk to him in the HOH. They hug and she heads out. Michie says Holly, Nicole, and Jess is all they need. It would be 3-3 and he would break the tie. The question is whether he will backdoor Christie or put her straight up. Michie says he can’t put Tommy up and he needs to eliminate Cliff’s vote. Michie says Nicole owes him two big ones and he’s going to cash them in this week. Michie says if he puts up Christie and she wins or someone else wins and takes her down, then whoever takes her down is safe too and he has Christie coming after him and Tommy will follow Christie.


1:30 AM BBT Holly says if they are going to draw the line in the sand, they will need Cliff on their side and maybe it’s worth making a deal with Cliff. Jess is in the camper with Christie and Sis getting ready for bed. Michie puts on the HOH robe. Michie asks Holly wants to listen to Eminem with him and she says yeah. Michie and Holly are looking at his pictures and he says his mom is gorgeous.


1:35 AM BBT Holly asks Michie why his parents didn’t have more kids and he says his dad was 43 and his mom was 34 and they were content. Tommy and Nicole are talking in the TBR. Holly and Michie are re-reading his letter. Nick is telling Nicole he was never playing both sides. He says he’s very vocal about who his people are. Holly is talking about Kat playing a dirty game and she was a sore loser. Holly says she thinks it’s because Kat is so young and inexperience in life in general. She says this is a character builder. Jess and Cliff are talking in the KT and they are speculating on a double eviction.


1:40 AM BBT Jess and Cliff are talking about Kat. Jess says Kat wasn’t suited for this game. Holly and Michie are talking about their convo with Jess. Michie tells Holly he’s not worried about winning quantity, he’s worried about quality. Winning when he needed to. Holly says she thinks it’s making Sis mad because she has beat her in every single endurance comp and she’s so competitive. Michie and Holly are going to go down and cut a watermelon. Nick and Tommy are talking about Nicole and Nick thinks she got bullied by the other side for not voting the way they wanted her to.


1:45 AM BBT Sis is called to the DR downstairs. Tommy says he knew Nick, Christie, and Sis were going to throw the comp which left Nicole and Cliff to gun for the HOH. Tommy says Sis didn’t need to throw it. Tommy says there is no reason not to be good with Michie and Holly. Tommy doesn’t want Jess to go up. He says no scratch that. Tommy says if Jess goes up against anyone else, then Jess can go home because she wasn’t in the deal. Tommy says if there are two people put up within the six, then you have to pick one to vote out. Tommy still wants to honor the deal, but if Jess is against Cliff then he has to evict her because he told Cliff he’d keep him safe this week. Nick asks Tommy if Michie wants him out will he vote him out? Tommy says he’s going to do what he can to keep his people safe, especially him. Tommy says Christie just said too much crap.


1:50 AM BBT Jess comes in to say goodnight to Nick and Tommy. Holly and Michie are in the KT. Holly is talking about how messy the KT is. Michie says the people that clean are gone, Jack and Kat. Nick says once he realized Michie was going to win he slowed down because he wasn’t going to bust his balls to win something he knew he couldn’t win. Tommy thinks Michie would have won over Jack in that comp and Nick thinks Jack could have won it because he said he would have. Michie says between him and Jack it would have come down to the wire. Michie is grabbing some shorts to sleep in.


1:55 AM BBT Nicole says she has to do dishes tomorrow…this is horrendous. Christie and Nicole got ice and they are filling their glass with water. Christie is hoping she isn’t called to DR, she’s mentally checked out. Everyone is in the TBR now talking about the HOH comp and what they would have done if Michie hadn’t had underwear on or if he’d fallen. Talk has turned to the size of their packages. Jess broke up with someone because their balls were saggy.  

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9:38AM BBT Holly telling Michie in HoHr that she wants to make sure they have Cliff, Jess, Nicole on their side at the end of this week. michie says he just wants Christie out at end of this week. 

Tommy is in WA. Nick is looking for Windex.  Cliff is also down in KT/DT but started looking for Windex for Nick in SR. 

