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Thursday, August 15, 2019 Big Brother 21 Live Feed Updates

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Boat Room Lounge (BRL)
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12:08AM BBT Jess comes into the BRL where Michie, Holly and Tommy are talking about who to evict.  Jess comes in.  She has been trying to bake a flour/salt/water craft design she made.  She has had it in the oven but she just found out it hasn't been on.  She just turned the timer, not the Bake knob,...

Michie says it's hard for everyone.  Michie said he's tossing and turning tonight.  As Jess leaves, she says, I heard it, Yep I HEARD IT!

Michie, Holly and Tommy all wonder what that was about.  They wonder if it was a snarky remark aimed at them.


Holly hopes next week that they don't realize they were dumb keeping Cliff.  Tommy agrees but he says her stuff isn't adding up and doesn't know what she is thinking ever.  Her answers to their questions don't add up.


Sis is in TBR asking Jess what she heard.  She heard her yelling, I heard it.  Jess keeps saying she heard but won't say what.


Sis says she never said alliance.  Jess said, no I didn't hear alliance.  Jess says she heard Cliff has something with Her, Christie and Nick.


It sounds like Jess overheard something in the RV (CBR) just before this.

Jess says she values too many people in this house to start WW5!!! [Did I miss WW3 and WW4?!!!!  - rms]

Sis keeps offering to answer any questions.

12:28AM BBT Christie and Tommy come in to the TBR and tell them Cliff is deathly allergic to Baby powder and he is up in the DR seeing a doctor.  They call her out for trying to prank them.  She laughs and says she isn't good at this.  [WOW, lying about a serious medical incident for a prank?! - rms]

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2:49 AM BBT: Kat and Nick in CBR. Kat tells Nick about the Cliff's Angels alliance that was formed last week and states multiple times how she doesn't like that Cliff makes new alliances every week to keep himself safe when she has been loyal to the same people the entire game. Kat says that if loyalty is the sword she dies on, then that is okay with her.


2:55 AM BBT: Cliff comes into the CBR and asks Kat who she would put up if she won HOH and Kat says Jackson and Holly. Cliff calls her out saying that is not what everyone else is telling him. Kat gets upset with Cliff about the deal he made with Nick, Nicole, Sis and Christie to keep them all safe next week in exchange for their votes this week. Kat doesn't seem to understand the difference between an "alliance" and a "deal" even though Nick tries to explain it to her. Kat says multiple times that what hurts her the most is that Cliff did not make a deal with Jessica to keep her safe and she wanted Cliff, Jessica and Nicole to keep working together once she is out.


Kat keeps asking Cliff if he is serious about the deal he made with Nick, Nicole, Sis and Christie. Cliff keeps saying that he is if it means that he stays for another week. Kat calls Cliff "savage", but says she respects his gameplay. (Tommy and Nicole are sitting down near the door inside the room listening to the entire conversation, but not saying anything.)


3:09 AM BBT: Kat asks Nick why Cliff's deal is more valuable to him than her loyalty to him. Nick says it is more believable that Cliff would target Michie and Holly because Kat seems to have a close relationship with them.


3:18 AM BBT: Kat, Nick and Cliff leave CBR and just outside the room Christie is telling Jess that "everyone is a liar and I'm just done talking to everybody."

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12:45AM BBT: Jessica and Analyse are in the TBR whispering. Jessica tells her there is deceit happening in the house. Jessica says she doesn't know what Cliff has promised Analyse, but Jessica says she doesn't have any "deals" to give to Analyse. Analyse says, "I don't need a deal from you." She says she just wants to be able to trust Jessica, and she says she does. Analyse hopes Jessica trusts her and she doesn't know what Jessica has heard from other people. They talk about trust.


12:47AM BBT: Jessica thinks Nick may be saying things to upset the house. Jessica says she doesn't know if other people are trustworthy and she doesn't want to "blow up anyone's game." Analyse says she respects the "f**k out of" Jessica's game because she doesn't want to expose the new alliance. Analyse promises she doesn't know is being evicted, but she says she is voting for Cliff to stay.


1:00AM BBT: Christie and Tommy whisper in the CBR, Christie says Tommy needs to calm down because he looks "sketchy" and "worried." She says people are starting to wonder why Tommy is protecting Holly. Jessica and Analyse continue to have the same conversation in the TBR.


