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Big Brother Season 21-Episode 22

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Previously, on Big Brother, the Six Shooters fractured leaving Tommy, Christie, and Sis on one side and Holly and Michie on the other. Meanwhile, outsiders Cliff, Nicole, Kat, and Jess became Cliff’s Angels, while lonewolf Nick finally chose a side. Tommy paddled his way to a boatload of power and he hoped to rebuild his shattered alliance.


The Broadway dancer wanted it to be Kat’s curtain call, leaving Christie feeling like they were in for a smooth week. But she didn’t see this bus coming! And America sent Michie, Analyse, and Christie to a special competition. After an egg-citing battle, Michie secured safety, Analyse got clucked, and Christie became a third nominee. Tommy still had two nominees of his own, but his former Six Shooter ally had his sights set on a bigger fish. Tonight, will the POV save one of the three nominees? If they want to win, they’ll have to overcome OTEV. All this right now on Big Brother!


We pick up on day 52 after the nomination ceremony. Tommy says Kat is his target this week. She has good working relationships with everyone in the house except for him. Cliff is a pawn. He has to win this veto and get Christie off the block. The worst thing would be Christie going home. Oh the irony. It can’t happen. Cliff says Christie is on the block next to him and he has to win this veto.


Christie says this is worst case scenario for her…on Tommy’s HOH. She really thinks America hates her, she gets emotional every time she thinks about it. Michie hopes he can get picked for veto and hopefully Christie will go home. God Bless America!


Kat says three days ago, she Nicole, and Cliff all thought they had a chance at winning. Kat is crying in the lounge. Christie is telling Nick he has to get picked and he swears he would take her off, she’s not going home. Jess goes in to comfort Kat and she’s embarrassed. She hates being on the block again. She hates that she’s next to Cliff.


Michie goes into the lounge and hugs Kat and comforts her. Michie says he loves her in the house and he says he’ll play for her if she wants someone to play for her in the veto. Jess tells her not to pick Michie for veto. Cliff comes in and he says he hurts when she hurts and he comforts her too. Cliff says remember there are three of us on the block and we have at least two chances to win veto and keep her on there and then all kinds of things can happen. Jess tells her not to think about the future, just think about the veto.


Jess is talking to Christie in the main BR with Nick. Christie cannot believe she’s on the block on Tommy’s HOH. She says this is BS this has to happen. Why the F does she have to be on the block? Why the F does there have to be three nominations? We then see her crying in DR and she says she’s sorry. Nick tells her she didn’t do anything to get herself put up. Christie says she just believes in karma and the universe rewards someone being true to herself.


Jess says on a personal level she loves Christie so much, but she’s never been in an alliance with her. This might be a chance to get rid of a strong player, but she hates she’s thinking that way. Christie says she’s going into this veto with a do or die mentality. She feels like her life in this game is on the line, no question.


Jess asks if anyone is having weird dreams and Nick says last night. Tommy says he had a raunchy one with Nick in it. Nick says he has a crush on Tommy, he’s an attractive guy. We see clips of Nick flirting with Tommy. Tommy says Nick is cute, he has his swag and tattoos and he’s amazing. Tommy says if Nick played for his team, then maybe things would work out, but he doesn’t play for his team. Nick says a lot of straight guys wouldn’t mess around with a guy, but he thinks it’s fine and everyone is equal.


Mission to BB Explorer, his Speed of Light mission is a go. His mission around the BB Universe is now complete! He throws his hat off and says yes!


It’s time to pick players for the veto competition! Christie, Kat, and Cliff join Tommy at the front of the LR. Tommy is hoping to Nick or Sis for the veto competition. Tommy will pull two chips out of the box. If he pulls his own chip or a nominee, they’ll get to choose a player of their choice. Tommy draws Christie and she selects Nick. Tommy draws Cliff and he selects Michie. Cliff says he chose Michie because he’s an enemy of Christie’s he thinks.


Michie says this week has somehow turned into a pretty good week for him. Now he just needs to win this veto so Christie can stay on the block and come Thursday he can send her packing!


Cliff is sitting at the memory wall and he says he’s focused. His only goal is veto. If he survives another chapter, you don’t chase him out of this house. Jack is out, then chase Christie out, they may be faster and they me be stronger, but he wants it more. Cliff starts to dance it out.


Michie is talking to Sis and she doesn’t know if they’re supposed to be together or against each other. Sis says they could still go to five, but they’d really have to trust each other. Sis says she really trusts him and Holly. She feels like they could get far if they could get back together. Sis says with Jack out of the house she feels on an island and she thinks the six should get back together, or what’s left. Michie says he thinks Christie would put him and Holly up. Michie wants to say something but he’s afraid she’ll say something.


Sis says she won’t say anything and Michie says he wants noms to stay the same and get Christie out without any of them getting any blood on their hands. Michie says this is a golden opportunity! Sis says she’s been thinking about that, but she’s also been thinking she’s a big target for the others to gun after. Sis says Michie has to think about that. If she goes, then Michie would be next. Michie says he trusts Sis, but he doesn’t want to work with Christie, he’d rather go play in traffic. Sis says working with Christie is best for his game. Michie says he’s doing some best to have good acting skills and go along, but there’s nothing he’d rather do less. He’s going to tell her what she wants to hear, but he’d be stupid not to take this chance to get Christie out of the game.