Wow, Holly is trying to equate pairs of people in the house who have each other’s backs to showmances but only missing one thing. 

Holly calls this the  season of serendipity and the house of Hypocrisy.

Michie says he knows all the words to all the songs on this album. Holly says she knows. You are gonna be on the block on your own HoH. [BoB punishments for singing I have to assume - rms]

Apparently, BoB was also giving bunch of wake ups and lights on calls. 


Tommy came up and he says he doesn’t know who was gonna put them up because he says everyone he knows were gonna throw the comp. [Yea, sure they were. - rms]

Tommy claims now that getting Kat out was about you two. It wasn’t, it was about her being good with both sides. 

Michie gave his reason he won’t be putting Tommy up but i missed it. 

The game talk got sidetracked by Michie showing them he got something they didn’t know or see or maybe was late. Then Holly critiqued the order he had placed stuff in and told him the order the colors should be. 

They rehash some of the names and groups that were tossed around. Who warned whom about what.  


9:54AM BBT Apparently, Michie told him during the middle of the comp he wasn’t gonna put Tommy up. 

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9:44 AM BBT  Tommy is lying in the HOH bed between Holly and Michie.  Tommy is discussing the HOH roll.  Michie said he is going to talk to each person individually, he is talking to Tommy about him and Tommy, he will talk to Cliff about him and Cliff, he will talk to Christie about him and Christie, etc.  Tommy tells them that even though he said he wanted Kat gone because of the two of them, that isn't really true.  He said Kat had a good relationship with them, but also with Jess, and Nicole, and everyone in the house.  Tommy said Kat told him yesterday that she would put up him (Tommy) next to Michie.  Holly and Michie are both glad they decided to vote her out, they had no idea.  Talk shifts to the chocolate from the HOH basket, then back to game.  Michie said he isn't saying names, Tommy is fine with that.  Michie said there are only 9 left, 8 without himself.  He said Holly and Tommy are safe, so that leaves six people.  He says that means half of those could go up (must be including replacement).  They talk a little more about Kat, Tommy not needing to know everything she was doing.  Michie said he needs to go take a shower.  Michie said whatever he decides, has nothing to do with Tommy.  He said he won't put him up as a replacement either.  Michie offers Tommy to listen to Eminem while he is in the shower.

Holly and Tommy are left talking in the HOH bed.  Holly said she is happy Michie won, but this is the eighth HOH, and there hasn't been a duplicate yet.  Tommy said you can't write this stuff.  Holly wants to go downstairs, Tommy gets up to leave.  Holly goes to the bathroom, where Michie is getting ready to take a shower.  Holly says Tommy was doing damage control, especially for Christie.  He said he knows.  Tommy said he was loyal to his people, Holly says they were too, just their "people" weren't loyal to them.  Michie gets in the shower, asks Holly to see if there is coffee made.  She said she will check, after she goes pee.  FoTH

10:00 AM BBT  Feeds come back to Michie alone in the shower, other feds on Tommy in talking to Sis.  She can't wait to get out of the costume.  Sis says she is nervous, Tommy thinks she will be alright. Whispering is hard to hear, but part of it is wondering if Michie will take a shot at Christie.  Tommy said Michie isn't saying names or where his head is at.  Sis said just telling if you are safe?  Tommy said not even that, he just wants to hear everyone out.  Cliff comes in.  Tommy said they were just discussing speculating on what would happen.  Cliff said he saw Tommy come down and went up to talk with Michie.  Tommy said he was in the shower.  Cliff said he was afraid Holly was in there with him, Tommy said no, Cliff said she was downstairs.  Tommy said Michie will do whatever is best for his game, but they don't know what that is.  Cliff said there are a lot of targets, he just hopes that it will be a calm week.  All feeds switch to the WA. 