1:23AM BBT: Holly and Kat whisper in the WA. Kat says the house is concerned about Kat and what she says and where her head is. Kat is upset, she says she's having long conversations with everyone and they're still concerned. Holly says the house is still "torn" and doesn't know what to do. Analyse and Jessica are still talking in the TBR about deals they have. Holly tells Kat that Jessica is trying to convince Analyse to vote for Kat to stay right now. 


1:40AM BBT: Christie, Kat, and Tommy are in the HOHR joking around. Kat tries to campaign to them, but Christie says Kat doesn't really have anything else she could say. Kat continues to talk anyway. Analyse and Jessica are still talking in the TBR. Analyse is confused, she says she can't suddenly switch the vote. 


1:41AM BBT: Kat cries in the HOHR, Nick hugs her. Kat is upset, she doesn't want to leave the house. He tries to comfort her. Christie assures Kat she did nothing wrong. 


1:48AM BBT: Jessica and Analyse continue to whisper in the TBR, Jessica says she has a better personal relationship with Jackson than she did with Jack. Analyse says it seems desperate to her that Holly and Jackson want to keep Kat. She says it makes it clear to her that they are working together. 

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2:05AM BBT: Nick and Tommy are in the HOHR about the blow up before Sam was evicted. Nick says he's not keeping someone who is going to save Jackson and Holly and he believes Kat would. Meanwhile, Nicole and Kat are in the CBR talking. Nicole says she understands how Kat is feeling. Kat asks Nicole if it's true there is a new six person alliance. Nicole asks how told her that. Analyse walks into the BRL where Christie is, she tells her everything that Jessica just told her. She says Jessica knows about the alliance. Analyse tells Christie that Jackson and Holly told Jessica about it. 


2:08AM BBT: "I'm done with Holly," Christie says after Analyse tells her that Holly is saying all sorts of things about Analyse and Christie laughing at Cliff. Christie calls Holly a "f***ing snake," and they both agree they're done with Holly. Analyse says Nicole is also telling Jessica about the alliance, she says everything Nick tells Nicole, Nicole tells Jessica. Analyse talks about how Holly doesn't want Analyse near Jackson because Analyse flirts with everyone. Analyse says if she wanted Jackson, she could have "f***ing had him." But she doesn't, because she has Jack. "They're f***ing playing games," Analyse starts to shout, she says "let them f***ing hear me." Christie tries to get her to be quiet. Analyse says everyone in the house wants Jackson and Holly out.


2:10AM BBT: Analyse doesn't know how to backtrack, Christie tells her they're going to "be honest." Christie says Kat isn't staying and Jackson and Holly are just trying to intimidate them. Holly walks in and asks what they're talking about. "I'm not a happy camper, I'll tell you that," Analyse says, she goes on to say that she is not happy with Holly. Holly asks why,  Analyse says Holly is "talking sh*t" about her behind her back. "What, what?!" Holly says. Jackson, Nicole, and Kat are all pressed up against the BRL door, trying to hear the argument between Christie, Holly, and Analyse. 


2:12AM BBT: Holly demands to be filled in. Analyse tells her that Holly is saying all sorts of things about them laughing at Cliff. Holly says Nicole was crying about it, Analyse says Holly is telling everyone about it. Holly says Nicole already knew, but Analyse doesn't believe it. Holly doesn't understand how she's been brought into this. "I'm confused," Analyse says. "Wait, who is saying this?" Holly asks, "what the f**k!" Analyse says Holly is "dropping seeds" to people. Kat and Nicole get upset and walk away from the door. 


2:14AM BBT: Nick and Nicole join Jackson at the door while Analyse and Holly continue to yell at each other about what Holly did or didn't say to other people. Holly is upset Analyse isn't talking to her about all this. Analyse feels like a "f***ing idiot" because she thought she could trust Holly. Analyse says she's hearing so many things that Holly is saying about her, she's upset because she doesn't say anything bad about Holly and the one time she did, she went up to Holly and told her about it. "I know," Holly agrees. Analyse says that someone told her that Jackson said to Holly that Analyse keeps flirting with him, "that's f***ing false," Analyse says. Christie asks if she should leave them alone, but no one answers her, they continue to argue with each other. 


2:16AM BBT: Holly wants to know where all this info is coming from, but Analyse won't tell her. Kat talks to Jessica in the CBR about how Nicole and Nick have already said they're voting to evict her. Holly tries to explain herself about the flirting issue. She wants to know who told Analyse everything, but Analyse says she won't name names. "That f***ing pisses me off," Holly says. "Some sh*t is being stirred up," Holly says. 


