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America's Got Talent 14 Live Results Show 1

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Welcome to Hollywood! Last night 12 acts came to the stage. We ge a recap of all the acts from last night. For 7 the dream will stay alive tonight, for 5 its going to come crashing down. Howie, Gabriel, Julianna and Simon are the judges tonight. A technical issue with last nights voting raised a question about who would be in the save. Tonight the save will be up to America only. The acts in 7th, 8th, and 9th are in danger they are Ansley Burns, Emerald Bells and Sophie Pecora. Voting is open for 30 minutes. Who  will you save?


Simon says its Nuts to see those 3 acts up there. We see how social media has reacted to the acts. Sophie Dossi, Brian King Joseph and Season 1 winner Bianca Ryan perform live on stage. 


All this weeks acts performed live last night. Up in the Dunkin Lounge it was wild. Tonight the competition gets deadly serious. This season winner will walk away with 1 million dollars and a headline show at Paris Las Vegas. Lets find out who your votes put thru....Carmen Carter and Alex Dowis come forward. Alex Dowis is moving on. Gabriel says its tough competition and for you to move says alot, lets see what you got moving on. 


Lets see the next results...Luke Islam and G Force please step forward. The next moving on is Luke Islam. Luke says he feels amazing, he is grateful for the opportunity. Juliann says she sees a long long career ahead of him. 


Its been an intense night already. Lets show some love to Shin LIm. Jay Leno comes up on stage to help him out. His card trick was amazing. You can catch Shim Lims live show at the Mirage Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. The Dunkin Save has been going on all through out the show. Who's in and Who's out? 


You can show us what you got by auditioning for next season. Kody Lee and Voices of Service please step forward. The next act going into the Semi Finals is Both  of them. Simon says Terry is very naughty for that. Gabriel says you guys are both so deserving. 


3 act remain on stage...Messoudi Brothers, Bir Khalsa and Greg Morton step forward. America has voted, the next going into the semi finals is Messoudi Brothers. Juliann says amp up the danger cuz America like it. The good news is that either Bir Khalsa or Greg Morton is also going into the semi finals.....Greg Morton will be moving on. Greg says this is so amazing! Simon says he has the tools and the talent, don't be shy about getting material from others. 


Who have you saved? Lets find out. Next Tuesday 12 more acts will be taking the stage hoping to make to the Semi finals Don't miss it. Back to this week. There is only one spot left and the Dunkin Save will tell us who. The act you put thru to the Semi finals is Ansley Burns. Ansley says she cant express how she is feeling, she never thought she would be here. Simon says she is unstopable. The public keeps bringing you back. He feels there is more coming from her.


The 7 acts going to the semi finals from this weeks show are Ansley Burns, Alex Dowis, Luke Islam, Kody Lee, Voices of Service, Messoudi Brothers and Greg Morton. Who will you put thru next week? 

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