Back to Tommy and Sis, Cliff is gone.  Tommy said if he wants Jess gone, put her up, but if you don't want her gone, don't put her up.  They think if someone comes down, Christie will go up.  Tommy thinks Michie will spend the first part of his HOH rebuilding relationships, Sis said that isn't his game.  He doesn't care about relationships.  Tommy goes over what he said in HOH,  and why he really wanted Kat gone.  He is leaving out that he is safe.  They talk about the comp, and how some said they threw it so Michie could win (no one was even close to him). 

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10:15AM BBT Cliff talking to Michie in HoH clarifying the deal and that it only was for one week of safety.  It was done in anticipation of a possible DE.  Cliff wanted hi to know Cliff didn't bring the deal to them, it was brought to him.  Cliff also said, and Michie said Jack confirmed it, that he turned down 4 weeks of safety so he could work with Michie later.

Michie says the first half of this game he feels like he has been playing someone else's BB.  He wasn't able to play his game.  He had to listen to others and was told what to do, ...  He says he wants to work with Cliff and Nicole and potentially Jess and Holly.  

Cliff guarantees he will vote the way Michie wants him to vote.  Cliff says if Nicole is up there, he would have a hard time voting her out  

Michie says good, she won't be going up.  He doesn't want to pussy foot around in this game.


He doesn't want to regret later not taking a shot when he wants to take one.  

Cliff says he agrees.  He did that week 4.  He said Nicole and I can help on that front.

Michie says there are people he wants to remove in the game that will be beneficial for his game.  He says his nominations won't pull on his heart and won't have to break a deal.  

Cliff says, you play your game.  I am a big boy.


Michie says I don't want you gone.  

Cliff says you own my vote this week.  


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10:12 AM BBT  Tommy and Sis on all 4 feeds, still whispering about what will happen this week.  Sis says she has no idea.  Tommy says Nick said he can beat Sis in the end.  Tommy said putting Jess up would be stupid.  Sis said not really, Jess is all about girl, girl, girl, so that would be a good reason to put her up. 

Cliff is upstairs talking to Michie.  They joke about Cliff being the FDR of deals.  Michie said he suspects the deal was only good for a week, or through the double eviction.  Cliff agrees.  Cliff said Holly said something to him about him approaching everyone about the deal.  Cliff said that was not true.  He was approached and told the only way he could stay was to make this agreement.  He said he did what he had to do to stay in the game.  Cliff tells Michie that Jack offered him four weeks safety, and he turned it down to vote Jack out.  Michie said Jack told him that in the chairs before the eviction.  He said Cliff was Jack's white whale. 

Michie said Cliff won't see the chair unless he is sure Cliff won't go home.  He said with that being said, he wants Cliff to assure he will vote the way he wants.  Cliff said that he promises, with one caveat, he won't vote out Nicole.  Michie said that isn't his intention.  He wants to work with Cliff, Nicole Holly and Jess going forward.  Michie said he will tell from his nominations, that he will protect Cliff from breaking a promise or being upset over a choice he has to make.  Michie said he understands Cliff is playing BB, Cliff offers a handshake that Michie owns his vote this week.  Michie wants to talk more with Cliff this week, but needs to talk with some others right now.  Cliff said Nicole wants to talk with him, he will send her up.  Michie said he needs to go downstairs anyway, he will get her. 


(gotta walk the dogs, out for a while)


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[I have to guess Cliff only promised to not put people up in his deal and it didn't apply towards voting.  I can't rewind.  - rms]

10:38PM BBT Michie meeting with Nicole.  He says I am gonna do the most talking with you and Cliff.  You are the only ones I have questions for.  If you go up it will only be because I know you are safe.  There are only 6 votes and I break a tie.  I do not want to see you or Cliff going home on my HoH.


Nicole apologizes for being emotional yesterday.

Michie says, no, don't.  I wanted to step in but couldn't because he is already public enemy number one.  He is not an emotional person but that doesn't mean you can't be emotional around me.  You can ask Holly, I am mush inside.  He wants to be sure that he and Holly are not on your radar next week.  He wanted to accomplish 3 things: 1) That I we are not on your radar going into next week, 2) you will not be going home this week, and 3) that I have your vote. He also wants to talk about further weeks.