2:21AM BBT: Analyse says she's not a "mean girl" and that she doesn't say anything behind Holly's back that she doesn't say to Holly's face. Analyse is upset that Holly is talking badly about her. Holly says she needs to know where all this is coming from so she can address it. The rest of the HGs, minus Kat and Jessica, listen on the other side of the door. 


2:25AM BBT: Jessica enters the BRL, she says everyone is outside in the hall. Holly says she wants to talk to Analyse in the morning privately. Holly says it's "annoying" that everyone is listening. Analyse says she'll talk to Holly after she talks to Jessica. Holly says she feels "dumb" and "out of the loop." Christie says everyone is "nosy and board" and jokes about this being the last season of Big Brother because they all "suck."


2:30AM BBT: The four leave the BRL, Analyse promises to talk to Holly in the morning. Christie, Analyse, and Jessica go to the havenot room. Christie says her skin is "crawling really f***ing bad." Christie says she "can't" with the "bullsh*t" with Holly. Analyse tells Jessica that she didn't say anything about Jessica. They talk about the argument with Holly and promise they didn't throw Jessica's name in. Kat cries in the KT to Cliff. 


2:31AM BBT: Jessica says she doesn't care if Holly knows it was her who said it. Analyse says she didn't want to throw anyone under the bus. Christie tells Jessica there is no new alliance. Christie tries to explain where that rumor came from. 


3:19AM BBT: Christie says she wants to go to sleep and everyone is "just a f***ing liar." Christie leaves, Jessica says "d*mn." "She's not wrong," Kat says. Kat goes into the CBR and asks Christie if she's ok. Christie says she's fine, but that "everyone is a liar" and she's "over it." Kat wants to have a moment, but Christie wants to go to sleep and is upset. 


3:20AM BBT: Kat is upset because Cliff is making new alliances. Christie starts to yell, says there is no new alliance. Kat is upset that the new alliance doesn't include Jessica. Christie says she understands, but it's a "f***ing game." Christie says that whoever goes needs to be grateful because everyone is a "f***ing liar." Christie gets up and she and Kat walk outside the CBR to talk to Nick, Tommy, Nicole, and Jessica. They argue about alliances, Tommy goes to the TBR. Christie explains deals to Kat. "You do what you got to do to feel f***ing safe," Christie says. She says you make deals when you're on the block. She says she's "done," and that there is no new alliance. 


3:24AM BBT: Holly and Analyse are talking in the havenot room. Holly says that Jessica said she "heard it" when she left the BRL earlier today. Analyse asks Holly what she did or didn't say to Jessica. 

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10:20AM BBT Holly talking to Tommy. Tommy says that it wasn't Kat or Analyse but someone told him that Holly and Jackson are someone's targets. He is explaining that he made a deal with Cliff and they were not part of it. He says he had no choice but he has their back.


10:25AM BBT TOmmy and Holly still talking. Holly upset that Cliff was trying to make deals with Jackson. Tommy telling her that he was in a tough spot. He says that he made a deal with Cliff but if Cliff and Holly were on the block, he wouldn't honor it. Holly saysthat she is frustrated with Christie because she is running the game and they all have to do what she says. Tommy trying to stand up for Christiebut back up Holly.


10:39PM BBT Christie joins Nick and Nicole on the loft. She says she hates everyone in the hosue. Nick asks her if she is still mad. She says she was never ma. She starts telling him that his name is being thrown around. Says she takes everything with a grain of salt.  Christie says that with Jack is gone she feels that she could work with Nick.She says now that Jack is gone, Nick can take a clear stance on things.

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11:06AM BBT Christie in the HOH with Holly, Analyse and Jackson. They are talking about Jess. They thought Jess was going to throw her drink at them last night. Jackson says the he feels bad for Jess and is concerned about her behavior. He says he was ready to ask BB to check on her. Christie says that Jess has been an outsider her entire life and just upset.


11:11AM BBT NIck and Cliff talking. Nick says you can't be in deals when the plan is to get you out (general HG not Cliff).They are discussing that they both are out in the open about working with both sides.


11:16AM BBT Jess, Tommy and Christie talking about the supposed alliance that she was left out of. Christie saysthat it wasn't an alliance that it was a deal to keep some people safe. Round and round they go with Tommy saying to Jess that is Cliff was up against her, he would never honor his deal. (Same thing he told Holly a few minutes ago.