It’s time for the veto competition and it’s OTEV. It’s a large bird head, he’s OTEV, the paranoid pigeon. Sis says pigeons are literally flying rats. OTEV tells them all to stop staring at him. Christie says this bird might be more paranoid than her or is he? She starts getting emotional. The HG get covered in a white substance. OTEV says they were creeping him the F out. He’d love to spread his wings, and there are so many places they’ve been he’d like to go but he needs help being less paranoid. He’ll give a clue about a competition from this summer he’d like to visit, they need to search the swamp and present the item they found. The last player remaining will win the golden POV. The clapping is too loud! Too much noise! Pigeon attack! They get covered in white again.


Kat doesn’t do well with the pressure of being nominated. She needs to kick it into high gear and show those conspiring b*tches what’s up. Christie’s manifestation is at an all time high right now. Cliff needs to make sure Christie and Tommy don’t win the veto.


Round 1, OTEV gives the clue and Michie says he knows immediate it’s Tossed in Space and he remembers where he was when he lost. Tommy says it’s insane that Christie is on the block on HIS HOH. He needs to win and gain control back. Tommy is the first one back. Cliff is hiding a few items. Kat says she’s seen enough OTEV to know to make a stockpile of items. Nick has found one and is on his way back. Cliff and Christie make it back. Cliff realizes he got the wrong item. It’s not Power Shot, it’s Tossed in Space. He has to find the right one. Cliff heads back and Kat, Michie, and Cliff are still looking. Kat is up with her item. Michie doesn’t want Christie coming off the block, he needs to make things happen. Cliff finds the item and heads back up and just beats Michie.


Nick has brought Tossed in Space, and so has everyone else. Michie has been eliminated. Michie says he blew it and he’s mad he went out round 1. He’s hoping Cliff or Kat can pull this out. OTEV freaks out again and the HG get covered in white again! Round 2 is up! OTEV mentions poisonous vines. Cliff says he immediately knows it’s Pose-In-Ivy Competition. Cliff didn’t get to compete in that one. Nick and Christie head up first. Kat doesn’t have the right one in her stockpile so she has to look. Tommy makes it back.


Kat and Cliff are the last two and Cliff grabs his item and Kat has hers and she makes a run for the rope. Cliff and Kat both fight for the rope and Kat gets higher and she makes it up. Kat is crying and she apologizes to him and she’s crying. Cliff says it’s all right. Kat says she feels like a monster. Cliff says his leg is bothering him and it’s better that she keeps going. Kat is crying. Cliff tells her to pull herself together. Cliff says he can barely walk, he couldn’t have continued. All the HG are correct and Cliff has been eliminated. Cliff says Kat has to get her head in this game. Cliff says he’s counting on Kat to win this thing!


OTEV wants to know if the HG are talking about him and they are covered again. Tommy says Cliff is out so that’s good. They just need to get Kat out and then he, Nick, or Christie can get Christie off the block. Holly says Kat is fighting for her life and she’s the only hope to get Christie out this week.


Round 3: OTEV is trying to be brave, but nightmares? Shattered souls? A mirrored forest? Count him out! Kat immediately knows the competition is The Haunting of Kaitlyn Herman. Kat knows she has that in her stockpile and she runs and grabs it and is the first back up. Nick is right behind and the second one up. It’s down to Tommy and Christie but Christie can’t find the answer anywhere and she says it could become the Haunting of Christie. Tommy finds it and he heads back up after taking a dive in the swamp. Christie is the last one up. All the HG are correct and Christie has been eliminated. Christie says she was too slow and she lost this comp and now her fate lies in the hands of Tommy or Nick. She prays Kat doesn’t win the veto because if she takes herself down she’s most likely going home.


Pigeon patrol let it fly! Round 4! What a beautiful river, but only 9 seconds to ride down the rapids?!? He could hurts himself. Nick knows the answer is Time Me a River and he knows exactly where that item is. Nick grabs it and is first one up. Kat and Tommy are looking and Tommy gets it and he’s up. Kat is the last one up. Nick and Tommy are correct and Kat has been eliminated. Kat says it sucks. She doesn’t know what happened. It makes her sick to her stomach.


Tommy says now that Kat is out he’s relieved. He thinks Nick would take Christie down, but the only person you can trust is yourself and he’s going to gun for it. OTEV covers them again and then gives the final clue concerning archery. Nick immediately knows it’s Power Shot and there’s no way he’s not going to find the item first for the HOH he won. Tommy and Nick are both looking. Tommy found it and is running back and Nick is right behind but just a little late. Tommy has won the POV!


Tommy says he won the veto! He can’t believe it! He loves the veto. He says America’s field trip really threw him for a loop but now he gets to HOH back on track and take control and save Christie. Christie says Tommy winning is about as good as herself and she’s so happy for him! She will never question the universe again and she can manifest stuff! Cliff says his fate is out of his hands. Michie is mad at himself because he’s pretty sure Tommy will take Christie off the block.


It’s time for the veto meeting! Tommy has won the power to veto one of the nominations. Tommy has decided to use the POV on Christie. They hug. Since Christie was the third nominee, there is no replacement nominee. This veto meeting is adjourned.


Cliff says with America’s Field Trip they had a perfect opportunity and once again they let it slip through their fingers. If he has to campaign against Kat, he will. Nicole says regardless of how this week goes she’s losing a number, someone she trusts, and a friend. Jess says these are two people that are so dear to her. It’s not going to be a good week.


Kat says this is the worst case scenario. She doesn’t want to be the person who played a role in him leaving. Who will be evicted from the BB house? Cliff or Kat? Find out tomorrow night!

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