10:58PM BBT SIs is in talking to Michie now.  He isn't telling people much before noms but will explain more after noms.

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She says if he hears something, please come talk to her to make sure it is what was said.  She is very cautious as to what she says.  

He says you don't say much at all anyways.  He tells her on a personal level he trusts her.  He done's have her on his radar.  He says what is best for my game right now is not you walking out the door.

Sis is wondering why Cliff said he was gonna put Sis, Christie or Tommy up after Jack's week.  

Michie asked who came up with the deal with Cliff.  Sis says she was talking with Nick about needing to have a deal with Cliff to protect her from a double.

She confirmed Cliff didn't come up with the deal.


11:05PM BBT Christie comes in to talk with Michie.

He liked how Tommy handled his HoH.  He internalized everything one on one.

Christie said all the fighting that happened the past couple of days,...  Not that I am giving up, I am so surrendered to this game.  Everything is he said she said. She play with her everything with her emotions and everything on the line.  She feels she did that so much the first half of the game.  She feels your words are gonna be so misconstrued. She is "so sick of seeing everyone do it behind the scenes."   I can't continue to be like who I am because it's so strong.  Everyone is swindling here, swinging there.  I see the he said she said.  I see people playing both sides.  She sees people trying to create division.  It's literally sucking at my soul.  


Michie says it's like you can only stay true to yourself or the game, not both.  Then he describes a game of telephone.  He said going into this HoH, he had to be in this bed or would have been on the block.  

She feels the deals that were made weren't necessarily to be after you but there were only so many left.

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11:09 AM BBT  The parade continues to the current HOH.  Nicole spoke with Michie.  He tells her almost the same thing as Cliff, she won't go up unless he is positive she won't go home.  He asks for her to vote the way he asks, in return for safety, Nicole agrees to that.  She apologized for being so emotional yesterday, he said that is fine.  He is here for her if she needs a shoulder to cry on. 

After Nicole leaves, Holly brings up a frittata for MIchie.  He doesn't know what it is, but it looks amazing. 

Sis comes up next.  Michie says he isn't telling anyone what he is going to do.  They have a nice talk with nothing really being said.  Michie verifies that Cliff didn't go to people with a deal, it was brought up by Nick.  (Cliff was telling the truth)

Next up is Christie.  She goes over the deal, not an alliance.  She goes over several times that it was not an "alliance", it was a deal.  Christie says she doesn't ever talk game with Nicole, she had heard Cliff was gunning for her, Tommy and Sis.  Without the deal, she would have voted out Cliff.  Michie said going into a possible double, he understands and doesn't blame her that she made a deal.  Christie keeps talking, saying she wanted to stay loyal to the people she came into the game with (him and Holly).  Chrsitie continues talking, every time Michie starts to say something, she keeps talking.  Michie finally says after 44 days, being public enemy number one, why would he talk to people about how he was going to vote, or who he would put up.  Christie says again that she took it personally, that people were telling her Holly and Michie were voting her out.  Christie said she sees through it, people jumping from room to room.  Kat told her some bombs before she left.  Michie again says he has kept to himself, he stays in the have not room, he doesn't talk game with anyone.  Christie keeps trying to voice her perspective, repeating herself, having trouble finding the right words.  Michie said he isn't telling anyone who he is putting up. 

Holly comes in wanting to take a shower, asks if she is interrupting.   Christie said she isn't saying anything that Holly can't hear.  Holly goes to the shower.  Michie said he knows people are going to tell him what he wants to hear, he has to sift through it all.  He said he told Sis the same thing.  He is keeping an open mind until he gets called to the DR.  (he pretty much knows what he is doing).  Michie said they have closed the book on personal stuff.  Christie said she was hurt, he said it has been flushed, it is gone.  He said anything that happens, he is going to be selfish, it is for his game.  Not Holly, not anyone else, he came into the house alone, he will leave alone. He is making a decision for his game.  Christie says there aren't that many left, he has to do what suits him. 