11:23PM BBT KAt crawls from under her covers. She is upset that deals were made with Cliff. She is fine that she is going to jury. She said her word is good and others have not been loyal.Kat says that Cliff runs to whoever he needs to so he can make deals. She says "whatever , I'm goign back to bed". Jessopens the BR door and Jackson is coming in. Jess tells him to come in since he was listening anyways. Jackson says that Holly is putting on make up and wasn't listening in. (thsis after Jess toldthem she "overheard" them talking about the deals)



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1:38PM BBT Tommy and Nicole talking. Tommy telling her why he didn't want a 6 alliance. He says that it looked inevitable that Holly and Jackson would go on the block and he didn't want to decide between the two.


1:42PM BBT Holly and CLiff talk. They are talkng about Christine and Analyse making personal comments. Holly saysthey brought up personal stuff and it came out of left field. Cliff says that he hears so much and he doesn't take anything personal unless he hears it himself. He tells Holly he is sorry.


1:56PM BBT Cliff and Christie talking. Cliff says that he is just trying to make it through the week. Christie tells him that she understands. Cliff admits he is making deals but he is doing what he can. Christie says they are forgetting this is Big Brother.

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2:00 PM BBT  Kat and Jess are re-hashing last night and all the conversations.  Kat reiterates that Cliff has made a deal, and he is a snake for not including Jess in it.  Kat said she has her integrity, and if she goes out then so be it.  Jess says they want to keep a bigger target, and Cliff is a bigger target.  Kat said that Cliff is wearing a bigger brace today.  She thinks it is for sympathy.  ( His calf is wrapped from below the knee to just above the ankle.  It is a wrap, looks like he is preparing just in case it is physical tonight ~  pierceka) Kat said she confronted Cliff and told him it wasn't right that he made an alliance without Jess.  When Cliff tried to explain, Kat said she just walked away.  Nick tried to follow her.  She claims she shut him down.  Kat said she should have been a savage player.  Now Kat said she is so glad she is going to jury, she feels like she has been lied to for 57 days, and she won't miss anyone but Jess.  Jess said that she can get with Jack in the jury house and tell him everything. Michie comes in, asks Jess to trim his hair if she isn't too busy.  She said do I look busy?  BB tells Michie to put his mic on.  Michie says he doesn't want to interrupt. 

2:08 PM BBT.  Michie said he will be in the WA for his hair cut.  He leaves. Kat says she is so ready to leave, that if it were a rewind week, she doesn't know what she will do.  She wants suggestions from Jess about what to put in her speech.  Kat keeps playing with her mic, can't hear what Jess is saying.  Kat asked if Jess is still voting for her, Jess says of course.  Now the waterworks begin.  Kat loves Jess so much, Jess is so good to her, she will make it up to her.  Kat said she will plan a girls weekend for just the 2 of them.  Jess starts crying, says she is so tired of being there, she misses home, she tries to be honest, she can't take the way others are playing. 


2:13 PM BBT  Cliff goes into the SR looking for something, leaves without finding whatever he was looking for.   Sis goes to the room outside the RV, talks with Holly.  Holly doesn't know if she should wash her hair or not.  Michie told her to wash it, it is really bad.  Holly thinks it will be the slip and slide tonight, and she doesn't want to wash her hair if it is going to be messy comp tonight.  Holly is going to wash her face and put her hair up.  As Holly leaves, Nick comes in.  The door to the RV room is open a little, Nick said it is just him, he isn't coming in.  He closes the door as he puts on deodorant.  He tells Sis that they are trying to get Nicole to change her vote, but are subtle, not saying it in so many words.  As Nick bends over he hits his head on the RV handle.  He is ok.  Sis is whispering to him, but camera is not on her so hard to hear. 

In the WA Tommy is getting ready, Michie is on the couch and says he looks 'fresh".  Feeds switch to TBR, Cliff is packing and getting ready, Christie walks in. 


Feeds switch to puppy cam


At the top of the feed page is a scrolling message that says to turn in to the live feeds tonight at 10:00 PM EST (after the show) to watch the HOH competition live.

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2:01PM BBT Jess and Kat talking. Jess upset because she said that she feels Nicole make her think Kat was safe. Kat complaining that Cliff is playing up his injuries and probably in OTEV fell back and let her grab the rope to make her look like she was a threat. She says that Cliff is a snake in the house.


2:08PM BBT Kat now telling Jess that she is happy to go to jury. She is done. She is getting ready to "meet Julie". Jackson comes in and asks Jess if she can cut his hair.


2:10PM BBT Jess an Kat talking. Kat says she realizes you have to play dirty in the house. Jess says she will never do that. She wants to be a good person and not play dirty.


