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America's Got Talent Season 14-Live Shows 1

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It’s the first night of the live shows and tonight, 12 acts will perform, but only 7 will be moving on! Let’s get started!


G-Force is the first act up and they love girl bands and girl power and they want people to hear what they want to say. Tonight, they are going to bring their own girl power to the AGT stage. They do an original called It’s G-Force.


Howie says he couldn’t think of a better way to open the live shows. He says they had so much energy. Gabrielle says they came out and rocked it and they showed what girl power is all about. Julianne says they are redefining girl power. She says they are so unique, but they are powerful when they come together. Simon says he didn’t like the song, but if they get through they need to find someone to write them a killer song and they have to stick together for the next couple years, in two or three years they’ll have a shot in the real world. Gabrielle says Simon told them after auditions they needed to take control of their own music and Simon says he takes it back.


Greg Morton is preparing to take the stage. His love of movies has led to his act. He made over his room into a theater when he was a child and used to bring home movies from the library and mimic their voices. He does various voices from various movies including Shrek, The Godfather, Rocky, The Sixth Sense, and others.


Gabrielle says every time Greg hits the stage he raises the bar and his talent takes them back to their childhood. Julianne says she’s sitting on the edge of her seat waiting for everything he’s going to do. He’s unbelievable and he’s a true artist. Simon says they absolutely rooted for him, and he was concerned whether he’d own the stage or not. He completely proved him wrong and it was such a step up from his previous auditions. Howie says the biggest variety show on earth is right there in one man.


Carmen Carter will be our next performer. We see a package of her parents talking about her growing up and they are so unbelievably proud of her, she’s a star. Carmen takes the stage and performs Believer by Imagine Dragons.


Simon says when Carmen first started he thought it wasn’t the right choice, but she changed his mind and she saved the money note for the end. He hopes the show changes her life for the better. Gabrielle says she made us all believers! Julianne says everything she did she made it completely her own and it was a big risk but she completely nailed it. Howie says he doesn’t know if that was the best choice and he hopes people vote for her.


The Emerald Belles High Kick team is next. We see their community come out in support and we see them booing Howie. They take the stage and they’re all in white and the first part of their performance is to Hey Look Ma, I Made It by Panic! At the Disco and then the song switches to Me and My Girls by Fifth Harmony.


Gabrielle says the best way to silence your critics is to come out and nail the performance. Howie says he’s been tough on them, but with what they just did they just blew the roof off the place and he’s so thrilled America has to vote. Julianne says the way they stepped it up tonight was beyond anything they’ve done. Simon says he thinks Howie owes them an apology right now and Howie stands and bows to them.


Our next act is Sophie Pecora. We see a package of her singing lyrics about herself as a little girl who lacked confidence and then her story as it continued to the AGT stage. She takes the stage and she performs an original.


Julianne says the video package with the lyrics brought her tears and she speaks truth. Howie agrees and says she is wow and she’s an interesting singer. Howie says people need to listen and learn and vote. Gabrielle says every time she hits the stage she has something important and poignant to say. Simon says they live in a very crowded world with a lot of information, but she came on with a guitar and a beautiful lyric and silenced the entire room.


The Messoudi Brothers are up next. They trust each other, but things don’t always go as planned. Their father taught them to fight through any obstacle in their way. They perform a couple of tricks on a platform including one blindfolded. Then the platform rises up and they do one more trick.


Gabrielle says insane feats of strength and danger and sexy…good job guys! Julianne says the sexy was on a whole other level and she has so much anxiety watching them. She says they outdid themselves. Simon says the end missed something more dangerous like falling into a tank of piranhas or sharks. He thinks they needed something bigger at the end.


Voices of Service is our next act and they represent all branches of the military. They want to encourage people to focus on the service men and women, and not the wars. They take the stage and perform Fire by Gavin DeGraw.