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Christie goes on and on about some things that hurt her feelings.  How she thought they had such good talks but then she heard things.  She said it didn't bother her enough to come say something.  I see through so much in this house.  I see people jumping from room to room saying you're good, you're good, you're good.  


Michie said he is not fake and he would rather separate himself than have to be fake.  I don't like fake  I hate it and see through it.


Christie 100 f'n percent, 100 f'n percent. I feel like you are here for a game.   You have to stay cool with everyone, right your wrongs when you wronged them.  But I also don't whatever.  I think there is a degree when it becomes like excessive, and I just.  I can't,.. Whatever, It literally doesn't matter,...  yeah, I just see, whatever... It literally doesn't matter.  [Wow, She's channeling Kat!  Impressive! - rms ]

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11:25 AM BBT  Christie and Michie are talking about last week's field trip.  She said everyone was cheering each other on.  Michie said he was a gambler, he wanted to go!  Michie said part of BB is being on the block, playing for the veto, voting, if on the block then campaigning to stay.  He says it is a game, lets play!  Christie keeps saying things are in the past, but.... she wants things to be more game, she was a mess and takes things personally.  She is jealous he can turn his emotions off in this game.  He said everything is a game, he isn't proud about what he has done in the past, or what she has done to him in the past.  He doesn't want anything personal being brought up, personal attacks, snarky comments.  He said keep it game related.  We signed up for a game, not High school.  Squash the personal shit, and play the game.

11:30 Brief FoTH.  Michie said he loves her to death, whatever he does will be all game, not personal.  All 4 feeds  switch to Holly and Cliff.  Cliff is talking about bringing 2 pairs of boots, he has only worn them a couple of times.  Holly said she hasn't worn hers at all.  Feeds switch to KT, Christie asks Sis if that is ham she is cooking, she says yes, it is ham.  Tommy goes into the WA to tell Jess there is breakfast, potatoes, spinach, ham and cheese.

11:35 AM BBT  Cliff is in the SR looking for some meds for Christie.  She comes in, says she has like gas pains in her back.  Cliff finds a box, it only has one in it.  She asks how much to take, he says one.  She said it is empty, throws it away and says she is so tired, she just wants to sleep.  Christie goes to the CBR.  She crawls in bed and said she just wants to sleep.  Sis is in there.  Holly is there, saying she doesn't think Michie was in the room for any of her talks when she was HOH.  She is letting him do his thing up there, she only wants the bed.  Sis said and the sweatshirt.  They talk about the songs this morning.  The only one they remember is Elton John's Rocketman.  Holly asks Cliff if he is a fan, Cliff said yes.  Holly tells of her experience of dancing on the stage in Vegas behind Elton John.  They called up about 15 people out of the audience.  She said it was great.  She got to sit at his piano, hold his hand, then dance around the piano during the concert.  She was standing next to Carrot Top.  He was so taken with her and her friends, that he called Wolfgang Puck and had him open his restaurant for them.  Christie said her dad is in charge of Billy Joel's backstage crew, she needs to go before that tour is up. 

General talk still going on with Cliff, Christie, Sis and Nicole.

Nick is upstairs talking to Michie.  He tells Nick he has nothing to worry about.  He wants that to stay in that room.  He said he (Michie) can't go up, Holly isn't going up, he (Nick) isn't going up, that leaves only 6 people.  (Tommy, Cliff and Nicole are also safe per earlier conversations)  Nick agrees to vote however Michie wants in exchange for safety.  Michie said he wants Nick to play in the veto, but not because he is on the block.  Michie again says that he wants things to be just between them, he will see where his mind is, and it will be brutal.  Nick leaves, Michie looks at his pictures. 

Feeds are in the CBR, Nick and Tommy have joined that group.  All feeds are on them.  Just general talk, past things in the house, Nick says he told Bella that she could go to his house (with his mom), and accept everyone on Instagram and twitter and friends.  He said not to do it on Facebook.  That is personal.  Now talks turn to Facebook.