2:12PM BBT Holly and Nicole talking. Holly telling her how she and Jackson never wanted Nicole out.She says that she and Jackson didn't like how Nicole was being treated in the house.


2:18PM BBT Jess is crying with Kat. She doesn't like that others are playing the game and she says that they shouldn't play dirty. Kat says when she walks out tonight she is only going to hug Jess.Jess asks her if she is sure she doesn't want to hug anyone else. Kat asks who? and we get puppy reels.

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7:05PM BBT - Feeds are up and all HG are quiet and focused.  The fastest seem to be Nick, Christie, Holly and Michie at this point.  


7:08PM BBT - Jess, Cliff and Nicole are struggling to keep up.  Jess is basically running in place for the most part.


7:09PM BBT - Tommy cheers the other HG with promises of someone seeing pictures of their loved ones tonight.  Jess answers "it probably won't be me".


7:11PM BBT - Michie is moving about double the speed of the others by running halfway and then gliding in to dump what's in his cup.  Cliff shouts out a greeting to live feeders.


7:15PM BBT - Jess takes a tumble and falls on her back, and then jokes by making snow angels in the Crisco.


7:22PM BBT - All HG are still going at it, but Michie appears to be in the lead, followed by Holly.  Nick is doing great, but still breathing hard and slowing down a bit.


7:23PM BBT - Michie tells the others that it's apple cider, not beer, as he can smell it.


7:26PM BBT - The HG contintually send shout outs as the slide, including a lot of birthday wishes.



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Michie appears to be in the lead. They are all in the race except for Jess and Cliff who are significantly behind.

Jess fell, but she is okay

Nicole is slower than the others but at a steady pace and making good progress.

Sis, Christie and Nick are all going full speed but breathing hard and starting to show signs of slowing down. Michie is still going faster than all the others.


Tommy- you are just about half way Mick

Nick- me

Tommy- Mick (Michie)


Christie and Nick are in 2nd and 3rd place at this point.




Holly is closing in.



7:26 PM BBT

Sis fell, but she's okay.

Michie to Holly- I've got this Holls

Michie has a huge lead now, as Nick is losing steam. For placement in the lanes: Michie is on the far left, followed by Cliff, Jess then Nick.


If competitors are facing their steins that they are filling, Holly is on the far right.

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7:31PM BBT - Michie is clearly in the lead and is his to lose at this point.  He has a wardrobe malfunction and takes off his shorts and kicks them to the side.   Holly appears to be a close second, but it's difficult to see her container in the lineup with the camera angles.


7:33PM BBT - Cliff said that he had a dream last night about Michie in Mexico, going from room to room drinking beer while Michie was drinking the beers ahead of everyone. 


7:35PM BBT - Jess said that she's going to end up without a job by losing weight in the comp and that she's down about 15lbs at this point.


7:38PM BBT - Nick is singing, bringing the feeds to the WBRB message.


7:39PM BBT - Michie requests water or beer (or both) from POPTV after the comp tonight.  


7:40PM BBT - Cliff says "I may not win, but I'm not quitting.  I'm giving this 100%"  Holly "that's why we love you, Cliff"


7:43PM BBT - Michie can touch his ball, so he knows that he's close.  Sis continues to fall, probably more than any of the others.  


7:48PM BBT - 54 minutes into the comp and it appears to almost be over with Michie heads above the others, with Holly in second.


7:51PM BBT - Tommy confirms that Michie is in 1st, Holly in 2nd, Christie in 3rd.  The others continue to plod along.


7:55PM BBT - Michie wins HOH!

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Nick fell then slid all the way down on his butt.


7:40 PM BBT

Michie requests water and beer from BB

The HGs say he can get it in his HoH

Michie- I'm not jinxing it...anything can happen

Holly- that's true, I could beat your ass

Michie- LOVE IT


Michie is in the lead by a lot followed by Holly, SIs, Christie, Nick, Nicole, Cliff, Jess


Nicole fell

Everyone yells to ask if she's okay

Nicole- I'm good

Michie can feel the ball in his stein

Sis is really slowing down


7:47 PM BBT Holly asks for a status update but gets nothing


Tommy- Michie is closing in on the win; Holly in 2nd; Christie in 3rd

Michie is just a few mugs away


Michie's ball is at the top but he can't quite grasp it

7:54 Michie won!