Howie says he can’t sit down and he just wants to salute them for their service, their talent, and to keep going. Simon says it’s inspirational and he wants them to come up with a song that will stop traffic with their voices. Gabrielle thanks them so much for their service and they are such a blessing. Julianne says she got chills and collectively we are all one tribe.


Our next act is Ainsley Burns and she was cut in judge cuts. Simon brought her back as the wildcard. She’s working hard and making sure everything sounds right this time and hopefully she won’t get stopped again! She takes the stage and performs Swingin’ by Leann Rimes.


Simon says he didn’t love the song but he heard at the end that she is a great singer and she has the most amazing personality. Julianne says never stop believing. All of the little moments will create the artist and person she will become. Howie says he’s so thrilled she’s here and Ainsley made them all smile.


Next we have Alex Dowis and he loves to do street art. He never thought it would lead him to AGT. He takes the stage and we see a sky and ocean and then he draws a dinosaur. We then see a “meteor” strike the earth and we see a plant and a butterfly growing and then grass. We then see a gorilla and its baby and then evolution from caveman to modern man with a cell phone. We then see a handshake and then the world.


Simon says he is unbelievably talented, but he didn’t get goosebumps this time. There’s no denying his unique talent. Gabrielle disagrees and she says his art was inspirational and beautiful. Howie says if Banksy and Darwin had a child it would be him. Julianne says his art comes and goes and the history of time was so magical and she’s blown away by it.


Julianne’s golden buzzer, Luke Islam is up next. His favorite thing is going to a Broadway show. He’s here at the live shows and it’s so crazy and this is his chance to make his dream come true. He takes the stage and performs You Will be Found from Dear Evan Hansen.


Julianne says Luke did not disappoint and he proved what an incredible voice he has. Simon says he will watch this back to remind himself how good Luke is. Howie says he think they watched his dream come true and he predicts he’ll be on a Broadway stage. Gabrielle says he’s a world class talent and she thinks the world just feel in love with him again.


Bir Khalsa is next and Terry reminds everyone not to try anything they see at home. We have a new addition to the group and he says he has so much to learn from this performance. They’ve been practicing non-stop day and night. They take the stage and one guy has something poured on his eyes and then is blindfolded. The large guy is on the ground with a cucumber in his mouth and the blindfolded guy is handed a chainsaw and he cuts the top of the cucumber and then goes back and slices it down almost hitting the mouth. He then chops the cucumber at the very bottom.


The large guy then has a huge block of ice put on his chest and the blind folded guy has a large sword and he chops at the ice all along it. The large guy then lays by watermelons and so does the third guy and the blindfolded guy smashes the melons around their heads with an axe/sledgehammer tool. They finish with the blindfolded guy stabbing a spear into the final watermelon above the large guys head.


Simon tells people with a chainsaw and a cucumber, don’t do that at home. Simon advises them to do QVC after the show selling knives. Simon says it was fantastically crazy and fantastically dangerous. Howie says this is everything he loves about the show. Gabrielle says she didn’t think they’d find a way to up the danger and they absolutely knocked it out of the park. Julianne says they crushed it out of the park. She had chills.


We’ll continue on with the next act, Gabrielle’s golden buzzer, Kodi Lee. His mom says when she found out he was blind and the had autism she didn’t know what to do. She says music gave him joy and she knew then how to help him as his mom. Kodi is the final contestant of the night and he’ll take the stage next!


Kodi Lee is now on stage and his mother is with him. He performs Bridge Over Troubled Water by Simon & Garfunkle. He gets an ovation and the audience is chanting his name. Gabrielle says he changed the world and he keeps changing the world and she’s emotional. Simon says he continually amazes him and the show is nothing without people like him and they are nothing without their audience. He also thanks Paul Simon for giving permission to use the song because he rarely does that. Julianne says Kodi has changed their hearts, their mindset, and their lives. He is magic. Howie says in this world of Troubled Waters, Kodi is their bridge.

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