(I am out for now if someone can take over)

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1:19PM BBT Sis melting down to Tommy and Christie in CBR saying how hard this is.  It's way harder.  They are locked inside twice as much as she thought they would.  She thought they would be outside more.  She says she isn't scared because she feels good with everyone but it's hard.  She doesn't normally have drama in her life.  She doesn't surround herself with fake people.  [Filtered out a LOT of f' words. - rms]



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3:47PM BBT SIs is out of her chicken suit.  All day has been just waiting around for Noms.  (May have been at 3PM she got called.)

Nick is holding Travis!  He's back or a new one is here!

4:00PM BBT Cliff notes from bed outside CBR saying he is just a regular guy and he's now been in the house 59 days.

Says hi to Sharon Kelly Daniel, then on to extended family names.

4:06PM BBT Jackson is called to DR downstairs, Time for noms? [FINALLY! Why is this so late? to make it easier on the expected noms? - rms]

Puppy and Kitten Cam!  Nom Time!

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This is the most activity all day.  Blackie and Tabs are going after the yellow mouse in the ring of DEATH!  


Blackie has moved on to the PVC pipe tower, but Tabs was still after that dad gum mouse.  Well Tabs couldn't help herself, she had to check out the PVC tower too, and now they have started chasing each other.

On the puppy front, Trooper and Ole Yellar are cleaning the lease with their noses.  Ole Yellar has shown some interest in the stuffed tiger but it is hanging in there tough.  Lots of interest to something outside of the cage behind the camera.

Trooper has decided that standing on the camera is a good idea so we get a good shot of his/her healthy front leg muscles.  He's wagging his tail.  Really enjoys climbing up on the camera wall/


Back to Tiny Tater a black kitten going to town on the hanging mouse.  WHOA! Here goes Speckles chasing a ball straight into the camera! Splotches has taken over the hanging mouse hunt and Tiny Tater is also back at it.


Speckles is now on the mouse hint with Tiny tater clearing the ball out from the bed.  Tottles, Tater's brother appeared from no where and has taken off after that ball.

Speckles and Tiny Tater are all over the low rent PVC and the High end wood towers now.  Tottles has invaded the PVC and Speckles chases him off.

Speckles is taking a good look at the High end wood tower.  Possible buyer on hand!  She may prefer it over the PVC.

Tiny Tater comes in with a competing offer, and then a buyer war begins.  Now they both are after the PVC tower and all hell breaks loose.  They take the bidding war all over the room.

Speckles is now climbing up the kennel gates for a higher view.  is out of sight up on the top.  An occasional paw heads down at the mouse wire to try to disrupt Tottle's attempts of taking out that damn wired mouse.  He must have been a programmer in a previous life!  HATES the WIRED mouse!

Tiny Tater has taken up residence on the PVC tower.  Now Speckles has returned to fight it out over them.

Tottles and Splotches are all over the bed chasing the balls now,



Well off we go to the Chocolate triplets.  Ganache is pretty tired and sleeping on the blue towel.  Dutch was poking around the camera but has also tired out and joined Ganache on the blanket.  Cocoa is drinking some water.  Now, checking out the camera.  Off to the food dish and back to his siblings to join them on what must be the most comfortable towels on EARTH.

Well, 3 was over capacity so Cocoa went back to an elevated PVC bed and now Dutch decided to check into the Carrying Case Hotel.

4:40PM BBT Obviously interrupting nap time in this Kennel.

Back to Tottles and Tiny Tater.  Well, it appears Speckles and Splotches won the bidding war for the towers. They are on guard in their respective towers.  Tottles and Tiny tater take a run at them but are REJECTED!  This is turning into the Battle of Winterfell!  Quite the Game of Homes!  

Wow, Tottle has REALLY had ENOUGH of this wired mouse!  He's opening a can of whoop-ass on it!


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This is probably ALSO nap time at the kitty kennels.  As usual, though, the kitties ignore that and are going NUTS!