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7:57PM BBT - Cliff is determines to to complete the comp.  Michie tries to help him, but he says he wants to do it himself and that they can turn the lights out.  He then gives Kat a shout out that he is sorry, but had to do what he had to to stay stay alive in this game.

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Cliff is still going

Cliff- this is the only time in my life I get to do this competition and I'm finishing it

Michie tries to help and Cliff tells him he wants to do it on his own

Cliff- Kat I'm sorry! I did what I had to do to stay alive in this game

Holly sees Cliff still going and says "wow, are we lazy?"

The feeds go to fish and "We'll Be Right Back"


Still on fish 8:03 PM BBT

8:20 PM BBT The feeds are back

Christie to Cliff- you're a fucking warrior man


Nicole is crying in the Have-Not room


Nicole- Damn It......OW........Damn It


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8:25 PM BBT  Nicole is talking to herself and the feedsters alone in the Have Not room

Nicole- I'm not a quitter...I would never quit. Never. (She continues crying) And I cry because i should have told him off in the storage room but I didn't and that's not me. And when I hold in all that anger and frustration it comes out

[Nicole is really torn up....more than ever before  -MamaLong]

She begins humming to herself, trying to calm down.


Nicole- I may just go to bed. Good idea. Damn it! It's not fucking right. I'm better than that. And I deserve better than that.


8:30 PM BBT

She takes a deep breath and heads out of the Have Not Room  "I am strong"



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Michie takes Holly in the boat room

Holly- I'm so proud of you

Michie- I'm safe....you're half my body size and got second


Michie- what are you thinking?

Holly- I'm thinking I don't want to think. THis is your HoH and I will support whatever you want to do

Michie- I'm ready to take some shots.....two of the 6...I just need to make sure I've got the votes

Michie tells Holly he will put up Christie and Sis

Holly- who would you put up if you want to backdoor Christie

Michie- Jess...If I put Christie up next to Sis on Thursday, they will vote Christie. I want Christie gone. I want to take her out.

Holly- what if you put up Nick and Sis

Michie- I told him I wouldn't put him up

Holly- shit



Michie- it's going to have to be Christie and Sis. 

Michie- we killed that! FIrst and Second!

Holly- I could touch my ball but I couldn't get it up

Michie- you are a stud

Holly- thanks...you too

Holly- Nick kept helping SIs...giving her tips and stuff

Michie- I saw

Holly- I was pacing myself because I saw everyone gunning and I didn't want to burn out

Michie- I never fell once. This is literally...think about this. 44 I get fucked. Go on the block, get saved....pretty sure I was going to go on the block; handed an olive branch via America's vote...then I won slip and slide. If I had won tide me a river, I wouldn't have been able to compete in that comp. Everything happens for a reason.

Holly- you're my favorite player

Holly- I love that we both won endurance comps

Michie- and I had no pants on

Holly- you idiot

Michie- did you see that...my straps were falling down. I said fuck it.....Tommy said Michie's in first and his girl is in second

Holly- he said his gal...so cute

8:52 PM BBT

Holly begins crying over Kat

Michie- hey give me a hug 

Holly- she didn't even hug me...I feel like a bad player...I should have been able to do something

Michie- this house is full of bullies


Michie- I'm interested to hear people's pitches. They hung me out to dry. They said Michie and Holly don't win anything.

Holly- I feel like I'm watching an episode not living it

Michie- you can't write this shit

Holly- I'm so proud of you

Michie- I'm more proud of you

Holly- why

Michie- because this wasn't your comp and you were on my fucking tail

Holly- now there will be more of a target on me

Michie- my foot is fucked

Holly- how did you...your feet are the comp

Michie- look how swollen

Holly- stop....don't do that...are you making it do that...Do you want ice?

Michie- I feel nothing

Holly- that's not true


Michie- I have my shower back

Holly- yeah

Michie- what are your thoughts on that

Holly- it's whatever

Michie- (singing) we ain't goin' nowhere

Michie- okay lets go be social

Holly- I was literally just going to say that

Michie- if anyone asks, we were talking about our family...so they don't think we were scheming

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8:53PM BBT Holly questions if they can trust Tommy.  Kat did not trust Tommy at all.  She thinks Tommy is powerful and manipulative.  He is an actor.  She doesn't know if he is playing her.  She says she feels like she trusts him and she goes to him.  

Michie says he is interesting to hear their pitches.  He says they just hung them out to dry.  Ignored them last week. 

Holly let up some because she didn't really want to come in 2nd because it just paints a target on her back but she didn't let up.  She was worried if his foot would give out but she says he would have crawled and won.

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