As a well travelled, seasoned kitty selector, these are TOP NOTCH!  Anyone looking for a kitty, all 4 of these will be excellent!

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Michie- if you want to discuss things I'm happy to talk

Tommy- it's your week; I get it

Michie- I said it to them, but I am happy to discuss any questions, explain things; this is not personal. I came here to win and quite frankly y'all are two of my biggest threats.


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4:55 PM BBT  Analyse and Christie in the bathroom area; Sis is crying

Christie- don't worry, we will figure it out

Sis-I'm going to go lay down if you want to lay down; yeah, I'm fine; it's good; I don't care

They walk out and pass by Michie

Michie- if you need any explanations, any reasonings


Sis- it's fucking annoying



5:14 PM BBT RV Room (Christie, Sis, Nick, Tommy)

Christie- she's a pawn; I mean let's be real...it's fine

Tommy- I'm ready to tell him I am pretty comfortable telling him I want to fight for the two of you....fight for veto and then see what happens

Nick- I think he would be okay with that

Sis- well, we just wait all week for something to happen

Christie- it's alright


Sis- Can't believe she didn't tell her "two best friends" they were going up. Sis said she never thought she was going up.

Christie- if he thinks he has a shot at $500,000....maybe $50,000

Tommy- don't say anything you're going to regret

Tommy leaves

Sis- it's just strange being up with your best friend...I'm sure you know what it feels like

Christie- because you were next to Sam

Nick- yeah, I'm honestly shocked that he put up Sis though


Sis- I'm not crying...I mean I'm upset because I'm up with my best friend

Christie- I feel guilty about that. It sucks

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Sis- one of us is fucking winning this veto. I'm not letting him win it.

Nick- if it's the hide and go veto y'all have to discuss your hiding spots...I knew where Sam's was and it was good

Sis- tell us

Nick- shoved up under the third step where no one could see it

Sis- I was thinking under the table

Nick-  I could give it to you if I get picked

Christie- don't tell us yet

Nick to Sis- you look so pretty...a fresh face

Sis- What? (laughing) I literally look the same

Nick- no, better because of that chicken costume

Sis- I love you

Nick- I love you too

Nick lays on top of Sis and tells her "I love you so much" over and over

Sis- I know

Nick- I just love you so much

He then pinches her cheek and she releases her squeal.

Nicole comes in and mentions that her rib hurts from the comp.

Sis tells her she should get it checked. Nicole says that it really hurts "but I don't want to complain because I feel bad for you guys"

Christie- it sucks that we are up together but that's part of the strategy; I get it

Nicole- I'm gonna give y'all a minute; I don't just want to sit in here

Nicole hugs them and tells them she loves them

Nicole- at least you weren't put up as a chicken

Sis- yeah

Sis- Why are we up on the block for a deal we just took...didn't plan. I could be against anyone else and stay. I don't want Nick to play in it (veto) because it means he is safe too but I would literally tell him to take you down.  I want Tommy to win so he takes you down because I would win over Jess

Christie- me, Tommy, Nick, Jess, Holly 

Sis- I fucking, I just don't fucking....I don't want Michie to fucking win it and I don't want anyone to be in it that wouldn't use it

Sis- would not vote me out

Christie- I love you for saying that

Christie begins crying

Sis- please don't cry don't cry....you make me cry

Now they are both crying

Christie- I just hate that it's me and you because if it wasn't, either one of us would use it on each other so that's why he did it

Sis- I'm not upset because he won HoH and he can run it the way he wanted to but it just sucks the way that

Christie- he didn't want to form an alliance because he knows he is good with everyone

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6:22 PM BBT

Christie- I am winning that fucking veto tomorrow      [We've heard this all before -MamaLong]

Tommy Christie and Sis in the RV "talking" which is really just the girls throwing negativity

Christie- Holly was telling them we were all pieces of shit, so yeah they wanted to go after us. I know you want to preserve your relationship

Tommy- it's not even preserve...I just don't feel the same way. I'm just speaking my truth.


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